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  1. Cheers Rom - come over and say hello next time. Aah the "Top Shelf" magazines - never bought one myself (!!!) but at the time I was working for a packaging company and there was always these mags being passed around. In fact I did get one of my cartoons published in Knave magazine. I got paid 25 Quid for it and it took me about 2 weeks to do. I did however get a years free subscription. It came in handy (ooer) as wife number 2 had left me. !
  2. # I am not a trained artist like Kwan. Carry on Rom. Bring 'em all back home. ! As for Kwan - trained artist my arse ! He's nothing but an amateur doodler. ! 55555
  3. Posted yesterday in the Community Calendar section - wherever that is - bit of a clunky system !
  4. This should be a great event. Little Boss Teya's Birthday Party - along with Annat.
  5. In there tonight at 10 - then change into high heels and gone. Catch her if you can. !!!!
  6. Never had a problem with Lazada - no spam etc. Their website not the best in the world - and here's a heads up - if buying footwear choose a size larger as the goods are usually made in China.
  7. Looks like Teya has cut herself shaving (ooh) ! Apologies BB for (ab)using your pic'.
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