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  1. I wouldn't have bet that Nan is the oldest. The problem with young femboys is when they look hot and sweet but turns out to be extremely shy in the room. I didn't experience it at KRU, but I had paid what I saw as a high price for a femboy in a go go in BKK and she was like a virgin unable to bottom. At the end of teh same trip, I had visited KRU and had been wary of these good looking but shy femboys.
  2. Nothing much to review since last week. However, here's a page posted by a Chinese guy to purchase cages in China. This address is intended for use with a smartphone. I couldn't find a corresponding page suitable for use on a personal computer or desktop. BTW, this is a page of Taobao website. Taobao is the Chienese version of Ali Express. I started being tired of watching pics with cock cages, I was on the brink of photo overload. I found more discussion groups showing porn videos and photos. I could find more CD sissies Twitter accounts. It seems that many sissies are occasional crossdressers or crossdressers to go to public places and shoot photos or videos of their cocks and cages. I can't measure how widespread this phenomenon is, but I can easily find social media accounts with photos that claim it in a certain way. regretfully, many of these accounts don't post contacts and ask for money to provide more videos.
  3. I don't know about Obsessions after the pandemic, but I remember when I visited the place at the end of my last trip in Bangkok. I had met the ladyboy called Pam in ladyboyguide. She wanted to go back home early since the next day was a religious day. She looked as sweet as in the video. I had visited the place again on the next day and found her mates uninteresting. BTW, I see Obsessions as a Go Go bar, not a classical bar.
  4. I have seen no Pepsi, only brandies that aren't meant for drinking but for use in pastries.
  5. BS. France is essentially a monarchy in many aspects.
  6. What happened to Pam ? She was the only one who drew my attention before covid. BTW, Pam was her name given at ladyboyguide.com.
  7. No flaming but I realize it's difficult to find good quality ladyboys, particularly after the pandemic. However, if I happen to return to Pattaya one day, I will mainly look for freelancers (like Mooter) but will also visit KRU and see if one of the femboys is able to seduce me for a ST or a LT.
  8. Thailand? A democracy? No kidding? IMHO, much like several other Asian countries, the populace allows a political party to dictate in the name of an alleged majority. When I observe how political life has unfolded in Asian countries, it strikes me that Vietnam, with its singular Communist Party, is perhaps the most democratic country in East Asia (excluding Japan, of course). But I concur that Thai people are quite indifferent to the identity of their visitors. Prejudiced foreigners may not appreciate that Thai people might prefer Indians (due to their own biases), but they often fail to recognize that Indians can make for more engaging guests. In Vietnam, I encountered Korean visitors in bars, though I hesitate to use the term 'met' since we didn't engage in conversation. Nevertheless, I found bars with polite, unobtrusive Korean patrons more appealing than those frequented by British tourists displaying unruly behavior. Having encountered Russians in a different setting (Vietnam), I wouldn't label them as impolite, but Russians do tend to exhibit certain cultural traits. They often ventured out in small groups, usually consisting of one or two families, led by the patriarchs of the family, often alpha males in their 50s, who diligently watched over their entourage, particularly young adult daughters or teenage girls. It was common to see them sporting swim shorts that matched their shirts, and the boys, whether children or adolescents, frequently dressed alike, akin to a uniform. This is a scene you've likely witnessed in Pattaya as well. While some Russians adopted a more upscale American-style behavior, quickly hopping into a taxi to reach the nearest airport and catch a flight at HCMC airport, others embraced a more casual persona, complete with long hair and surf attire. However, it appeared that Vietnamese locals didn't always appreciate this type of foreign visitors before the pandemic. Post-pandemic, the groups began to be led by women in their 50s or 60s, and young men often pretended to hail from Kyrgyzstan or another similar republic.
  9. KRU's gurls look prettier dressed than in bikini. IMHO, they are older (or not so slim) as they used to be a few years ago. I think they look older.
  10. Perhaps they were using an estimated weight system based on international standards and they bet that Thai people average is lighter.
  11. Oh ! It seems not so many BMs enjoyed the warm milk tea. Too many sensible people probably. I think I have covered all the topic now except a last point. I was told all the sissies are men, almost macho men but I still have a controversy in my mind since I saw quite a few pics of sissy men crossdressing. One of them uses time when his roommates are out to crossdress and shoot photos of his sex. The favorite dress seems to be white stockings (followed by black stockings too). Most of the crossdressers seem to be young. One of the sissy men posted he had to go for a 14 days military training. He decided to keep his cage on his cock and hope not to be caught. He ended up in the section for misfit crew. I had no news of him today. Here are a few more photos. To sum it up, 娘娘 (Niang niang) pr the English word sissy seems to be used in China for all kind of people wearing a chastity cage. The most surprising is that many seem to be ordinary men who hide they are gay or want to crossdress. I checked twitter accounts when I could. Many are CD Sissies. They wear a cage and like to crossdress. They enjoy going out at night and shoot insane photos or videos. It seems to be their reaction against the Chienese repression against effeminate men. Then they go back home and return to the ordinary life of a normal citizen. Many of them post they are not looking for meetings (no offline dating). Last but not least, their twiiter pages are full of reposting, particularly pics of Japanese sissies or CD. PS : just a reminder about Chinese words as I found them : ladyboy, TS, CD (used in English) 娘娘腔 : sissy 变性人: transexual (seldom used) 假女孩 : fake girl, pseudo girl or femboy 假妈妈 : fake mother (transgender) 伪妈妈 : pseudo mother I also found videos of "TS sissies" hanging in the streets at night. The word may be combined with others.
  12. Strange. Most national or international regulations of ICAO members define standard masses for heavy carrier flights (e.g., JAR-OPS1, FAR-121). Why stop using an approved estmated weight system ?
  13. BTW, I told the guy he should post in a real ladyboys forum.
  14. Here is the video. I managed to convert it into an MP4 format accepted by LBR. I hope you won't be disturbed by the watermarks of the freeware I used. Viewer discretion is advised, even an informed audience might find the content off-putting. MTcf.mp4 If you go to China, don't forget to order warm tea with milk from your room service.
  15. I asked you since a guy announced in a European forum he will be in BKK on September 20th. He's looking for someone to go round and have a drink at CIB.
  16. Are you still in Bangkok Dan Miller ?
  17. I liked this photo. So I tried to lighten it.
  18. I don't know. I haven't gone into that level of detail, but I'm following the reasoning of what I've read on Telegram. I haven't met the sissies I described. The live in China. I have never met anyone wearing a cage too. This is like a fantasy at my stage. I just felt like sharing facts that surprised me. I have seen very low prices in china, so I'm not sirprised one can find cheaper and cheaper. Here's something I discovered this week. Chinese sissies also use a urethral catheter. I'm not sure of the purpose but I found a discussion tonight of a guy who complained he couldn't pee with his cage on and someone advised him to use such a cathter. Beware, the video is likely to be shocking. 0.MP4 Tommorrow, I will (try to) post another strange video. It lasts more than 9 minutes and I have problems to convert and upload it to the forum.
  19. Thanks for your advice. Here is a more feminizing product in the Thai website following this link. BTW, I had chatted about lazada with the Malaysian sissy. For unkown reasons, she didn't trust lazada. I found out the mother company is based in Singapore and they have several branch companies around Asia. It looks like a serious company. Here's a more complete collection in the Malaysian website.
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