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  1. I had my suspicions of who BBG might be based upon a few early clues. Then one appeared further down the page that confirmed it. Welcome aboard, BBG. Don't worry I won't blow your cover, or even blow you under the covers. I'll leave that job to your kitten of choice.
  2. There are numerous reasons why that will not be the case and many ways to avoid the 40% threshold, especially if you plan accordingly. I'm not interested in your personal circumstances, but for a single person anything in your estate over £325k will be taxed at 40%, £650k if you're married. Personal pensions are exempt and tax free to nominated benificiaries if you expire before 75 years of age etc.. There are also property considerations as well, plus other ways to legally lessen your inheritance tax liabilities. Perhaps do some research, if you're wealthy, or get some legal advice on the matter. Uninformed comments sometimes require correction as they may mentally impact the lesser informed in a negatve manner. Please don't be offended.
  3. Wow, they value the capture of these two fugitives 15,000 Baht less than one single law-abiding foreigner is required to financially prove as income per month in order to remain within the Kingdom as a retiree.
  4. I haven't been to Village No.10 for years.
  5. During daytime running I believe the buses from Swampy alternate between the Jomtien bus and the Bell Bus service every hour, so it's two hours between your preferred bus. Being a Pattaya resident I prefer the Bell Bus as I get taken directly to my place of residence without hassle and all part of a single ticket. I noted last time (April 2019) that they now charge extra for additional baggage on their booking website. If I just miss my preferred bus or am unable to get a ticket for the next one in reasonable time I will then consider taking a taxi. Depending what mood I'm in I may hover around to see if there is another single traveller in the same position as me in the hope that we could share. I don't mnd sharing a taxi. Last time I returned from BKK to Pattaya using Nam's Taxi - Lady drivers. I'm in no hurry to use them or a service like that again unless my arrival time is outside normal travel hours. The female driver was a right miserable cunt and had an attitude because the flight had been delayed, which was hardly my fault.
  6. For about a week Nicky's have been offering an 'Early Bird Special' breakfast for B130, it is available from 8am to 11am. It is the same as the normal breakfast, as shown above in Duke's post, minus the cereal and the optional extra cuppa. In other words, it is the second of the two images. Always good to have options but personally, if having a cooked breakfast, I'd always take the normal Nicky's breakfast for B165 without the time restriction. I don't eat that many cooked breakfasts but all this talk and thought of it has got my taste buds tingling. I think I'll have one later, for afternoonsies.
  7. If I didn't pay extra for thinness mine would be like that. Last time I wanted nerdy news-reader glasses but bottled it. I wore contact lenses for about 35 years. In the end it just became more cost effective to buy glasses instead now that I'm retired and not working. I don't mind wearing glasses at all now, but in my earlier years the thought horrified me. I made the switch about 5 years ago and waited for the finger-pointing, but it never came. Just a sprinkling said "you look different, what have you done?" Nobody else gives a shit. I should've made the switch years ago. My eyesight is poor without correction. On the other hand my hearing is irritatingly good.
  8. The benefits of being long-sighted. I'm short-sighted and my last pair of bi-focals cost B12,000 from Euro Optic on 2nd Road, opposite Royal Garden Plaza, believe it or not. My previous pair of single-focals from there were B8,000. The work and service there is very good, although it's not cheap and probably cheaper to get from your own country. I used to have 4 glazed pottery-style ashtrays at home, the type you often see in the bars. I have a habit of falling asleep on the sofa and depending whether the cat is hogging one end of it, or not, my feet may dangle over the arm rest at the other end in close proximity to the side table where my over-flowing ashtray resides. Yes, Mr Clumsy has gone through all 4 of his glazed pot ashtrays being woken startled as each in turn has crashed to the ground when playing footsie in my sleep. In steps Mr DIY who have a set of metal plates in varying sizes, one of which is 10cm in diameter and costs 9 Baht. A perfect little ashtray, unbreakable, although one has a slight dent in it now. I bought four. Two still sit on the shelf under my sink, unused. Mr DIY stores are very useful to have around. I've bought lots of odds and ends from them over time. I won't list any more items with a short story attached, otherwise we'd be here forever.
  9. I'll definitely watch The Irishman at some stage, but not at a movie theatre. Other people can be irritating and distracting, I'd rather download it and watch it solo in peace and quiet at home. I barely watch movies these days, if I do it's movies I've usually seen before and thoroughly enjoyed. So much junk on offer these days which seems to cater for a much different and younger demographic than me. Most of my home screen time is spent watching some of the excellent TV series' which exist. There are so many and at any given time you only need to commit yourself to 45 minutes or an hour at most. As opposed to a movie which can often run into several hours, which is a lot of time to set aside in one sitting. With the internet in general, Youtube etc., our attention spans have reduced and our tolerence for dedicating several hours for a movie have passed. Certainly for me, I think. However, TV episodes I can watch multiples on the bounce, but those hours are taken in 45 minute or hour chunks so at any given time I don't feel like I'm committing too much time in one go, as you do for a movie.
  10. Bangkok112's recent video includes the Dynsey Boutique Hotel and surrounds, including La Dolce Vita. I spent many, many months in Phnom Penh between 6 and 8 years ago and looking at this video the city has changed considerably with all the construction. I think they call it 'progress'.
  11. It looks like Cindy. I saw Jimbo loitering outside Sweethearts a week or so ago but didn't make the connection. I was having a snout outside Nicky's over the road and as I tend not to call out to people he was unaware of my presence. Now it all makes sense.
  12. I've visited TJ's perhaps 3 times in my life and those were all well before Jimbo took on the venue, or before I moved to Pattaya over 7 years ago. Nothing in particular against Jimbo or TJ's, it's more to do with inconsistencies in getting there. Although my baht bus trips were a long time ago I do recall them never being the same and I found that off-putting and it stayed with me. I dislike moto-si taxis and would only consider those if there were no other options. In the other direction, to Jomtien, the chances of baht buses straying off-route or deciding they've gone far enough and make a random turn is somewhere between zero and none. Hopefully Jimbo will add to the options somewhere more easily accessible and I suspect, in time, staff will migrate towards him as the grass is always greener, leaving TJ's to revert back to what it has always been; a mixed local's bar with dogs.
  13. Whenever I think of Street 172 I always think of the 4-cheese lasagna at La Dolce Vita. It's the blue cheese that does it - Bloody delicious! Yes.
  14. Roll on the day when we hear a massive 'POP' as Thailand's bubble finally bursts. Can't wait. Thailand has grown too big for its junta boots. Nothing to do with airline messages, just felt like saying it.
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