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  1. BigTel

    LBWVB - 2019

    Tone you have given hope and indeed life to the many charities that you have donated to. Well done my friend for being at the helm for so many years of the LBWVB organization and events.
  2. BigTel

    Jokes Thread

    That just cracked me up Amigi
  3. I have zero interest in Lady boy bars these days but still 100% interest in Lady Boys , therefore quite difficult to say a favorite Bar, but for a chill out in the afternoon I still quite enjoy sitting at a table in the Linda Bar and watching the World stroll by .
  4. Not there, but I have eaten Crocodile before and it tastes a lot like Chicken . I loved your "snappy reply" made me smile.
  5. Me too now, thank's to your walk through of the password change this Morning Amigi
  6. It used to be a young cadet training school. I used to live in Soi Bongkot so it was pretty close to my apartment.
  7. Yes I agree, wow those years have flown by, they say "time fly's when your having fun" and that is certainly what we were having back then and continuing to have to this day, long may they continue.
  8. Did She fill your stocking for you
  9. Beautiful capture there B B, you really are very good , a pleasure to view your work my friend .
  10. Merry Christmas Pdoggg and to everyone here at Ladyboyreview, all the very best Lads & Ladies for Christmas & the New Year .
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