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  1. lance2546


    Agreed. The economic pain thresh hold is a debate each country must decide. If history is any guide, this pandemic will take a couple of years to play out. I'm heading to Mexico
  2. lance2546


    Ya a natural reaction, people are scared. But Thailand get's a significant percentage of it's GDP from exports and tourism, so eventually economics will also be a consideration. I've seen polls where a high percentage of Thais are in favor of keeping foreigners out- but there will always be a significant minority that depend on tourism for income. That could prove problematic for the junta
  3. I walked by this bar often and the ladyboys were always welcoming but I never ventured inside. Seems like I always got distracted at another joint
  4. Tourists arrivals to Thailand surged after the GFC.... and so did the rents.
  5. Yeah the bar owners are really in a tight spot, rents are so high and with no revenue coming in, it's a sure path to bankruptcy. A bar owner in Subic Bay, Philippines shared that he asked his Pinoy landlord for a discount or forbearance; the reply was a curt "No, but feel free to vacate." I hope the greedy landlords get some of their own medicine.
  6. I used to see many Pinays wearing face masks- pulled down to their chin, LOL. They put one on, then pull it down for some reason and never bother to reposition it over their mouth and nose. More of a fashion statement. About 10 years ago I stopped touching door knobs, hand rails, etc. as much as possible. Seems to help me to not catch common colds. I'm sure the sex workers are hurting for customers, but desperate people will do desperate things (theft/ scam reference) I'm happy to be back in the USA. After this virus thing subsides, I'll be happy to be on the road again.
  7. I like Eddy's videos; he is upbeat, objective but does call a spade a spade (Check out his Bali video) He is a foodie and I have enjoyed eating at a few of the places he recommends.
  8. Only for August buddy; I'm back in pork adobo land :)
  9. Well spend some money and help them out buddy; you can't take it with you :) I was in Pattaya for the month of August and stayed on Soi Chaiyapoon. I tried several of the naughty massage shops there, banged LBs and girls and was pleasantly surprised. Several of the LBs were OK with 700 baht and even gave me a nice oil massage either before or after the main event. I never made it to Walking Street, Labamba or the other main spots. Went to Nid Cha a couple of times, but never pulled from there. I also pulled from social media.
  10. I've eaten at Bob's many times, good food at a great price. SML is P45; I pay P29/bottle when I buy a case, so his markup is low. Many expats go there to socialize; after a while the girlie bars get old and many of the customers have live ins, so they are not looking to hook up. But girls do stroll by, so its possible to get a number. Some nights it's packed, no seats available. Bob is a Filipino guy, lives around the corner and really looks after his customers.
  11. YW buddy. Even when the cops enforce "loitering", there will be some ladyboys walking around. Just approach them and most will be receptive to getting better acquainted :) And during no loitering periods, LBs will be active on social media/dating apps, still very easy to hook up.
  12. I was at Envy, opposite of Phillies, a couple of weeks ago and the ladyboys were out. The crackdowns (aren't most cracks down? :) ) are just window dressing and never last that long. Although if a guy was in AC for a short visit, it could be problematic. Good hunting buddy:)
  13. I used to love going down to Phillies, perch myself at the rail and check out the talent. But I haven't been to Phillies for around six months and don't even bar hop much. I just got burned out. Off to Cambodia in 2019 and I'll hit the bars most every night. My "vacation" from Angeles :)
  14. A LB friend messaged me last night that she has not been to Phillies or Walking Street for three weeks. Seems like there is a LB crackdown by the authorities. If some one is plannigna trip, I wouldn't worry, bar raids/LB harassment is usually short lived. More public relations so the police can demonstrate their diligence against human trafficking, lol. OT, but a LB shared with me that her first sex partner was her cousin; he gave her P5 after he fucked her. Not a typo, five pesos guys. I must have shown some disbelief because she quickly said "That was many years ago and I could buy several pieces of candy with 5 pesos."
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