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  1. I have really never had a great interest in going there till I saw part 2 of that vlog last night
  2. Kev said in his latest vlog that the Thai authorities are really cracking down on YouTube videos by Thai vloggers featuring scantily clad ladies etc.. this year
  3. Sadly Som has passed away, RIP Som
  4. Off the top of my head I would say full moon bar, Pat bar, Pook bar,one direction and 3 Angels
  5. Hmm was planning on maybe staying a week or so again at The Apex as The Base was completed a while ago but this puts a total kibosh on that idea now , thanks for the update
  6. Have never been to Milan, Rome a few times, but back before I was into the scene
  7. Mostly Brazilian there too I imagine ?
  8. The one on Lengkee is club La poste and is actually the bar of the Le Trafalgar guesthouse, been there a few times and you can get a bj right at the bar there too but it's all GG and ladies are generally older and not the most attractive
  9. Me too as there are ethnic groups in Russia who have Asian facial features
  10. You should have VIP status at that one
  11. Doesn't make having, a sober night out any easier when a beer is only 10 baht more than a soft drink
  12. I have been watching his vids for a little while now and noticed that all the cheap places to rent that he vlogs about are all quite out of the way and geared for people with a motorbike like himself as he says that he his only true cost extravagance, so transportation costs from moto taxis will soon add up for those without, unless you choose to travel all the way to Thailand and live a hermit existence
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