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    Thailand, Football, 3 holer GG's and horny LB's and not forgetting good food and fine wines.

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  1. New La Bamba looks amazing..Thanks for info and pics 4.17 and Bumblebee.
  2. OMB I wish I was in Pattaya for Chrimbo......thanks for posting BB I see Chrmbo has come early for ya :)
  3. Living the Dream...Gangnam Style

  4. Same here BB, this week would have been the perfect week to start my time in LOS but I am sure it will be one big party once I touch down on the 28th in Patts :) Looking forward to meets some great FM's and getting hold of the most sexy ladyboys in world.......we are lucky guys
  5. She's a stunner. Any idea on her height Bumblebee?
  6. Redeye No it was my Air Hostes uniform you were so pissed you can't even remember lol Wish you were gonna be there mate. It's gonna be as mental as the nights we had in May.
  7. 7th November is good for me, went to one on 1st June was great until the heavens opened. Lorry loads of LB's there..
  8. Anyone know where Annie gone? She was my fave back in May, such a giggley sweetheart....
  9. Counting those days now...60 days :)

  10. Nanny is a lovely LB. Really good attitude and could get lubbed up with her very easy.
  11. I had a brilliant night until it started bloody raining. But I don't think it's every FM's dream but if your quite drunk then it's enjoyable.
  12. I on board the baht bus for the 1st June.....love a bit of Morlam.
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