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  1. Jimslim

    RIP Ice

    Sorry to hear this , she was a lovely person
  2. In Soi 6/1 passable takes on an all together different meaning , as in passable - being able to pass them . Many's a good man has fallen on the battlefield
  3. Sorry DD I totally missed this somehow before ! Those two are great fun , great dancers too
  4. Hope you had a great birthday Emmy
  5. Good to see you up and running again Petesie , as you say there's worse places you could be The staff and bar looking great
  6. One LB I knew who did a few movies with him said he was Australian Then again if he was wary of covering his tracks that could have been a cover story One thing we do know for sure he was very hairy
  7. Great to hear !!! Good luck at the new venue Emmy , and happy birthday
  8. Anyone got a link for the movie pictured above with S (orange haired one ) and the group of LBs ? Asking for a friend aaaaaahem ! He's never seen it
  9. Sorry to hear this Katty Bar had a real nice feel to it , very relaxed and a nice bunch of girls there Lets hope a new home appears soon
  10. Good to hear from you Jai Dee , hope all is well
  11. Jimslim


    Chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatments are being suspended as are ongoing checkups . The theory is because the above treatments weaken your immune system you are more susceptible to viruses , that's some position to be in if you need treatment to have a better chance of survival . Add to that thousands who are not getting early diagnosis with both doctors and hospitals because they can't get appointments or are avoiding hospitals . Similar to those with heart problems or other serious illness . The knock on effect will be terrible .
  12. Thanks for the updates BBG Hope yourself and Quinn are doing fine , look forward to having a beer outside Katty's again when this is all over
  13. You know the world is definitely fucked when only 7/11 can save us
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