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  1. 1. I was hoping a fellow Brit would hazard a guess... but it's John Terry, caption of Chelsea FC in 2012 when they won the Champions League (that's like the World Series but for a real sport). He was suspended so didn't play in the final which Chelsea won but at full time he got changed into his kit and posed for photo's with the Cup and as a result because the subject of criticism in the press and much mocking and many memes that continues to this day. This was a friendly jibe at Scott who obviously did not compete in the Volley Ball himself but is pictured in the celebration photos. 2. I was referencing Pdogg above - I liked the nickname but don't believe it was the official name. For reasons I'm not going in to, several bars - I believe bumblebee is correct - held an alternative charity event when they declined to take part in the Volley Ball.
  2. The Rebel Alliance Back in 2013 the first Charity Volley Ball event was hosted... Winners of Charity Volley Ball 2013 - Sensations (above) I attended in 2013 and again in 2014. The stand-out player of 2014 was Miley who was working at Baby Boom at the time. She also caught my eye for other reasons, her androgynous look was really up my street. Miley and Benz, my wingmans date for the night a ladyboy from a Bangkok Bar (below) However for my enjoyment the event had run it's course after 2 years and I haven't attended since. However in 2015 there was a "Rebel Alliance" event in the form of an all day pool party at Coco Resort. The format of the day allowed for much more interaction and for my money was much more enjoyable. Tokky the previous Miss Wet T-Shirt Winner and below the 2015 Entrants:
  3. p.s. The fish are just the shell-shocked fish that were at La Bamba. Sadly I think all / most them died as they "take a lot of looking after".
  4. Nancy Boy And it all breaks down at the role reversal Got the muse in my head she's universal I don’t recall seeing or meeting Nancy until the Coco Resort Pool Party in November 2015, several years after my stay at La Bamba however she made quite the impression on me but even more so on my new friend from London (I forget his BM name). This was the first time I met Nancy, and I was surprised at how pretty she was. The sun had set, and I was sat by the pool shooting the breeze with the Norwegian Viking known as Kinkoy when Nancy decided to give us a bit of a show by groping, molesting and dry humping her friend Ammy who had been innocently lounging by the pool. When things wrapped up at Coco resort everyone went their own way but my wingman and I reconvened at 69 Bar around 10pm. My friend was undecided between bar-fining Ammy or blonde haired Fon/Fogus. To help matters along a little I suggested to Ammy that she might like to take him to see her friend Nancy, as I knew he had a thing for Nancy too, which is exactly what happened. I didn’t ever get the full story of from my friend, in fact he was rather sheepish about the whole matter, but a couple of days later I saw Ammy who amid bursts of uncontrollable laughter gave me some insight into the events of that night — I think the words “screamed/cried like a little girl” were used but that may just be my memory paraphrasing her version of events. It seems my friend was under the mistaken impression that he “could take Nancy”. It brings to mind that old adage: “be careful what you wish for”.
  5. La la la la Bamba Staying at La Bamba was dusk till dawn Bunga Bunga parties, with more ladycock than you could shake a stick at. An endless parade of beautiful lady boys wanting to be serviced, and an equally large number wanting to service me. Or at least that is how I imagined it the reality was somewhat more mundane. If memory serves me correctly I stayed in a non-descript, 500bt per night, little room above the bar on consecutive trips around 2013/2014. I’ve never really got in to the flow of things at La Bamba, I don’t think their operating model suits me, yet I’ll still call in for a drink once or twice each trip. I had hoped that staying above the bar would change that but for some reason it didn’t. My most vivid memories are struggling to check in first thing in the “ladyboy morning” i.e. 2pm because everyone was still fast asleep and the fish gawping at the goings on it the bar (I’ve never seen fish so shocked before). Some of the wild-life spotted at La Bamba during my stay. I believe Cindy also had a room above the bar and I’d see and chat to her most lunch times (or breakfast in ladyboy time) but I think I was a little intimidated at the thought of bar-fining her back then. The room still saw plently of action from the take-out I’d bring back with me but none of the La Bamba girls crossed my threshold.
  6. Addendum At the time I was pretty peeved with Ammy for switching her allegiances and swore never to put any business her way. However a mere 2 ½ years later my resolve weakened after a rather flirtatious few hours at New Sensations... Sascha famously turned out to be a bit of a bunny boiler – she even got her own thread “LadyboySascha 's hall of shame” at the forum we shall not mention. Until I finally blocked her I would see her posting on LINE several times a week a photo of a different guy with a tirade about how he was the worst man in the world. Of course I confronted her about this one time... ...for some reason (I think not visitting her masage shop even though I'd not made any promise to do so) I made her hall of fame but a few days/weeks later she’d forgotten all about me and was claiming someone else was the “worst guy”. Ladyboys are so fickle.
  7. We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat Chief That reminds me of a road/boat trip I attended at the end of October 2013. During my early studies of the new world I read about the Famous bar boat trips back in the day, so when Sensations bar organised a trip my Psydekick and I jumped at the chance to relive these in-Famous adventures. Scott & Paeng organised a full itinerary that involved a floating market, Erawan waterfalls, a slow boat trip down the River kwai overnight accommodation and a visit to the Bridge over the River kwai. From my perspective it was a great excursion, one of the highlights of all my trips to Thailand, but a number of people dropped out of the last minute without even having paid a deposit. Non payers and having to close the bar for one or two nights meant that future trips were no longer financially viable so these are a very rare occurrence indeed these days. Erawan Falls (above). Poppy & Emmy/Ammy (below). It was through Poppy I met another BM, TheLuckyBacker, who became a good friend of mine. We would later go on a little history trip to Korat together but that's a different story. Ammy entire nautical knowledge was based on the film Titanic so she was taking no chances! Little Owe for some reason insisted on wearing that silly hat and fluffy slippers. I remember her making her beau carry hey entire 20kg suitcase up Erawan falls as she "didn't know what she'd need until she got there" Sascha (above). Ked (below). Anyone recognise this little cutie (above)? It's Princess Janny - runner up at Ladyboy Bikinin contest at The Roof (above left) and 2nd Place at Ladyboy Beauty Contest at The Roof (below). Natalie/Sascha (above). Poppy and Sexy Pancake. Neither my wing man no I took a partner, but there were maybe half a dozen girls from Sensations that were unaccompanied as well. Together we formed a small gang at the back of the bus and I spent much of a journey there fondling Ammy. Unfortunately things went south at a bit when we docked at our hotel for the night. In the allocating of rooms I somehow lost sight of Ammy and when I return for dinner after a short disco now she's gone on off with another BM. Owe (above) still wearing silly hat and fluffy slippers. The Boat Pary (below) at the end of the days sailing. Bridge over the River Kwai (above). The Party Bus (below). She spent the return journey flitting between this guy who was clearly uninterested in her presence having shot his load and tried to convince me that she’d gone to bed alone last night because she was tired. Fortunately in Thailand when one door closes another one opens, and Natalie aka Sasha who I think was with bm HelloKatoey kept popping to a back of a bus for a fondle and a grope under the guise of talking to her friends. When we arrived back in Pattaya her squeeze paid her off, and she seamlessly joined me in my room above La Bamba. She was intent in staying with me but I wasn't interested in LT so it became a little awkward as I ushered her out of the door.
  8. Beer Me Up That is Beer, she used to work at Foxy's Bar on Soi 6 opposite Queen Victoria Hotel. She'd got a wonderfully slutty look and her performance lived up to that unwritten promise. Things would often get very pornographic in the bar, exchanging blow-jobs over a drink before "getting a room". Beer at Foxy's Bar as viewed from my hotel room at Queen Vic (above). And in my hotel room about 25 minutes later (below). Octpber 2013. I never took her Long Time but had several afternoon Short-Times with her each trip over a few year period. She told me once that her record for number of short-times was 7 in one day, but then she slept for 24 hours after. I thought that was a lot, but in retrospect years later I now realise that sleeping for 24 hours per day is about average for a Thai Ladyboy. She'd got quite a penchant for expensive shoes, and had some "wealthy" customers who would take her to to Bangkok for a few days and buy her a pair of shoes in payment - if this was a hint it was enough to put me off suggesting LT. Beer at Foxy's Bar telling me to include her shoes in the photo (above) and in the short-time room (below). April 2014. She had also got a minor obsession with plastic surgery inparticular making her ass bigger and bigger ending up with rediculous proportions. Her money wasn't all spent on surgery and shoes though, as part of my visits she enjoyed showing me the photos of the house she built in Buriram and the donations she gives to the local school. When Foxy's Bar changed ownership (I think at the end of 2015) they sacked most of the staff, but as the big earner they asked Beer to stay, in a show of solidarity she told them to stuff the job and moved to a bar on Walking Street. Beer at Foxy's Bar modelling another pair of designer shoes. April 2015 I didn't see Beer after she left Foxy's Bar, in fact I rarely visitted Soi Six since and she may have been my last barfine from Soi Six. I did run in to her recently, either on my last trip in November 2019 or the trip before in April, she was on the back of a moto-taxi and I was in my scooter heading towards Walking Street along Soi Buakhao so only managed to exchange a brief shouted greeting.
  9. I hooked up with Jonelle Brooks on Grindr in Pattaya, 12 months ago I think it was. I only had to pay for the room at Full Love Inn. https://www.ashemaletube.com/model/jonelle-brooks-1402/ I also noticed there's a lot of out-of-towners on Grinder around the time of the Miss Tiffany International final.
  10. The Sanook factor is something I should have have mentioned, it's something your alter-ego The Sith swears by and quite rightly so.
  11. ...continued: You’re Hired! Occasionally one will meet the grade – someone who looks good, is good match sexually, and isn’t too high maintenance or otherwise too much of a pain in the ass for an extended period of time – and I’ll take her away with me. Typically somewhere a little more romantic than Pattaya (if you can imagine such a thing) such as Krabi or somewhere else of great natural beauty. And we’ll do typical holiday things you’d do as a couple but probably wouldn’t do as a monger / or perhaps wouldn’t enjoy as much on your own. "give me something to eat, I'm hungry" "so I put this on and we go snorkling to find the fish I want for dinner right?" Remember to regularly feed your ladyboy or she'll find some subtle way to let you know she's not happy. "hurry up I think they're serving dinner this way" "are you going number one, or number two?" "is it time for sleeping yet?" "I wonder if this is edible?" Sometimes you just need to kick back and enjoy the view. "did you say it's dinner time?" ...but then it's back to reality and the search continues for the next part-time Mrs Snoop Dawg.
  12. Modus Operandi There’s been a bit of discussion about my “modus operandi” so I thought I’d use this as an excuse to post a few rando photo’s of ladyboys from my vaults whilst giving my two peneth about it... The Introduction I’m always on the look out for fresh blood; age isn’t really a factor but sadly ladyboys like athletes have a limitted shelf life and after 25 the drinking, smoking and time itself starts to take a toll on their looks. I haven’t really got a type imo though I have got a reputation for preferring femboys (as rediculous as that term is) but sometimes my dick gives a twitch and I just have to have that girl. The Interview The great thing about p4p is you get the sex out of the way on the first night; you don’t have to spend time and effort courting some bombshell to find out that she’s frigid or just plain boring in the sack. Once I find someone that looks good and is a hit in the bedroom then I’m bound to repeat; maybe just a regular booty call or taking them out on pseudo-dates, a lot depends on their response to any hints I might drop. They don't know it but they are actually being interviewed, or test-driven, as a potential holiday companion. Many don’t pass and remain fuck buddys (for at least a limitted time) or worse still a good portion get sponsored (sorry to break it to you gents but if you think you’re they’re boyfriend, unless you’re living with them then you’re not and it is little impediment to getting them in the sack, they’re just more discreet about it) or otherwise disappear off the scene . tbc...
  13. I wasn't aware that Sugas had done any porn, but I wasn't shocked when I found out. It's hardly uncomment. I didn't watch the video, I understand some people enjoy golden showers (giving and recieving) but it does nothing for me. I also don't enjoy watching guys in porn, I prefer ladyboy on ladyboy, ladyboy on girl, or lesbian porn. Out of curiosity I looked her up on ashemaletube.com but there was nothing she'd done that was of interest to me. Dave Man Club was on Soi 7 (near Anaconda) but it either moved or closed years ago.
  14. Expecting to Fly ...continued: [@RomI hope bought her a razor before sending her home? @P&G, @Woodie @seven thank you for you posts, let me finish off my reply to Rom before responding.] Although Yui’s behaviour, or that of her family, does not seem out of the ordinary for a bargirl it isn’t always the case. Take Nok Yung for instance; I met Nok Yung at Anaconda bar on my second trip to Pattaya during Song Kran of 2012 when she was still farm-fresh – from the moment I walked in the other girls didn’t stand a chance, I’d only eyes for that beautiful smile of hers. Nok Yung at Anaconda - Songkran 2012 (I apologise for the poor quality of the photos it wasn't until my next trip that I invested in a camera instead of phone) I bar-fined her twice that trip but it wasn’t until my following trip 6 months later that I’d start to enjoy the first of many LT GFE’s with her. I bar-fined her for several days – breaking that 3 days rule – and going on dates and visiting the various sites around Pattaya that I’d learnt about from Paultain. Nok Yung and Ploy (formerly of Horny Bar) with hansum Snoop Dawg at Dave Man Club (December 2012) Nok Yung and I at Million Years Stone Park & Crocodile Farm When Anaconda closed Nok Yung returned to her hometown of Buriram, gradually spending the hard-earned “bolt-on” fund. I’d asked her to join me a couple of time on my visits to Pattaya but it had never happened so for Songkran 2014 I decided to pay her a visit. Despite me telling her several times I was coming to Buriram she didn’t seem to realise of believe this until I was actually on the bus from Bangkok! Despite my doubts she did actually come to my motel when I messaged that I’d arrived, but there was a knock on my door and by some small miracle it was Nok Yung! Celebrations of Buriram Stadium (above) - Songkran 2014 Songkran celebration at Nok Yung's village (above). Nok Yungswater-buffalo (below) not sick. We spent the first day in at Thunder Castle (Buriram FC’s ground) enjoying the songkran festivities. The following day we went to Nok Yung’s village – about 45 minutes north of Buriram centre – for the celebrations / party / parade. I didn’t meet her family, but I did meet plenty of her friends, and apart from a group of lads asking for 50 or 100bt for a bottle of Chang between them no-one was looking to mooch off me – a complete contrast to when I went to Yui’s home in Udon. I was asked to contribute to fuel a few times that someone took us somewhere – such as the journey from her village back to the centre of town – which was perfectly reasonable – but half the time they would not accept petrol money. Phanom Rung Historical Park (above). Prasat Muang Tam (below). ACL match at iMobile Stadium, Buriram vs Shandong Leung. After Songkran we caught a bus down to the island of Koh Samed then from there to Pattaya. Naturally I paid for everything including the occasional visit to the salon or a 1000bt so I could go for a sneaky ST whilst sending her shopping for a new outfit or two. But there were no demands for money to pay for the sick water-buffalo or trips to the jewellers. Nok Yung at Koh Samed Nok Yung at the Salon prior to catching a show at Tiffany (above). Nok Yung and Opp at Dave Man Club (below). The following year I did pretty much the same thing, except that after Songkran we went to Ubon Ratchathani, not an entirely successful trip because all the waterfalls we went to see were all dried up as it was dry season. However Nok Yung was not at all demanding in any way including financially. Nok Yung and I at Speed Disco in Buriram Buriam (above). Ubon Ratchathani. Nok Yung at Thung Si Muang Park Nok Yung at Pattaya Noi (above). Soi Sawan Waterfall (above/below) Wat-Thung-Si-Muang (above). Ko Hat Wat Tai Beach (below). But when it came time to part ways she was very emotional, ranging from being quiet and withdrawn to sobbing uncontrollably. In the interest of transparency I should say that the night before Yui and I parted she cried herself to sleep but I always thought it was more because of what I represented rather than (or at least as much as) than because I was leaving her. Whereas with Nok Yung I believe that she genuinely became emotionally attached to me (not my money) which is partly why I didn’t see her again after that second Songkran. I never fell in love with Nok Yung but I was very fond of her and it was heart-wrenching seeing how upset she was when we parted ways. I tell myself that she deserves better – someone who feels the same way about her – but I was also quite selfish in protecting my own feelings by deciding not to see her again. Eventually the money ran out – the money I left her, meant she was able to stay in Buriram a while longer but eventually she had to return to Pattaya. She now works at Baby Boom but the good news is she managed to buy those bolt-ons (self financed) and has got a boyfriend of sorts. Perhaps one day he’ll take her out of the bar and make an honest woman of her. She deserves it. Nok Yung (March 2020) So to eventually get back to your question Rom… The stereotype of the gold-digging bargirl, like all stereo-types, exists for a reason because it is based on a truth. It doesn’t mean that it is true that all Thai ladyboys see farangs as walking ATM’s and some are less demanding that others. However we should all remember when we meet bargirls they are there for a reason, us mongers are their meal-ticket to a better life either by 1000bt a time or buying that house for them in Isaan. Likewise many (but not all) mongers are looking to get laid not for love and it is the bargirls responsibility to remember that – it’s both good manners and good Karma to treat people nicely but it'ss not the same as love. Personally I always keep that old adage in mind; treat them like a lady but don’t forget that they are an whore – if unfortunately by being “nice” I am actually being selfish in extricating better GFE by offering the false hope of something more then it’s a by product not my intention, I don’t lie to them or make them false promises. Besides being nice does not always equate to better service as I'm sure we can all atest to.
  15. Coin Operated Girlfriend In answer to your question Rom I once read that love and money are intrinsically linked in Thai culture, the idea of “taking care” (financially) of loved ones. The Western idea of “for richer, for poorer” is not something the Thais subscribe to – well at least not the poorer part. But to answer this more fully let me tell you about 2 different ladyboys and my relationship with each of them over a 3 year period form April 2012 onwards. On my December 2012 trip to Udon Thani I met Yui in Mr tongs nightclub; she stayed with me a couple of days chauffeuring me around on her scooter. Back then I used to put some money in the girls handbag before departing if I was unsure as to whether they are on the game – however Yui hadn’t spotted this when it came time for me to leave and asked if “aren't you going to give me some money?”. She was a little embarrassed when I told her what I’d done, though she shouldn’t have been, but perhaps it should have been a warning sign. Anyway we got on quite well and her English was good so stayed in touch, talking on facebook/skype most weeks. Yui December 2012 in Udon Thani When I brought up the subject of travel she expressed an interest in going to Chiang Mai so I decided for my upcoming trip in April or 2013 to take her with me on a loop round from Chiang Mai, Mae Sa, the Golden Triangle and Chiang Rai. I flew up to Udon Thani to meet her and her family; where I was promptly treated like an ATM by her family – filling up the car (it ended up costing me 500bt from the airport to the centre of Udon which was about a 150bt taxi fare because I hadn’t got anything smaller), trips for groceries where a random relative would walk in to the shop and put things like sweets and batteries into the basket then piss off without saying a work etc. And of course a little shopping trip for holiday “essentials” which we could take back to her bar to show off to her friends, where I of course was asked by her to ring the bell. Yui and I, April 2013, in Udon Thai - our hotel (above) and Yui's home (below) After Udon we flew up to Chiang Mai – her first time on a place I recall, and it was quite endearing to behold her nervousness and excitement. We had a few days there walking around the old town; visiting Doi Suthep, Bhubing Palace, Hmong Village; and of course going to see Lin Ping at Chiang Mai Zoo. One evening her sister and husband, who were living in Chiang Mai, paid us a visit; of course I paid for dinner which I fully expected but then I was also tapped for transport money to cover the cost of them visiting us. Yui at Udon Thani Airport Yui at Wat Phan Tao Yui, her sister and brother-in-law at a restaurant at Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. Yui and I as Doi Suthep Yui at Bhubing Palace grounds (actually a garden) Yui wearing traditional clothing at Hmong Village in Chiang Mai Yui at Chiang Mai Night Market After a few days in Chiang Mai I hired a car for to travel from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai in 3 days, then back to Chiang Mai. The sightseeing was a success but the passion quickly fizzled with the seven year itch compressed down to a 7-day itch. In all fairness I did enjoy her company and once away from her family the leeching pretty much stopped but the desire had gone; romance was dead. Yui at Wat Tham Chiang Dao cave (above and below 4) Yui at Doi Angkhang (above) Yui at Wat Thaton (above) Chinese Martyrs Memorial Museum (above) Yui feeding monkeys at Tham Pla Cave (above) Golden Triangle (above) Yui at The Golden Triangle (above) Yui at Wat Rong Khun aka The White Temple (above and below 2) near Chiang Rai Yui at Doi Luang National Park (above) Yui and I at Nampuron Tavieesin Hotspring on the way back from Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai Chiang Mai Zoo (above 2 and below) Yui at Mae Sa Elephant Camp Yui and some friends we made at Kat's Bar in Chiang Mai. On our return to Udon Thani I was totally fed up with her presence and being taken somewhat for granted so suggested perhaps we should part ways a day early and I would enjoy my final night in Udon alone but that got scuppered when she told me her mum was coming with a gift (and to tap me up for another 500bt) though it left her in no doubt the relationship was over. In despite of that we did have a good night out with her friends but by the time we got back to my hotel she was visibly upset. Yui on at final night out in Udon (above). We stayed in contact by Facebook and when I went to Laos via Udon Thani in 2016 I bumped into her working at the same bar Bar in Day and Night complex where she’s still working today. Yui April 2016 (above) and Yui March 2020 (below) now with new nose, teeth and inplants. A few years ago I noticed she’d got a new boyfriend, an Aussie who bore a resemblance to Daniel Ricciardo, but like our brief affair it only lasted until his second holiday visit to see her. It seems she learnt nothing from our encounter or the years inbetween and is still seeking that pot of gold at the end of the farang rainbow. To be continued...
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