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  1. I would say that for the majority of farang who've already made the decision to live / move / retire to Thailand that is the case, in varying degrees. Something they will all likely share is/was the ability to create a nest egg with income. A perpetual money-stream or sufficient built-up and invested without the necessity to work again. The 'living for today, tomorrow will take care of itself' policy most Thais live by is perhaps turning on them now and many, if not the vast majority, will get bitten on the backside sooner or later for sucking the life out of that sorry mantra. It is only going to get worse before it gets better. Resentment from those not under-the-wing of a financially savvy farang will increase. Blame poor education and stupidity. The best thing farang in Thailand can do right now and for the foreseable is not to display unecessary signs of wealth. To Thais, a farang simply living in their country and seemingly doing nothing all day yet happily paying for rent and food without a worry in the world is already rich, so plenty enough for resentment to begin. Despite this, there are some farang among us who don't know when to shut-the-fuck up and stop displaying unnecessary signs of apparent wealth. Bragging about their life upgrades and consumer items and the other useless things they enjoy spending their money on. It just makes them stand out as a bigger wanker than they most likely already are. Thais are not blind, they will notice all these things, too. A curfew is annoying and confining, but in the long run could well be something which prevents someone getting robbed late at night on one of those usually busy streets. Thailand is a very safe country in terms of physical attacks and street crime. Most is done by stealth and the victim unaware until later. But these are unprecedented times and desperation levels are at the foot of a steep upcoming incline. Be safe and smart.
  2. dixon cox


    The Sihanoukville story is such a sad one. Snooky will never be the same again. I'm so glad I spent a good amount of time there between 8 and 10 years ago, before greed and corruption took their toll. So many problems around the world. One country name always seems to be in the thick of it.
  3. Are landlords expected to live on nothing for the duration? Some services could be temporarily nationalised as the ladder of commerce has many rungs, but why kick out only one rung part way up? .. That doesn't make any sense at all. No disrespect intended, but thank goodness you're not on any committee which has any impact on my life. I read that the UK government is outlawing rent increases for the foreseeable future. That sounds far more intelligent. Shutting down all bars, massage venues, places where people would gather in one fell swoop was done for all the right reasons, but the unintended consequences are that 1000's in Pattaya lost their incomes in a heartbeat. Thais are not known for their saving attributes or ability to look beyond just a few days into the future, so many will try to head home to their provinces until things improve. Non-emergency travel is also now/will be banned. What that will leave behind in Pattaya and other cities is many Thais with no money to pay for food, or rent, or anything else. Who knows how that will all work out until it happens. Could lead to all manner of civil unrest. A city which predominantly relies on tourism and sex tourism couldn't be in a worse position.
  4. As it happens, on the subject of personal grooming, I haven't shaved for a couple of weeks and my white (more like seminal grey) beard is doing quite nicely. It itches, but I put up with that as it adds to the filtration near my air intakes. I wash it, as I do my hands and wrists, whenever I return home from going outside. I look more like my monkey avatar than ever
  5. Tom Hanks and his Mrs have been diagnosed with the corona virus. Yesterday I went through the cancellation process with Emirates for my flight to the UK in April. Besides the hassle of returning into Thailand with their new mandatory smartphone app upon re-entry, being introduced today (12th March), I have no intention of exposing my 88 and 89 year old parents to my own self which has been exposed to numerous international travellers during my journey. Better to be safe than sorry. No Songkran celebrations this year, either. That in itself will probably save more lives in Thailand than the corona virus might take.
  6. The last Chinese person I saw, at least I think she was Chinese, was leaving my local pharmacy with her helpers about a week ago having just spent B46,000+ on face masks. Several big boxes of them. I know, I saw how much, because the pharmacist held up a calculator with enormous numbers on it because the ink cartridge on the credit card slip printing machine was seemingly towards the end of its life and the Chinese woman couldn't see it, despite squinting and adjusting her glasses. When it comes to financial matters, especially where your present or future livelihood and/or income is dependent upon it, it is always wise to diversify. In Thailand western farang can sense they've become persona non grata in recent years in favour of other Asian nations who apparently possess more financial promise, notably China. Well, there's a lesson in diversification when you don't diversify particularly well. Suck it up, Somchai. On a personal level I may sympathise with individual Thais, but the country as a whole is a completely different kettle of fish. I'd love to see this country fall into a deep recession and struggle for a number of years in order to rebalance their inflated opinion of themselves on the world stage, not to mention the fluke strength of the Baht over recent times.
  7. The voting system here did not work correctly, or was set up poorly, or was fixed. I know because I voted for both Sensations and Roadhouse which both indicate zero votes received. I actually voted for every bar with the exception of Katty Bar and New Bar. Most likely a fix.
  8. I thought about ordering a takeaway Xmas dinner this year to eat at home alone, but in the end I didn't bother. Instead I stocked up on things to eat at home so I can avoid the crowds and the over-inflated prices for what is essentially a glorified Sunday dinner, but with turkey and sprouts. At time of posting here in Pattaya it is 13:55, in England it is 06:55. In around one hour I shall deliver my Xmas gift to my Mum & Dad which comes in the form of a long long distance telephone call using normal phone service lines with discount prefix, as opposed to a cheap charlie LINE phone call, so they can use the cordless landline phone at home instead of struggling with the smartphone. Mum will be reading in bed, so Dad can take it up there with him and use speaker phone. Here in Pattaya it will be another day spent on my own, perhaps the worst day of the year, second only to New Year's Eve/New Year. For an HSP the noise, crowds, squeeling whores and idiot tourists I can be in no better place. However, if I could 'teleport' anywhere in an instant I would teleport back home for Xmas dinner with my Mum & Dad.
  9. From what I read the existing restaurants, Major cinema, bowling, Villa Market etc. will remain as is. Apparently half of the gogo units are already allocated. Good luck to them, and I mean it. The Avenue has always struggled, particularly since Central Festival opened its doors. There used to be a sizeable and very nicely air-conditioned amusement arcade at the back of The Avenue up on the 1st floor years ago. Perhaps it will be like re-living old times. There is an enormous amount of unused space there, may as well put it to use.
  10. Interesting to read this thread some 5 years later and I still concur with everything I posted back then. The only difference being that I am single these days but the sentiment still stands tall. Leeching off another guys ladydrink or barfine by way of flirting with his date is extremely poor etiquette, even worse if they are an established couple. Those kind of guys I have every desire to avoid but they wouldn't alter my course in terms of where I went. But if I feel uncomfortable for any reason I would soon be excecuting my departure as there's always another venue, or another night. Bars do exist where my opinion of the management and/or one or more members of staff is very low, so I simply don't go there as there's no desire to do so. To go somewhere where you don't want to be doesn't make any sense and any FOMO doesn't exist anymore.
  11. Everything I pay for here in Thailand is done with cash, so it's easy to work out my budget spends as I record all my ATM withdrawals on a spreadsheet. The only other expense is a once-a-year return airline ticket to the UK to see my Mum & Dad, which I pay for by credit card. I eat at home perhaps 1 or 2 days per week, easy stuff, not cooking, simply because I'm too lazy to go out or to cook properly. The rest of the time I eat farang food at farang restaurants with the occasional Indian meal thrown in when I feel like it. I have the belly to prove it. I don't care for Thai food but probably eat it about 4 times a year, usually at Pak Boong Loi Fah at the top of Soi Chayapoon. I do what I want when I want, eat what I want, live where I want and don't spend (on average) more than about B40k per month. Give me 10x the money and after an initial splurge I'll likely carry on as I am now and just sit on the rest. Any excessive spending in Thailand is primarily accounted for by booze and whores. The draw of that faded long ago. The occasional ladyman street walker in a seedy short-time room does it for me and has done for years. I love the sleeze. I always have. I took to early retirement at 49 years old like a duck to water. No regrets
  12. Where I stay, yes, or at least it was until the current version of Sweethearts Bar opened within weak wifi range. As I type this at midday all I can hear is the distant doppler effect from the occasional passing vehicle, the intermittent worn bearings of my 8 year old fan, and the internal fan inside my laptop. It is still socks-at-home temps but I need the fan to blow the smoke around and away from the cat. I like Jimbo as he is not dissimilar to me. Jaded, a bit grumpy, and gets pleasure from criticising and moaning about life in general. We often share a table at Nicky's if our meal times coincide but I just wish Sweethearts Bar, as it currently stands, wasn't there. Either that or ladymen miraculously develop a sense of consideration for others and become aware of the ear-piercing noises they often make and how their presence at the bar entrance is irritating on a daily basis. God help Jimbo, I don't know how he does it. I have to walk past it almost every day if I go outside, although they seem to be ignoring me now, as I do them, which is progress. From home I cannot hear the music, it's just their excitable and customer beckoning squeals and screeches I can hear as those high frequency oscillations from their tranny tonsils travel through the air like invisible mini razor blades on a mission to scratch and scrape at my ear drums. It used to be a nice, quiet part of Buakhao. This reinforces my mantra about never, ever buying a property in Thailand. You never know who may become your neighbour.
  13. Excellent news, thank you! I just had a look on the other forum as I barely know who is who in Sweethearts. Good on Jimbo for dealing swiftly with the 'problem'. See, I wasn't exaggerating in my previous post I remember that screeching and cackling formed part of my dream until it eventually woke me and I was still hearing it. Shame about the window, but glad it happened as the disturbance alone may not have been enough for a ban, but it's clear she's got plenty of previous.
  14. It is 5:30am in Pattaya and it is COLD! According to Yahoo! weather it is 21C, but the numbers are meaningless in comparison with those reported elsewhere across the globe. 21C in England would be a summer's day and feel completely different. Here it is fucking cold and has been for days already. Seemingly still not cold enough for the small group of has-been tranny whores sitting outside Sweethearts Bar cackling and screeching their whore-life small-talk throughout the early hours. If I could understand Thai language fluently I'd know exactly what one of them was talking about. As is often the case it is one voice in a group which slices through the atmosphere and carries further than any other. Daybreak cannot come fast enough, not for the temperature rise but for the daylight, which will hopefully drive that inconsiderate tranny cunt back into the shadows and out of earshot, at least for a while. Indoors I am wearing socks, long jogging pants and two shirts, sometimes I add a cap to keep my head warm, too. Man, it is cold here in Pattaya. The coldest I have ever known since I moved here
  15. The ladyman bars I've peered into over recent times are indeed very quiet, or empty, besides staff. The ones with a farang backer usually get the larger following due to forum presence and also financial backing, which can cover the lean times, but that's no guarantee of customers on non-party nights. Having said that, the busiest bar by far I have seen recently was TJ's on the Wednesday just gone. I'm pretty sure that must've been an exception on the night as it had a party feel but no party. Pure luck perhaps, but many known faces in attendance. It is a wonder how many survive.
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