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  1. Cindy. Unfortunately, now she has got the boobs.
  2. As I said, Mint is only a bottom, but a good, open bottom
  3. Anyway, Mint does know her job
  4. Don't worry, despite the missing molar she knows how to handle the cocks with her mouth . Furthermore, my sperm leaking out her missing tooth was really exiciting
  5. Another gem from CIB, spent a full night with her and made her cum 3 times... well equipped and full of passion (at least for me )... very good kisser and sucker . Hopefully the current lack of cash keeps her far from Silicone, at least until my next visit
  6. Last December I had Mint for a couple of hours, but I was disappointed. She could not cum and not even get hard . When I cummed in her mouth, I noticed that she was missing an upper molar: this may explain why she's never smiling. She should have spent her money to get the tooth, instead of her badly shaped boobs .
  7. I'm happy she's still Silicone-free. I had her last December and she performed very well. Hopefully I'll soon take her again.
  8. Yeah! Last time I took her from Thaifriendly in Bangkok. It looks like she's still in Laos. Hopefully she comes back soon to Bangkok.
  9. I assume that some of these beauties can be hired for making sex. What can be their price for, say, one night?
  10. Amma at the beginnings of her career ... At that time I was shagging her 2 - 3 times per week . One of the best femboys ever at Check In
  11. Last time I shagged her (about 1 year ago), she had bolts-on. But still surprisingly tight in the ass
  12. No, it's Amma. I took her many times from CIB, lately from Thaifriendly. The rumor was that she had been fired by CIB. Good lassie...
  13. I barfined Nutty together with Amma. I can just say: SUPERB!. Any hope that also Amma will return? Aaah, the memories!
  14. Is she still wandering around? I enjoyed her a few times.
  15. I think that this lady worked at Check In Bar Bangkok before. I shagged her a few years ago, if I remember well.
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