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  1. I know I have said this sentiment before but I used to find it stressful enough on our normal pre pandemic trips with all the planning and all the pieces that had to come into place to make the trip the very best it could be. These times it's like we are hammered before we start off the blocks !
  2. This is how I see the whole process of the PCR test just a great opportunity to get money.
  3. It's such a shame Pdoggg as I was already gearing up to take the plunge and go for the trip then they stopped the test and go and now that they have reintroduced it they have added a double the expense element as I would already be in my place of residence comfortably after day 1 test at the sha + hotel then during day 5 would have to leave my residence to get re booked into a sha+ hotel well I think I know when to call it quits and this as they say " is the straw that broke the camels back " I have truly had enough .
  4. Guys if I am reading this right does this mean now that we would have to make two bookings for a Sha + hotel one for day one and one for day 5 ?
  5. We have lost a quality which to my mind is far better than quantity.
  6. I am going to review my reviews with that criteria
  7. That just put a big smile on my face too. Nice one B B.
  8. Fantastic news ! Have a safe journey QG then hit the ground running and get some fun in the Sun .
  9. BigTel


    Sign of the times.
  10. BigTel


    The sooner they stop hyping up the Omicron fast spread the better as can be seen below.
  11. Yes Pdoggg, never mind what sensible precautions you may take the problem will be the sheer volume of people congested into a tight space.
  12. Quite a good read here in the discussion part many varied views on How it feels running the gauntlet of entry and the frustrations that come with it. https://loyaltylobby.com/2022/01/05/should-you-consider-traveling-to-thailand-giving-their-permanent-flip-flop-on-rules/
  13. From what I have been reading you are OK to go which I am delighted for you as it's been more of "touch and go" rather than "test and go" over the past couple of days that's for sure safe journey Q G looking forward to reading some of your adventure. Cheers Tel.
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