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  1. Make a list of ladyboys you want to fuck from internet porn sites, since it is so hard to find ladyboys otherwise in Bangkok or Pattaya. Pester forum members about where to find them. ( And when you finally track down your fantasy you realize the pics you fell in love with were taken 12 years ago.)
  2. I accidently caught a tv show recently on one of the major broadcast networks in primetime that featured Hamburger Mary's & so I watched the whole thing. Apparently it has become a new national corporate franchise with places in several American cities. I had only previously heard about the Long Beach one since it is a genuine tgirl scene, at least at night. But the others are aimed squarely (pun intended) at middle america to make campy drag shows & overtly gay wait staff mainstream... a theme restaurant like the Hard Rock Cafe etc, but with a celebration for gender/preference as it's
  3. Have to say I've been using Chrome exclusively (on Mac) the past couple of years & haven't experienced what you're going through Kendo, there is some other culprit, perhaps a setting or extension in Chrome doing that to you. Sorry can'T be of more help...
  4. Hefe

    Airline News

    UAL has (open jaw) flights on many dates Sept-Dec from several US gateway cities USA-BKK & return KUL-USA for under $500 US all in. LAX was $435 last I checked. Best price I've seen in years, one could take a LCC from BKK to KL or a leisurely land trip too for the return flight, it was very tempting but doesn't work for me unfortunately... Found on momondo.com
  5. More on the plans of "The Punisher" from today's Wall Street Journal. He is using Singapore as his paradigm to reshape the PI, I wonder what lies in store for places like Angeles or for ladyboys. I have mixed feelings since Davao is the most functional city in the PI & asses do need to be kicked in any number of places in the PI, but whose will be? ........... The Philippines faces a more disciplined future under President-elect Rodrigo Duterte, who said Monday he would curb social freedoms to impose more order on this often unruly nation. Elected a week ago on a tough law-
  6. It is funny that my last trip to Thailand, home of one of the great cuisines in the world, my most fondly remembered meal is the Spaghetti Bolognese at La Taverna del Passatore, delicious! I've been trying to duplicate it here in my kitchen since, still needs something...
  7. Hefe

    Airline News

    During my working days I finagled a way to become "Lifetime Gold" on AA's FF program mainly so I could use the Business class lounges on international flights, really helped on the transpacific trips. Recently the fookers dropped that advantage from the program, wtf... It was the main attraction of the program for me, oh well, back with the hoi polloi at the gates.
  8. I just discovered this thread, thanks for posting duke. I've been enjoying Geoff's videos on YT for a few months now, the guy initially comes off as a just a regular bloke who enjoys his Chang but his videos are deceptively really well done, he obviously puts a lot of effort not just in the quantity but the quality of his output. He's obviously pretty sharp in addition to being a genuine character. I was wondering where he is filming the cooking segments - in his home? Trying to monetize the off season, good for him, he's better than a lot of folks on "real tv" methinks. So that's
  9. Damn, that's where my favorite Greek food vendor stand was iirc... hope he finds a nearby spot.
  10. I remember seeing the occasional girl from Palawan on the usual dating websites, not many tho, worth a shot to try. I haven't visited there so can't give any personal experience. Supposed to be beautiful there.
  11. Hefe


    There used to be a blues bar up that way as well a few years ago, some decent guitarists would play there, don't know if it's still there.
  12. Hefe


    I think in the bigger metro areas US you will have some luck with it. I'm surprised at the high ratio of asians on the trans tribe here, interesting. I've had good luck with it but there are some quick robo type responses I've gotten like "I like your pic handsome" from non trans types even before my pic is up. Obviously a new way to hustle, not unusual since my age is higher than the typical demographic tho. I was clued in to it by a nonpro tgal I hooked up with from craigslist last year.
  13. Hefe

    La Bamba Top 10

    Wow, KenW's playlist really got to me! A list of 10 songs that absolutely nobody but me wants to hear & is guaranteed to drive the girls, & most customers, en masse into the soi to smoke cigarettes for a half hour? Or beat me senseless? You're on.... 10 My Wild Love - The Doors 9 The Dolphins - Fred Neil 8 Afrikaan Beat - Bert Kampfert 7 Be My Baby - The Ronettes 6 The Glory of Love - Big Bill Broonzy 5 Bumble Bee - The Searchers 4 Glow Worm - The Mills Bros 3 Holy Ground - The Clancy Bros 2 In My Hour of Darkness - Gram Parsons 1 I Scare Myself -
  14. Keanu is well known to be gay/bi... he was a "kept" boy by at least one of the big players/producer way back in the day (Geffen?) when he was a young'un but unlike most of them he caught fire & has become a big star despite his modest talent. Good for him! Glad he is openly dating a transgender actress.
  15. Papaya Dog still selling its "Recession Special" PD! (2 dogs & a "papaya" drink for cheap) (I'm on a diet so don't know the current $$$)
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