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  1. Also a magazine called 'Grunt' - what's all that about then ?
  2. A better choice . . . !
  3. Beyond my budget !
  4. Neither would Stephen Stills ! 5555
  5. Was Ballermans. Went in when it first opened and they charged me 60 Baht for small soda. 'Simple Simons' now 'DD Coffee Shop and new condo/rooms.
  6. Cheap Charlies opening up on Soi 5 Jomtien soon.
  7. Well sorted BB - it's a jungle out there !
  8. #I had some photo difficulties and was unable to upload many decent ones which were over 7mb in size. Kor tod. Good to see the pics - plenty of available apps' and progs' to reduce and crop the photos.
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