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  1. This story is back in the news again at the moment as there is an investigation into Police conduct. Sad that there were warning signs and nothing was done about it.
  2. I have a challenge for you AB if you are up for it ... Posted this on my tumblr http://andre45987.tumblr.com/post/160461459274/oh-my-god-escort-from-the-uk
  3. Oh well, seems as though Som is away at the moment. At least that was what I was told. Ended up back at Charades and seeing Liza #55. Who, while not overly long, has a nice girth.
  4. That's what I ended up doing and at 30 baht each way it's cheap. At first I was worried with the amount of people on the pier but it all moved pretty quickly no need to pay 400-500 for a speed boat. Then just hopped on the baht bus to the beach. I had thought about trying to do some snorkelling around Pattaya but it worked out better visiting Ko Samet and Ko Chang. Both of these I organised through Pattaya Central on LK Metro. Although the trips end up being joining so I don't think it matters where you buy your ticket. Ko Samet I did as a day trip with pick up and drop off at my hotel. It was a full day but totally worth it. Some nice snorkelling spots around the islands and lunch provided. The only problem was that I was one the last to get dropped off so wasted a bit of time driving around Jomtien and Pattaya. For Koh Chang I just organised transportation and the rest I did myself. I really enjoyed Koh Chang definitely a change of pace from Pattaya which was nice. The snorkelling was great with clear water and lots of fish. Easy to hire a scooter to explore the rest of the island, waterfalls etc. I stayed at white sand beach but didn't do any mongering while there (I did see a few ladyboys around). The guide on one the boat trips made the watch out for those ladyboys jokes.
  5. Do you have a pic of Som? I wouldn't know who to look for at the bar. This is a newbie question but can you just ask for a certain ladyboy? I always find it hard when a girl latches onto me at the door.
  6. I think Check In Bar had more ladyboys then when I was in Obession 10 days ago. Almost spoilt for choice, just makes it hard as a new patron to make the right choice.
  7. https://m.ashemaletube.com/get_mobile.php?mid=64952&hash=56119&f=mp4&a= Not stroking sorry (I hadn't watched it in a while) but you still get the full effect.
  8. From tumblr trxppyqueen
  9. Afrodita currently in Germany. There is always a lot of photoshopping with escort pics but she seems to genuine (there is a video of her stroking that monster).
  10. Her name is Kely Cubana and she is most likely in Spain.
  11. I spent a couple of great nights with Jasmine this week at the Blue Dragon Soi 8 (although I don't think she will always be there, I called her first). Jasmine is awesome at what she does and makes it a real GFE. I'm normally a quieter person but she makes feel at ease and asks all the right questions to bring me out. Fun getting molested by her on the couch. She definitely seems to an exhibitionist, she liked fucking on the balcony in view of the beer bar across the road. I always have a great time with her YMMV. Not cheap especially in Pattaya but I definitely got my money's worth.
  12. I think I know the one you mean. Is it this one ... https://m.ashemaletube.com/videos/59819/amateur-titty-shemale-fucks-guy/ also https://m.ashemaletube.com/videos/41503/hot-ladyboy-candy-fucks-stud/ and https://m.ashemaletube.com/videos/98798/anny-fucks-guy/ There is a collection of this guy getting fucked by different ladyboys like Candy, Suzy etc https://m.ashemaletube.com/profiles/59706/videos/
  13. There are 2 pages that I found - her personal page and one for her wedding dress business. She is still using the same number from before because that is how I found the pages, by googling her number. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008156285055&fref=nf https://m.facebook.com/pages/ร้านรักแท้-เวดดิ้ง-สตูดิโอ-ตลาดคลองจันดี/922600187806271 I didn't actually see her personal page at first. But it looks as though she is out of the game and making a go of it. As I said before the best of luck to her because the couple of times I met she was fantastic.
  14. Thanks AB I found the same Facebook page (she is still using the same number). Looks like she has a sponsor who you can see in a lot of the pics. I messaged her once and didn't get a response so I take it she is off the market for now. Best of luck to her in the business.
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