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  1. A great turnout for the 'Farewell Party' - not really farewell but 'Hello' to the next move by Emmy. She is very upbeat about starting afresh. Looking as sharp as ever top 'Front of the House' man Jimbo was an early arrival. 'Pad Thai Boy' from KRUs/Sweethearts. Petesie and New from New Bar of course. Lots of lovely ladies floating about. Everyone wished Emmy all the best for the future and I'm sure they will be there to support her next move. No rush I don't think - slowly slowly.
  2. I started of in my other local in Jomtien Soi 7. fairly busy - people moving on - but then to Katty Bar - very busy and buzzing. Good to catch you briefly Jimbo. Also visit from PDoggg.
  3. PS, and as a special thank you and bonus to all Riverpool supporters, anyone aged 70, slim and sexy, and who lives in Jomtien can have a free Boom-Boom tonight.
  4. Quinn


    Not sure where to put this.
  5. This question should really be in The Non Google Trivia Quiz but - What do the initials 'CBGB's' - CeeBeeGeeBees' stand for. CBGB' was of course where New York punk kicked off with The Ramones etc. CBGB reflected it's original musical policy. What. ? No peeping and don't all shout at once. Pic is of their cludgie. !
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