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    One thing dictatorships can do is get stuff done. Chinese buildings may fall down from faulty concrete, but they can get them built any way. China still relies on exports, so as long as the rest of the world is buying, they will do well. Until they don't...
  2. You would sacrifice that sweet jungle flower for your own depravity? 555! Yeah we all would. I met a PI ladyboy freelancer in Pattaya; a couple of years later she contacted me out of the blue on FB. She ended up marrying (her words) a guy in Minnesota and seemed to be doing OK, despite that weather. Most Thais want to stay in Thailand; most Filipinos want to get the hell out of Dodge
  3. I've chatted with a few Mexican travestis on Tinder; they are all in Guadalajara and I'm too lazy to ride the bus to meet up. In 2015 I did a Central and South American tour, starting in Guatemala and ending up in Uruguay. All by bus, save one segment, flying over the Darien Gap :) Saw some hot LBs in Costa Rica; Saw some in Buenos Aires that looked rough as fuck; I picked up a bad vibe from that neighborhood. Subjective on my part, I'm sure there are some good ones around. Since Brazil is one of the few countries open to Americans, I may venture down there. I doubt any of us w
  4. She is a hottie and an equal opportunity girl; she'll bang any thing with a hole, 555!
  5. seven buddy, the USA is my country. We make mistakes, but then maybe you come from a more perfect world. I don't care for either presidential candidate, but thats our system, majority wins. Several times I have been in a bar in Pattaya, a guy sits at my table, figures out from my accent that I'm American then expounds: 1 I don't like your president! 2 I don't like your beer! 3 I don't like your bread Ad nauseum. I love to travel and I've noticed there are always long lines outside the US Embassy, with locals of that country applying for visas and/or immigration. I
  6. No. You say you wanted to visit "Before the USA destroyed Cuba." In reality you mean it's in your selfish interests for Cuba to remain undeveloped so you would enjoy a cheap vacation. You are disguising your hatred of the USA so you feel good about visiting. If Cuba is a paradise, why are people voting with their feet and leaving? But you have other prospects; Venezuela is one of Castros besties and the people there are living the dream. I've never heard of a Venezuelan leaving that workers paradise
  7. Why would you go? I thought Cuba was destroyed by the USA?
  8. Diplomatic. Maybe karma really exists JSG makes some good points about overbuilding in Thailand. The old "Be careful what you ask for" adage. Well the Thais were extremely successful at developing and promoting mass tourism, to the point that they are dependent on that revenue source. From what I've observed world governments have been quite willing to sacrifice the service sectors of their economies for "safety." The teachers unions in the USA are good examples of selflessness; they are clamoring for schools to remain closed, to "protect the children." I'm sure having an
  9. I'm not sure about the ladydrink prices in Pattaya any more but in Angeles City, the bar got most of the commission. A 300 peso lady drink: 1 Lady-100 2 Bar - 200 (maybe 175 gross profit) Bars are in business to make money; as long as customers are OK with their prices, let the good times roll
  10. I used to debate with fellow punters about tourism's contribution to the Thai GDP. Some guys would have us believe we punters are vital to the (Thai) economy and would immediately collapse with out our dollars, pounds, euros and yen, which is not true. Others poo- pooed tourist income as insignificant, maybe even a net loss (you know, farangs getting free medical care on the Thai taxpayers dime) As always, the reality is some where in the middle. In the mean time -what ever tourism amounts to- unemployed Thais are hungry enough to stand in food lines.
  11. But drinking beer and chasing ladyboys has a happy ending (pun intended)
  12. Good article Seven. For reasons we all know I'm not gona comment on that piece. But yeah
  13. Thai students seem to also be pushing back.
  14. I have to push back on that a bit. If a Thai emigrates to the USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Sweden (to name a few countries) they may become full citizens , and millions have. How man Westerners have become citizens of Thailand? In conversations with Thais they saw no hypocrisy in the unbalance, because "farang can not be Thai!" Mandates from Field Marshal Plaek Pibulsonggram "Thai people must not engage in any business without considering the benefit and safety of the nation." "Thai people must never reveal anything to foreigners that might damage the nation. These a
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