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  1. Agree they have this superstar attitude and prices beyond imagination for there looks cheers
  2. Ok the shister is in Bkk goes bye name of Tsdominacassandra on ThaiFriendly and line. chatted couple times and first she wanted a deposit to book her services in bkk ( alarm ringing) so then we got onto price 2 hours 7000 Bt for this flat chested pinay. I told her I in no way would pay that price , so she immediately dropped it to 4000 because I had not lied to her( fuck me I big lier man). I declined again and politely told her it was not to my liking. This is where it got nasty with a tirade of abuse and expletives on me waiting her time. Sorry no photo but be warned she is s very aggressive and nasty thing, who charges western prices in bkk for a tubby little fen boy look cheers the flash
  3. Sure is , great girl I’ll have you know .wrll worth visit
  4. That’s the day I head to Bkk Cheeers BB, hope your well ? unlikely my good man as will be moving house and selling etc . Got some info on a shister in bkk where’s best to post it? cheers tours in spunk the flash
  5. I’m in town now until 17 th then bkk till 20 if anyone around line I’d Donnnnnny
  6. Colombia? vietnam,cambodia, etc
  7. simple answer to all these scams is pay as you go
  8. Just quick warning on a very nasty drug fucked lb I had misfortune of inviting to my looom pic included . Scam goes like this. Very nice polite on TF with prompt reply’s accepts 1000 Bt for St Cones room demands money first and starts going crazy. I payed her and she left. Better to get rid of this dog than be bothered fighting and call cops. Under no circumstances have anything to do with her cheers donnnnnny . It’s TF isPppoy69
  9. This is just dreadful, 3 onto one is a fair fight!!,another tourist who wont be going back, plus alot of other tourists watching this and saying, god its so violent here.i think ill go to malaysia next trip????
  10. yep well you said it Lance, by the numbers floating around on social media and the like, id say that many folk are doing just that.Not going to thailand Thailand had better wake up soon or there biggest dollar earner will be a srivled prune of its former self. Been coming to LOS since 1984 so im well versed in the all the scams and other crap that goes on,for a single male its still a good place to go ,but you need to have your thinking cap on in the tourist areas. Outside the big tour areas where the locals hardly see a farang, things are much the same as they allways were, ie frowning at you when you try to leave a tip.this is refreshing and last year foggy and i had just that experience in a wee coffee shop way down south.i had forgotten that tipping was not a thai custom, just saying. wake up you greedy cunts or youll soon have no tourists to tip off
  11. well if the locals stopped charging for taking a dump then folk might use there disgusting toilets??? Just saying
  12. Arriving 28 th June stay April suites
  13. Horse cock? 13:1 any one got pic or contact details????
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