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  1. Sounds like one I know but it isn't, and the accused is almost always found guilty, especially if farang
  2. He of British and bad teeth posted a vlog of a massage shop where he said you can get a happy ending, owner took exception went to cops and now cops looking for him for defamation, very serious and easily proven in LOS
  3. Managed to score a ticket to the UFC here this Saturday, not exactly the most stacked card by any means but the atmosphere should be great
  4. Know an LB in Pattaya who has been, not sure about if or how long she was detained , she goes every year (3 times now) so the money she can make there is obviously worth any potential border grief she gets
  5. Ya, i know the feeling all too well
  6. Ya i am very happy he is back, wasn't expecting it as in his last vid he seemed disillusioned with Pattaya and mongering in general
  7. Don't think he works for them, they only sponsor his vids as they do Kev in Thailand's as well
  8. Anywhere on New plaza, very cheap cat piss
  9. globetrotter

    Heat Wave

    Ottawa and Montreal gonna be a blazing 41° today
  10. Disappointing but not unexpected
  11. I really hope the Netherlands wins, I like to cheer on the underdog and besides the Yanks have had their turn on top for a long time now
  12. It won't for one big reason... It's totally shit
  13. You look in good form for the pool party, btw, what is the chick in the background doing, probably not the best place for that kind of thing ?
  14. But with a name like Assienda it should have been an LB bar
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