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  1. Ah - Back to normal ! I continue:- Many years ago I stayed awhile on Koh Chang - just a few guest houses there and hardly any road - but a number of beach bars. Staggering back one night after a rake of Mekong Whiskey I felt stirrings in the trouser department. I sprinted into the nearest beach bar and headed for the toilet. Phew - just in time to abandon the jeans and squat over the open bog. Much relief. Then I took stock and realised there was - as expected no bog paper. Peering outside there I spotted a line of freshly washed clothes - no doubt belonging to the hairy arsed backpackers
  2. Is this really 'Emmy's Bar' with Hazmat suits available ? 55555
  3. Don't you recognise it - there's not that many 7-11's in Pattaya !
  4. Maybe so but some 7-11's go one step further. !
  5. What was that ? "Never step of a moving TukTuk" ?
  6. Just go to the nearest 7-11 and ask to see the "under the counter goods". Amazing Thailand. !
  7. I've been working on the posters for weeks now !
  8. This is for BBG who has one lens higher than the other ! 55555
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