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  1. Final point. The street food in Vietnam is the better than Cambodia and Thailand by a long shot. I loved sitting on the plastic kindergarten chairs as a roadside stall, only to have a big Mercedes Benz pull up, and 4 guys in business attire jump out and sit right on the same plastic chairs at the next table and order a 1.50 broken rice, or a bowl of Bahn Cahn (typo). The food was AMAZING.
  2. Hey Pdogg, So glad you are keeping this site going, and hope you are doing well. Looks like I will be making another trip to the region in the summer. My middle child graduating, and since I took her older sister through South East Asia as a graduation present, I guess I'm doing it for her as well. She wants to see some of the same spots, so looks like Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam are on the list for me again. All the best, Randi.
  3. Wrote a long post on Cat Ba Island and Ha Long Bay, but it was deleted. Nutshell - Cat Ba Island developing fast, contruction everywhere. Enjoyed my hotel Catba Sunrise Resort, but it was overpriced. Ha Long Bay - Disappointment of the trip. Its a desert. No wildlife(ie you would expect to see tons of seabirds, but absolutely none...no exaggeration). Ha Long Bay near some of the busiest shipping lanes and ports in the world, so waters are filthy. I rarely write negatives, but Ha Long Bay is visual only....take pictures, enjoy the views of the islands, but don't plan on swimming or seeing anything alive. VID-20190421-WA0001.mp4
  4. After a relaxing couple of days in Can Tho, decided to move on to Hanoi. Plane flight was in order, and buying last minute tickets in Vietnam is a piece of cake. Just go to any roadside travel agent, and book your flight. Hanoi was just awesome. Stayed in the old quarter, and just got lost in the winding streets. All I wanted to do was walk around smoking my Cuban cigars (legal in Vietnam, but not in USA), and take in the sites. The nights around the Hoan Kiem Lake were magical. Lights reflecting off the still waters, couples strolling hand in hand on lakeside walk way, soft music from some venues...I was immediately transported to French colonial Vietnam, and understood why European desire to dominate the world died so hard. Nothing probably feels better than being like a king/royalty in a new world you people have conquered. Anyway, we stayed at the MK Premiere Boutique hotel. Really enjoyed the room with a balcony over looking the street below so I could take in street scene while sipping coffee and smoking a cigar. Hotel seemed a little pricey at $50 per night, but I would spend the money again for the room and location.
  5. After seeing the sites in HCM City (War Museum, Opera House, Cathedral (under construction/renovation) and doing some shopping we decided to move on. I really wanted to see a floating market. I heard that the last true floating market was in Can Tho, as most are disappearing in the face of rapid economic change in Vietnam. Decided to go and stay in Can Tho as opposed to taking an excursion direct from Saigon. Glad I made this call, and recommend anyone else the same. The bus ride from Saigon to Can Tho was an eye opener. The whole of the trip was developed countryside. It wasn't pretty, but it was economic development, and the whole trip reminded me of why we have our current president in the USA. The rich in the USA arent doing anything to help the poor get ahead. As corrupt as anyone says the Vietnamese system is, everyone I talked to who was Vietnamese believed they could get ahead, and even though the the system was rigged to help the politicians, the guys driving the bus, the guys leading the floating market tour, the Vietnamese tourist we ate lunch with on Cat Ba Island all seemed assured their future was better than their past, and that is missing from my country right now. I loved Can Tho. The town was a sleepy river town, with a very chill vibe. Stayed at the Vin Pearl Can Tho, which at 20 stories seems oddly out of place in Can Tho where no other buildings are more the 4 stories high. Finally, the the bus ride, and then getting up at dawn to make the floating market was truly worth the effort. I can't even describe seeing the dawn break while on a small (5 person) boat on a Mekong delta tributary, and then seeing countless boats on the river hawking fruits, vegetable and fish. Truly amazing
  6. Since I have discovered I'm as comfortable with Asian femmeboys as full time ladyboys, I decided to do a little research to see if there were any gay spas in the HCM City areas. It took about 2 minutes of internet research to find a few, but the one with the highest ratings and seemed he most interesting was Nadam Spa. However, since I am no longer willing to "Walk a mile for a Camel", I decided to just go to one with a fair rating that was a short cab ride from the hotel. Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the spa. I was pleasantly surprised. The club seemed fairly clean. It was 3 or 4 stories, with first level reception, locker, massage area, 2nd level showers, cold water spa/pool; 3rd level rock salt sauna, steam room; 4th level Theatre room/outdoor garden play area. Also, it appears men of me and my partners stature were appealing. The club wasn't crowded, but it wasn't empty. We were immediately cruised by two youngish twinks, who basically pulled us into an area where the door could by closed (seems like public play is something they didn't want), and before I knew it we had a foursome with my partner and I switching off the two femmeboys. Actually a very hot scene. After that I was good, and enjoyed the rock salt sauna, and we went home.
  7. Vietnam - April 2019. Spent a little less than 3 weeks in Vietnam in April 2019. Went with my partner, and the opportunity for some monger/play action was on the table, but no a high priority. Our trip included HCM City, Can Tho, Hanoi, and Cat Ba Island (Ha Long Bay). First, we didn't see much of a ladyboy scene in any of the locales we visited, but in light of the reports that the scene was pretty light, I didn't spend too much time hunting. The scene for genetic girls was obvious. We stayed in District 1 at a very nice hotel (Elios Hotel - $45 US/Night with free rooftop/skybar breakfast over looking park and city). There is a walking street one block behind Elios Hotel, and in the little street lining it, plenty of girls offering massage and more.
  8. Thank you for you trip report. I feel rotten. I used LBR worse than a cheap whore in that I didn't even give the site a "tip" after using it for info on Vietnam. That being said I will cover a couple places I visited in April 2019, which are not on your trip report list to add a little intel for everyone. All the best, Randi
  9. Got it. That seems to be the consensus. I will just have to accept that this is a traditional travel/tourist vacation and if per chance some random ladyboy or femmeboy happens my way, great. Looks like my trip is going to be pretty basic with short stays in each of these cities Saigon/HCM City, Nha Trang, Hoi An, and Hanoi Thanks for the response. RandyUno
  10. Hey Guys, Haven't been here for a while, but good to see the postings and travel dairies are still going up. Looks like I will get a few days on the ground in S.E. Asia this spring. I was thinking about a Sri Lanka trip, but with airfare so ridiculously low, I decided to return to Vietnam for a short two week trip. My first, last, and only prior visit to Vietnam was a very brief 3 day visit to Saigon/HCM City with my oldest daughter, so naturally besides a street food tour, war memorial tour, and such, I did not get to see much of mongers view of the city, much less the country. I noticed that last years International Queen was from Vietnam, and was wondering if there are any venues or locales where one might experience the Vietnamese ladyboy scene, if there is one to be experienced. At this point except staying in Saigon/HCM City for couple of days (flying direct from U.S.), I have no itenerary. Any suggestions from where I might see a ladyboy caberet, or any action would be greatly appreciated. Hoping I might find something on the ground that can entice me to come out of my monger retirement, and get in the game again. RandiUno
  11. @rxpharm Thanks for posting the above. I will never think "Goldfinger" the same!
  12. I'm sure there were some similar hieroglyphs from ancient Egypt, but alas, many "salacious" hieroglyphs and statues were defaced by Victorian and christian explorers who were traumatized by the open expression of sex and sexuality as essential to their cosmology. Anyway, hoping some old coggers with a fetish for photos of asian, latin american and other ladyboys from earlier generations would post them somewhere for posterity, and also to combat the scourge of intolerance that seeks to erase the history of TG people.
  13. RandiUno2


    Since Craigslist went down, Grindr is now the defacto site for part-time working tgirls, and femmeboys. They have a "tribe" called "trans" so you will only see other people in the trans tribe so you don't have to wade through a bunch of leather daddys to find your Trans princess. Unfortunately, it seems the straight married guys have also discovered the TGirls are on Grindr. I have my TGirl friend who showed me how many hits she gets. We were sitting at a restaurant having lunch and she put her smart phone on the table with the app open. She was literally pinged every two minutes. She says she doesn't like grindr because she gets too many hits..
  14. RandiUno2


    Holy Cow...this is so sad. Similarly, last year I took my oldest daughter on a college graduation trip through S.E. Asia, and on our stop in Phnom Penh, I tried to find the "Flamingo Hotel" that I stayed in on my first trip to region, and the whole neighborhood had similarly been razed and new construction going up. I guess enjoy the spaces while they exist as nothing last forever.
  15. Is anyone aware of an archive of old ladyboy life and scenes photographs. Would love to see pictures from "back in the day" of ladyboys, ladyboy sectors of cities, and what the scene looked like from 70's, 60''s and even earlier. My first experience (if reading a book is an experience) with ladyboys was when I was sixteen, I was in the George Washington University library, and I found a book on human sexuality (don't ask what a 16 was doing either in college library, or reading sexuality books), but in this book there was a one picture that is still blazed in my memory. It was a photo taken in Bangkok during the early Vietnam war showing 3 ladyboys posing on the hood of an Astin Martin. Would love to see other images from this time period and before. Hoping someone somewhere has put together a collection of this "ladyboy" and mongers history.
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