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  1. You know I dont know all the ins and outs BUT,since the UK shares a common border with Ireland, why cant those two entities come up with an agreement?? Or will the EU object and punish Ireland?
  2. Years ago there was a stretch were I got stopped. It must have been about 3,4 times in a row. this was in New York in JFK. I no longer fly through there. anyway, I was at the front of the plane and got off first. If it wasnt busy I would breeze through immigration, then high tail it to the exit. I only had a carry on. the officers would question me but hardly like John got questioned. Think they were looking for drugs and I think I only had my bag inspected once or twice-nothing to see here. I have watched too many episodes of Locked Up Abroad!!! LOL!! Now, almost never. Sometimes they see all these stamps and ask how long I have been away. Luckily, I am able to stay away for longer periods and I think that raises red flags. They ask my occupation and when I tell the "Flight crew" they waive e through. Having said that, I just read about two South African flight attendants that got caught with about 30 Kg of coke!!! OUCH!!!!
  3. I dont follow rugby at all but I have to say this situation is an outrage. How the hell do you NOT play games in a supposed esteem competition such as this? I mean i know the rugby powers would like to spread world interest in the game so awarding the World Cup to Japan makes sense. BUT it is the height of typhoon season. They HAD to think of contingencies! teams that have a chance of qualifying for the next round dont have that chance due to games being canceled??? you have to be kidding me!!! rugby is such a physical game doesnt this give a big advantage to the teams that advance yet DO NOT have to play the extra pool game?? Couldnt they have had a plan in place where they move the games at the last minute? I know it would be extremely tough but still..... These guys make FIFA/UEFA look competent!!!
  4. When i was new to the scene, I would be much more inclined to visit a bar if there were a high profile farang there in the bar. Now, i really couldnt give a toss. Not a big bar goer these days. What makes me want to visit a bar? this is in no order: Talent, decent prices, no bs no drama. No bs, no drama means no girls or staff pestering you for drinks or hovering around you like a vulture. forgot no loudly, obnoxious music.....
  5. Just got the 60 day visa a couple of months ago in the US of A. it was dead easy. they didnt even ask for airline tickets or anything like that. It was only $40. certainly beat schlepping to Cheang Wattana and wasting the better part of half a day there. I read on Stickman, I know I know, that the some immigration jobsworth told a guy the next time he came to wear trousers. Are you fucking kidding me. I should go there one morning for shits and giggles to see how fucked up it is thats how much time I have on my hands right now!! LOL!!!!
  6. I really thought that would be the case as this type of problem, chest pain/pressure, is always taken seriously. It appears as though Bernie had a "mild" heart attack. I know its only mild if and when it happens to someone else. Hope Bernie recovers and goes on about his life for many more years. having said that, I just dont want him to be President. Can youse imagine had trump suffered a heart attack???
  7. Was your butthole dilated and leaking?? LOL!!!
  8. File this under my country has gone fucking crazy: A cop in northern Virginia gets disciplined for arresting and holding an illegal alien. WTF?? Fact: Cop resonds to an auto accident. Fact: accident involves illegal alien who has no drivers license. Fact: said illegal alien has a detainer warrant for his arrest. Fact: said officer detains subject and calls ICE. Fact: said illegal taken into custody. Fact: Arresting officer gets disciplined. he is taken off patrol. Dont know if it was with or without pay but this is nuts. Fact; since 2007, Fairfax county has maintained the pro illegal alien policy of not cooperating with the Federal Agency ICE i.e they follow the laws they want. If you hate yourself as a people/country, theres no way your country can thrive or even, perhaps, survive.
  9. It was a genuine question. That was very harsh. My friends in the UK basically say the same thing about the NHS in that if you have a serious issue you will be taken care of quickly. if its something else like a hip/knee replacement, preventitive stuff, seeing specialists etc it can be a nightmare. I have private insurance through my job and I actually have to pay into it every month. It comes out of my paycheck but the bulk of it is paid by my company. Its an excellent plan. If I have an issue, I get seen to quickly and the care is top notch. If the USA were an UNcivilised country, we would turn away people who dont have the right to be in the USA at hospitals. We dont.........
  10. Bernie is the hospital. Suffered chest pains and had a stent immediately placed. Not being funny here but would there be a wait for this treatment in the UK, Canada, Italy or Spain?
  11. The guy is an asshole. Somebody please post the video of him berating his driver, a poor working slob, in the Manhattan street. this was after his court appearance for his divorce! LOL!!!
  12. Thanks for posting that D Duke. i enjoyed and it was was spot on!!!
  13. Its a real disgrace. they should strip these parasites of their ill gotten gains......
  14. Evidently, just before going bust the execs had their snouts in the trough and took "bonuses". For what, running the airline out of business?? FFS!!! That scenario sounds PAINFULLY familiar!!
  15. Thanks for the snaps Duke AND the scouting reports! Are there any LBs you DONT now????
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