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  1. The bars on the street in SUkhumvit (Bangkok) that open up after 10 PM -- they're towed to their locations in carts pulled by the owners' cars.
  2. I heard that the alcocart bars are supposed to get shutdown permanently next month from a ladyboy that works one of them. Anyone else hear any such rumors?
  3. It's open. Has four or five ladyboys working.
  4. i agree with rxpharm ... they're trying their luck. I see a lot of girls post crazy prices online but then come off a lot if you talk to them and let them know you've been around the block. That said, I generally avoid pinoy / foreign hookers (with exceptions) in Thailand as I imagine they're a bit too mercenary if they're willing to do a travel circuit to hook.
  5. http://asiancorrespondent.com/2015/11/thailands-transsexual-workers-seek-empowerment-not-pity/ I don't know if this is the right place for this but thought it was an interesting read. They interviewed Alice who used to work in La Bamba back in the day.
  6. I remember seeing a chart on this somewhere. In the US, the average number of sexual partners over a lifetime was in the neighborhood of 10. So I would say people who partake of p4p and especially people like us who travel or relocate halfway around the world (partially for sex at least) are likely more highly sexed.
  7. I think gold holds an attraction in many developing countries because they perceive it to be a more reliable store of wealth than the local fiat currency. That probably stems from the inexorable loss of value by fiat currencies due to inflation or the sometimes sudden, sharp destruction of value due to revolution, war or crisis. This means gold, in many parts of the world, has earned a reputation for relative safety.
  8. zaronxas

    The Bangkok Times

    Who says I was playing?
  9. zaronxas

    The Bangkok Times

    I was standing on the curb trying to hail a cab, admittedly dressed like a clueless tourist. The two of them pulled up on a motorbike and the senior guy stood back and sent his young apprentice over. The younger cop started asking a bunch of questions like: where are you from, what are you doing, why are you outside. The older cop stood around staring (glaring) at me. This persisted for like 10 minutes as I politely answered his questions but didn't pay much attention to him otherwise. Finally he asked where I lived and I pointed to the high rise across the street. Then I asked him if he worked for the Ekkamai police and whether he'd like to verify my residence with the doorman. They both seemed disinclined to ask me anymore questions and got on their motorbike and rode away. Essentially I was polite and acted dumb and put the onus on them to openly demand a bribe.
  10. zaronxas

    The Bangkok Times

    I live on Ekkamai. Never been searched but two cops did try to shake me down once. Was a haphazard affair and didn't lead to me getting in trouble or having to bribe anyone. Sort of disconcerting to see these guys are ramping up their corruption though.
  11. If it's a hook up from a website, I'll broach the subject before we meet to make sure we don't have our wires crossed. Otherwise play it by ear. I think the latter you can guesstimate their intentions from how aggressive they are, how good their english is and whether they have lots of silicone.
  12. Checked out X-Zone too, no life at all. Their website says 'It's under new ownership, But the fun remains the same.' Could well be this message from well before though.
  13. Stopped by Windmill last night and it was open and seemed quite lively / naughty. I was stunned when I asked how much the bar fines were in the place. 700B for short time and 1500B long time.
  14. Well, I got my girlfriend a pair of tits a number of years back. It wasn't a game changer sexually either way for me but your mileage may vary. I think as others have pointed out, ladyboys want to get tits and numerous other surgeries for two reasons: 1) To become more feminine and change their bodies to match the way they feel inside 2) To get respect (face) with other ladyboys and society in general by looking more beautiful So ultimately you need to figure out how much her changing her body matters to you and discuss it openly with her. But you should also be cognizant that getting tits is quite often the start, not the end of surgery. I have to have a discussion about a new surgery virtually every week when one of her friends gets something or another done.
  15. Yeah - Bailey Jay used the trap reference as part of her monicker because she is a trap. I think there are a more than a few femboys who use trap as part of their name. Also if you want a quick reference: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/traps
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