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  1. ArchieBunker

    Have You Ever Pissed On A Baht Bus

    Let me take a wild guess and say alcohol was involved!!! BTW I did not see and PP stains. Does luminol work on PP stains or only blood??
  2. ArchieBunker

    Champions League 2019

    Yes Spurs are halfway there. IF City advance, I wouldnt mind drawing them. Having said that, I said the same thing about Liverpool last season......
  3. ArchieBunker

    Champions League 2019

    As long as they do the business on the 24th........it would have been interesting had City drawn them in the final 8. I MUST qualify that by saying IF City advance.......
  4. ArchieBunker

    Stunners You Won't See At Nana Plaza

    Trust me, there are plenty of stunners you WILL see at nana plaza!! can tell you that for a fact sitting at the rail at Lucky Lukes-now Tiki bar!!!
  5. ArchieBunker

    Super Bowl Prop Bets

    Lowest scoring ever since the Garo Yepremian Super bowl! Who remembers THAT????
  6. Its really bad right now. I see the dopes in charge have come up with some solutions to help alleviate the problem. How about spray water in the air from a tanker truck at busy intersections for a couple of minutes-yeah that will work. Who the hell comes up with these nutty ideas and who thinks they are actual, good, solid ideas? the mind boggles. I see this type of shit and wonder why the dollar isnt over 40!!! the ineptitude is remarkable!!!
  7. ArchieBunker

    Staying Above A Ladyboy Bar

    Please tell!!! No, I would NOT want to stay above a LB bar!
  8. I would be surprised if the line goes the 3-books HATE that number. Tough to bet against Brady and all that experience. I love the chargers a few weeks ago and the Pats just smashed them. As far was watching it i will watch it, hopefully, in the best place-my own flat!!!certain it will be on in plenty of places in bangers esepcially in the Suhk area. usual haunts. i think Stickman mentioned a couple of places it will be on. Just hope its a good game.....
  9. ArchieBunker

    Thai Friendly vs Coconut Bar vs Barfines

    it takes me a while to embrace technology. Have used Thai friendly before with mixed results. There is something to be said about going to a bar and being able to have a chat and see if there is any type of chemistry. Even that isnt 100% foolproof. As long as the barfine isnt too crazy, i dont mind (very much) paying a BF. its when I hear the BFs creeping up and becoming rather extortionant is when i object. When these bars come out with crazy Bfs what the heck do they think is going to happen????
  10. ArchieBunker

    Political Rambles and Replies

    Seven, you made a couple of spelling errors. A) you forgot a k from your spelling of my country and b) you used a h instead of a d in your 2nd sentence......
  11. ArchieBunker

    Gentleman's Clubs

    The only problem is that I only have so much sperm these days!!!!
  12. ArchieBunker

    Gentleman's Clubs

    This could be another place you can show me when I come over!!! The list is getting longer. Only so much time and so may adventures to be had!!!!
  13. ArchieBunker

    TJs Bar Naklua

    My goodness that Lilly is a total hottie!!! She is like the hot girl in high school I was afraid to even talk to. However, in Thailand all I would need to do is show up, buy a couple of drinks, talk to her, and off we go!!! Thats why I/we LOOOOOOOVE Thailand!!! BTW, whoever did her boobs should get the Nobel Prize for fake boobery!!!!
  14. ArchieBunker

    Scenes of Pattaya.

    I wonder if they are, indeed, Russian or Uzbeki?
  15. Yeah its a case of "be very careful what you wish for because you might get it" !!!!!!!