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  1. I am having a problem since forum upgraded some days i just can't log in sorry i am not around problems with computer and NO WORK
  2. Top of the mornin' to y'all. well as usual i had another shitty paddy's day, between annoying kids, irritating parents freezing cold winds that cut through the body and snow. I need a fuckin' holiday soon
  3. damn now that could be considered a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands
  4. I got one The world according to Garp https://youtu.be/StZqBy5oFs8
  5. i like this thread for some crazy reason
  6. i just want to pray for all victims and their families hopfully they get people involved and show them some tough thai justice
  7. old format was much better than this new version, why do ppl always fuck up something beautiful and easy to use
  8. happy st patrick's day from a gobshite stuck in dear olde Ireland
  9. i hate smartphones, some cunt can't find u when u have one, but with old phone all i need is to phone and txt
  10. seanbeag = little john ( think robin hood ) i ain't little and 7 well that was when i tried to use a cock pump
  11. aoh for me, but then again if lala got braces then she be worth pounding too
  12. seanbeag7


    aah bollox to this, i ain't had any firsts yet
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