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  1. I create this new topic for those who want to speak of ladyboys age, especially underage ladyboys. I know the topic is prohibited in PY, the reason being probably that several PY members fuck undergae ladyboys notwithstanding they also give them yaba or even initiated them to drugs. I could name a few PY members including a regular poster at LBR. I remember the ladyboy explaining me he hadn't supplied her for yaba, just had sex with her when she was underage. Woodie asked me about a ladyboy from my collection. I checked again she had announced she was 18 years old when she first posted an add. I admit I identified one of the Vietnamese ladyboys as underage in spite of her announcing she was 18 years old, but she's also met many customers already. I don't really care about this case since I calculated she will be over 18 when I can meet her for the first time. At you side what do you think of mongers shagging underage ladyboys ? I mix this post with Woodie's post and my answer.
  2. October 22nd : Lin (also called Ánh Quỳnh or Kim Ngân)
  3. Botimu. I particularly like this piglet's videos at least those I could save. Regretfully she's been censored in many websites (including xnxx) and I never managed to locate her. Enjoy anyway. w4a.mp4 w4b.mp4
  4. October 17th : Miu (No mistake this time. She's got nothing to do with Miu in in the previous page who worked as a model).
  5. If they don't, they can try to taste a new specialty of a North Vietnamese city promoted by a local ladyboy. "My hometown's specialty"
  6. Usually I don't like Indian shemales whom I find ugly. But I made an exception. Today while looking for a tax report ... (no, I'm kidding) I found this video with thishijra and enjoyed. Too bad she faked a shag. Hijra.mp4
  7. Great news in HCMC. The population was released on October 1st. Although many non essential businesses couldn't re-open, people are free to hang in the streets. On Fridayand Saturday, the atmosphere was almost like a great celebration. People went out to celebrate their new freedom. But for many people, it's also like an after war. They lost the habit of going out, they ran out of money and don't know how they gonna pay their rent to stay at home in October. Here is the last bulletin of information by the Ministry of Health : They did a hard job since they vaccinated several ten of million people in one month, but, only 10 % of the total population is vaccinated and oe third received a first injection. Moreover, many people were vaccinated with Chinese vaccines whose efficiency is officially lower than 50 %. One part of the population don't respect social distanciations since they had been released. Daisy told me that the army can't make respect social distanciations since they fear fights or violent protests from the population. I fear a 5th wave will hit Vietnam within a few months.
  8. I managed to establish a 2 ways communication with Yên Nhi earlier this week. At first, she admitted she was not going well. She was still in the hospital in Hanoi but still alive. She eventually told me she had wanted to die. I had only short chats then she would stop messaging. On Wedneday, she explained me she had been rejected by her father. I remember she was in her hometown and she had posted a selfie shot when she was freelancing in the street. 5perhaps her father didn't accept she was freelancing in the streets, particularly in her home town). She went to Hanoi, looked for a job but found nothing. She felt so hopeless that she took a full box of sleeping pills and had them all. She woke up in the hospital. In the middle of the week, she left the hospital and was brought to a small inn. She has no money to purchase either food or pay for her inn. She is now freelancing in sthe streets of Hanoi and social networks.
  9. Vella W2a.mp4 W2b.mp4 W2c.mp4 W2d.mp4 W2e.mp4 W2f.mp4
  10. NM10a.mp4 NM10b.mp4 NM10c.mp4 NM10d.mp4 Just a reminder : porn photos or videos are prohibited in VN. This is what makes these videos exceptional.
  11. Having visited Maysia a few years ago (November 2014 to be exact) I tried to find out about laws in the country. I prefer to tell that no one knows about Malaysian laws unless he is a lawyer in Kuala Lumpur. I believed that drinking alcohol was prohibited but I found country fellows I had met during the flight to KL drinking alcohol in a whisky bar. A large majority of people are muslims, 25 % of Chinese descent, 10 % of Indian descent and still a few people of British descent. Muslim laws must be respected by Muslim people but not all the times by non Muslim people. This is why the status of ladyboys is really ambiguous. I won't explore details that I ignore but roughly, non muslim malaysian will be less disturbed by prosecutions than Muslim Malaysians. While Muslim ladyboys are persecuted, Thai and Pinoy ladyboys are accepted with tourists visas and practice "escorting" discreetly in the main cities. Another aspect is the way law is enforced. More than many other countries, laws are enforced if authorities are interested in enforcing laws. So non muslims may drink alcohol but I was told of a British tourist getting drunk then insulting Malaysian people as British do in Thailand (since they seem to believe that being drunk is an excuse to disrespect others). Malaysian guys beat him up and the British guy went to the police to file a complaint. The Malaysian police disregarded him since he had told Malaysian muslims to fuck off first. Just my 2 cents : this ladyboy is being prosecuted since she became a small celebrity ans was seen wearing female wears. Muslims can't accept it. Moreover, she is making business and seems to make money. If I remember well, I had posted in my TR that the master word in Malaysia is discretion.
  12. Not so sure that this area is worse than Europe or the USA. I could telle you stories of young European people exploited in the USA (not in sex trade but the principle remains the same : make them believe they will have a better future and extract them from their social environment) and immigrants in Europe. I remember someone opening a thread during the first wave of covid19 to imagine "the day after" as we were all locked down. Radio journalists would say we would create a world with more social consciousness. My ass ! This is the day after. As I had foreseen, we haven't got ridden of covid but thanks to vaccines we stooped being scared of dying in 3 weeks. The pandemics destroyed economies and social welfare in every country but particularly in less developped countries. So predators are finding prays more easily to exploit them. I am afraid many women from many 3rd world countries are being trapped by Ms Lillies every day.
  13. September 27th : Tina September 27th : Đỗ Xuân Quỳnh
  14. The following photos were posted last week by a ladyboy working as a model in Ha Noi. I had no further explanations although I asked her whether pics were shot in HN . As a matter of fact, the situation seems fairly cool in the Vietnamese capital city where inhabitants could celebrate the mid year festival in normal conditions. Here are ladyboys animating a celebration. However, one of them also posted the following with this comment : during the time of COVID, we have seen a lot of female commandoslying in the open. Special female agents. Perhaps the photos were shot in North Vietnam earlier this year. The ladyboy added this last photo. Let's hope the pandemic will be a subject of jokes by next year in South Vietnam too.
  15. I realized I forgot to commerate the first anniversary of Uyên's disappearance last weekend. I thought I had posted a topic last year at LBR but I may have omitted at that time since I don't know which PY member was argueing and speculating on a ladyboy death. On september 19th, 2020 Daisy messaged me that Uyên had passed away. That sounded so unbelievable that I looked for confirmations. Kate confirmed me a few hours later. uyên died of a "lung disease". I could never find further explainations. Ly Ly who had grown up in the same town as Uyên (they knew each other) told me a few months later she had died of covid. Someone else told me that tuberculosis remains common among ladyboys in ladyboys countries. Uyên had just asked me for help a few weeks earlier. As I tried to contact her to keep her informed, I had to make a video call and Uyên had remained in the dark. She had been such a great companion in the bar where she worked and really communicate in her messener except posting a pic once in a while. Uyên knew many ladyboys in HCMC. She was like a central character in this world. She actually came from Cần Thơ the main city in the area and districts of the delta of Mekong. She hated Chinese people for introducing Covid into Vietnam (News had said first contamonations came from Chinese people) and criticized the way the communist administration struggled against covid during the 1st lock down in April 2020. I wish she had gone through the covid crisis so that we would have met again. Her funerals took place on September 20th, 2020.
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