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  1. I follow several girls on twitter with OnlyFans, ManyVids, PornHubPro, Chatturbate, ect accts. Given the number of posts they put up daily, it is clearly a full time job. Not sure how much money they make.
  2. I was in region with my daughter in 2017, and wanted to take her to Snookyville and Koh Rong, but she didn't want to hang out with the frat boys on koh rong, so we went to Vietnam instead. I didn't understand what she meant by the "frat boys" on Koh Rong, but she knew the Koh Rong and Snookyville I knew in 2011, no longer existed. We did go to Phnom Penh, but the whole mongering neighborhood where I stayed oon my first trip was razed and new buildings put up. Cambodia thought me the Buddhist principle of "impermanence" . Was going to post some pictures of Otres Beach from 20
  3. RandiUno2


    "Rich, secure capitalists are the natural enemies of authoritarian regimes." Wrote a long reply explaining why Capitalism is not only the enemy of authoritarian governments, but is the enemy of ALL political systems other than a system ruled by major corporations, but I hit the wrong button and the whole message went "poof". Anyway, in a nutshell - Capitalism is BOTH an economic AND political system. Any political system whether it be democracy, republic, theocracy, or autocracy, will always face the challenge of the capitalist elite attempting to challenge their political authority
  4. "17 cases"? Let that fucking sink in for a moment. We have recently had 41,000 cases in one day in California, and over 250,000 new cases in one day nationwide. Friendly reminder (and its not a fucking hoax), over 330,000 Americans dead in USA in 11 months. The only reason anyone would starvefrom a lockdown is because stupid politicians refuse to raise funds (bonds or taxes) to feed people during this once in a 100 year pandemic. Oh, and the excess mortality tables are going to tell the tale on what really happenned in this pandemic. PDogg: You have it right...sh
  5. RandiUno2


    A. Right on point. I have never heard of a sovereign nation wanting others to muck around in its business, and I'm sure China doesn't want anyone double checking their math. The point I was making was not whether China was right or wrong, guilty or innocent, but that the real politik of the situation is out of hand, and basically China is stepping into the role of a global hegemonic power. China is a bully because the capitalist elite in the west gave them the resources to become a bully, and there is no turning back the clock at this point. The sad fact of real politiks around
  6. RandiUno2


    Here is an interesting article... Which illustrates the point that my country has totally failed concerning the Coronavirus. I don't blame China. I blame my countries leaders. Pilot blamed for Taiwan's first local Covid transmission since April | Taiwan | The Guardian
  7. RandiUno2


    Well, it was meant as a joke since I have never understood what was "Western" about the western democracies...and New Zealand and Australia are definitely in the east. I'm not disputing they are democratic countries
  8. RandiUno2


    Well, we can argue about whether New Zealand and Australia are Western Democracies...but that's another discussion completely...
  9. RandiUno2


    I will probably get some push back on this, but its my opinion (I have an asshole too!) I don't blame China for the coronavirus. Malignant viruses develop all over the world, and many, many intellectuals had been telling us for years that another worldwide pandemic (I think HIV/AIDS was last official one) was coming down the pipeline. So, in my opinion the blame for the destruction of western economies by the coronavirus should not be placed at their feet. We have plenty of ex-pats on this board, who may have grumbled about the heavy handed tactics of their host countries (Vietnam, Thai
  10. Looks like a good time. Meanwhile in the US, we just can't get our shit together. Coachella Will Reschedule Its Dates -- Again - Rolling Stone
  11. Virtual interactions have never really been my thing, but I have a couple of stateside TGirl/Ladyboy acquiantances that exclusively entertain viewers on sites like Chaterbate.com, and trannycam.com. So, the good news is the that for enterprising bar owners, they might be able to keep their businesses and girls afloat through the live cam model until things turn around. In my opinion anything that keeps the bar owners and (more importantly) the girls from starving is a good thing in my book.
  12. RandiUno2


    Are there any illegal mining operations in Myanmar like in Brazil? Wondering if there are any illegal gold/jade rush towns in the country. Obviously, working girls would follow the money. Myanmar still on my visit list for when this is all over.
  13. Easiest way to find one...and if you pull a girl from a bar, its likely to be a relatively safe place since she has to return to the bar, and knows you know where to find her.
  14. RandiUno2


    My foggy rememberance of the theory of trade is that when I have something you don't, and you have something I don't, then when we trade we are both better off. The thing capitalist discovered is that China (and many other places) has something the US and Europe doesn't - labor willing to work for subsistence wages. This results is lower costs goods in the US, but as we have seen, despite Capitalist making record profits, American workers (with only high school degree or less) make less in real (inflation adjusted) dollars than 30 years ago. Anyway, until the American political eli
  15. RandiUno2


    Topic is China. I have a child who was gung ho on studying Mandarin, and became proficient in speaking it after two years study. Decided to spend a summer in Chengdu to improve her skills. She is very open minded and curious to meet new people. After that summer she lost all interest in all things China. She was not impressed. My casual observation of my brief travels through S.E. Asia is that basically the US has done what Nicolo Machiavelli warned centuries ago in his most known work "The Prince" - "From this a general rule is drawn which never or rarely fails: that he who is the
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