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  1. It does matter alot for me.A mini skirt,a likra tight dress or just a simple working girl's morning dress,any feminine garment is fine.High heels add a lot to that.A girl's underwear is an absolute must.What turn of it would be when she takes off her dress only to surprise you with a boys' cotton undy!!A bra is also an important part of the femininity backage,even if she is flat-chested.
  2. what a line up!!!great selection.All young,pretty and feminine.Good management shows.
  3. I would tolerate the face,but never the attitude.Miss universe with a bad attitude is a immediate pass for me.
  4. The comparison is unfair,you bring an average ebony girl against a top ivory one.With full respect to Lea,she is not the best representative of ebony girls.
  5. Buddy;if you'r wierd,then we all are.If they are both bending in front of me like this,I will have big trouble deciding which one to start with.
  6. Dear Pdoggg,I highly appreciate your choice coz I have exactly the same taste.Petit,fem,tender Jap type are always my first,or rather only,choice.I do not care if they have small,or even no,tits.They look even better when they are dressed in "normal" girly dresses or skirts and cute cotton pants.I know those who love big girls with huge plastic tits,large size asses,monster cocks and slutty wear would describe my taste as childish,but,well when have men ever agreed on anything when it comes to sex?Cascade and Cockatoo seem to me as the best places to get "our" type.There are also many of them freelancing around Nana,especially around Mac and at the corner of the Arab quarter.Good luck.
  7. loll

    Moay vs Kelly

    I am a worshipper of slim ones.Moay has it to be then
  8. loll

    Lita Bar

    I am taking about the pics on page 22
  9. loll

    Lita Bar

    Are such trips organised on regular basis?Are customers allowed to join in?There was a bar in Pattaya called Famous that used to take customers on those trips against a charge.
  10. To me,it is a clear case of double moral and social hypocracy.Everything goes as long"the others"do not notice.All kinds of prostitution,including minors',young street boys offer themselves to tourists in bright day light,no problem.But publishing a photo of a blow job on the internet?that is an insult to the country's dignity!!!!! where exactly is the shame?that the bj was performed or that the"others" came to know about it?If that is not double moral and hypocracy,what is?
  11. Hey,buddy.Thanks God you,re O.K now.Hope u will reach full recovery soon.
  12. I totaly agree with him.If I were in BKK at that time,I would have stood next to him and raised a similar banner,but addressed to ladyboys.Have you guys noticed how unauthentic Thai GGs and LBs have become?the vast majority of teens colour their hair, listen only to western music and eat almost exclusively burgers and pizzas.So,it is not only a matter of looks,but rather a whole life style lost.I have nothing against any culture,western or oriental and I think each civilisation has made its own contribution during the long journy Man has made from the cave age to our modern times.But,the beauty of the human race has always been in its diversity.If I get you 3 cats,one from Japan,one from Kenya and one from Sweden,and ask you to sort them out,will you be able to tell the difference?But if I get three persons from the same three countries,I suppose will easily see who comes from where.Imagine if all human beings are blond,or if we all speak Arabic,or if we all eat only mexican food.How boring our world would be?Would any body be interested to travel anywhere?For all those reasons I fully support that guy's point of view.What do you guys think?
  13. Hey,Pdogg,what a wonder piece of information.I am 55,a post graduate,a frequent traveller,and a heavy reader and yet,I never knew this!!!! I think I will keep measuring the fingers of all the LBs I will meet on my next trip.Thnx again,Pdogg.In the folklore culture of my country,they say"He who teaches me one letter will be my master till the end of my life".
  14. I do not think you should be a dedicated purist in anything,except,perhaps,your religeous belief,in case you choose to have one,and your football team!.When it comes to sex,or relations,give yourself the freedom to try all what life has to offer.
  15. I think you make your decision faster if you do not strart by listing the ones you lije,but rather by excluding the ones you don't.This leaves you with a narrower,and hence easier,choice.Personally,I do not like fat LBs,huge ones,sluty or too agessive ones.I also do not feel attracted to those who make themselves look like western girls(blond hair,blue lenses...etc).I travel half the globe to meet Thai girls,so they better look so.By excluding those who do not appeal to me,it takes me,then,only a minute to choose one from those who "made it" to the final!!!!
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