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  1. Who gives a shit? Both are beer bars, that sell beer, with some ladyboy staff (if they can be assed to turn up) in a town otherwise full of ladyboys? It's shit threads like this, that remind me why I don't bother with the forums anymore... If it wasn't for the fact it showed up on a link via my Facebook page, after a night actually in Pattaya hunting for LB action (unlike most forum members) I wouldn't of wasted my time... But I could hold my tongue no longer...
  2. New Emirates service from December....Dubai to Phuket! Emirates starting 10DEC12 is launching Dubai - Phuket service, its 2nd destination in Thailand. Service operates with 3-class Airbus A330-200 aircraft. EK378 DXB1245 - 2155HKT 332 D EK379 HKT0035 - 0435DXB 332 D
  3. Aeroflot outlines new Boeing 777-300ER Operations...SVO-BKK and HKT Good connections throughout Europe, on what could be a very nice aircraft... Aeroflot Russian Airlines has outlined its initial Boeing 777-300ER operation. The airline is currently to start Boeing 777-300ER operation on Moscow - Bangkok service starting 01FEB13, initially 6 times a week. From 24FEB13, this will increase to 10 weekly. From 02MAR13, the 777-300ER will enter Moscow - Phuket operation, three times a week. Reservation for flights on/after 01FEB13 will be opened in the coming weeks.
  4. Air Asia Big Sale starts 14th May.... www.airasia.com EDIT: Travel period 4 Jan 2013-22 May 2013 Example fare; Bangkok - Phuket THB 300 (plus tax)
  5. There are loads of TS on various websites, so knew there was a scene there somewhere. I often thought about getting some "room service" whilst there with work.... But I'm fucked after working the flight, and save my cash for LOS.
  6. What is the usual FB? I'd start with the Thai based Expedia site....doing it on my own and avoiding any Thai travel agent... http://www.expedia.co.th/ Can I just clarify what you want? To stop in Tokyo for a few days each way? Or a flexible ticket that your can change from the US if you want to stay longer? If its the first, I'd be looking at booking fares directly with the airline you want to fly on. There is an option of "Multi Tripping" on Expedia, but think you'll be paying a premium in order to do so...these kind of sites really specialise in giving you the quickest, cheapest options to your final destination....worth a go though? If its the second, I'd be contacting airlines direct....these will know their own charges, and ticket flexibilities better than any agent or online travel store and be better to advise you...
  7. Will try and keep updated as I can...and let you know of any "Insider" knowledge... Also to all members...please see my signature.
  8. New Low Cost Option To Bangkok From Singapore Possible connections to/from Sydney and the Gold Coast too... Singapore Airlines' low-cost carrier Scoot today (24APR12) announced the launch date for its planned Singapore - Tianjin service, as well as a brand new destination, Bangkok. From 05JUL12, it'll launch daily Singapore - Bangkok service, followed by Singapore - Tianjin 4 weekly flights from 23AUG12. Last week the airline announced that it will be moving forward launch date to early-June 2012 (daily to Sydney from 04JUN12 and 5 weekly to Gold Coast from 12JUN12). Singapore – Bangkok eff 05JUL12 OQ302 SIN1725 – 1845BKK 777 D OQ301 BKK2000 – 2315SIN 777 D
  9. THAI Airbus A380 Operation News The way I read this, sounds like the A380 doesn't appear to be heading to London as planned....most likely due to the recent increase in APD tax, and the reduction of passengers it will no doubt cause... Thai Airways International on Saturday 21APR12 further updated its Winter 2012/13 schedule, including additional Airbus A380 routes. Initially the airline will operate service to Hong Kong and Singapore from 28OCT12 for 6 weeks, before entering long-haul service including Frankfurt and Paris CDG. Planned A380 service to Tokyo Narita remains unchanged, but will not be the first A380 route. Bangkok – Hong Kong 28OCT12 – 14DEC12 TG600/601, 1 daily Bangkok - Singapore 28OCT12 – 14DEC12 TG409/410, 1 daily Bangkok – Frankfurt eff 15DEC12 TG920/921, 1 daily Bangkok – Tokyo Narita eff 16JAN13 TG676/677, 1 daily Bangkok – Paris CDG eff 16FEB13 TG930/931, 1 daily (Overall frequencies will reduce from 10 weekly 777-300ER to 1 daily A380)
  10. Thought I'd start a thread with airline news and route information....Mod's, perhaps consider a new sub forum? Or move as you see fit...
  11. Been told she has opened a shop with money from a BF.
  12. Seriously looking forward to trying here....really seems my kind of place.
  13. I'm looking forward to visiting. My thoughts of BKK are that you might as well just hang around Nana for a few nights, but an excuse to go elsewhere now (I've only been Soi Cowboy the once) is quite exciting... The LB who just told me was an ex obsessions employee, and if there are more of her "butter wouldnt melt, sweet, innocent, Japanese-y" style creatures there, I'll be there for some time....
  14. My apologises.... The info I got seemed hot off the press, hence my haste to post. It's not often they let us out the refugee camp....
  15. Hi all... Hearing from a former LB conquest in Obsessions, of a new LB bar recently opened in Soi Cowboy, Bangkok. Cockatoo Bar? Anyone on the ground got any more info? Was lead to believe Soi Cowboy was more of a GG only spot....
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