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  1. This image is really scary...unless this photo was taken from a helicopter, it means everytime he was in his living room and the curtains open, he could be seen. Yikes.
  2. RandiUno2

    4th Wave

    Lee Marvin...OMG...old school...fuck chuck norris.
  3. RandiUno2


    Wishing Thailand could get the vacines like we have in the states...amazing progress here since the sane can get a vacine. Hopefully, a vacine which is effective against the various variants will get to the people in Thailand soon.
  4. RandiUno2


    This is the whole problem with USA now, and for a long time: People who just want the USA to live up to it's promise are accused of hating the country we love even though it has proved again and again it doesn't love us.
  5. Well, Looks like I won't be traveling to Mississippi to get some of that good southern Kush ...State ballot measure approved by 70% of voters in reddest of red state struck down by State Supreme court. Mississippi justices toss voter-backed marijuana initiative (apnews.com)
  6. Reminded me of my tour poster on an early trip
  7. RandiUno2


    Basically, Clint Eastwood in any spaghetti western...as the anti-hero...is the motivating fantasy of manhood in certain segments of the US population.
  8. RandiUno2


    I'm a business owner. Currently, I require people to wear masks to enter my business. If someone doesn't wear a mask to enter my business, they are not respecting my rights to dictate what happens on my private property. In the US, "anti-mask" is not a "protected" class of persons, so I'm legally able to "discrimate" in the provision of my public business on this basis.
  9. RandiUno2


    Good to see Thailand like every other country...foreigners are good until they're not.
  10. RandiUno2


    This is the issue. If you don't want to wear a mask on public sidewalk; then don't. But, when a privately owned business requires you to wear a mask to enter, either wear a mask and enter, or don't wear a mask and stay the fuck out.
  11. I can't speak to Europe as the last time I was in Europe was in 2016 for a brief stay in London. However, after my limited travels I have come to the conclusion that the USA has become today's poor country. Forty years (since Reagan) of the US failing to invest in infrastruture in the form of physical or human capital has manifested itself in a vicious cycle of hate politics that is destroying the country. While China has built the largest subway system in the world (Beijing) in 25 years, bullet trains all across the country, and solar capacity unmatched by anyone, US politicians have been promising coal miners their jobs back, and promising that cutting the taxes for multi-billion dollar corporations will miraculously result in the economy improving, all to the effect that in the US dams are failing, bridges are cracking, and power grids can't handle weather disruptions. Sometimes, the US reminds me of my childhood in Zaire, the rich few squezing every penny from the existing infrastructure while failing to even try to invest for the future. Already, the Chinese upper middle class (pre-pandemic) are flocking to the US for "bargains". Pre-pandemic, I observed this everytime I flew to S.E. Asia from California, USA. There were always Chinese returning home from the their vacations in the US loaded down with, for them, cheap real designer watches and clothes. Given how much a ladyboy friend of mine was making in China after her fixer got her a visa to enter the country, I have no doubt, Asian tourists will soon be travelling to US for "cheap whores". I'm not bashing China. The Chinese communist party, as evil as they may be, have presided over the greatest economic transformation of a society (1 billion people), in the history of mankind. Anyone who doesn't respect them for this doesn't see reality. I just wish my country's leadership would at least attempt to keep up with the Joneses, ie, Chinese, instead of making pretend threats against the Chinese government while at the same time not doing a damn thing to improve the country. Hopefully, my country will wake up and realize that investing in roads, dams, bridges, power grids, solar farms, and all forms of HUMAN CAPITAL (education) is the way you make your country properous.
  12. I chase ladyboys. I chased them to all over the USA, and then through Mexico, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, and with little success Cuba. Full Disclosure: I always despised the guys who travelled to third world countries to get cheap pussy or cis-gender girls bar girls, or the old fat ugly guys who went to Cambodia to get a pretty 20 something wife because they couldn't get a girl in their home country. Although, I had some sympathy for guys who went looking for a wife that they intended to bring back to the USA and incorporate fully into their life. My perception has been in the US, we have far fewer ladyboys/transgender women than in the foreign places I mongered in over the years. I travelled to Thailand and Philippines not because the ladyboys were cheap, but because I believed there were many, many more to choose from. And as a side benefit, the fact that I could take ladyboy on a whirlwind trip for a fraction of the cost in the USA was a definite advantage. Probably the reason there were so many more in Thailand and Philippines is due to the relative poverty of the countries, and the necessity of formal sex work (thailand) and informal or gray market sex work (Philippines) to survive in countries that are relatively poor. Although, this is really a sad statement because the implication is that young men are putting on women's clothes to prostitute themselves out of economic necessity and not because they were in fact transgender, and unable to earn income due to discrimination against ladyboys. The bottom line: if you are looking for cheap whores, then the cheapest ones will always be in countries whose political leadership can't get it together to unify the country, and move it forward economically. My perception is that even though to many westerners Thailand may not seem politically "cool", they actually attempt to upgrade their population. So Rom, you are absolutely correct, we can expect Thailand ladyboys very soon to be on par with western ladyboys in terms of pricing as their economy continues to improve. So the days of "cheap whores" in thailand are numbered, and from my perspective that is not necessarily a bad thing.
  13. Covid Vacinnes are proceeding with "warp speed" in California. 14 million of the 40 million residents already have at least one shot. Good news especially with this Brazillian variant running wild.
  14. Somebody has been taking too many estrogen hormones and smoking crack. Caitlyn Jenner will get no support from the Trumpified Retruglicans party, and she has COMPLETELY alienated hereself from her natural allies (the gay boys and trans community). Her exploration of her candidacy is emblematic of the white transgirl experience...successful white guys used to running the world, transition with all their money, and delusionally think they have the same status after they transition. They don't, but they can persist in the delusion if they have enough money to hirer retainers who will always say "yes" if the consulting fee is big enough. You will see that ALL of the successful trans leaders have come up through the trans support/gay ally democratic party because that is the community that has the lived experience of most trans people. I almost feel like this article should be place under the "Jokes" thread.
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