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  1. Hard1

    Why Not Bangkok

    Please, forbid them to do the boobs job!
  2. Hard1

    Why Not Bangkok

    May I recommend you this one? Guaranteed
  3. I liked Fah dressed like that, too
  4. Can't see the pic... but I assume you took her by default
  5. Did you see any femboy at CIB? After the Lao girls leaving, I understand that just silicone dolls are there
  6. I fucked her last year, taken from Charades... good cum eater, too
  7. Hard1

    Lita Bar

    Il looks like she has already made some progress
  8. I mean: is her ass hole as tight as it should be in a short career ladyboy, or is it already large?
  9. Is her asshole consistently tight? Cheers!
  10. The idiots that are sponsoring the tits jobs are even more terrible
  11. Gutsy, I don't see this one in your picture. Perhaps she was busy
  12. Hard1

    Charades/ Cascades

    Does anybody know if this femboy is still at Charades?
  13. For me it is not important the bar location, but its menu. And Koyo 7 used to have indeed a good menu
  14. Owners? Bars? Let's call them with the right names: "Pimps" and "Brothels"
  15. When you shit in a toilet, do you feel a toilet?
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