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  1. Dont want to come across as an acolyte ass kisser bit the truth is the truth. The bar has a great vibe-no hassle, well run, good service and great talent. If I said it once, I have said it a million times, I am MORE LIKELY to spend money i.e. lady drinks/tips etc. if there is a laid back cool atmosphere.......
  2. Add to that, there is TONS of talent there on show as well!!!!
  3. Remember guys, if you partake in the "free" barbie, the very LEAST you could do is tip the cook a few baht or so!!!!
  4. The pic might be a bit deceptive but it looks as though she can suck her own cock!! If I could do that, I might never leave the house!!!
  5. ........except his disappearing act!!!!
  6. Vaguely remember it. Remember laying on the living room floor. Dont know what time he actually went out on the Lunar Module. This week I have been watching some actual coverage on Youtube. Its quite interesting.....
  7. Then thats a good street......lots of decent cheap restaurants. you can walk to the river and to street 136.
  8. Yes PD its boxing therefore its legal!! Boxing is the Red Light District of sport and someone close to me was in the business for years!! I got a ringside seat at many fights, training sessions and an up close look at this shady business!! Wonder what odds he got?? must have been pretty long..... BTW there was only one fight of the century and that happened in March of 1971 I think the year was!!!!
  9. Have you checked it out PD?? Does it get your mongers seal of approval?? Is that the same street The Sundance is on?? I liked that place. Might need it for Oct if I dont get my visa extension!!!
  10. Tough way to lose. thought the better team won but England had its chances. Thought they were hard done by to have that offsides goal ruled out. I mean, I thought the benefit of the doubt was to go to the attacker? Thought the penalty was a dodgy call as well. whats the standard to change a call? clear and obvious error? Dont think it was a clear and obvious error on the pen call. It was a poorly taken pen though. I dont know what all this mystery is over Rapinoe. I think her replacement was aces. She had a couple of wicked shots one of which was blocked. Just say she has a non specific knock/slight injury and may or may not be able to go in the final. Its not the plans for fucking D Day now is it??
  11. I said it from the jump, Sleepy joe doesnt have a chance. he is a total gaffe machine. the way the Demoscratic Party is going he is waaaay too far to the right of the party. I think some of the shine has come off bernie because years ago he was an outsider and his views were outside the main. Now the other dimwits cannot rush to his left fast enough. All the big names are for reparations and for total health care/coverage ('Free" but it aint free) for illegals. Its total pandering and sickening.
  12. I remember going to quite a few Mets games that season!
  13. Dont remember this at all as I was too young. The main thing I remember about 1969, The Jets, The Mets and the moon landing......
  14. I mean who am I to put a "damper" on a wet T shirt contest but how can they afford to pay that type of prize money? Is it bullshit? Do they get some sucker to "sponsor" it? I dont think I would do it if I had a lot of money. Maybe I would I dont know.......
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