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  1. Sure did ! I was indeed lucky that I took the plunge around late Feb and purchased the tickets well in advance.
  2. It was a easy gamble on my part booking the flights when I did as in the end Money and tourism go hand in hand so I felt Thailand would eventually come to this decision. Yes Seven it's certainly nicer in Pattaya without all the hordes of tourists of old that's for sure. Yes this is indeed another bonus for us travelling.
  3. You have to join it you cannot just pull up NHS .
  4. No as far as they are concerned if your vaccinated then that's done and dusted.
  5. This is the icing on the cake, I had already booked my flights for this November and was hoping that this would come through before flying, last night I went onto the NHS site here in the U.K. and downloaded proof of my vaccines and boosters in both PDF and JPG and that's all that is now needed, I was thinking it's going to be great simply booking my usual Taxi company once again without having to go through all those hoops we seen in place throughout the past two years.
  6. Yes SoiBoy the only stipulation now is that if you are vaccinated then you must have proof of that and show it on entry or if not vaccinated then have had a official APK test and show the result.
  7. Happy Days indeed here's to so more coming up later on in the year
  8. Reminds me also of that time when I needed the bar to prop me up after a session with Kung at Famous Bar and you B B was smiling when you were watching me walk . The memories we have of Pattaya are priceless I reckon worth every single Baht of every single trip. I remember teasing Nancy telling Her She wasn't that big before we got started hoping this might get Her riled up to really go to town on me and to my utter delight this was indeed what happened .
  9. That was a classic ! I was trying to walk down them after a fantastic session with Nancy and who should be sitting downstairs enjoying a Beer was you and Scott .
  10. Shall look forward to getting a drink or two in Dee Beach Bar come November
  11. I'll second that . I can still remember the excitement of my first time at the shows in Bangkok that's when I would use Bangkok as my base then as the years went by I started preferring Pattaya and early visits to Tiffany and also Simon Cabaret. Great times and great memories.
  12. Shocking ! Mr. Reed needed 60 stitches and could easily have damage done to His vision what a sad state of affairs when you can't even work out in peace.
  13. Thank's Aitch for the party pics
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