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  1. OMB! Gays in Thailand. Whatever next!?!
  2. The Faceless Men I wish I could say my own coming out, or unmasking as it were, was for noble or profound reasons but the truth is that it simply seemed pointless hiding. I no longer seem to be anonymous when I'm in Pattaya, I can't help but meet people who already know who I am (a situation of my own creation) plus Britain is not only a more tolerant but a more accepting place than it was just 10 years ago. Despite my well publishes adventures over the past decade I’m a actually quite a private person; something that would seem quite incongruous to my prolific sharing of trip reports and sexual exploits. But what this means to me is that I’m no-longer hiding my status as ladyboy lover but nor am I shouting it from the rooftops as there is no advantage in doing so despite living in a more enlightened country and time. As I’ve said in previous posts not all countries (in SE Asia) are as accepting of the third-gender as Thailand, yet there is another country that despite this where ladyboys have flourished like beautiful wild flowers in a concrete jungle. If there is one country in the world that could compete with Thailand for its ladyboys it would be PI-land. The adventures of a BM called Valar Dohaeris (whatever happened to him? Legend has it that he is able to change his identity at will, so he could be anywhere or anyone by now) piqued my interest in visiting the Philippines. It was based largely upon his advice, that I finally planned what perhaps seems like a long overdue trip to Manila, Angeles City and Cebu to sample the local delicacies. The travel recommendations for a monger though do not overlap with Instagram tourists so perhaps that's why I found the cities were lacking in culture compared to other southeast Asian countries I've visited, but when I got down to the island of Panglao and Bohol it was much more picturesque and interesting and there was even a limited amount of p4p. What really enchanted me about Philippines though was the ladyboys so that when my time there was up I was left with a rare feeling of unfinished business there, giving a new meaning to the phrase, “always leave them wanting more” (as it was me who was left wanting). Manila - Nov 2019 Jeepney - the PI equivalent of Baht Bus (above). Fort Santiago (below). The Minor Basilica and Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (above). P Burgos Street at night (below) - the Red Light district. Angeles City - Nov 2019 PI's answer to the tuk tuk, the trike (motorbike and sidecar) and Hotel America in the background (along 21st Street which become Fields Ave) A bar/club just off Walking Street (above). A rainy day somewhere along 22nd Street (below). Walking Street at night (much quieter and smaller than Pattaya). Cebu - Nov 2019 View from Horizon's 101 Cebu (above). Santo Niño, the oldest church in the coutry. (below). Fort San Pedro (above and below). Heritage of Cebu Monument (above). Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House (below). Fuente Osmeña Circle (below) - near Mango Square. Bohol / Panglao - Nov 2019 Chocolate Hills (above). Loboc River Cruise (below). Baclayon Church (above). Alona Beach, Panglao (below). In preparation for my trip I signed up to Pinaylove - an almost identical site to thaifriendly. I was actually flicking through one day when I chanced upon Anne; what captured my attention was the obvious intelligence discernible from her profile bio. And perhaps I saw a kindred spirit in the slightly geeky pinay who enjoyed reading and history/mythology. I had planned for just one day (two nights) in Manila but despite living over an hours journey from the city centre she agreed to meet for a days sightseeing around the Intramuros area – a proper date with someone who was just 21 years my junior and the first Pinay I spent any time with. Through the course of the day she revealed that until a few months previous she’d had a boyfriend for 3-4 years but he’d been embarrassed to be seen with her in public (the faggot). Anne and myself sightseeing around Intramuros. Despite the prevalence of Filipina ladyboys they are very much the bottom of the social ladder and are treated with distain by much of society. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say that despite this bigotry, no doubt a result of the Catholic faith (compared to Budhism in LOS) which isn’t exactly known for tolerance (though is not as bad as others), ladyboys are still very much in the open. Karla (above) - made out of brown sugar, cocoa, honey and gold. Met her on the mean streets of Angeles City and took this photo in the elevator of my hotel. Jenny (above) - I met her and two of her (trans) friends in Marshall's Irish Pub in Cebu. I actually hooked up with her friend because she was wearing some unresitable fuck me shorts but I had a good chat with Jenny who like her friends works in call centre. Apparently Philippines has since taken over, from India, as call center capital of the world which is no bad thing imo. Farah Nina at Venice Mall, Manila - I actually met her my first night whilst at Cafe Cubana but didn't hook up until my return to the city at the end of my holiday. In the mean time she sent me a series of pornographic selfies to keep my interest piqued. During my 10 days in in PI I met a number of ladyboys, a series of one-night-stands, but one common thread I noticed amongst nearly all was their desire to be accepted. Treating them with respect and kindness seemed to go a long way and genuinely mean a lot to them. More than one ladyboy asked if I didn’t mind holding her hand in public, and when I said “of course not, you’re beautiful and I’m proud to be seen with you” she would hold my hand even tighter. Why should I mind being seen.
  3. Actually it was quite busy. A popular tourist destination so loads of foriegners and at rush hour the narrow roads grind to a standstill. We made the effort to go sightseeing early to avoid both the heat and crowds with some success. Thanks for the kind words. Hopefully our next trip will coincide! Thanks! If you want any photos inparticular I can zip them up and send them over. I resize them for the forum but still have the high res images.
  4. A Beagle Abroad Vientiane was my first solo trip abroad. During my childhood my family went to St. Ives, Cornwall every year for holidays and this continued until my early 20’s. Cornwall became like second home to me; I was familiar with the places, and we met up with pretty much the same people each year. In my 30s Thailand has become my home from home, so although it is “abroad” it no-longer feels like a foreign land. So although my April 2016 trip to Laos was not my first solo trip abroad, it was how I automatically thought of it. As a result I was a little nervous so didn’t venture far and only popped over the border for a couple of days — I regret that I didn’t plan to stay a little longer and venture a bit further North to Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang but I suppose that’s something I can always put right one day. As always though I did my research and put together a map that I’d use to with the below itinerary. https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1wjvndQflqEsNTyb6BIVCyBEDUTA&usp=sharing https://www.exotravel.com/tours/laos/classic-vientiane/ From Bangkok it can be expensive to fly to Vientiane but it’s quite cheap (circa 1500bt) to fly to Udon Thani and get a minibus over to Laos — the journey is about 1hr and departure is from Central Festival. Border crossing can be a bit confusing with touts etc trying to “help” you but for a fee, so it’s best to read up in advance. And don’t forget 2x passport sized photo! Minibus ticket office in Udon Thani (above) and Map of "Historic" Vientiance (below) Despite being the capital city of Laos, Vientiane is more on par with an Isaan city such as Udon Thani or Khon Kaen in terms of size but the influence of the French colonization has meant there’s a bit of a European influence most notable in the dining options. Makphet Restaurant for example a charity-run restaurant aiming to train the area’s street children. There’s also a night market along the riverside that is well worth visiting. It can be tiring doing both the tourist thing and checking out the nightlife, especially in the humidity of SE Asia, but as every I endeavored to do both. View of the street near Wat Mixai area (above). Patuxay Monument (below). Presidential Palace (above). Wat Si Muang (below) Statue of LoverBoy25 (above). Spunik Burger (below). There aren’t (or at least weren’t 4 years go) any Thailand style monger bars but there are a handful of bars that are popular amongst locals and visitors. I visited a few and found Bor Pen Nyang to be the best; it’s got a reputation for having freelancers looking for tricks and it is where I met Hannah and Pee — the former was with some young guy who had met her up North and was backpacking around SE Asia but Pee pounced on me when I let slip that I knew all the ladyboy bars in Pattaya that Hannah had claimed to have worked at. After we went to a club to the West of the city called @Home Club — like a small version of Marine Disco from what I remember and a good place to pick up some tuppence later at night. Anyone familiar with Thailand will know there are quite a few Laos ladyboys working in Thailand and when they pop back over the border to renew their visas they often stop in Vientiane. Kendo told me once he bumped in to Fah of Guess Bar under such circumstances. Mix Ok Inn (Above) - the concierge was a proper Del-boy called Chang who no doubt could arrange anything for a price. A derelict building (above). Wind West Bar, live music venue (below). Bor Pen Nyang (above). @Home Club (below). I didn’t book a hotel in advance, doing the “backpacker thing”, which in retrospect was a bit of a mistake. I looked at a few places before checking in at Mix Ok Hotel near Wat Mixai. It was 700bt a night (Thai baht and US$ are both readily accepted) which compared to Pattaya was not great value for money. However the location is good; it’s also where the street-walkers, tuk tuk drivers and drug-dealers hang out at night — though compared to Thailand it feels a bit shady, a bit like the Wild West.
  5. ...continued* It was for partly for that reason when I decided to go to Indonesia that I choose to take a ladyboy with me. Of course that's not the only reason - in fact I've had a pretty reasonable success of hooking up with ladyboys in different southeast Asian countries; but some destinations I think are well suited to being done alone - cities in particular. Whereas others like Krabi or Chiang Mai are better enjoyed as a couple. You may be as surprise as I was that I didn't have ladyboys jumping at the chance to go to Bali with me; my first three choices after some hesitation turned me down, so I started putting some feelers out with two or three more. Eventually I decided Candy would be a good choice of companion as she was no stranger to foreign travel even though I did not know her well, so after some gentle persuasion and reassurances she agreed to come with me. Ubud, Bali - April 2019 Tegenungan Waterfall (above) and Kecak Dance at Pura Dalem Taman Kaja (below) Tegallalang Rice Terrace (below) Pura Gunung Kawi temple (above & below) Mount Batur (below) - this involved a 2hr hike before dawn Gili Islands & Lombok - April 2019 Gili Exotic Villa, Gili T (above) and at the beach on Gili Meno (below) Swimming with Turtles off the Gili Islands (below) Bukit Malimbu /Malimbu Hill (above) and Senggigi Beach (below) - Lombok Pura Batu Bolong (below) Taman Narmada (Water park), Lombok - (above and below) Snoop Dawg zip-lining at Taman Narmada (below) Pura Meru, Lombok (below) Yogyakarta - April 2019 Kampung Wisata Taman Sari (above) Kraton - The Palace of Yogyakarta (above and below) Borobudur Temple (above and below) Prambanan Temple (below) We spent some time sightseeing around rice Fields, hiking up mountings, visiting historic temples but also time relaxing at beach. Having someone with me forced me to take things at a slower pace, and take time to enjoy the moment rather than rushing around. There was no difficulty entering the country and we received no negative attention. She proved to be a good companion, keen to go sightseeing even if it was only for the Insta-snaps – she even had a outfit planned in advance for each day based on my itinerary – and the passion dind't dwindle part in thanks to some advice I took from a fellow BM about bringing some lingerie for my girl, though many years living alone has left me ill-disposed to putting up with other people's foibles. *(I intended to just post a few of photo's from each destination but I've got thousands of photos so it became difficult to rationalise these)
  6. The Last Of The Famous International Playboys The years have flown by like minutes. An endless menu of magnificent strangers in foreign lands as I continued supplementing my time in Pattaya with a side trips to other regions. Sometimes with a companion but often flying solo, safe in the knowledge that ladyboys were an abundant fruit ripe for the picking wherever I traveled. It was inevitable that I would eventually run out of new places to visit in Thailand and therefore start looking further afield. Phimai Historical Park (above) and freerange ladyboy picked up at Tawan Dang Disco (below) - Korat (2014) Kendo suggested I check out Laos; I could fly up to Udon Thani and get a bus across the border to Vientiane. The language is very similar, they take Thai baht and USD as well as their own currency, and we all know more than a few ladyboys in Thailand who come from Laos. All in all it's like going abroad without leaving Thailand. I treated it like a weekend city break, enjoying a day in Udon Thani at each side for old time's sake - proving what a small world it as I ran into two of my old flames there are Yui and Pon. It was a similar story when I reached the Vientiane. I did some sightseeing during the day then hit the local bars at night, where of course I met Hannah who used to work at 69 bar / fantasy lounge. Patuxay Monument, Vientiane Laos (above). Unnamed guy, Hannah, Pee and Snoop Dawg (left to right) at @Home Club - Laos April 2016 Buddha ParkAlso known as Xieng Khuan (above) and Pha That Luang (below) That was 4 years ago in 2016, and since then I've visited Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), Indonesia and most recently Philippines. Gardens By the Bay (above) and Marina Bay (below) - Singapore Nov 2016 Laos (or at least Vientiane), Cambodia and Burma were like a poorer Thailand - though Burma didn't have any ladyboys or p4p scene being a Muslim country - and from a cultural perspective worth visiting. I have very fond memories of Burma despite the lack of p4p - it's a country that's just opening up to tourism and feels very unspoiled. Angkor Wat, Siem Reap - Cambodia April 2017 A cute little spinner I picked up from Barcode in Siem Reap (below) Royal Palace (above) and Choeung Ek Genocidal Memorial (below) Phnom Penh, Cambodia Myanmar aka Burma - The road from Mandalay, to Bagan, Inle Lake and Yangon - Nov 2018 (below) Mandalay Hill (above) - View from Soon Oo Pon Nya Shin Pagoda (below) U Bein Bridge (above) Yandana Sinme Pagoda, Inwa (above) and Maha Aungmye Bonzan (below) Mingun Pahtodawgyi (above) and Lions of Stone, Mingun (below) Mandalay Palace (below) Shwezigon Pagoda (above) and Alodawpyi Pagoda, Bagan (below) - Bagan, Myanmar Alodawpyi Pagoda, Bagan (above) and Mount Popa (below) Inle Lake (below) Cute girl at Utopia Tower (above) and Supreme Court of Myanmar (below) - Yangon Swe Taw Myat Pagoda, Yangon (below) Likewise, Vietnam is rich in culture; I have a theory that most people who have visited southeast Asia will either have Thailand or Vietnam as their favourite destination, and which one is usually the first they visited. I visited both north and south Vietnam; Hanoi and Saigon respectively with a side trip to Halong bay from Hanoi. Of the two I preferred the quaint old town of Hanoi even though there was more nightlife if in Saigon. Though compared to Thailand this pales too in significance - there's next to no p4p scene and there's very few (almost no) ladyboys which I put down to this being a communist state. Though I did meet one ladyboy in Zero Three Bar (Saigon) and I also hooked up with one I met online (also in Saigon) though she was not as attractive as her photos. Bui Vien (Walking) Street - Saigon, Nov 2017 Cao Dai Temple (above and below) Chợ Bình Tây (below) - Saigon aka Ho Chi Minh City Quán Chùa Huyền Thiên (above) and St Joseph Cathedral (below) - Hanoi National Assembly Building (above) and One Pillar Pagoda (below) Imperial Citadel of Thăng Long (below) Halong Bay (above and below) Religion and politics seem to be the main two factors of a number of transsexuals in a country. Something I discovered when I went to Malaysia. Again very enjoyable for sightseeing; I enjoyed a nice city break in Kuala Lumpur followed by a few days on the island of Penang. I didn't see any ladyboys in public, being a mainly Muslim country, but I did manage to hook up with one online in Penang. Central Market (above) and Sultan Abdul Samad Building (below) - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia April/May 2018 Parlimen Malaysia (above) Petronas Towers (above and below) ABC Batu Caves Temple (above) and Istana Negara, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Halim (below) Famous street art in George Town, Penang (above) and Lee Jetty Kek Lok Si Temple (above) and Batu Ferringhi (below) Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion (below) too be continued...
  7. Thanks for such a nice post Rom (for some reason I've only just seen it) - I'll wrap up this in the next few days but it's been fun so thanks for your interaction.
  8. It is quite interesting to read/hear these news reports how certain countries are "successfully" dealing with the pandemic whilst ignoring the economic impact of extended lockdown.
  9. Those Northern Farmers Daughters Ladysons Where did it all go so wrong I hear no-one ask? How did you go from sweet, innocent Yorkshire lad to international playboy? Well I think the pivotal moment, for a number of reasons, was Song Kran of 2012. This was to be the semi infamous TR co-written by a little known BM called Kendo (who subsequently faded back into obscurity — anyone know what happened to him?) and myself. It marked the start of my ventures further afield and helped me overcome any last reservations about traveling alone. It also marked the end of me pursuing relationships with girls back home. Just a few months after my previous trip, and having struck up a bit of a rapport with Kendo, he suggested that I accompany him up to Udon Thani / Isaan. At the time his affections were split between May (who he’d met at Phuket airport) and Jenny the wildcat of Cocktails & Dreams; naturally it didn't end well but it made for a fun ride. May (left) and Shirley (right) at Friendship Bridge in Nong Khai May posing in the room (above) and at Sala Keoku sculpture park (below) We spent the first half of that sojourn in Nong Khai with May; the three of us took a long bus ride out into the middle of Nakon Nowhere, seemingly picked a house at random and demanded the company of whichever son looked prettiest in a dress. Shirley was adorable, never asking for anything, taking good care of me and I'm sad to say I took her for granted. When we left Nong Khai I slipped 3000bt into her handbag — she didn’t realise until sometime after we’d departed at which point she got May to phone Kendo, so she could thank me. I never got her contact details, something I regret a little, and I still wonder to this day what she's doing now. After Nong Khai we headed south to Udon Thani to celebrate Song Kran in Jenny's village by drinking and dancing. In fact, I got so drunk I hooked up with one of Jenny's gg friends, Wan. After a couple of days I left Jen and Kendo to do a bit of exploring around Khon Kaen on my own before returning to Udon. All of this was a real eye-opener for me, on how easy it was to get laid anywhere in Thailand — your options don’t end with go-go bars and “massage” parlours. Wan (left) and Jenny (right) at a Song Kran festival in a small village in the outskirts of Udon Thani dinner at Jenny's house in Isaan (above) Snoop Dawg, Toey aka Nong aka Oei Oei Boogie, and Jenny at Day and Night bar complex in Udon Thani. A ladyboy I picked up on consecutive nights from a Thai disco in Khon Kaen (below) A few days after leaving Isaan a teary-eyed May turned up in Bangkok looking for Kendo and despite having no information at all about where he was staying somehow managed to find him. He felt obliged to bring her along to Pattaya — sand to the beach — before finally paying her off and sending her back to Nakhon Nowhere. Within 2-3 months of returning home I inevitably broke up with the girl I’d been seeing prior to my holiday. She was perfectly nice and it's not as if we didn't get along, but I felt no enthusiasm for seeing her in fact it started to feel like a chore which is not what a relationship should be, so I ended it. What had died was the last breath in me that was human, now I was truly Cock-Wampyre!
  10. The Best Things In Life Are Free I'm sorry if I gave the impression that any of those encounters were free. It's not often freebie are offered but they are possible. I hooked up with Jonelle Brooks via Grindr in November 2018 and all that cost me was 300bt for the short-time room at Full Love Inn. It was the very definition of a quickie, 69'ing until she came then she was out of the door like a shot. Quite amusing really. It wasn't until I travelled to Phillipines for the first time that I really started to take benefit of freebies; many of the girls there are happy just to be taken out on a date and treated with respect - giving them bfe - and will readily put out if you're nice to them. And of course there are others that just want to get laid and if you pay for the taxi will happily come over. But that's another story. Ironically within days of getting back to Thailand from PI I was hit up on Planet Romeo for a booty call by Coco. Only cost to me was travel to her apartment that was out towards Jomtien. She'd obviously got a decent job (in marketing or something simliar) and her apartment was brand new (very nice). Slightly older LB (early 30s) she looked just as good as her photos though as I was her booty call the liaison was more on her terms - she was not looking to provide a service but get laid so it wasn't all about what I wanted, but what she wanted to - which was to be Top only.
  11. Life On The Edge “If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much room” I’ve never had a game of mixed doubles though it is something I have considered; I’m always on the look out for the next thrill but I’m quite particular about the girl and ladyboy who would make up the threesome. I know there are some ladyboys that specialise in this such as Nookie; and I’ve heard that Jum (GG cashier of Sensations) used to make up the threesome but neither of these appeal to me, so I guess I’ll just keep my eyes open for a pairing that does. ...it's exciting to be on the edge of your comfort zone, be that extreme sports or having sex. But that feeling cannot be maintained as you become accustomed to the edge and that becomes the new normal. Hence, you constantly have to keep testing the boundaries and pushing yourself. Not only that, but or because of that, tastes change — what would have turned me on 10 years ago barely raises an eyebrow today let alone anything else. So I’ve gone from the ultra-feminine micro-dicked hormone field ladyboys to alpha-shemales such as Sandy (from Laos). As Kendo said once you start fudging Ladyboys it's "a slippery slope", or was it "a greasy pole"? Same same but different I think. To get anywhere close to the same excitement I felt walking up Bangla Road with sweet little May on my way to my first encounter with the third sex I have to go to more extreme lengths.... case in point my wild night on Soi Buakhao in November 2018, although not a threesome or moresome... Fueled by GnT’s and chocolate popcorn (not a euphemism, genuinely a true story) I accepted a booty call from Junely, picking her up from 69 Bar and taking her back to my room, fucking each other until she left around 2am. 10 minutes later I hit the streets and ended up fucking another four freelancers I picked up from the corner of Soi Buakhao and Soi Lengkee. The first a 40-year old curvy blonde with a room above the 7/11; the second a half thai half pinay who was as tall as me and wanted to fuck everywhere — In front of the mirror, in the table against the wall, in the balcony etc; the third a petite blonde butter face who took me to on her scooter to her room somewhere off 3rd road; and the final ladyboy an off-duty Surprise Yourself girl (I was to later learn her name was Bell whereas the identity of the others remains a mystery) I picked up from Asian Backpackers who came back to my room, and we fucked until 6:30 a.m. When she left I realised there'd be no more freelancers on the street for me to fuck, so I went to bed waking up about 3 hours later still feeling horny. Junely (above) - Bell (below) - not my photos Around the time of my most recent trip, October 2019, Jije came to my attention, so I made an appointment for one afternoon. She suggested that she invite a friend — when I asked who and "how many" she said “surprise” — I guess the reason being the reliability (or lack of) of ladyboys meant that she didn’t know herself in advance rather than wanting to be mysterious or kinky. So I arrive at her appartment, and she’s alone; introductions, freshening up, and then down to business of sucking and fucking. Jije (above) and friends (below) - not my photos and I don't know which of the ladyboys pictured (if any) were the surprise visitors. After a while there’s a knock at the door, Jije puts a blindfold on me and yells something in Thai and another ladyboy enters. Jije is fucking me whilst I’m sucking the cock of the first visitor and shortly after a second ladyboy arrives. Jiji ties me up in some kind of harness and the three of them take turns in fucking my ass and making me suck their cocks until the two visitors cum and then go whilst Jije “takes care of bitch” (her words). Although looking at her friends I could probably make an educated guess as to who the two mystery ladyboy were at the time it was totally unknown which just added to the excitement. I'm not sure where I go from here to up the ante so to speak... perhaps I'll have to make more of an effort to make that neopolitan threesome happen...
  12. Vampire Knights: The Snow Queen & The Peacock The following occurred on Friday 20th April 2012 and was written up shortly after but not published in full (something I was disappointed about at the time and have now got the opportunity to rectify). I asked Nokyung if she'd be up for a threesome, and she seemed keen on the idea, so much so I wondered if she'd misunderstood the question. Although Nokyung was my number #1 draft pick none of the girls were munters so to get the best pairing I asked her which of the girls should join us. She suggested Yuki and although she would not have been my first choice I was happy to go along with Nokungs suggestion, so I asked Yuki down to join us for a drink. Yuki was up for this too so after we finished our drinks the girls put on their civvies grabbed their things and off we went. Nok Yung and Yuki (above). Yuki a few days before (below). As we walked back up Soi 7, a beautiful ladyboy on each arm, for the first time since I had been with my first ladyboy someone actually acknowledge my existence with a shout of "you lucky bastard" as he walked past. The girls seemed to think he was taking the piss but perhaps as I was in such a buoyant mood I choose to believe he was sincere. On the surface it wasn't luck that I was heading back to my hotel with two beautiful ladyboys; I'd come to Thailand with the very intention of meeting and f**king numerous kathoey in the knowledge that they're the most beautiful in the world, I'd gone to Anaconda knowing the girls there are amongst the best in Pattaya, and I'd purposefully chosen to barfine these particular two, however I acknowledge that a fortunate set of circumstances have left me at 35 years old with a not insignificant disposable income that will pay for these adventures. Back at the Queen Vic the night watchman took the girls ID and I was pleased that there wasn't any additional charge for bringing two guests back. Nokyung went for a shower first then I did, when I came out Yuki had disappeared. Mystery solved, she'd climbed out of the window on to the ledge to have a cigarette. I helped her climb back in and told her to use some mouthwash whilst she was in the bathroom; a feeling of consternation washed over me that the girls might be intending to work as a tag team and where as I was under no illusions that there'd be any interaction between them I wanted them both at the same time. I need not have worried though; Nokyung and I started off slowly kissing and fondling, we were both already hard but I was keen not only to prolong the moment but to wait for Yuki. Yuki is a take charge type of girl or alpha-female, her experience providing a good contrast to Nokyungs natural enthusiasm, like Ying and Yang. I started sucking Nokyung's cream cannon whilst Yuki took my tonsil tickler in her mouth. This exquisite joining was already taking me to the brink but I was determined to hold out and make it last. The girls swapped over and I was now sucking Yuki's hose whilst Nokyung felated me, this turned on Yuki even more and after a few minutes she announced she was ready to fuck me. I suggested that Nokyung being the smaller of the two go first to break me in gently but having bagged up she suffered some performance anxiety so I told Yuki to step up to the plate instead. Yuki took me missionary whilst I continued to suck Nokyung, in a moment of enthusiam I heard the two kiss but it was more of a smackeroo than a snog. Getting more enthusiastic once again Nokyung straddled my head so as to better face fuck me. She soon reached a climax unloading in my mouth, this pushed me over the edge and 30 seconds later I came all over my stomach whilst Yuki continued to fuck me. Nokyung left to get cleaned up and Yuki motioned for me to turn over so she could take me doggie style, coming herself a couple of minutes later. Incredible!
  13. *As if to illustrate the point, as I write this, I remembered that my first ladyboy threesome was actually four days earlier in Pattaya. I’ll actually post this for the first time in full, exactly as was written 8 years ago but never posted at request of Rinzler who had subsequently started dating Yuki.
  14. The Rule Of Threes Whilst my wingman was setting up, or more accurately being set up, for his post pool-party threesome I had already got mine primed. I was sat minding my own business watching as Cena was voguing by the pool; as was only polite I got up to take a bite of her ass only to discover that there was a step around the edge of the pool and I therefore fell in as I unknowingly step off the edge. The girls shrieked with amusement, and dove on me, pinning me down and taking turns to mercilessly give me underwater BJ’s. Before everyone left for the evening I exchanged LINE details with Cena and at her suggestion arranged to meet at 69 Bar later for a threesome with another of the 69 girls — I couldn’t believe my luck! Although not my first threesome it was one of the most memorable. Black Ant King was all the rage back then, and we each had half a tab before we left 69. We all climbed on to my scooter and the three of us went back to my hotel, and we took turns in fucking for what seemed like hours, then I was woken twice in the night with separate demands from each girl to fuck them again. I’ve got a score of photo’s from the main event itself, most of them blurry and out of focus but a few good ones, though unfortunately I promised not to share them, so they remain for my personal enjoyment only. I’m not sure if threesomes were Cena’s specialty but when I was in Marine Disco — one of my few forays into this place — Cena demanded that I take her and Fon/Fogus back to mine for a threesome. This one wasn’t quite up to the high standards of the previous as Fon seemed to be more of a bottle (less versatile) so I spent a lot of time fucking her whilst she waited for the Viagra I gave her to kick in. It seems ridiculous now that even in my late twenties my mates were still obsessed with how many notches on the bed post they had compared to their peers. I’d lost count even before I discovered p4p — not so much through sheer volume but because keeping score was not of interest to me — and now I can’t even recall how many threesomes I’ve had. I do recall my first second* was back in 2012 on Koh Samui; I’d got a regular booty call with a ladyboy called Ploy, who knew I was a butterfly so would willingly set me up with one of her friends on her “days off” from servicing me. One such friend was Lichi; having already been with them both I suggested to Ploy that we could have a threesome, and she agreed. Although at the time I considered it a success, compared to later encounters it was probably quite vanilla. Both girls were heavily on to hormones and as a result they could only come about once every 3 or 4 days, plus were bottoms only so it was more like a tag match. My takeaway learning point from this was that the best ones are unplanned — the post pool party session adding weight to this assertion. It unwritten rule was something I’ve tried to live by but not always kept to... One on night in Lita’s Bar I ended up taking Nene and Makhin, when my wingman, The Mad Russiam, left Nene in favour of going to Marine Disco / Lucifer. He’d been trying to talk me into going to a nightclub all night and I’d been joking that if he wasn’t going to bar-fine Nene then I’d take her for threesome with Makhin and I. Well when he inevitably left I turned the joke into a proposition and took them both back to my hotel for ST. Nene made me promise not to tell my wingman in case he was “angry” — I introduced her to the concept of “his loss, my gain” and she agreed “my stupid friend lose”. A couple of hours later, when my friend had failed to score at Marine he messaged me to ask if I’d taken Nene — well I was under oath, which is a serious matter — so I had to tell him something noncommittal along the lines of “only a pervert would take two girls”, which lead him to subsequently give her a booty call, so financially speaking she ended up the winner and yet another of my wingmen ended up following in my paw prints. The following holiday I went to Lita’s Bar to arrange another threesome with Nene after the success of the first, and she suggested Bee — I took them to Tree Town to help them relax before going back to my room but it was a bit of an anti-climax. My own fault for breaking my own rules; Nene admitted that she was not really comfortable having threesomes — either something I’d overlooked last time or she was more relaxed — and as a result it was much more of a tag team, me first fucking Bee then being fucked by Nene who eventually overcame her shyness after I sucked her cock for a while. More recently I’ve had threesomes by appointment with Momo (after seeing her porno with Aum) & Nong Mo but the latter had trouble getting hard and as a result ended up feeling a bit like a spectator / designated cameraman. Because of this hit-and-miss nature of “organised threesomes” I’ve made an amendmet to the origanal rule: “never turn down a threesome”. In the spirit of this, CiB one evening in CiB Miy was pushing for a bar-fine, but I was not biting. I don’t know if she picked up on my disinterest but out of nowhere she suggested a threesome with Som. I would not have picked either on their own but I remember the first amendment and readily whisked the pair of them upstairs for ST. I’m not a fan of ST rooms, and the session which mainly involved me being spit roasted was over pretty quickly though at least both girls delivered a solid performance. Afterwards, back in the bar I took some photo's, and Miy asked why I hadn't taken photos in the room - perhaps she was joking but opportunity lost. Looking back now at the night after the pool party this was the holy grail of threesomes — two hot ladyboys willing to fuck and be fucked all night long.
  15. 1. I was hoping a fellow Brit would hazard a guess... but it's John Terry, caption of Chelsea FC in 2012 when they won the Champions League (that's like the World Series but for a real sport). He was suspended so didn't play in the final which Chelsea won but at full time he got changed into his kit and posed for photo's with the Cup and as a result because the subject of criticism in the press and much mocking and many memes that continues to this day. This was a friendly jibe at Scott who obviously did not compete in the Volley Ball himself but is pictured in the celebration photos. 2. I was referencing Pdogg above - I liked the nickname but don't believe it was the official name. For reasons I'm not going in to, several bars - I believe bumblebee is correct - held an alternative charity event when they declined to take part in the Volley Ball.
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