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  1. Only issue is that Coco resort is way off the beaten path. Otherwise a good selection.
  2. Thanks pdogg, but this is the South Pattaya location, not the Jomtien location. Check the attached map. Aside from that, any thoughts on the hotel? Good, bad, indifferent?
  3. https://www.b2hotel.com/detail.php?id=48&arrival=21 August 2016&departure=22 August 2016&adult=1&children=0 Seeking some info on B2 Hotel in South Pattaya. Are they LB friendly? Joiner fees? Are the beds ok? Is it a noisy hotel? etc. Price seems very affordable 600 baht per nite, even if they slipped in a joiner fee. ;) Also looking for recommendations, maybe around the 1000 Baht per night price point. King Size bed, wifi, quiet, pool, not far from the action. Anything that would fit this price range? Thanks in advance guys.
  4. Wrong answer, a BM on another forum recently posted about how he became positive from swallowing. https://www.afao.org...ex#.V3r_ffl97Dc
  5. Swedeman007

    Photo uploads

    Maybe too big of a file? you may need to resize the image, try 500 x 400 or something in that range , should work just fine.
  6. Couple of guys I ran in to while I was hanging out in downtown Denver today. Bout sums it all up....
  7. The website for Obsessions has always had old photos, they rarely update them. You will find that not many BMs will not frequent this establishment for one reason or another. As such, you may be waiting some time for a reply. Best to email them directly at penthouse@penthousehotel.com and ask them. They are good at replying, usually within 24 hours.
  8. And full service if you find the right one!
  9. Low season definitely does bring added pressure to make ends meet etc. However, it is not a free pass to have any "buy drink" expectations from your patrons. As some stated earlier, pressure me or make me feel uncomfortable, and I am long gone. They can keep their bar, the bell, and ladies all to themselves! Ring the F'n bell yourself! And if they continue that added BS with other patrons who normally frequent their bar then they can expect to only rely on net new customers, and in low season those don't come by so easily. There are too many choices these days.
  10. This new forum layout/UI sucks, sorry. I am not a frequent visitor, and this new look and feel will only further deter me visiting. Sorry guys, but you have really made this forum worse off with this update. Good luck!
  11. Just to add some context, the players may play for a Canadian team, but there is not a single Canadian born player on the USA national team. http://olympics.usahockey.com/page/show/1067902-roster
  12. Hilary is a criminal! Remember, she "tries" to tell the truth! It's gone so far with her that she believes her owns lies.
  13. I am a Trump fan, and not I will not apologize for it! lol
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