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  1. not going until november at this stage ... going pattaya late may
  2. You leave on 11/11 John and I get there on same day.... staying for 25 nights.
  3. Yes Lance it started in August. They were not allowed to congregate in one place like they usually do outside Phillies.... have to walk around and keep moving but a few would go into Phillies if they had money to buy themselves a drink.
  4. And a 7/11 across the road to get the rubber gloves 555555
  5. I read somewhere it is closing and being knocked down
  6. Had a very nice time with Dao 22nd last month..... Lovely girl with great attitude. After the "long" short time we sat outside the shop for a couple of hours having a beer (ex 7/11) and a chat. Dao even bought a round which was nice. Cheers DK
  7. I will be in Angeles 9/11 to 30/11.....if you there same time give me a yell for a beer if you want. Cheers Bruce
  8. that looks like Micky ex famous and litas
  9. donnykey

    BJ In The WC

    PD ... Anyone who hasn't had a BJ in Linda Bar hong nam should be disgusted with themselves
  10. Noone sitting outside La Bamba....must be a first
  11. Changes for the good ??????? Not for me they ain't
  12. Just go to any adult (sex) shop buy one of these , put it in your luggage and Bob's your aunty
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