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  1. The Pantry. Jomtien Ex-Pat Food Shop. Now open - by the side of the Hannuman Statue.
  2. Pattsy was in the bar a few nights ago - with full war paint on - looking very foxy !
  3. Back home I think - pity she would be great on the livestream I reckon - the new boobs bouncing !
  4. She did OK tonight. Generous punter in buying LD's and games of pool. Not BBG ! Me neither - I am very poor !
  5. Pity the ferry is not running. !
  6. DAILY SNAIL - AS BAD AS PATTAYA SNAIL ! 5555 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9222613/Miley-Cyrus-posts-topless-selfie-Instagram-ahead-TikTok-Tailgate-performance-Super-Bowl-LV.html
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