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  1. Well, I'm carrying a USA Passport. I have a feeling relatives of Uncle Sam will not be welcome anywhere until we can prove we have been vacinated. So, I plan on discovering the joys of our National Parks and Beaches. Might have to return to St. John USVI which still has the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.
  2. You mean like on my first full day, on my first trip to the Philippines, when I met up with a hot ladyboy I had been chatting with for several weeks, had a magical afternoon and night with her and some of her other ladyboy and gay friends in a private room at a Karoake bar, followed by dancing the night away at Alcohology in Mango square (including hanging with the DJ's on stage), only to discover that my brand new Sansung cell phone had been pilfered by one of my dates friends? Of course, I ditched the girl, and kept on my mongering adventures. Fortunately, the experience introduced me
  3. According the wizards at Facebook, Twitter, and all, we all have different likes that will send each of us down the rabbit hole of likes, posts, comments, and replies. But I would suspect the temporarily suspended (of necessity) "Trip Reports" section has historically been the most popular. Well, it was always the most interesting to me, unless the reports became novels. I guess I was always more of a "Flowers of Algenon" reader as opposed to "War and Peace".
  4. Saw this post, and decided to check if my go-to website from the 2010's for dating Filipino ladyboys was still active. I logged onto my old profile at www.ladyboykisses.com to see if site still open, and how many girls active in Philipines. The URL has changed, but still same site: www.ladyboykisses.de Well, I accidentally stayed logged in overnight, and just like before 10 hungry Transpinay had hit up my profile stating availability to meet. I HADN'T POSTED ANYTHING. They just saw my profile online. Ten years ago, I posted I was going to be in Cebu for 2 weeks, and on the first day
  5. RandiUno2


    When I was younger, and maybe more foolish, I was able to see the commonality in most peoples thoughts and ideas of political nature. I agree that most of us agree on the fundamentals...that everyone should have a chance to lead a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life. This devil, of course, is in the details, and unfortunately, it seems that during my lifetime, people can't see the forest for trees anymore, and are ready to go to war over whether the government or a private citizen owns the farm.
  6. RandiUno2


    i guess it all boils down to what you think 100K lives are worth. Seems like the Thai and Vietnamese think their people are worth it. We, in America, would rather have the gears of capitalism run rather than keep 100K proletarians alive. Anyway, what is wrong with a total lockdown for 1 or two years. There is enough money sloshing around the world to feed everyone, but then we would have to take it from the 1%., but we can't ask the bourgeousie to help the proletarians. Doesn't work like that...So by December 250K Americans will be dead, but The Walton Family, The Kock Brothers, and J
  7. RandiUno2


    This is amazing. Two cases and a whole flow chart created. Even though I'm a never leave it American (I guess since my family is part Native American, and part African, I have always hoped we would get it together to make the it great for everyone), our total failure in addressing the Covid19 Pandemic shows just how backwards our politics is, and has been, since the founding of the nation.
  8. RandiUno2


    Kinda wishing I had bought that condo in Pattaya a couple of years ago. Now I can't fly anywhere. Americans banned in Europe and most of SouthEast Asia. MAGA! https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/16/world/asia/coronavirus-thailand-photos.html
  9. Rom, Your a good man. I'm sure the pocket change goes a long way, and who can get made at some young ladyboys relieving the boredom and stress with some farang paid for libations. Al
  10. RandiUno2


    A lot can be said about your post Pdogg. I have been sheltering in place in California with my family, and now our case count is going up again. I have a very strange feeling an American passport will be an impediment to travel anywhere in the near future.
  11. Thank you everyone for your responses. I think I get a refund on my ticket now. Hopefully, within the next 12 months treatment or vaccine found and I can do the trip.
  12. Hahahaha...Just read all inbound international flights suspended until Jun 30. Is this true?
  13. This may sound crazy, but I have non-refundable tickets to Bangkok for later this month and thinking of making the flight. Was supposed to have a 3 week trip with my daughter through South East Asia as a graduation present. What is going on on the ground. Are foreigners still denied entry/required to self quarantine 14 days? Are restaurants open? Any tourist sites/temples open in Bangkok? Had crazy idea of spending two days in Bangkok going to a couple of main tourist attractions, and then spending 2 1/2 weeks on the beach in Phuket or Krabi, but not sure this is even possible.
  14. RandiUno2


    "Problem is that the heads of these governments being coerced are probably being led by the nose with money. Really dont give a rats about the normal citizen." Although many will argue with me, but this is why I have the highest respect for the now deceased Fidel Castro and Cuba. For 50 + years the most powerful country in the world (USA)tried to get rid of Castro, and tear down what he claimed he was trying to do for his people. He went with the Soviets to get protection, and when the soviets fell, he liberalized his economy enough to make up for the soviet losses. Although, we in the u
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