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  1. My friend sent me a videoclip of him blowing her cock till she cummed. But she is only bottom (I personally wouldn't care )
  2. I would like to complete the picture. A friends of mine is lucky enough to live in a luxury condo in the Siam Paragon block, last week he "rented" this LB model for 24 hours at 2000baht. They had a very nice time together, enjoyed a good restaurant, the swimming pool and all the other amenities of the block. They also made sex 3 times in 24 hours, not more just because my friend was a bit drained off . I think that the prostitutes are now anticipating the future, like the Stock Exchange does
  3. I fully respect your point of view. But, please do not misjudge me: I treat all the girls as human beings and very often, when they perform well, I even overpay them and offer them beakfast in luxury hotels. But they remain for me just sex toys. I also go to the bars, but just to take my prey ASAP. I know the risk of photoshopped pics, but, in these cases, my strategy is simple: when they arrive, if I do not like them, I give them 500 baht and send them back and this is cheaper than a barfine + the price of some watered drinks in dirty glasses.
  4. I have made some checks with Thaifriendly: the same chicks, that had cost me 1500-2000+ 600-800BF from CIB, WHYNOT, KRU for a couple of hours sex, now can come for around 1000 baht. So, I am ready to pay for a huger joiner fee . The problem now is when and at which cost to return to Thailand. The bars are no longer needed, to find good meat.
  5. Hard1

    Stunners 2020

    Every left is lost . This is when she left my room at Marriott (now Avani) Pattaya, after my treatment
  6. Hard1

    Stunners 2020

    Last January I took this student from Thaifriendly (Khow6330042). We agreed 4000baht for 24 hours, but, when she left, I gave her 5000
  7. Hard1

    Stunners 2020

    Thank you. Just had a video call with her. Initially stiffy, but, when I promised to host her to JW Marriott BKK, she changed and showed me her cock She needs some training
  8. Hard1

    Stunners 2020

    I fucked her the first time in 2017, when she was fresh at Chaos 9, still in the old location and I could hardly introduce 1/3 of my cock in her ass I kept fucking her every time I was in Bangkok, last time on December 2019... much widened , but still good . Can be found on ThaiFriendly (Picyanan92)
  9. Hard1

    Stunners 2020

    … then, at the end of last year, I found her at DC 9 - Nana. I kept her for 2 days with me at JW Marriott . I wish I could find her again next time. One of the best lassies of my career
  10. Hard1

    Stunners 2020

    I fucked her the first time when she had just joined Obsessions Pattaya. I think I was the first farang to penetrate her . I still remember how tight she was . Then...
  11. Hard1


    The justification he gave some years ago in the Pyongyang Forum (his girl friend had discovered that he was into LBs, hence he had to give up this world) made me feel that he was lieing and, instead, he had got sick. Considering also his age, I hope to be wrong.
  12. Hard1


    I am convinced that the US will not forgive China.
  13. Hard1

    Stunners 2020

    Now Pan is delicious, but I wonder how she will be when we will have the chance to return to LOS. Have you already tested her?
  14. Hard1

    Stunners 2020

    Tomcat, Fiat is a seasoned ladyboy with a wryly smile on her mouth, she has nothing to share with Mint. I have never and would never take her.
  15. Hard1

    Stunners 2020

    Gentlemen, I am not pulling your legs! The book was a hotel book (picture enclosed), showing some pictures of the city. Regarding the strange behaviour of this girl (Nira is her name), please read what was reported about in the Pyongyang forum: In the room I took a few more pictures of Nira but she did not feel at ease, so I stopped it and we had a shower together. She turned out to be a bottom girl only but gave a decent BJ which seemed to turn her on. I loved how she was moaning when I sucked and rimmed her. I asked her if she could come and she answered “when I look at porn”. I told her to go ahead but then it became a little weird. She laid herself naked on her stomach on the carpet while looking at some (straight) porn and wiggled her body without touching her cock. I gave her some anal stimulation while wiggling and when I got to four fingers, she jumped up and dumped her load into my mouth. We cleaned up in the shower and I called it a night. Also a bit strange is that I gave her 2000 baht (I rarely discuss money beforehand) and she told me she wanted 3000. I said no, then 2500. I said no again and she gave up not making a problem. I won’t repeat it with her but I am sure she will be a good choice for some of you. By the way, with me she finished buy dumping a big load in my right eye
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