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  1. she is certainly one i wanted to have a meet up with... yum
  2. I would love a wee bottom session with this sweetheart for shu-aaaaar.. yummy
  3. What an amazing sight, super hot looking weapon... Very exciting indeed
  4. For sure BB, Those nights were good. Especially the sexy lingerie or swim suits.. they were not on for long. lol
  5. Was there in June and got quite a nice surprise after a long time away..
  6. Me n Petesie had many a wild party in La Bum Bar... Oh the memories are flooding back.. 555
  7. Moved again eh.. I was just in the new (as I thought) place last trip back in June. ah well
  8. But I would love to be pumped wildly with her awesome tool...
  9. Fuck me gents, I can't see straight now... An awesome collection for shu-aar.. mmm
  10. Cat amongst the pigeons time.. lol I have been going to Hoff for years and enjoy it each time I go there.. granted, I have never taken a LB buddy and used it more as somewhere on my own, with mates or with a gg.. The wheat beer is outstanding and bloody strong, the lager is equally as good. Doesn't take you long to get off your face from their liquid appetisers.. Food in my opinion is touch and go although the pizzas are very nice. Petesie and I bought 12, I think for a party at la Bamba one time and they delivered no dramas.. Different strokes for different folks, I guess..
  11. Nowadays, as lifestyles and habits change, I am not at all bothered by this curfew time... It gives me a good chance to get out and about (by myself) in the afternoons at times and do my own thing till the missus finishes work at half 8.. lol I'm more of a take it how it is kinda guy now.. Out-feckin-standing
  12. I am in the ''papa'' club myself for shoo-arr... 555 I was telling a story the other night when I had bar fined a cute wee sweetie from Soi 7 years ago. A mate and I were wandering down the ski when I spotted this awesome looking spinner in a bar beer. Very slim, a good amount of gap page between the thighs - just how I likes em.. Tightest buttocks I have seen in ages and the cutest face ever. A few beers, games of pool and a fair few gropes and I was convinced she was indeed a ''she''. Ok, I was happy with that. Decided to carry on the bar crawl with my buddy and exchanged numbers etc.. We what sapped each other for ages and my woody wasn't going away so I arranged to meet her and went back to the hotel. After showers and the like, we got down to having a bit of loom fun and giggles.... This was where she started calling me ''papa''.... I took it as a joke and a bit of banter, as you do. As it turned out, the young ''she'' wasn't a she after all, An awesome tender LB spread her legs before me and I was truly amazed and even more aroused by this point.. It was a very wild night, I can assure you. We kept in touch for a while and she always called me papa after that. I think she got a kick out of it. Dirty little cow. 555
  13. Was a good night by all accounts.. Thanks to BB, pdogg, Rout67, Donnykey and Eroticadventurer for helping celebrate it with us. It was really good to catch up with you lads again for sure and see you on Friday at LaBamba's (almost) Scottish night, lol... Pdogg even found a new shot (Tequila Rose) he liked...ans a few more Scottish terms to add to his ever expanding vocabulary... Cheers Folks Jacko
  14. BB, you still meeting in PBG on Wednesdays buddy?
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