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  1. Hard1

    Why Not Bangkok

    Here she is. In the affirmative, it would be one more reason to come to your beautiful bar, as soon as i can come!
  2. Hard1

    Why Not Bangkok

    Is Donut the same as Soda3724 on Thaifriendly? I took her from Thaifriendly and she diligently did all what I asked for
  3. Can we still get our cock sucked in the bar, as in the past? A mouth is a mouth, in any case
  4. Hard1

    Why Not Bangkok

    Marvellous bar, just needs to improve the quality of the crew: the Check In Bar ladyboys IMO are better. I wonder if there is a sofa in a dark corner, where to get sucked, like I'm used to do at CIB. Anyhow, my best wishes to Lain and Nan, hoping to meet you soon!
  5. If she is not there, you may try this one. Perhaps, at the start you may need a tool, to open up her a bit
  6. Many live streaming on CIB Facebook page
  7. Hopefully she resists to Silicone untill our arrival
  8. I think that the main reason why most of the LB bars had to close in the past years was their inability to rejuvenate their crew. Some bars even started with the rejects from the other bars and were the first to fail. So, I wish Baby Boom to restart soon with a fresh (if not farm fresh) team.
  9. In the last days it was open, with very seasoned ladyboys from Sweathearts, who obviuosly had to leave Sweathearts, after it had been taken over by Katoeys-are-US and its top crew. I wish BabyBoom reopen at the right moment, with a farm fresh team.
  10. Is she still on board at KAU's new location? I had in early 2019 and she was great. I'd like to repeat soon, if she is still there.
  11. Many LB bars failed even before pandemic.
  12. Looking at history, sooner or later all the ladyboys bars are closing. Among the worst investments one may make.
  13. I took Jen the first time from Stringfellows, more than 10 years ago, when she was a still very tight femboy. Last year she offered herself to me, but instead I took someone else less seasoned
  14. This one left La Bamba some years ago, being sponsored. Now she is back and can be found on TF. My mate, some days ago, paid her 1000baht for 1 full day sex. Some years ago she cost me 2000baht for ST
  15. The photo was taken by her friend (I had a threesome). I suggest you to go to Check In, show her the photo and ask her if she agrees or not.
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