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  1. Trumpland is indeed an evil place where the citizens don't have the manners to refer to the UK as Boris Land
  2. By the way, if you Woodie have some spare time watch some videos of Nazis putting Jews in ovens at Aushwitz. But maybe you approve of that? Maybe you think the Jews should apologize to Nazis? May you get your wish that Islamic fundamentalist rule the world. They really respect guys that love ladyboys You guys mock the USA but you all are all narrow mined hypocrites. I got along here until I questioned Quiet Guy's statement that he wanted to visit Cuba before the USA destroyed the country. I merely asked why but that was too much push back for Quiet Guy. He, Seven and Woodie doubled down, all Americans are evil, the world was perfect before the USA. Really? The UK exploited the world with an empire that the sun never set on. The Vikings made a living on raiding and murdering every one they could. Who knows where Woodie is from; hating the USA gives meaning to his miserable life. Shaking my head, its a waste of time trying to reason with the bigots named above...
  3. lance2546


    Seven says I support Trump even though he can not post one example where I have written that on this forum. Seven and Quiet Guy love repressive regimes like Cuba and North Korea because that fits their narrative that the USA is evil, they worship China, because it has infected the world and has blessed us with the world wide pandemic. Even Americans on this forum hate America and love China for putting Uyghurs in concentration camps...
  4. I'm wondering about a third wave here in Mexico. About a month ago, the authorities were vaccinating people 60 and older, including foreigners with permanent resident status. It's a slow process; they vaccinate a cohort of about 40 people sitting in chairs but make them remain sitting for 30 minutes before a new cohort is accepted. Some folks reported waiting in line for 12 hours! Just saw a sign for the 50 to 59 age group. Saw an interesting nasal vaccine being developed by Mexico
  5. I agree. Many folks seek out information that reinforces their individual biases, an echo chamber if you will (Similar to a few guys here- The USA is evil, all other countries are perfect, 555!) We have lost the Age of Enlightenment dictum of "I disagree with what you say, but I respect your right to say it." Now is morphed in to "I disagre with what you say, so shut up!" 555. BOT, I saw this video of how to get through to anti vaxers. Their doctor is the key...
  6. I don't remember specifically debating that subject with you. Show me where I accused you of making that statement. Mai pen rai, I noticed your location, as listed on your profile
  7. What ever economic and political philosophy fellow board members hold, Happy New Years! This virus BS will eventually pass. Sun and Fun in 21!
  8. Raul Castro lives a far better life that the average Cuban. Nicolas Maduro lives a far better life than the average Venezuelan. I questioned Quiet Guy's statement about his wanting to visit Cuba before America destroyed the country. Just Sum Gai was the only poster to acknowledge that, yeah, all countries have blood on their hands.
  9. Yes, excess mortality is probably the best measurement of virus deaths. I'd like to see accurate data on that regarding China. The mask issue is devisive, among expats, even here in Mexico. Some foreigners demanding others wear a mask, others proclaiming "That's not freedom!" I take my cue from the locals, if they are masked up, so am I. When I jog I wear it under my chin or around my wrist, so signal I'm in to compliance. We have a light lockdown here, from Dec 25 to Jan 10. Bars have to close at 7pm. One saving grace here is that bars and restaurants here are not air conditioned and use natural open ventilation. Not perfect but better than closed, heated buildings in many northern countries.
  10. lance2546

    The Big Breakfast

    Most of us do but not me. I like salty ham, american bacon, fried potatos and biscuits. I also like traditional English breakfasts; at first beans seemed strange but I started liking them. as well. Crazy Dave used to have a good English breakfast; open all night on Soi Pothole. Really tasted good after a night on the town
  11. lance2546

    The Big Breakfast

    My last visit to Pattaya was August 2019, I ate at Cheap Charlies several times and there was a tall, sexy ladyboy working there.
  12. Bubba, we are all selfish and act in our own best interests. Nations do the same; we all have dirty laundry, both nations and the citizens of those countries. Better to acknowledge our behavior than to be critical of people from country A, when folks of country B do the same things. Thankfully, as a hypocrite, I'll have the company of your good self, you professing with every breath what a sweet, objective guy you are Even with this virus BS, life is good. But yeah, we all get a little cranky
  13. Ah buddy I've never been to Cuba. If I visit I'm an evil Yankee. If QG visits he is doing God's work di ba? Protest too much? Yeah when QG says America destroyed Cuba, that gospel. When I push back, that's evil American propaganda. QG doubled down on his love for Cuba and evil Americans that were about to destroy his paradise. I don't have a problem with Cuba, but I pushback when people say America is evil. Some posters here help me to understand dictators. We ladyboy admirers are a minority, so why do some admire authoritarian despots? Minorities usually do better in liberal democracies, not one party rule. How many political parties does Cuba have? Oh and be sure and visit North Korea. Hypocrites are welcome there as well. Your tourist money will help to prop up a regime that starves it;s people. Now spin that as you are helping oppressed people to fight American Imperialism
  14. Aw shucks pardner, for a self professed "Quiet Guy" ya'all sure do write/talk a lot What you call trolling is me pushing back against your self righteous hypocrisy. You say you want to visit Cuba before the USA destroys it. What you really mean is you think it's OK when you visit Cuba, but if Americans visit the Cuban people's standard of living might improve. That would mean a price increase for you. What a sweet guy
  15. Sorta off topic, but... https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/2039423/hundreds-of-thai-workers-found-dying-in-s-korea BANGKOK/SEOUL: The deaths of hundreds of mainly undocumented Thai migrant workers in South Korea have been uncovered by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, prompting the United Nations to call for inquiry into the fate of migrants known as "little ghosts".
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