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  1. The exchange rate is q reflection of how things are going there in general. I have noticed allot of Philippines expats talking about leaving due to the deterioration of services and attitudes. Many fearing the increasing powers of president Du30.
  2. Trust them or walk away. Going through a relationship with the thoughts of "what is she doing when I'm not there" is No way to live a life IMO. You can trust them to not cheat. You can trust them to cheat and not care (open relationship) or trust them that they may cheat but at the end of the day you will get over it because it's is just sex. If you don't fall into one of the above then what's the point. Move on. I'm in the third category. It hasn't happened as of yet sometimes to my surprise. But I am well aware my wife has the same urges as I do (as a born man). I totally trust her to be honest with me. We have ground rules. Basically don't do something to cause the other to loose face like fuck someone who will be known to us after. E.g. She is planning on going on Mediterranean vacation with some friends of hers next year. She can fuck who she likes. I don't care. I am going to Thailand next summer without her. A friend of mine is getting married to some Thai farm girl. I'm going to the wedding and staying for a month. I will not be celibate for that month. My wife is. Filipina Ladyboy. Together 4 years next month. Married for last 2.
  3. Skirts make up and maybe boobs. They'd look as fem as any ladyboy.
  4. Thank you. Hahahaha. Best laugh I've had for a long time. I do believe that you're a porn star. Just as the chicken pig and cow are porn stars in the movie "animal farm". The porn industry in Brazil must be pretty bad when you choose to stay in manila.
  5. Not nearly as old as the guy you're proudly posting his pictures online here. (Im about the same age as you look)Does this guy know you posted his pictures here. I doubt it. And if you're so hot and got so much game where is he now and why are you here posting looking for a sugar daddy to dominate. I may be brainless but not nearly brainless enough to entertain an old used up Backla who cannot see help when it's offered no matter how much u offered to pay me. I don't need to sell my ass for rice. As far as being a wanker. Yes I do. But not nearly as much as you I bet. I let u away with your previous tirade but you can now just continue selling your old ass to homeless pinoy for a few Paso.
  6. I edited your post. I feel the one you posted would not get you the interest you desire. It is too direct and screams princess and demanding bitch which none but weekend warriors will be interested in. I know many Filipina ladyboys from Cebu. Mostly they were really nice girls. Some had the same outward attitudes as your post but as I got to know them I discovered they were really nice behind the princess attitude. Nearly all the girls I met in 2015 are now in western countries living with guys and working. The common traits was the ones who didn't have the bitchy princess were first to be picked up. The ones who were princess dropped the attitudes and one by one they were picked up. The most recent girl was probably the biggest earning LB in Cebu. I won't name because you probably know her. She was in very high demand and regularly had guys come meet her to try relationship. She demanded to be spoilt also. Each time the guys would drop her as it was too high maintenance. She dropped the attitudes after losing a big fish last year. Where is she now? Living with her boyfriend in Perth. Waiting to qualify for de facto visa. I can see in your message that you want a genuine relationship. If so drop the princess attitudes. Keep that for the weekend warriors who will be gone in a week. I don't want to offend. I'm trying to advise you. Good Guys do not want a high maintenance drama queen in their lives long term.
  7. I loved this track when I heard it first.
  8. If you have not been to Cebu I would definitely try it for a few weeks. It's got nearly everything that's available in the Philippines without it being as big as manila. Plenty of top quality LBs and lots of beach resorts close by. International airport also. It' hard to beat as far as Philippines goes. I have heard Subic is nice but I haven't seen it.
  9. Well someone has to feed the dog haha. But in truth she is studying and can't go.
  10. The reason I am thinking of making it shorter is I had something come up and might not be able to leave for a full month. So thinking about up to 3 weeks. Then maybe plan for later in year with herself. I do prefer the longer stays but I think 3 weeks may be enough to get a good sample of one town.
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