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  1. According to her TF profile, Sammy is no longer with Lita. She's now freelance. Don't know why.
  2. I've done it a few times in the past. I usually go to a regular beer bar before heading off to find a sweetheart for the night. And in this bar I've been having several free drinks from other bell ringers. So on my last night of the holiday I rang the bell. Didn't want to seem like a cheap charlie. I thought, you get some, you give some just out of courtesy.
  3. Everybody seems to agree that condom is mandatory in anal. But why not in oral? Isn't there any (small) risk of getting contaminated? I would be happy to give oral and even swallow if I knew there wasn't any risk. What about you guys?
  4. Let's say I live in a non LB-friendly hotel in Pattaya. Let's say I meet a freelancer LB without private room. Where do you suggest I find a secluded ST room for a little "romance"? Better to be prepared. You never know when "love" hits you!
  5. You're right. She really is most pleasant company. I know she usually goes by the name Eva, but among friends she prefers Nong. That's what she's told me anyway. But I don't use either Eva or Nong. I simply call her Teeruk. Everyone wants to be called darling. I didn't know she's from Chiang Rai. Nice to see someone not coming from Issan.
  6. Here's a stunning LB former Mimosa employee. I first saw her in 2004 when she was dancing in the old LB showcase near Drinking Street, opposite Tiffany's. Now she's working in Asean Arts Show, not far from Mimosa. Name is Nong. Anyone met her?
  7. That's the whole point. Minimum massage (or what pretends to be massage) to calm down and relax a few minutes before action starts. Just want my mind to have time to be as excited as my willy... 5555
  8. Thanks guys. Your advices are highly appreciated!
  9. Hi guys, I'm newbie here. Just wondering if there are any "All Ladyboys Massage Parlors" offering happy ending in Pattaya? I'll be in Pattaya shortly and would definitely want to try this. Any ideas from you 'experienced' guys?
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