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  1. everyone should just turn their backs on him in silent protest
  2. seanbeag7


    I am having a problem since forum upgraded some days i just can't log in sorry i am not around problems with computer and NO WORK
  3. seanbeag7

    World Cup Semi Finals

    England V Belgium Final for me.... nice way to teach Brussels not to fuck with London
  4. seanbeag7

    Pattaya Paddy's Day Parade

    Top of the mornin' to y'all. well as usual i had another shitty paddy's day, between annoying kids, irritating parents freezing cold winds that cut through the body and snow. I need a fuckin' holiday soon
  5. seanbeag7

    Winter Olympics 2018

    i love curling it's a bit like bowls, too some boring as fuck to others just like life, it can be long and you got to have patience
  6. seanbeag7

    English Premier League 2016/17

    shhhh don't mention that match...... fuck it i need to lie down again
  7. seanbeag7

    An Embarassing moment in time

    Well this week i started a new course, and i am in a computer room with 19 women, anyways i decided to open my twitter account, and a post-op t-girl from Canada sends me a picture, well some of the women had abit of a laugh, the instructor didn't. here is my embarassing moment
  8. seanbeag7

    Ploy....huge and fresh as ever...

    damn now that could be considered a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands
  9. seanbeag7

    Jokes Thread

    couldn't agree more
  10. seanbeag7

    Petite n sexy

  11. I got one The world according to Garp https://youtu.be/StZqBy5oFs8
  12. seanbeag7

    Which Football Club Do You Support

    FOr me there is only one team to support Liverpool YNWA Btw liverpool v united is handbags at dawn, compared to the way celtic HATE rangers
  13. seanbeag7

    what ever happened to...posters.

    well i am struggling to be here half the time
  14. seanbeag7

    Happy 2017

    HNY to you duke, ye jammy bastard