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  1. That's more like it - real people !
  2. Hi Rom. Indeedy - I did acknowledge your nod towards me and it's true it was out of politeness as I was unsure who you were. No slight intended. Eyes get worse and Grunt says I'm going deaf - but I never hear him ! Lost on me 'famous actors' etc etc Game of thrones etc. I'm sure I will remember you on your next appearance. Showing my age but you did remind me of the famous British actor/comedian Harry Worth. Are you by any chance related. ?
  3. http://www.ladyboyreview.com/index.php?/topic/9081-emmys-bar-soi-2/ Click on page 57. for New bar Soi 2.
  4. Teya at her Birthday Party. Teya gets a 'Tat' ! It's a flower. Possibly a 'Cock's Comb !
  5. It was a very noisy night ! 55555
  6. Indeed - I was there ! 5555
  7. Great food - Emmy's legendary omelette - and the roast crispy pork was outstanding.
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