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  1. These are truly lovely to look at Sustra you are indeed a exceptional artist
  2. I would if I could get Him alone as only one of us would be coming back from that drink and it wouldn't be Him
  3. I edited it as I thought we had already gone over it previously but the ผู้หญิงข้ามเพศ is good and far more appropriate than the ผู้หญิงของเพศที่สาม .
  4. My pleasure Amigo .
  5. บุคคล is a Noun used as in a "person or individual etc" so would be good to use also try นรชาติ which can be used to describe, a Man, Woman or Person and would be put at the end of the Sentence. I will show you three examples of it in use. คน, มนุษย์, ผู้ชาย, ชาย, บุรุษ, นรชาติ คน, บุคคล, ผู้, ตนเอง, ราย, นรชาติ หญิง, สตรี, ลูกผู้หญิง, อิสตรี, มารศรี, นรชาติ
  6. Could not agree with you more there Redrock, Corbyn is a duplicitous terrorist loving piece of scum along with His flock.
  7. That's good but I would say that is more referring to a Western tag used as apposed to being used in Thailand. You would see that Transgender Woman used in a newspaper article over here perhaps or even they would say Transgender person which would be more politically correct . In Thailand I have seen Ladyboys referred to in Newspapers as persons of the third Sex or Gender
  8. I think the Lady of the second Gender would just sound to over the top, I have never received any negative vibes when always simply referring to our Lady's as Ladyboys Pdoggg mind you if you wanted to make the person feel special you could refer to the Ladyboy as นางสาว which is insinuating in your belief that she is a Lady you would put the Ladyboys name before the นางสาว when introducing Her.
  9. Nice find there Amigi Thank's .
  10. BigTel

    Jokes Thread

    Good deed done today, at Big C check out I was behind an old lady in the queue. Her bill came to 1100baht but when she counted out her change she had just under 1050baht She didn’t want me to help her bless her, but I insisted, and in no time we had all her shopping back on the shelves.
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