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  1. So the Irish Grill House is in on the left near the back of the Checkpoint complex. The second place, the Irish Steak House is the second unit in on the left. Good location beside the Mini Big C on Soi 5, Pratumnak.
  2. Thanks for the update Cinderose, always good to get some on the ground reports.
  3. Well if you can establish the latter then the former is removable from the equation :)
  4. Thanks for the update Rx, good to see you are back in Los also :)
  5. Both two great venues just now for a night out down the hill. Afraid not, my hands were trembling too mutt to take notes :). But this roadmap from KRU should be of help.
  6. Had an enjoyable time in the bar the other evening doing some photos for them. How else does a man spend his Fridays :)
  7. I don’t know where you find the energy Syl. Great spot for all the shenanigans you mention for sure :)
  8. The schedule for the fireworks tonight and tomorrow.
  9. So I can see. Yea a good old time in the place indeed.
  10. Good to see you hit the ground running Duke. Great old buzz in the place last night, shame the BiB are closing bars at 2 am currently.
  11. Some scenes from the bar tonight. More to come tomorrow, Thai time :)
  12. One for the diary next week.
  13. A couple of the girls distracting us last night, the girl in black is First, I’m sure Sylvester can supply the other name when he gets here :)
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