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  1. Poes photos are mild compared to the ones on my camera. Had a nice time reviewing last night.
  2. That was just the hospital, 6 days in hospital, meds and 2 days intensive care. The flight home and the nurse was also a small fortune. I first thought the nurse thing was a scam but would never have made it without her.
  3. $25.00 FOR THE VISIT. almost $7000.00 in Bangkok for everything.
  4. Was in hospital for 6 days. I had to hire a Thai nurse to fly with me and then she flew back the next day.
  5. Thanks Dave, see USA doctor today. Thanks Sydney
  6. I just spent 6 days in a hospital in Bangkok so no matter I am now going nurses
  7. AB, it was a pleasure and the young lady was outstanding. The problem was on Saturday I went to get a bottle of water and the FamilyMart and while I saw the step I did not see the drainage dish. Placed my foot in it, fell to the ground and was taken to hospital. At 8:00 pm Saturday might I went under surgery for a broken hip. Wash rushed to Catholic Hospital and on Saturday night and Sunday with a heart rate of 189 beats per minutes I was not a happy camper. If this part needs to be moved and I will give details and aswer questions for Newbies.
  8. Saturday was a totally different story.
  9. Had a great night there and spent a quiet Friday to go home Saturday.
  10. Thanks, hate to hit the wrong bar.
  11. WOW, I am the only one so far for Isabely?
  12. What do you guys say, " This is Thailand". WOW
  13. Have a meat and greet with Ae this Saturday from ThaiFriendy who works at Diamond bar on Soi 4.
  14. I always got the impression you are a fan of Thaifriendly, so perhaps like others in the scene a while, there is less reason to frequent the LB venues when the staff can be sourced online instead? ThaiFriendly is the Amazon of Ladyboy shopping.
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