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  1. "From Clare to Here" is a song about the heartache and hardship faced by Irishmen working abroad in the 1960s and 70s. It sums up the plight of Irish immigrants so well that many people assume it’s an Irish song but in fact it was written by the English singer songwriter Ralph McTell. McTell says he heard the phrase while working as a labourer with some Irish friends in the early 60s. There was a conversation about how the lives of Irish people changed when they swapped their family homes in Ireland for cheap lodgings in England. Reflecting on the changes, one of the men said: “Yes, it’s a long way from Clare to here.”
  2. Well well - Seamus O' Grunt - Irish now ! Why was you hanging around with a band named after a Spanish Ladies Headress ? Anyway this bloke Hansard - can't say I've ever heard of him. The song however I know well after running a Folk 'n' Blues Club for 10 years with an Irishman. I did though recognise one of the punters on stage - Paul Brady - excellent singer and guitarist - from the band Planxty. Here's his rendition of 'Arthur McBride. Not only but also another song by Brady - 'The Lakes of Pontchartrain' - not an Irish song but very popular with Irish folkies. This is a version from the seventies. There is a link with these songs ! Bob Dylan. ! Both these songs Bob has belted out. On You Tube there is an interview with Brady and he tells how he was asked to visit Bob (in London) to teach him the pickin' etc of this song (it's in an open 'G' tuning). Brady obliged and went to see Bob and sorted his finger picking out. listen.
  3. You may scoff - but quite often I used to use a 'dip pen' for drawings ! 5555 Think I've seen footage of Gerald Scarfe using one! Ha !
  4. Drat - Missed it. I'm not on Face*uck. !
  5. You have a front door ?? !!
  6. Giuseppe Grunt wafting down 'The Far-Canal' to see his bint. !
  7. The Big Hole. The Council are now looking into it. !
  8. Dongtan Beach - this is the place to be - "Dongtan for the Poontang" !
  9. Couple of paces round the corner to the DD Inn and there might be - depending on the time of day. !
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