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  1. Anything by ELO I would have to say. First album I ever bought was by ELO. have a CD in the car-double Album about 1978 forgot the name but its brilliant. think beatles Sargent Peppers is pretty good as well.......
  2. just a quickie about Sharky, Stickman was talking about past charecters of pattaya and he mentioned him with a link to a years old interview.
  3. Lets be honest, there really is no reason to go to Walking Street. Between the traffic, the hustle, the herds of lookey loos its just not that great for, especially, us long term mongers. I used to enjoy the Happy Hour at Honeys or was it Happs Go Go where they always danced topless. Used to be 60-70 baht for a watered down Sangsom + Coke. Good for a couple of pops and some eye candy. The only other reason i would visit that area is to put on the feed bag @ The Beer Garden. Was there recentl with a couple of gents and it was busy. Food was good, service was good and priced right! Otherwise i would be happy NOT to go south of VT 6!!!!!!
  4. Sonny and Teya are great hostesses and a lot of fun. Dont know about tiger would like her to take a bite out of me anytime!!!!
  5. Always liked low(er) season myself. had a few dalliances in the two night I spent in town this week and the lowest was an 8 and the others were a 9 and a 9.5!! OUTSTANDING!!! Bought a couple of shirts one morning from a stall and they seemed well chuffed for the biz. After that I walked thru Mikes Shopping Mall and they were all over me like a rash. Just got the feeling the were desperate for some sales......
  6. Arch has had some time off the loading docks and I found my way to pattaya. Made the journey to the wilds of Jomtien a few days ago. Got there rather early, about 800pm. i was with two other reprobates. I had a previous engagement and caught up with them. It was dead. There were only two girls there and no customers. The thing that saved the day was that the two girls that were there were superb. We plied them with drinks and had a right laugh. they were quite charming. we made our own little party. it was Sonny and teya (Teva) I forget which. I tell you both girls were cute as buttons and i would ahve taken wither or. i ended up taking one, Sonny, upstairs later. We had numerous drinks and stayed a couple of hours. My other two buddies wanted to check out K R Us but I was content where I was. Guys split and things went from fun to more fun. Lets just say it things got a bit frisky. I ended up taking Sonny upstairs for a great session. by the time we finished Emmy got to the bar. Had a quick chat and made my way back to Chez Arch for two nights. I had blown a load earlier in the day at ZAZA massage so i was, well, drained!!!! Loved the time at Katty Bar but the lack of girls was a downer. Having saod that those two girls were dynamite and well worth paying a visit!! they saved the day. Could be a very fun place with at least 4-6 regular girls there. I guess if there are no punters, then its tough to attract the girls and vice versa. We were very happy to spend our time and money and support the bar. However, if the two girls there were duds and only interested in their phones i am sure we would have taken a powder quickly!!! Thank goodness they were great!!!
  7. Didnt even see the highlights and that video wont play. i did hear they were running around sliding on their knees after scoring goals after being 7-0 up. if thats the case, its kind of ridiculous really. Just take the intensity down a couple of notches, stroke the ball around, look for the ocassional probing attack and leave some in the tank for later games. I guess FIFA expanded the tournament form 16 to 24. the womans game is still rather new and lopsided results will happen. usually the knock out games are better since its one and done and therefore there is more drama.......
  8. Hell can you imagine the carnage on view if they had this in D Dukes rooms?? LOL!!! Oh the humanity!! You could put it on pay-per-view!!!
  9. Indeed what a wanker or as we would say in the US of A jerk off. Just as a humorous aside. theres a guy I work with and he is based in Houston so I hardly ever see him. Once in a while we bump into each other and I always greet him with a loud, "Hallo Mister Chuck, I see mister Chuck Wow"!!! LOL!!! He spends a lot of time here in thailand!!!
  10. What a dick!! If there is anyone who deserves a kicking its this rubberhole!!! Yeah start on confrontation with a couple of local moto taxi drivers-brilliant!!! Asshole, the 70's called it wants it mustache back!!!!
  11. If I dont have change when i first get to Pattaya, I give the driver a 20 baht note and say in Thai "10 baht please". They ALWAYS give me the change. If he drives off, so what??? not a big deal. On the rare occasion I go over to Jomtien, I might give the guy a 20. Have a buddy that is not too keen on Pattaya but will go with me next week and he wants to check out Katty Bar. who am I to say no??
  12. I have been coming here for almost 20 years and I have NEVER, EVER even had a return ticket!!! I also have never been asked to produce one. You see since I work in the airline industry all I do is buy a very cheap standby ticket out of Thailand in order to pick up a flight on my own airline back to Farangland. I really never know exactly when i will be leaving and usually get the ticket about a week before depending how the onward flight look for a standby upgrade to first. As a result I NEVER arrive with a return ticket and have never been asked. Also all those trips into thailand I have NEVER, EVER been stopped at customs coming into Thailand. Coming into the US of A is a bit of a different story. Years ago there was a period when i got not really stopped but given a little extra questioning but even that hasnt happened for years........
  13. Couldnt agree with you more, DC!!!
  14. Are you sure he was a 45-1 dog? i read on ESPN that he was "only" 22-1. Either way its a stunning upset. Back when Tyson was destroying people and he fought Buster Douglas only one Vegas casino made a line and it settled at about 42-1. There is an ESPN documentary of that title I believe. have a look its really good as are all those ESPN docs!!
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