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  1. I have to agree with that, it's more fun taking a walk and seeing who you bump into or phoning someone up . I liked Mouth Moy at Tree Town because you never knew who would show up but alas its closed ,I'll go for Linda Bar about 3am when you know you've had enough but you keep on ordering one last beer , next thing you know you are in Marine
  2. Tell her to keep away from the warpaint she looks hot
  3. Who be this cheeky lil' lady BB ? She sure looks cute
  4. I've never done it nor ever will, it's not a good idea. I know a few guys who have and there's always been problems, its ok for a bit until you bring back someone they don't like or had previous run-ins with The fantasy of them knocking at your door in the wee small hours with a hard-on is better kept for the cold dark nights at home
  5. It must have been your lucky day Don't forget to do 1 9 and 8 in the Thai lottery
  6. The guy in the video is underestimating prices to prove a point, Insomnia, Marine, Candyshop etc are all 175 baht for a bottle of beer and have been for a few years. With a current exchange rate of 40 baht to a pound sterling that's more expensive than at home, plus I don't get pestered for a tip here The exchange rate seemed to fluctuate between 50-60 baht to the pound for years then evened out in the low 50's which most people could live with , however after the Brexit vote it dropped overnight by 20% to the low 40's , add that to a recession , constant austerity and insecurity for many in Europe and thats why we don't see many European tourists in Thailand anymore
  7. Cheers, never noticed her before shes cute
  8. Who's the one in the green dress in the most recent pics ? Surely we can't have new staff in La Bamba
  9. Tims is a great bar, I also had passed the place for years before I was introduced to it earlier this year by a friend
  10. Anyone brave enough to swim there still deserves a medal
  11. Good man , hopefully, she gets a decent crowd there Deedy is great fun
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