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  1. God save our Queen .
  2. This is what I call a Hero https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8183627/Italian-nurse-pictured-asleep-desk-coronavirus-shift-reveals-Covid-19.html An Italian nurse who was pictured slumped over her desk during a long shift has revealed she tested positive for coronavirus shortly after the snap was taken, but said she 'can't wait to get back' to work. Elena Pagliarini, 43, became a symbol of the Italian health workers' efforts when a picture of her asleep still in her gloves, masks, scrubs and headgear at a Cremona hospital was heavily shared three weeks ago. Five days after the photograph was taken the nurse tested positive for coronavirus. She has now recovered and is eager to get back to work, telling Italian news site Cremonasipuò.it: 'I can't wait to get back.'
  3. I would Love to take my usual trip mid Nov/Dec for one Month but looking at How the current situation is unfolding I really can't see that happening, would like to set my sights now on mid Jan /Feb "time will tell" as they say.
  4. Nice one Quiet Guy
  5. All across Thailand this evening at 8 pm for 5 minutes as a show of appreciation and respect for what the medical profession there are doing is by going out on your balcony or doorway and hand clap .
  6. Same here, I arrived back in the UK on Thursday 12th March after a great Month in Pattaya. I purposely kept away from reading all the news and on my return I must say it is now shocking to see how much this virus has taken control.
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