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  1. Mark my words the first foreigners that will be let back into Thailand-the culprits of this issues the Chinese.
  2. Sounds like my kind of schedule!! Just wish things would get back to "normal" sooner rather than later!!!!
  3. If this thing gets worse in Thailand, and I think it will, The Mr Bean General in charge and his minions will no doubt play the "blame the dirty farang" game. Fines for no masks? Just an naked attempt to play that other cheap Thai game called, "Milk the farang!!""
  4. You will never get over that will you old bean??
  5. ArchieBunker


    The conversation is starting as to whether the "cure" in its current form is going to worse than the disease itself. I cannot answer that question. Also if we are looking at this as a war, whats the acceptable causality rate? Should that type of question even be asked at this time? We just got our schedules for April and there is no flying to be had, well a little. I might work 4 or 5 days in April but will get pain more than that as we have a contractual minimum. The minimums are not that much to be honest but its better than nothing or a little. When i start getting down I just put throw on youtube and watch any part of a documentary about the siege of Leningrad during WW II.......talk about degradation!!!!
  6. ArchieBunker


    They have been doing this for a while now. I was in BKK just over a week ago and they had been doing it the week before that....
  7. ArchieBunker


    Well, he lets his guests talk and explain. its clear that he knows enough to know that his guests know more than he if that makes sense. Thats admirable.
  8. ArchieBunker


    I dont know what you guys think of Joe Rogan. Whatever you think of him its irrelevant. he had on a guy who described himself as a "infectious disease detective". Michael Osterholm is his name. I am not even halfway through and its totally scary. He says its early days into this things and says a vaccine will NOT be quick in coming. Fatality rates still not clear with this disease. We have been totally UNprepared for something like this for years. Also the fact that we dont make many types of drugs we need in this country and have outsourced it to China and India is a huge unforced error. He hinted that there are tings we can do to fight it and mitigate the disaster but I havent gotten to that part yet.......
  9. It is me or does she have a faring look about her?? She’s looking good I can attest to that!!
  10. Yes it was quite the night!!! PDogg was STILL talking about Sunny’s shorts last night!!! quite a bit of talent on offer at kattys no joke!! i was a bit more mao than I usually get on a night out in pattaya!!! Have to do it all over again in a couple of months!!!
  11. I got 31.55 a few days ago at super rich in pratunam in central Bangkok. PD knows the place. bye it was dead, like many other places here in bangers.
  12. Thanks for the update. I was wondering how this evening went.
  13. Who is the girl sat down on the right? Is that Tiger?
  14. My 2 cents: I have been to Katty a few times and have had a great time on each visit. Once, two buddies and I made the trip and we outnumbered the girls. Only Teya and Suny were there. That night ended we all ended up having a great time. Had a nice little party for about 2 1/2 hours due to the friendliness and great attitudes of both the girls. Another night there were 5,6 girls there and again I had a nice time. The bar is on the quiet side and thats not really a bad thing. Theres no bullshit buy me drink as soon as you get there. The times I have bought girls drinks, they stayed with me flirted and I might have had a couple of gropes/kisses. Take that for what it worth. I will vote with my feet/baht and, no, I dont have any financial interest whatsoever in Katty Bar. I will support it anytime I am in Pattaya, which isnt too much, as its a fun place to hang out and I would like to see it succeed.
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