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  1. Well, I am still in the workforce so I income. I spend a lot of time in Thailand and I have a job that allows me huge amounts of time off. My time off is only limited by my bank balance. Thats EXTREMELY rare for someone in the American workforce. Having said that getting older I want to enjoy the fruits of my many years of graft and tend NOT to be in the mood to deny myself. Historically, I have lived simple and rather frugally. I have had to as I never made much money. Spending a lot of time in Thailand, specifically Bangkok, the lure of whoring and the bars has faded. Dont get me wrong I still like to play around a bit but its not nearly as important and the drive isnt there as much anymore. I can be in Bangkok for three weeks and only go out a night or two as I have other things going on in my life. The lousy exchange rate doesnt help. I am like PDogg in that, if I ever came into some money, I would invite some friends for holidays on my dime. I think that would be cool. I have a couple of great guys I know for whom I would LOVE to be able to do something. The main thing is I am not in the mood to deny myself small pleasures. I am getting older. My Dad dropped dead suddenly at almost the same age I am right now. I think that I have sacrificed and saved and have this sum of money in my own retirement account, called a 401K here, so what if I drop dead? How fucking cruel would that be? I mean I would be dead so I wouldnt know but fuck me that would piss me off royally!!!! Sorry for a bit of a ramble. But I really wouldnt want to live a sort of "Cheap Charlie" type budget......
  2. Thanks mate! I always try and visit Pattaya for a couple of days. If I get there, I will pay you back and buy you a beverage at Katty Bar....
  3. Teya is a diamond. Would love to be there for her b day. think it will be carnage (in a good way) at the bar on the night. I wonder if anyone would staple a 100 baht note on her necklace on the night? I will be back in late Feb/early march and I can pay you back then.......but you have to tell her its from me!! LOL!!!
  4. Fuck me have you actually SEEN Pdogg????
  5. So many sectors of the Thai work force, especially the hospitality industry NO not THAT type of hospitality either, needs protections and rules. But I dont think its something in the fiber of the Thai DNA to fight like that. It would be crushed brutally in the crib anyway......
  6. I wouldnt say I am a "staunch" member myself. Like I said there are pros and cons. Especially what I have been through personally. I glad one is on the property! A lot pf people think the USA should be more like Europe. If that were the case, our industry, airlines, would be able to strike at the drop of a hat. Imagine all the bitching and moaning that would cause in this country!!!!
  7. They need "to be rescued"??? Oh my goodness!!!!
  8. Thats good to know. When I am in Thailand, I spend almost all my time in bangkok thats just down to lifes circumstances. i usually take a 2 night trip down to Pattaya and usually in the middle of the week. I gather these meet and greets usually happen on a Friday or Saturday to maximise sales. Nothing wrong with that!!!
  9. Good for him!! This type of movement is needed in Thailand as well. I know first hand how employers take advantage of their employees. Believe it or not, I am a union member whether I like it or not. There are pros and cons of my union but I think it is a net plus.
  10. Wish I were there for this.......hope she and the bar does well on the night!!! Should be back in late Feb/earlyish March!
  11. Any excuse to go to Katy's. Been there a couple of times and have had a good time both times. Now it might have had to do with the fact that I took a kitten. I would say the same even if I didnt. Teya really seems to run that place. Not only is she hot and horny but it seems she holds that place together. Hope Emmy appreciates her work habits. Hope she has a great turnout for her b'day and has a money necklace that wraps around her bod a couple of times!!! Had a couple of buddies go there a few weeks ago and bought a lot of lady drinks in a few hours there. They had a great time. I wonder of a couple of guys spending big like that for one night if it makes their entire week?
  12. TJs have tremendous talent. I have no interest in this bar except as a punter. It has had talent for a very long time and its worth the trip up to Naklua. Its not that bad guys!!! BTW is Sara still off the market> She was/is a hottie!!!
  13. Talked to someone on Bangers that lives in a high rise and said it was shaking! Scary! It must have been a pretty shallow one!!! Been in a couple of mild ones, its a strange feeling indeed!!
  14. BTW really who the fuck cares whom these dimwits endorse. I would say that if they endorsed the other side. Think for your fucking selves, sheep!!!! I cannot prove it bit I think a small reason why trump won, was the swells, glitterati, and these dopes endorsed Hillary. BTW x 2, I am still waiting for these twats to leave the country!!!!!
  15. Can she give me the money to pay off my mortgage then?? Would love to see her tax returns......
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