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  1. Here it's just called hockey except when played on an outdoor pitch with upside down canes which would then be field hockey
  2. 3 of my faves are on soi Lengkee just around corner from Bukhao, the first one on south side of soi (going towards 3rd Rd) does a great khao man gai for 40 baht (can get chicken fried or poached as usual) and there is a noodle soup stall directly across from it also very cheap and beside that there is a great donair place for 60 baht
  3. I believe you can still get a beer at Nidcha for 60 baht, but not everyone's cup of tea for sure
  4. It does get hot in there, and not always easy to get a seat
  5. Its the only way i have ever gotten to and from Swampy
  6. Good point, deal breaker for me as well and why I never have and never will
  7. 700 sounds like a bargain depending on how many floors above the bar room noise they are
  8. globetrotter

    The Big Breakfast

    Soi Day night maybe?
  9. ' because it looked expensive and a bit shady it was ok because it was time to give little Eddie a rest' 555
  10. I think an old school monger like steady Eddie will get bored there real quickly with the lack of cheap beer and girly bars
  11. Is it still a ladydrink in a gay bar, twink drink maybe?
  12. I know who the top lady is (I know you like'em like that) and know you share a love of a certain football club and the other is hard to tell in that lighting but the tats look somewhat familiar, who is it?
  13. Looks like Duke doing the Chow Soy shuffle
  14. Jesse sounds familiar but would have never remembered bar name as its about as ubiquitous as they come
  15. Ya i know but definitely never talked to her when even remotely sober
  16. Haha I know that one, works at a bar soi Made in Thailand opposite 69 bar second row in
  17. Probably the cheapest anywhere
  18. Sounds like one I know but it isn't, and the accused is almost always found guilty, especially if farang
  19. He of British and bad teeth posted a vlog of a massage shop where he said you can get a happy ending, owner took exception went to cops and now cops looking for him for defamation, very serious and easily proven in LOS
  20. Know an LB in Pattaya who has been, not sure about if or how long she was detained , she goes every year (3 times now) so the money she can make there is obviously worth any potential border grief she gets
  21. Ya, i know the feeling all too well
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