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  1. So What has been closed for years already. I went to the closing party around 3 years ago and besides an old forum friend from way back I hadn't seen in years I was the only customer I knew. It was great in it's heyday. I barfined Ploy, the ladyboy who was found dead under suspicious circumstances a year or two ago. Such a shame. She was gorgeous and dressed as an office secretary. Hansi the previous boss of So What also had another ladyboy bar for several years running concurrently with So What called Lucky Love. It was located opposite Whiskey Whiskey. Hansi now runs the Rock Facto
  2. Promotions, cat-calling, running out and grabbing my arm or blocking my path (pre-covid) are things which would never entice me to enter a bar I've never been in before. Yes, I may well miss out on some things but I don't care. I don't like to feel that I've been coerced or cajoled. If something is new to me I prefer to make the decision to partake by myself or with friends. Any of the afore-mentioned more often than not have a negative effect on me and I'll pass. Personal recommendations are always best. In terms of bars, clubs and restaurants I tend to think people, particularly expats
  3. The old was Soi 4, the new is Soi 3. I'm about to head over there for a few.
  4. The whole world has been put back several years, but in Thailand's case it is seemingly more with such a reliance on tourism. Stubbornly refusing to devalue the baht can only go on so long as they have no tools left in the toolbox unless they go for zero interest rates. Negative interest rates are for losers. Tourists don't give a shit about a country's interest rates, they focus exclusively on exchange rates. Interest rates are for locals. We can add June and all of July, plus several more months before tourists beyond any other Asian countries are allowed into their bubbl
  5. In my case transferring GBP from Transferwise to my Bangkok Bank account the cost shown on their website prior to sending is precisely what I pay. No hidden charges or fees, no additional charges at the Thai bank end. I've done more transfers with Transferwise than I care to remember and it is always clear and transparent. What you see is what you pay and it explains the fees and shows them, included in your cost. The funds from Transferwise are sent from a source the same as the destination, if i recall correctly. Also, when sending money to Transferwise from a UK bank account they are
  6. dixon cox


    Thanks, PD. I thought it might be but wasn't sure. I stopped reading the news weeks ago. I'll nip out to 7-11 now then, not enough milk and eggs for my brekkie.
  7. dixon cox


    With all this lovely 'me' time I've lost track of what's happening outside in that filthy virus-ridden real world. The important things get washed aside by copy/pasted sensationalistic news and tedious youtube videos. What are the current curfew times in Thailand? I don't like to rush anywhere.
  8. dixon cox


    They (whoever 'they' are) said that subsequent waves of the virus will likely be weaker than the first as many of those exposed to the first have died, leaving less carriers of the nasty variety to share with the rest of us. Perhaps it's time to break out Kool & The Gang .. Cel-e-brate good times .. Come on!
  9. Life has returned to normal, at least for me. But it's even better than before. We now have table spacing. I had my first sit-down Sunday dinner with all the trimmings this afternoon. My first cruciferous vegetables for 6 weeks. Nicky's had been closed for well over a month and I got my last Sunday dinner prior to closure as a take-away on their last open day, Sunday, March 29th. It's been open almost a week already, but this is the first Sunday. Last week from 8am to 6pm, but since Friday it's been 8am - 8pm .. Yeehaa! p.s. closed on Tuesdays. Now that is proper news!
  10. I wrote this about Poppy 7 years ago. The sensation at Sensations Bar, back in the day. I'll let her stroke my puppy if she says that I'm her pappy I must be very fast because she's cute and barfines snappy and if she lets me buy her drink I'll be a happy chappie and if she says she'll go with me she'll make her pappy happy I sit and drink Sensations Bar but there's no sign of Poppy I came for her and no-one else I can't accept a copy I've sat too long my boner's gone it's flacid and it's floppy I'm old and fat I'm going home the girls say that I'm sloppy
  11. Ahh, The-Sith. I've previously had the pleasure of meeting The-Sith, perhaps he doesn't remember. It was a show night at KrUs sometime last year. I can even remember his first name, too, so he must've made an impression. Nice chap, as I recall. There was a time when I thought Rom and The-Sith were perhaps one and the same, but that was a long while ago. Despite what Rom may think, especially if he remembers my one-time post on a thread of his over on the other forum some years ago, I have no problem with either the man or his club here. In fact, Rom's sketches are incredibly good. I just
  12. Yes, the art of suggestion and subtle persuasion is delightful, especially when the subject doesn't even realise it has happened It is pleasing when a needed change comes to fruition and in this case this forum can now be cleansed by using a carefully curated 'Recent Activity' set which Admin kindly created for those not needing to live through others or requiring a daily dose of inane youtube guff. I'm sure Admin won't mind me sharing for the benefit of fellow forum users, so here it is; http://www.ladyboyreview.com/index.php?/discover/51/ This is now my much improved new fo
  13. As another prolific forum poster acquires further abilities in the copy/paste/regurgitate department I can only hope these 'skills' are put to good use. As per the well thought out title of this thread, there's yet another 'state of emergency' again tonight at midnight, as there has been on the strike of midnight every night since 25th March. According to, at least at the time, the novice copy/paster/regurgitator's thread topic title. Bear in mind the high level of competition that already exists, albeit negligible in ability, where you can find a ".. carefully curated selection of V
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