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  1. I and another BM also had a really bad respiratory thing late December to end of January. I flew to BKK 18 December after 5 weeks in Hong Kong.
  2. My LB GF came to visit me in HK. Gave her lots of support documents and she sailed right through on her own. We later went to Thailand and, upon return to HK, got held at immi for 45-60 minutes.
  3. Hello all. Long time, no talk. 


    Who' aaound ttese days?

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    2. Soc999


      Great to hear from you.

      Damn. PDogg not in charge anymore?

    3. Soc999


      Great to hear from you.

      Damn. PDogg not in charge anymore?

    4. bumblebee


      PD is still around Soc, he’ll likely drop in later in the day.  With neither of us in Pattaya much anymore we rely more on others to keep us up to date on things there.  Good to see you are still about.

  4. Iya gets better looking every week. She has always been a sweetheart to me.
  5. Soc999

    Chaos 9 Soi 4

    The most man-face I've ever seen on Tong!
  6. Thanks for all of the info and pics, Duke. I decided to book a helicopter from Caticlan to the hotel. Splurge a bit and it will be a complete surprise to my li'l girl.
  7. Not a chance! Yeah, I love to dress them up. Easy to stock up on cheap lingerie and nightwear at Talat Buakhow, Tues/Fri, on the west side of Buakhow. Girls seem happy to model.
  8. Duke- can you PM me his number if you have it, please, or just post it here?
  9. Great pics and great reports, Dave. Very timely, too, as my girl and I will be going there next Tuesday, for 6 nights. Staying at Le Soleil in Zone 2. 23K THB/6 nights, breakfast included. Info on Ariel Point was great. Hadn't considered it, but now it's a must do. Also, useful info on Caticlan to accommodations. Was the price you quoted for 2 or per person? Now that you have some experience, would you use the same service or is there a less pricey route?
  10. It's aliiive! Hope to hear more from you and to see you real soon!
  11. Soc999

    Beautiful Niki

    Note: she is way the hell out by Impact Arena.
  12. Thanks. For me, she is heroin in panties.
  13. Ha! Funny you mention that. I was there yesterday, only customer. Just wanted foot massage, so I could check the girls. 3 LBs, 1 good looking. Had a foot massage and half a handjob sitting in the chair tight in the main front room. Half cuz I had to insist she stop...the other girls were circling like sharks on a fresh bloody carcass
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