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  1. Ever notice that every time Un appears in public with one of his mindless and scared-shitless sycophants they are always scribbling in some little notebook? Circa 1970's size. It's like there is some rule that every utterance from his mouth could be so potentially life-altering that someone should be there to record it for all prosperity. I think his nutty Dad and his even-nuttier Granddad had the same setup. There is a massive drought in NK right now, with food stocks down more than 50%.... they are saying this one could be worse than the one in the 90's, which literally stunted a whole generation of people. And if the general population is starving what do you think is going on inside the gulag. What a fucked-up place.
  2. Here's lower Manhattan, where Wall Street currently sits and where the Twin Towers once stood, in 1660
  3. Marcus and Michelle Bachmann are big advocates of this, they are big believers in "praying the gay away"; does anything else need to be said?
  4. It's quite common on Phangan Island, also. 200B a balloon, same as in Phi Phi Makes your head feel a little light and dizzy, basically a headache for a few seconds; hardly worth 6 dollars for 4 or 5 hits. We were doing that stuff in the 80's, they were called "whippits" back then....you can also get the same effect from sucking on the top of a whipped cream canister before the cream comes out.
  5. Here's what the mother of Josh Duggar said about Transgender people in 2014; ''A recorded a message urging voting families to protest the anti-discrimination measure, saying it would allow "males with past child predator convictions that claim they are female to have a legal right to enter private areas that are reserved for women and girls." Because that's what Transgender people always do, right? ''she considers the end result of the ordinance being approved — things like men "using women's restrooms, locker rooms, showers, sleeping areas" and other "areas designated for females only," In her home state of Arkansas, THIS law applies; ''In Arkansas, a person can be fired for being gay or evicted for no other reason than being a transgender tenant'' Jeeesh, good thing none of our Ladyboy friends want to live in Arkansas. And after all, who would? http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/michelle-duggar-records-message-ordinance-protecting-transgender-people-article-1.1909954 By the way.....the lady who said this is a "Christian" mother of 19 children, one of whom was just caught molesting 5 children, including the family babysitter, a crime which Mom covered up. Self-righteous skank.
  6. That's typical blather from guys like him.......also, that by allowing transgendered people to live as the opposite sex that will just encourage more young people to become transgendered - sorry Huck, that's not how the whole thing works. You will also hear, regarding gay marriage and the whole slippery slope deal, "well, if we allow gays to marry, what's next? Allowing you to marry your dog"? Who wants to marry a dog? Here's one of this year's presidential candidates walking back what he said in regards to that; http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2013/06/rand-paul-gay-marriage-animal-human.html Rand Paul Walks Back Suggestion That Gay Marriage Will Lead to Interspecies Marriage
  7. Bolivia was very close
  8. Final Jeopardy was tough tonight! None of the finalists got it, perhaps one of our British friends would know? I said Kensington, which was wrong.
  9. JaiDee


    Kilome first told me that, I also had no clue. Same as DC I watched that series twice through - the only other time I've done that is for Breaking Bad - and same as PD I didn't care for the dock workers season. Idris Elba played a very good role as Mumbles in RockNRolla, a movie well worth seeing and set in London so he could speak in his usual accent. Gerald Butler has the lead. Thandie Newton makes it even more worth watching, highly recommended.
  10. Another D got in today. That's Hillary, Bernie, O'Malley and now the Ex-Gov of Rhode Island, who used to be a Republican http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2015/06/03/lincoln-chafee-2016-presidential-race/28399971/ ARLINGTON, Va. -- Former Rhode Island governor and ex-Republican Lincoln Chafee joined the Democratic presidential race Wednesday with a long-shot campaign''
  11. Northern Europe, enlightened in so many ways. The question posed was, "what percentage of these countries believe in God?"
  12. The safest drug to do? Magic Mushrooms, something I've known for 35 years. The most dangerous? Not surprising in the least. Oh, and tobacco at number 6; and yet you can buy them both at the corner store.
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