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  1. Delirious is certainly on the cards when international flights (no quarantine) are back on the agenda.. Might need to drag wee Petesie with me 555
  2. I concur.... 2008 was a fantastic year and the start my wander down the yellow brick road.. 555
  3. I liked La Bumbar, many a good memory from the olde days.
  4. Spent a few adventures with sweet Nat... What a gal.
  5. Both would be utterly delightful.... mmmm
  6. Just an update, Eve/Sherlyn/Vicky, predominately spends alot of her time working in the Japan region. Comes home often but either to her home province or in Bangkok. Catch her if you can.. And one more thing, no more topping for this girl. She is now a post op lady. Peace
  7. she is certainly one i wanted to have a meet up with... yum
  8. I would love a wee bottom session with this sweetheart for shu-aaaaar.. yummy
  9. What an amazing sight, super hot looking weapon... Very exciting indeed
  10. For sure BB, Those nights were good. Especially the sexy lingerie or swim suits.. they were not on for long. lol
  11. Was there in June and got quite a nice surprise after a long time away..
  12. Me n Petesie had many a wild party in La Bum Bar... Oh the memories are flooding back.. 555
  13. Moved again eh.. I was just in the new (as I thought) place last trip back in June. ah well
  14. But I would love to be pumped wildly with her awesome tool...
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