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  1. Thailand is getting more expensive every year or so it seems. It might make more sense to have a go in Spain, especially since its so close to the UK and of course other European countries. Read a report about Barcelona and they are all over the place. Mind you there is no infrastructure and "sanook" in the bars like in Pattaya but still. Some might say theres no more sanook in the bars anyway only hassle. Having said the above, Pattaya takes some beating as for value for money-STILL!!!! Bangkok on the other hand.......its a bit more dear!
  2. It sounds as if she already has!!!! Seems like Harry is P Whipped BIG TIME!!! Her stuff must be made out of platinum smeared with honey!!!
  3. Thought you were serious there for a quick minute!!! Hahahahahahaha!! Even King Kong wouldnt be able to open a door at altitude.....
  4. There is NO WAY in the world that me or anyone on my crew would have gone anywhere near this slobs ass!!! As an aside, I have worked at my current company for almost 22 years. The first 21 plus, I have never had to throw someone off the plane. In the last 6 months, I have ejected three!!! Its a sign of the fucking times!!!!!!
  5. Good riddance to bad rubbish I say!!!
  6. They also got their daughter a position as a "professor" for about $300,000 per annum. Nice work if you can get it. Its good to be at the top of the "socialist" food chain............Like I said, if thats socialism, cont me in but that stuff isnt for the riff raff prolitariet like us......
  7. I wonder if that includes his wife who was involved in some shenanigians with loans at some podunk university up there in Vermont.
  8. Is the thread where he tells the story of his extortion attempt??
  9. Man, is this EVER stroll down memory lane........
  10. Seriously, you are being conned. Bernie is a multi millionaire who owns three homes. If thats socialism, the give me some!!! Why dont you write him and ask him for some money, after all he has more than you!! He has more than I as well!!!! Bernie walks into a bar, he says, "FREE drinks for everyone!!! Whos paying????"
  11. Only been in Thailand for Songkran once. That was enough. Was in bangkok and not Pattaya thankfully. Its actually quite charming when little kids dump a little water on you. Obnoxious teen and adults-not so much!!
  12. Certain type of batteries cannot even be taken on in the cabin. An example of this are those bags that have chargers. These types of batteries are capable of over heating and catching fire-not a nice thing to happen in the dry tinderbox of an airplanes cabin. Even laptops have been know to over heat and catch fire-specific procedures for fighting these tyoes of fires and procedures for what to do with the devices in the aftermath......
  13. I never thought Biden would run and I still dont. I could be wrong. He has dithered, hemmed and hawwed about running in the past and hasnt pulled the trigger recently. Years ago when he did run, he got absolutely nowhere!! He is on top of the polls for one reason only-name recognition. The front runner this early almost never ends up the nominee-especially when there is such a crowded field. The way the Democratic Party is these days how could they nominate and get behind an old, establishment white guy? To hell with whether he might be the best candidate-he is old, white and part of the establishment. Those are his biggest sins and oh yeah he has said some nice things about the opposition. Thats not allowed anymore its search and destroy.......
  14. Also Tulsi Gabbard is being ostracised by the Dems leadership as she has some views that are not in lock step with the party. A problem with the Democrats agenda is they are lurching left-some say the looney left. That will turn off many centrists or even left leaners on swing states. I truly think if the Dems nominate Bernie, which I doubt they will as he has three strikes against him well four actually, they will be defeated in 2020 and the Republicans could very well take back the house. Having said that, there could be another recession, debt crisis, market fall etc.. Most people vote with their wallets......
  15. About the Electoral College-you cannot simply say if it were abolished then the Dems would have won both the 2000 and 2016 Presidential Election. Without the E College, I am certain the campaigns would have run things differently. For example, New York would vote for Joe Stalin if he were the Dems nominee. Having said that large swaths of upstate are Republican or at least lean that way. A republican candidate WOULD campaign there in order to squeeze out more votes. Same could be said for California as well.
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