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  1. I will be coming in off the back of a two years straight training on the Gymnastic Rings Lefty so will be in reasonable condition it would be even better if you could make it over there my friend.
  2. Sounds good to me BBG looking forward to it
  3. Anthony used to Love this place I can remember Him telling me about it years ago, He knew the owner quite well and I think this trip I will certainly be checking it out after your great info on it now P D.
  4. That Nipper is a cutey in His own right
  5. I remember you and I being given 50% off our drinks at one occasion we were there at the venue thanks to your friend Dave who arranged it for us. Fantastic night and a really great show.
  6. This is helping get back into the build up vibe Aitch and much appreciated.
  7. Great work Aitch, the lighting here has really brought your shot's to Life. Thanks Aitch
  8. Sure did ! I was indeed lucky that I took the plunge around late Feb and purchased the tickets well in advance.
  9. It was a easy gamble on my part booking the flights when I did as in the end Money and tourism go hand in hand so I felt Thailand would eventually come to this decision. Yes Seven it's certainly nicer in Pattaya without all the hordes of tourists of old that's for sure. Yes this is indeed another bonus for us travelling.
  10. You have to join it you cannot just pull up NHS .
  11. No as far as they are concerned if your vaccinated then that's done and dusted.
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