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  1. And Enoch lived sixty and five years, and begat Methuselah: (22) And Enoch walked with God after he begat Methuselah three hundred years, and Enoch begat sons and daughters: (23) And all the days of Enoch were three hundred sixty and five years: (24) And Enoch walked with God: and he [was] not; for God took him. (25) And Methuselah lived an hundred eighty and seven years, and begat Lamech: (26) And Methuselah lived after he begat Lamech seven hundred eighty and two years, and begat sons and daughters: (27) And all the days of Methuselah were nine hundred sixty and nine years: and he died Who am I? A dabbler, so I don't know--or care--if begat the lone ranger, but Thphon--whoever he/it is--didn't beget me; neither did Moloch nor Satan. D
  2. I'll second that all the way. Yes, phimosis is the instant, definitive deal breaker, and not just for aesthetic considerations (makes me reek just to think that some guys suck on them). The question of the downward curvature is fairly simple; it's generally due to a shortened frenulum and is is often combined with phimosis, although both conditions are unrelated, except maybe that the sufferers who are too ignorant to take care of one thing, also neglect the other. Bottom-line, both ailments are easy and cheap to fix (circumcision and complete removal of the frenulum at the same time). Complete recovery time is 2-3 months. One silly-looking tits surgery in Thailand (50K +) would easily pay for 10 or 15 circumcisions. Even in the States, land of silly-prices surgery, the full deal is less than US$1500. Based on my own observations, the problem is common in Thailand; maybe no more than in any other country, but here they don't seem to correct it like they would in the West when the problem becomes apparent. All this is pure ignorance on the part of Thai lb's, nothing else, since there is very little downside to the fix: in the case of frenulum removal, patients with a sharp curve will often end up with a longer dick after the curve is corrected. In all cases of phimosis, it will remove the pain that can come with a hard-on, pre-surgery, and it will improve orgasms (no more physical obstruction to ejaculation). No, I'm not a doctor (I wish: Dr. Dabbler has a nice ring to it). Upward-curved cock, on the other hand, are very nice; generally it's just their shape, nothing wrong with it. D.
  3. Have you tried Cialis before? If not, you may want to test it before leaving, because a high percentage of men (could be over 15%) get back pains and/or other muscular disruptions from it. I'm one of them. First the muscle pains (they all ache at the same time), then the lower back pains (like when you hurt yourself lifting something). It doesn't affect everyone equally, of course, but it has the potential to screw up your vacation if you're one of the unlucky one; bothered me for well over a week. D.
  4. First of all, thanks for the tip on the place across from Guess. I'll walk by and see if anything catches my eye. I had been getting away with 1200 at Nuch until recently when my luck ran out; maybe the gal didn't like me, or they raised their prices I agree on many of the other things you said, but I'm only an occasional punter when it comes to lb's, and if you look at it objectively it's a scene that is much more delicate to navigate than the women scene: you really pay to learn, because the duds are so numerous (for my requirements anyway they are, I ought to move to Brazil ). I haven't tried or figured out all the angles, although I intend to try the freelancer Sukh scene: I've seen some interesting little numbers during the day there.
  5. Thanks for that excellent tip, I'll try to find the place next time I'm in the neighborhood. Any info on price? D.
  6. Credit goes to BDS , for scouting out the place, reporting on it in his TR, and steering me right when contacted privately. It's a nice setup, and I suspect that there are others like it; NS I mean, not BDS, who's one of a kind (how many guys do you know who would dress lb's as Snow-White? ) D.
  7. HI PD. Thanks for the reply. I edited my post because my PM box content is back and seems to function normally . I had checked the box yesterday with the pull-down menu associated to my user name (next to the "Sign out" button top right of the page). I'm still seeing the malware warnings though. D.
  8. Please ignore previous question: my PM mailbox is back I still get the "reported attack site" warnings from Firefox though... Looking through the site, I found references to it, so are there known problems linked to this and what are the triggers, if any? Thanks in advance for the info, D.
  9. "Have you ever been asked to surrender your passport by a Pattaya hotel?" Nope, but I'm a trusty-looking hansum man :) from another site: ''Instead of taking passports, which are the property of the Russian Government, police should hold credit cards as security,'' he added. http://phuketwan.com/tourism/russians-seek-improved-safety-security-pattaya-17083/ Your hunch may be correct regarding payment
  10. "and that Thai officials showed “negligence” in instructing hotels to demand and hold them." It looks like hotels are only doing what they're told, I suppose at registration? Could be a police thing I guess, but surrendering passports is a big deal and the Russians are right to push back on that. "In Russia, hotel surrenders to passport!"
  11. Some of their beefs seem very legitimate: "The Russian consul also was critical of Thai officials for the common practice of hotels taking tourists passports. He said passports were property of the Russian government and that Thai officials showed “negligence” in instructing hotels to demand and hold them." "The deputy mayor also addressed the city’s highest-profile tourist problem: jet skis. He said the long-running extortion and intimidation scandal has gotten the notice of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, who designated the country’s national security director to oversee resolution of the issue." D.
  12. I visited Nuch Salon on Sukhumvit a couple of time at several weeks interval, and I think that it is an interesting place, with a friendly non-rush feel to it. Whoever runs the joint is doing a good job and understands customer service. I walked many a times in front of the place during the years, but it’s only recently that I spotted the nice lb’s sitting outside (I guess my lb radar is getting fine-tuned); there are often 2 to 5 or so, and they usually look really good: they wouldn't be out of place at the NEP lb bars. Armed with helpful and very accurate info provided via PM by Backdoor Specialist—especially on price-- I tried it out and although it’s not a perfect setup, they do try hard to provide quality service. For one girl, between a thousand and twelve hundred baht seems to clinch the deal. There is a 500 minimum massage fee included in the price, whatever you do there. The massage rooms are closet-size in width, but comfortable with nice soft lighting. Not disagreeable overall. There is a shower too; ask if it's not offered to you. There are a couple of less attractive lb in there (plus some attractive older women), but every time I simply picked an lb almost randomly at the door: they’re that well-groomed and sexy. Once in the closet/room upstairs, I ask them if they can get it up and if they have any size, and when they can’t or don't (and that seems to be a few of them) they have been upfront about it and graciously went to get someone who can (it’s called "throwing the dice" hehehe). I usually have no interest in anal sex, and when I do it’s only as a top, so there are a few things I can’t comment on. A non-functional or mini-dick is a deal-killer for me and it makes my choices much more limited and the dabbling very disappointing most of the time; but if you’re happy with just ass, then the place is definitely worth checking. During my last visit, I followed the procedure above, and my alas micro-dicked catch-of-the-day brought up for me a really scrumptious ladyboy named Chaa. Beautiful statuesque hard as rock toned body: long hair, gorgeous face and mouth, no tits (I like this better, but she’s getting them near the end of this month and will therefore be out of commission for a while); nice medium dick that could get hard and stay that way. Her technique was good, and she was very friendly; speaks enough English too. In short, great service and a top-notch femboy; catch her before she gets the tits if such is your bent. For those who don’t know where it is, Nuch Salon is open 24 hours, and located slightly north of the Nana BTS station on the odd side of Sukh. It’s a hair salon downstairs (or at least it looks that way), and there is a narrow, steep stairwell that you ascend behind your catch-of-the-day, after leaving your shoes downstairs. This alone makes a visit worthwhile, as you can stick your hand (or your head, why not?) under her very short dress on the way up. Dabbler
  13. Thanks for the tips, guys. I looked up Eldorado's web site and it looks like a good bet on account of the Swiss chow in the restaurant. I'll keep 2 Guys in mind too. D.
  14. Heaven's Land:is motel-type with decent rooms, own private entrance and decent prices in the ~600 baht range; also they usually have vacancy.. "Guesthouses" are not my type of venue, and my understanding on Two Guys is that it's not easy to get a room there in the first place. From their own web site: Please Note: It pays to book early at Two Guys Guesthouse, Because! 1. There is a 50 B/ night discount if you book two months in advance (deposit required) 2. And we are Always fully booked well in advance from November to May. I'm open, mind you; after all it's for a couple of days.
  15. For a 2 or 3 nights stay, what would you recommend in the area? I haven't been there yet and I'd like to bar-hop and explore the place. I prefer "Love Inns' type of no-tell-Motels but the closest I see to Sunee is Heaven's Land Resort and it appears to be a long walk from the main road and baht buses. Any advice and tips are welcome, D.
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