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  1. BigTel


    Here's a great recent example on all the hoops currently in place to get to Thailand. I don't reckon 2021 will be on the cards for a trip unfortunately.
  2. BigTel


    I have set this to play at the 01.06.11 mark as it is highlighting how the "WHO" openly lied to a journalist regarding the fact that there was Human to Human transmission from the China Virus.
  3. BigTel


    Good to see you had your priorities right ,, you would of got 10/10 for attention I reckon , just happens it wasn't on the subject of History
  4. Good for them whether across the street or back in their old location either way it's going to be great to see them when we can travel again. Good Luck to the Lady's and here's wishing them a fantastic Party opening night tomorrow.
  5. BigTel


    Thank's, Q G
  6. BigTel


    QG did they let you know when you can expect to get your second vaccine appointment and what time frame it will be ?
  7. BigTel

    Anal Swabs

    I don't think they are going far enough with this testing
  8. BigTel


    Should be a interesting documentary airing tonight on ITV 9 pm in the U.K. Wuhan medics are secretly filmed admitting they were told to LIE and that they KNEW coronavirus was deadly and spreading between humans before China told the world https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9162635/Wuhan-medics-knew-virus-deadly-spreading-humans.html
  9. Yep as at this rate the longer I am away the less I feel like coming back. This combined with the very thought of all the hoops and hassle you would have to go through just puts a trip further and further out of mind.
  10. The large PATTAYA sign over looking the bali hai area.
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