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  1. Great to hear !!! Good luck at the new venue Emmy , and happy birthday
  2. Anyone got a link for the movie pictured above with S (orange haired one ) and the group of LBs ? Asking for a friend aaaaaahem ! He's never seen it
  3. Sorry to hear this Katty Bar had a real nice feel to it , very relaxed and a nice bunch of girls there Lets hope a new home appears soon
  4. Good to hear from you Jai Dee , hope all is well
  5. Jimslim


    Chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatments are being suspended as are ongoing checkups . The theory is because the above treatments weaken your immune system you are more susceptible to viruses , that's some position to be in if you need treatment to have a better chance of survival . Add to that thousands who are not getting early diagnosis with both doctors and hospitals because they can't get appointments or are avoiding hospitals . Similar to those with heart problems or other serious illness . The knock on effect will be terrible .
  6. Thanks for the updates BBG Hope yourself and Quinn are doing fine , look forward to having a beer outside Katty's again when this is all over
  7. You know the world is definitely fucked when only 7/11 can save us
  8. Some people in my country are talking like that too , obviously without the BKK or Pattaya references . People are sending me WhatsApp messages telling me hot drinks and alcohol kill it which is handy having two cures and one for teetotallers . Thais seem petrified of the virus with virtually everyone walking around with a mask on , but to be fair they do like a good mask at the best of times . Still plenty riding motorbikes at breakneck speed with no helmets on but a mask on their face now
  9. Probably correct , add to that that they have no back up of a democratic system of government let alone any semblance of a welfare state it must be tough Thailand is a society of a small percentage of super rich and a larger percentage of people with nothing fighting for the scraps no wonder many don't survive
  10. Jimslim

    RIP June

    Just found this looking back through old pics March 2013 hopefully happier times , one of those games on beach road 100 baht one dart to hit the jackpot and it was my lucky shot
  11. A gentleman never kisses and tells
  12. All that strong liqueur and horny ladyboys is not a good combination A man could wake up in a compromising position next morning minus his undercrackers with no memory of what went on the evening before
  13. Jimslim

    RIP June

    That's terrible news , I've known her a long time . Yesterday a ladyboy I knew from the Philippines died today June , the sad reality is statistically transgender people don't lead long happy lives
  14. I have to agree with that, it's more fun taking a walk and seeing who you bump into or phoning someone up . I liked Mouth Moy at Tree Town because you never knew who would show up but alas its closed ,I'll go for Linda Bar about 3am when you know you've had enough but you keep on ordering one last beer , next thing you know you are in Marine
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