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  1. Lol, with the wonderful, dry, warm sunny spell we are having here just now, I couldn’t think of a worse place to be than in a land of man made rain.
  2. This was in Playa del Ingles. There was a group of hookers who hung out at a roundabout near our apartment. My encounter was a drunken one on the way home in the silly hours. A little cutie, well to my drunken eyes she was, stopped me and after some small talk she asked if I wanted to fuck her....or she fuck me. She must have seen the puzzlement in my face and then whooped it out to clear up the confusion. I had it in my mouth in nano seconds, and then slipped her a bunch of pesetas and continued on my very merry way to bed...alone.
  3. For what it’s worth the song Zombie, which is surprisingly popular in Thailand, is about this mindset and how is hasn’t changed since the Easter Rising 1916, which is actually referenced in the lyrics. The men who went out at that time would be ashamed that these scumbags are associating themselves with what they fought for. Basically they don’t recognise the Irish state as the legitimate government of Ireland (it’s a long story) and they want a United Ireland by violently removing the British presence in the North. Like Ciobha says, times have moved on and their cause has no support among the general population throughout the island.
  4. There has to be one of some sorts, with so many Latin American shemales in Barcelona and surrounded urban areas there are bound to be a few strays who have made their way further down the coast. Actually had my first ever transsexual encounter on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria back in May 1993. Doubt if she remembers it mind.
  5. You sure you are not there already Duke.
  6. Ever the gentleman BT.
  7. From what I can understand, she was reporting in Derry about disturbances which followed on from police raids on homes looking for weapons. Unfortunately there has been a rise in dissident republican activity lately, fueled by Brexit for the most part. (Basically they are opposed to a return of a hard border but there are other factors at play also). She felt relatively safe reporting from beside the police lines, the police were under attack from a mob using various missiles, when a gunman appeared and shot in the direction of the police and she was hit. There is little sympathy for these dissidents in the general public on both sides of the border, but sadly there are some die hards who will continue to use violent means to achieve their aims.
  8. Certainly some big names in the lineup so far. If it’s a success will it be a regular event? The unique aspect of this event is bringing a group of well known ladyboys together, who otherwise would never be found under the same roof, pardon the pun.
  9. I am using Chrome on iPad to view it.
  10. This is a section of what I see on the iPad. I just presumed everyone sees the same. Pity to hear it’s not that way, but not sure why I’m afraid.
  11. I see on FB it has been confirmed by Hangover Lounge Bar.
  12. Might well be a Lilly v Lily dance off for the main prize. Be sure to bring your camera Syl.
  13. Should be a fun week for anyone fortunate enough to be in town.
  14. A terrible loss to the architectural and historical heritage of Europe.
  15. From what I can gather he has not much interest in the scene these days. These tales are his legacy in a way.
  16. It was probably at the quiz night in Shenenigans back then.
  17. It really is, and if the author walked into any ladyboy bar today he would be unknown to most if not all customers drinking there, when in fact they should be buying him a drink.
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