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  1. Got it. That seems to be the consensus. I will just have to accept that this is a traditional travel/tourist vacation and if per chance some random ladyboy or femmeboy happens my way, great. Looks like my trip is going to be pretty basic with short stays in each of these cities Saigon/HCM City, Nha Trang, Hoi An, and Hanoi Thanks for the response. RandyUno
  2. Hey Guys, Haven't been here for a while, but good to see the postings and travel dairies are still going up. Looks like I will get a few days on the ground in S.E. Asia this spring. I was thinking about a Sri Lanka trip, but with airfare so ridiculously low, I decided to return to Vietnam for a short two week trip. My first, last, and only prior visit to Vietnam was a very brief 3 day visit to Saigon/HCM City with my oldest daughter, so naturally besides a street food tour, war memorial tour, and such, I did not get to see much of mongers view of the city, much less the country. I noticed that last years International Queen was from Vietnam, and was wondering if there are any venues or locales where one might experience the Vietnamese ladyboy scene, if there is one to be experienced. At this point except staying in Saigon/HCM City for couple of days (flying direct from U.S.), I have no itenerary. Any suggestions from where I might see a ladyboy caberet, or any action would be greatly appreciated. Hoping I might find something on the ground that can entice me to come out of my monger retirement, and get in the game again. RandiUno
  3. @rxpharm Thanks for posting the above. I will never think "Goldfinger" the same!
  4. I'm sure there were some similar hieroglyphs from ancient Egypt, but alas, many "salacious" hieroglyphs and statues were defaced by Victorian and christian explorers who were traumatized by the open expression of sex and sexuality as essential to their cosmology. Anyway, hoping some old coggers with a fetish for photos of asian, latin american and other ladyboys from earlier generations would post them somewhere for posterity, and also to combat the scourge of intolerance that seeks to erase the history of TG people.
  5. RandiUno2


    Since Craigslist went down, Grindr is now the defacto site for part-time working tgirls, and femmeboys. They have a "tribe" called "trans" so you will only see other people in the trans tribe so you don't have to wade through a bunch of leather daddys to find your Trans princess. Unfortunately, it seems the straight married guys have also discovered the TGirls are on Grindr. I have my TGirl friend who showed me how many hits she gets. We were sitting at a restaurant having lunch and she put her smart phone on the table with the app open. She was literally pinged every two minutes. She says she doesn't like grindr because she gets too many hits..
  6. RandiUno2


    Holy Cow...this is so sad. Similarly, last year I took my oldest daughter on a college graduation trip through S.E. Asia, and on our stop in Phnom Penh, I tried to find the "Flamingo Hotel" that I stayed in on my first trip to region, and the whole neighborhood had similarly been razed and new construction going up. I guess enjoy the spaces while they exist as nothing last forever.
  7. Is anyone aware of an archive of old ladyboy life and scenes photographs. Would love to see pictures from "back in the day" of ladyboys, ladyboy sectors of cities, and what the scene looked like from 70's, 60''s and even earlier. My first experience (if reading a book is an experience) with ladyboys was when I was sixteen, I was in the George Washington University library, and I found a book on human sexuality (don't ask what a 16 was doing either in college library, or reading sexuality books), but in this book there was a one picture that is still blazed in my memory. It was a photo taken in Bangkok during the early Vietnam war showing 3 ladyboys posing on the hood of an Astin Martin. Would love to see other images from this time period and before. Hoping someone somewhere has put together a collection of this "ladyboy" and mongers history.
  8. Last Trip was 10 days on the ground...way too short...will probably not travel again until I can book a full 30 days on the ground.
  9. Yes, the American Taliban is attacking all things sexual and definitely all things Transgender (ladyboy) in the US. So, I guess those who are interested in ladyboys, and are willing to allow the American Taliban to essentially erase Trans from official existence in the USA, then Thailand and Southeast Asia will forever be the destination.
  10. Airport Link Rail from Airport to main areas of Bangkok is a no-brainer, if your flight arrives between 6 am and 10 pm. Cost 45Baht to Praya Thai, and you catch SkyTrain from there to just about anyplace where you want to stay in Bangkok. As an aside, Agoda.com has a filter that will find hotels closest to BTS(SkyTrain) and MRT(Subway) stations by distance. Also, I would say unless you are retiring in Bangkok, there is no need to take anymore luggage beyond one carry-on bag. Virtually, everything you need you can buy cheaper in Bangkok, than the west.
  11. Happy New Year to all my friends at Ladyboy Review. PDoggg you have been doing a great job keeping this site going as an information resource for people interested in the international ladyboy scene. I am forever indebted to you for this site which I used to walk me through my first trip to SouthEast Asia, and which opened up my mind to a whole new way to view the ladyboy scene. I promised a trip report from my post Thanksgiving 2017 trip to Thailand and to share my view after 5 years of adventuring. I have been very hesitant to share my ruminations on Thailand for fear of offending members of this board, but I will state my perspective and pray that each of you accepts it as the reflections of someone who is, or at least was, "one of us". First, my trip was short, just 10 days on the ground in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Koh Samet. My actual purpose was to escort one of my Trans friends who hosts a regular sex party in California to explore the possibility of an international sex party/tour for western Transgirls/CD's and their admirers in Thailand. We had a nice meeting with the owners of the gay hotel in Patts. However, the logistics, financial risk, and fact that yours truly doesn't want to be a tour guide for 40 needy Trans/CD girls and their admirers, will probably put the kabosh on the idea. I actually did not hook up with any Transgirls for the whole 10 days. i did have a great time dancing at the gay disco in Bangkok called DJ Station, enjoy a few drinks at a couple of ladyboy go-go's in Pattaya, and had a great time chillin' on Koh Samet, and dancing on Full Moon night at the Silver Sand's bar/disco. I now see the ladyboy scene in Thailand as EXACTLY the same as the genetic girl scene in Philippines and Thailand. I used to give myself and others a pass that the only reason I had to go to Thailand and Philippines to meet ladyboys was because there just were not enough here in the US. But guys who went to genetic girls was just doing it because they didn't have the juice to pull pretty young genetic girls in the States. I am now of the opinion it is really the same for ladyboys. After my first trips to Asia, and a subsequent failed attempt to bring one of my favorite ladyboys to the states, I decided to make an effort to explore with no reservations the scene stateside, and opened my mind to femmeboys/cds without breast implants. (On one trip to philippines I travelled with a young ladyboy on hormones, but no breast implants, and broke the ice on that issue). I discovered there are many pretty, cute, and horny as fuck young femmes right in southern california, especially asian and latin. However, I also discovered being either recent immigrants, or second generations to the USA, they had adopted US money values, and knew the difference between living in Gardena, California vs Santa Monica, California. Like everyone, they wanted a little more. In the Philippines, one of my favorite ladyboys was happy if I would send her $50 a month in support to help her out (I'm sure she had a few other guys sending gifts, but hey, it is a "ladyboy career") However, in the US, a girl you would support would need $1,500 for an apartment. Now, most femmes in the US don't expect 100% support, but just like genetic girls, they do expect a guy to have resources to show them a good time, and if an emergency hits, maybe help out in a pinch. Similarly, on the P4P scene, it is difficult to get a pretty TS escort for less than $150, and many elite girls in Southern, California are now in the $400 a session range (I hear rumor $500 dates are not uncommon now). I guess the 1% are doing well under Trump. I really didn't like Pattaya this go around. I did have a wonderful time dancing with my travelling companion at Insomnia Disco on Walking Street, but I literally felt like I was at a Lawrence Welk retirement home when I ventured to Dontang Beach. There is nothing wrong with older people enjoying the sun, and one day I will be old and out of shape, but since I'm not, it was totally unappetizing and literally made me feel bad about myself. Why was I hanging out on this beach, and I could tell my traveling companion (with whom I have traveled to several nice beach resorts) was wondering as well. However, we did have a mission...organizing a tour for girls who were dreaming/fantasizing about a Thailand adventure. And that is my final analysis....Thailand as a sexual paradise is just a FANTASY in the mind. Just like the facades of Las Vegas beckons gamblers with dreams of striking it big at Roulette, Thailand is a facade of sexual adventure and freedom which fails to deliver its promise in the long run unless one accepts that all you can do is limit your losses since the house will always win. On my return to Bangkok, I stayed on the Dusit Thani Hotel in Silom. My last night I decided to walk to Patpong Night market to say one last goodbye to the redlight districts. As I walked I turned down a street with more flashing neons signs than Times Square New York. Each sign was for a Karaoke bar, and in front of each 5 story mini mall of Karaoke bars were rows and rows of pretty asian girls. But I noticed something strange. In every other sex district, the girls and hockers would accost me nonstop, but here I was absolutely ignored, and not a single girl made eye contact. I think I wouldn't have noticed, since I prefer ladyboys, and i could see these were all genetic girls except a local tout/hocker did accost and let me know, that this district was strickly for Asian customers, and the girls would not approach any non-asian clients. Apparently, the Korean or Japanese who frequented this street would refuse to hire any girl who was with someone non-asian. So there you have it...segregated commercial sex. It's just business as a friend would say. All that being said, I love Thailand: the alleys of Chinatown, the beautiful temples, the Chao Praya River, the beautiful waters off the shores of the Islands, and the incredible street food. I will return, but not to monger or look for sex play, but just to enjoy the culture and sites. There is actually more and better sex play in California, albeit at a higher price, but I'm prepared to pay that price, and I guess I'm fortunate to be in a situation to do so. Anyway, I hope each of you enjoy your adventures, and I will continue to follow you all on her,d and live vicariously through your stories. Now, maybe Brazil! All the best Randi Uno
  12. All set and I have packed the vitals...3 pair shorts, 3 shirts, swim trunks, snorkel, mask, and flip flops. Anything else i can buy on the ground for less than in California. Flying the peoples airline, China Southern on a super super discount fare of $460 roundtrip from LAX to BKK, so naturally the online check-in doesn't work. I expect to fly with passengers carrying on chickens and goats, but hey at that price, I will suffer through. Starting to get amped and looking forward to getting back to Ladyboy central.
  13. Don't have to wear a "Make California Great Again", because IMHO, California just keeps getting better and better as more people fleeing the rest of the world join us. It costs a little more than a few years ago, but hey, only capitalists get to pay peope less when they are more productive...that is why we have a $15 minimun wage so the capitalist have to share some of their profits they make off the backs of their employees. But since my oldest is pursuing her dream career in Fashion and living in the Big Apple, I will be wearing my NYC cap on this trip.
  14. Ok, Ok...I'm not really a promoter of Jamie's TGirl Nights, but I am a true California Booster, and California has been made great because those of us who live here love it and welcome with open arms people from all over the world and other parts of the USA fleeing small mindedness and bigotry. So come to California, leave your old ideas behind, and join us on this wild experiment that is the envy of the world, and hated by all the Red States. Here is the latest from the Greatest TGirl Party ANYWHERE. When in Southern California, you have to come and visit.
  15. Five years ago, I embarked on my first tour of Thailand, after having used the advice from the guys on this site to walk me through several trips to Cambodia and the Philippines the year before. I am returning to LOS on November 26, but I will have a fresh perspective and wondering what I will think. First, as per my wont, I will be traveling with a companion. I have discovered in Southern California that if you are willing to cross the line, and chase femmeboys, there is an untold number of prospects right in Sunny Southern California. This transition to femmeboys and not engaging in P$P, may revoke my monger card., but I hope I still have some credibility on this site. That being said on this trip, I will be traveling with my favorite Femmeboy/CD girl to Thailand. I actually have found that having a trusted travel companion really works for me. This will be a short trip, 3 days in BKK, 2 in Patts, and 5 on one of the Islands. Will book the island trip after arrival in BKK based on weather conditions in the region. I look forward to hanging out at Nana Plaza, and Soi Cowboy again while smoking a Cohiba sitting and watching the action on display. I was in BKK in May, and had quite a fun conversation over a Cohiba Robusto with a young german guy who was a little agitated that his girl had to work the bar that night, and wouldn't be available for him until after the bar closed. Ahhhh....the joys of falling for a bar girl... My first trip to Thailand, I found the P$P scene and girls very different from what i experienced stateside. The girls really specialized in the girlfriend experience, and seemed to want to just hang out with me. In the US, my experience with P$P girls was if a "session" was advertised as one hour, I would be lucky to get 45 minutes, and once I reached orgasm, they expected me to pull up my pants, wash my hands, and walk out the door. My experience with the few Thai LB's I played with was the exact opposite. I basically had to send them away, otherwise they seemed perfectly content to hang out with me for as long as I wanted. Similarly, in my experience in the Philippines, most of the girls who responded to my ads on LadyboyKisses.com, Pinaylove.com, and planetromeo.com (Are those sites still up?), didn't want anything more than cab fare, and would hang with me as long as I liked. It really changed my perspective on the whole Ladyboy scene in the USA, and I understood why so many of us decide to abandon chasing TGirls in the US, and save their money and travel to SouthEast Asia or points beyond. So now I'm curious how I will see Pattaya City when I return. On my first trip, while I road on the connecting flight from Seoul to BKK, an expat related a story to me, that I couldn't wrap my head around at first. He stated that in the Pattaya province, the local government contracted with three (3) companies whose sole job was to travel around scooping up dead foreigners (farang) who had died while on holiday. I didn't understand this at all, until on my first night in Patts, I walked out of the Marine Disco at 4:45 am, and saw a 75+ year old farang (who actually looked over 80) stumbling down the street, drunk. I then understood....I then understood. So, I'm wondering what my perspective will be on this trip. Will my femmeboy and I just hole up in our hotels, and hire ladyboys all day, or will we visit the traditional tourist spots and spend our money buying fake brand name clothes. Only time will tell.
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