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  1. Only issue is that Coco resort is way off the beaten path. Otherwise a good selection.
  2. Thanks pdogg, but this is the South Pattaya location, not the Jomtien location. Check the attached map. Aside from that, any thoughts on the hotel? Good, bad, indifferent?
  3. https://www.b2hotel.com/detail.php?id=48&arrival=21 August 2016&departure=22 August 2016&adult=1&children=0 Seeking some info on B2 Hotel in South Pattaya. Are they LB friendly? Joiner fees? Are the beds ok? Is it a noisy hotel? etc. Price seems very affordable 600 baht per nite, even if they slipped in a joiner fee. ;) Also looking for recommendations, maybe around the 1000 Baht per night price point. King Size bed, wifi, quiet, pool, not far from the action. Anything that would fit this price range? Thanks in advance guys.
  4. Wrong answer, a BM on another forum recently posted about how he became positive from swallowing. https://www.afao.org...ex#.V3r_ffl97Dc
  5. And full service if you find the right one!
  6. Low season definitely does bring added pressure to make ends meet etc. However, it is not a free pass to have any "buy drink" expectations from your patrons. As some stated earlier, pressure me or make me feel uncomfortable, and I am long gone. They can keep their bar, the bell, and ladies all to themselves! Ring the F'n bell yourself! And if they continue that added BS with other patrons who normally frequent their bar then they can expect to only rely on net new customers, and in low season those don't come by so easily. There are too many choices these days.
  7. This new forum layout/UI sucks, sorry. I am not a frequent visitor, and this new look and feel will only further deter me visiting. Sorry guys, but you have really made this forum worse off with this update. Good luck!
  8. Pretty hefty assumption as many of the girls help out behind the bar.
  9. I am with you BuzzKill! Nothing better than getting a wet sloppy Som Tam blow job!
  10. You can always find a bar open on Buddha day, it is just more low key and quiet.
  11. Lita sent me a picture of "Lita's Angels" via Whatsapp, thought i'd share. Can't wait to visit next month!
  12. Ming is a doll, and a right sweet knob on ol' girl too. If I remember correctly, she was at The House, went to 69 Bar, and is now back at The House. Good to know where she can be found. Bring on October!
  13. FYI, that is an old picture of Lita btw. When was the last time you stepped in to her bar? From the sound of it you clearly haven't been to her bar, Lita Bar, if you are still referring to the smell of cat piss. How about Baby Boom? Those friggin toilets smell way worse than Lita's bar has ever smelled, yet nobody ever mentions that?
  14. For those of you who will be in town be sure to stop by and celebrate Lita's birthday at Lita's Bar on August 21st. This will be one party that you do not want to miss. The girls will be in rarer than rare form on this night, no doubt!
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