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  1. From what I understand the Pattaya Beer Garden is closing it's doors on the 30th Sept, the staff have been told it's just until flights and tourists start up again so the closed period is anyone's guess at the moment. The pic below I noticed this Morning .
  2. , let's hope we can meet again in Los some day, young man. We have to believe! I'll drink to that .
  3. This one I heard is going to be either Tiffany or Alcazar "such as live music shows that tourists can watch from their windows".
  4. You and me both, I Love my trips but getting there as you rightly say is just so tiring it's stressful and not the part that I look forward to at all. I can already feel here in my Home a simple calm and once I adjusted to the fact I would not be able to go to Thailand this year it is then something of a release valve on the pressure I used to feel on the build up to the trip, we ain't getting any younger as they say I'll say one thing though if this is the end of my trips well " It's sure been a blast" no regrets and loved every moment of them whatever that entailed. cheers my friend
  5. Seven coindidentilly I too had pretty much gone through the process of what you have expressed here in your quote as I have no intention of jumping through hoops for getting to Pattaya. Look at the latest added to those said hoops below, from the way I read it they expect us to of quarantined in our country first before then travelling to Thailand and enter a further quarantine there, also when reading the article you will see that they also expect us to have "a record of not visiting crowded places prior to their departure." --------------------------
  6. BigTel


    Below Guys is Adam Judds part 2 of His report on the effects of the pandemic relating to Pattaya. https://thepattayanews.com/2020/09/15/special-report-lifeaftertourism-a-photo-journey-through-what-pattaya-thailand-looks-like-with-no-foreign-tourists-part-two/
  7. BigTel


    The days of innocence I reckon we will have some great conversations when we eventually get to meet up .
  8. BigTel


    This is the same Dolf who was famous for His Indonesian rijsttafel. He had His restaurant for many years on the Naglua Rd before His passing.
  9. BigTel


    Yes BBgrunt, the picture I put in below from Adam Judds shots brought up a memory far back when I was first in Pattaya in 1981 on my way through to Australia from Wales. It kind of reminded me of the sand type dirt track which walking street went into once you walked past the iconic tree that is outside what used to be the Saloon Bar Pizza next door these days is the Linda Bar. I have wonderful memories of all my trips to Pattaya and have observed it's growth over all those years and looking at the pic below it's like it's reverting back to those long gone years once again.
  10. BigTel


    Looking at the pictures in "Adam Judds" report here really do hit home the devastating effects of this pandemic, the reality from the pics are to me far more effective than if I were simply reading about what is happening to business there. https://thepattayanews.com/2020/09/13/special-report-lifeaftertourism-in-pattaya-a-journey-in-pictures-of-the-effect-no-foreign-tourism-has-had-on-pattaya/
  11. I have watched the three now and I agree with you there Sdawg, She comes across really good in these videos it's quite a pleasure to watch them.
  12. I like the new heading with the bold black buttons, looking good. also the drop shadow is a nice effect in this editor box along with the pastel shade of the body of the page. Your front end developer is using CSS nicely.
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