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  1. I'd like Teya's Snake please ! 5555
  2. Nice one Soju - good to hear. Pondered what to reply with and settled on this' Not an Irish song but a Traditional English ballad. This is by Nic Jones- a great musician and performer - or at least he was. Heading back home (1982) after a gig - his car ploughed into the side of an emerging lorry. He suffered serious injuries, including many broken bones and brain damage, and required intensive care treatment and hospitalisation for a total of eight months. His injuries left him with permanent physical co-ordination problems, unable to play the guitar as well as before, and no longer able to play the fiddle at all. The accident effectively ended his career as a touring and recording professional musician. He did sing at a couple of festivals a few years ago supported by his son on guitar. Back to the song "Canada-I-O". As Bert Jansch - he uses 'open tuning'- in a baroque style. This song was later recorded by Dylan who also copyrighted it (nothing wrong with that - quite usual with many musicians) but many consider he used Jones arrangement (not for the best IMHO). Various stories emerged that Dylan should have 'coughed up a bob (!) or two' - also that His Bobness could not find any similarity between the two versions. ! Here's Nic Jones - Listen to Bob's if you must !
  3. I'd never have guessd it in a month of Sunday's. I am amazed ! 5555
  4. Wags inside the jail were heard singing "Could you go a Cornish Pastie Bobby Sands" ! Graffiti appeared on the walls in the area - "We'll not forget you Billy Sands" !
  5. Quinn

    Lita's Shop

    You can take the man out of The Potteries . . . !
  6. I think there's only BBG who can't get it - bet QG can on his new iPhone !
  7. But at least there is nothing wrong with my memory ! 55555 P.S. Tell Emmy to get a restaurant licence quick !
  8. This is a cowboy song! Not Irish but as near as many others posted here. ! I first learned it and played it many years ago at our local pub sessions. It's called 'Billy Grey' or sometimes - 'True Love Knows no Seasons' - but Norman Blake (a great American Flatpicker) who wrote titled it Billy Grey ! However now for the Irish bit - this version is by Planxty.
  9. I downloaded this a couple of years ago on my choice in Emmy's bar. Pay attention. ! Also posted it on the previous page! Do try and keep up !
  10. Pdogg is the man on the ground for this info. !
  11. Which ones ? Customers or Cops ? 55555
  12. Fees set for taxis hailed online: 60 baht minimum charge https://aseannow.com/topic/1239262-fees-set-for-taxis-hailed-online-60-baht-minimum-charge/
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