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  1. Before I lived in Bangkok, Pattaya and Chiang Mai. Bangkok- airport convenience and excitement of big city Pattaya- the obvious but the biggest drinking environment I've ever been in Chiang Mai- very good... until the burning season. For me, I would choose Nong Kai, watch the Mekong River flow to the sea
  2. Did an afternoon Perimeter area bar hop, man the bars were empty. Two weeks ago it wasn't easy to get a seat in Night moves, yesterday I had my pic of good seats. I think the initial reopening inrush of tourists is over, they have been here for 30 days are have gone home. And May has always been the lowest of the low season months...
  3. Umm, selectively enforced in Thailand. I saw locals littering with abandon but the ciggy cops never seemed to notice
  4. Yeah it's a long time ongoing scam. A buddy of mine was fined 2k years ago when he tossed his cigarette butt in to a storm drain.
  5. Per my post above the bar with a few ladyboy dancers is "Dragon Bar" I think it's former name was Club Asia.
  6. Yes, Angeles City is slowly digging out of the pandemic quagmire. A few days ago I counted 20 Perimeter bars from Puzzles Cafe to Honey Ko's. only 11 were open... The Phillies LB freelance scene is fairly robust, some nice talent around. Beer, SML, is 70-75 in the Perimeter area; 130ish on Walking Street. Went in to Club Asia, Korean signage and steep steps to the bar on the second floor and saw four LBs on the stage. It's a Korean bar and the buys were puffing like chimneys, so I quaffed my SML and bounced. Lollipop Bar had some smokin hot girls in T-back that were really dancing and interacting with customers. Girls in some other bars looked gloomy, more like a funeral wake, lol.
  7. Hello boys! How are the Quiet Guy sycophants today? Rooting for Putin? Good work boys, remember your leaders advice, Quiet Guy and Seven, that America is evil and Cuba is good. Putin too! For those who aren't up to speed, Quiet Guy pontificated that he wanted to visit Havana, Cuba, before the Americans "Destroyed the country! When I asked why he felt that way, he righteously opined "American tried to kill Castro 100 times but Cuba is still standing!" That proclamation got a large number of likes from the America haters. Well boys, what do you say now? I know already, Putin is a great guy and America is the problem...
  8. Does this refresh your memory Seven? "Don't be an ass, last word lance" Posted 5/20/2021 at 9:49 PM Just scroll up
  9. Hi Fenton. hope you are ok. Freedom of speech cuts both ways. Some times we hear what we agree with, some times we don't like the truth. Quiet Guy said he wanted to visit Cuba before "America destroyed the country." I challenged him and his posse said I was a Trump supporter and I am stupid. (Seven's words) Water off a duck's back. Guys that like ladyboys and praising dictatorships. Can any objective person think we ladyboy lovers would be treated better by Castro or Che Guavera? Quiet guy and Seven think so
  10. You are an ass seven. You said I support Trump, I do no not and please show me any post here where I said I did (support Trump) But you make untrue accusations like Trump Quiet Guy said he wanted to visit Cuba before "Americans destroyed the country." I asked why he felt that way. His reply was that America tried to kill Castro but Cuba was still standing. Wow. Considering that Cubans are doing every thing possible to leave their homeland, most often for the USA, I find QG's remarks hypocritical. And considering that we like ladyboys, in which country are we more likely to be able to pursue our interests, Cuba or the USA? Or any other liberal democracy. Can you find one post where I said I want to visit Thailand before Brits destroy the country? Or Europeans destroy the country? You won't because I never said that. But you say I'm an ass for disagreeing with your point of view. Yeah, I can better understand the millions of misguided souls that support Trump after reading your posts and bizarre accusations.
  11. Trumpland is indeed an evil place where the citizens don't have the manners to refer to the UK as Boris Land
  12. By the way, if you Woodie have some spare time watch some videos of Nazis putting Jews in ovens at Aushwitz. But maybe you approve of that? Maybe you think the Jews should apologize to Nazis? May you get your wish that Islamic fundamentalist rule the world. They really respect guys that love ladyboys You guys mock the USA but you all are all narrow mined hypocrites. I got along here until I questioned Quiet Guy's statement that he wanted to visit Cuba before the USA destroyed the country. I merely asked why but that was too much push back for Quiet Guy. He, Seven and Woodie doubled down, all Americans are evil, the world was perfect before the USA. Really? The UK exploited the world with an empire that the sun never set on. The Vikings made a living on raiding and murdering every one they could. Who knows where Woodie is from; hating the USA gives meaning to his miserable life. Shaking my head, its a waste of time trying to reason with the bigots named above...
  13. lance2546


    Seven says I support Trump even though he can not post one example where I have written that on this forum. Seven and Quiet Guy love repressive regimes like Cuba and North Korea because that fits their narrative that the USA is evil, they worship China, because it has infected the world and has blessed us with the world wide pandemic. Even Americans on this forum hate America and love China for putting Uyghurs in concentration camps...
  14. I'm wondering about a third wave here in Mexico. About a month ago, the authorities were vaccinating people 60 and older, including foreigners with permanent resident status. It's a slow process; they vaccinate a cohort of about 40 people sitting in chairs but make them remain sitting for 30 minutes before a new cohort is accepted. Some folks reported waiting in line for 12 hours! Just saw a sign for the 50 to 59 age group. Saw an interesting nasal vaccine being developed by Mexico
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