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  1. Disappointing but not unexpected
  2. I really hope the Netherlands wins, I like to cheer on the underdog and besides the Yanks have had their turn on top for a long time now
  3. It won't for one big reason... It's totally shit
  4. You look in good form for the pool party, btw, what is the chick in the background doing, probably not the best place for that kind of thing ?
  5. But with a name like Assienda it should have been an LB bar
  6. globetrotter

    Heat Wave

    Montreal and Ottawa going up to 40 °C with humidex today
  7. Ya i had another look and although the attitude is exactly the same the lack of tats shows its not Sharkey
  8. https://www.bangkokpost.com/learning/easy/1698724/italian-falls-to-death-at-pattaya-mall
  9. He is known as Sharkey, a kiwi guy who made a tonne of cash as a loan shark( hence the name) in Australia, just google his name and you should be able to find other vids of him, the one where he flips out at the cops because he acuses them of stealing his gold from his condo is particularly entertaining, I used to see him trudging up SMIT every night with that big fat fire hydrant head of his
  10. Thought he got deported long ago
  11. Well done boys
  12. They are looking pretty good on the court but still have to overcome this https://www.latimes.com/sports/sportsnow/la-sp-drake-curse-sports-maple-leafs-loss-20190418-story.html
  13. Somewhat fitting I think as Naismith was from here too , but unfortunately I just can't see them dethroning the Warriors
  14. I have really never had a great interest in going there till I saw part 2 of that vlog last night
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