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  1. everyone should just turn their backs on him in silent protest
  2. I am having a problem since forum upgraded some days i just can't log in sorry i am not around problems with computer and NO WORK
  3. England V Belgium Final for me.... nice way to teach Brussels not to fuck with London
  4. Top of the mornin' to y'all. well as usual i had another shitty paddy's day, between annoying kids, irritating parents freezing cold winds that cut through the body and snow. I need a fuckin' holiday soon
  5. i love curling it's a bit like bowls, too some boring as fuck to others just like life, it can be long and you got to have patience
  6. shhhh don't mention that match...... fuck it i need to lie down again
  7. Well this week i started a new course, and i am in a computer room with 19 women, anyways i decided to open my twitter account, and a post-op t-girl from Canada sends me a picture, well some of the women had abit of a laugh, the instructor didn't. here is my embarassing moment
  8. damn now that could be considered a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands
  9. I got one The world according to Garp https://youtu.be/StZqBy5oFs8
  10. FOr me there is only one team to support Liverpool YNWA Btw liverpool v united is handbags at dawn, compared to the way celtic HATE rangers
  11. well i am struggling to be here half the time
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