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    Coin Operated Girlfriend In answer to your question Rom I once read that love and money are intrinsically linked in Thai culture, the idea of “taking care” (financially) of loved ones. The Western idea of “for richer, for poorer” is not something the Thais subscribe to – well at least not the poorer part. But to answer this more fully let me tell you about 2 different ladyboys and my relationship with each of them over a 3 year period form April 2012 onwards. On my December 2012 trip to Udon Thani I met Yui in Mr tongs nightclub; she stayed with me a couple of days chauffeuring me around on her scooter. Back then I used to put some money in the girls handbag before departing if I was unsure as to whether they are on the game – however Yui hadn’t spotted this when it came time for me to leave and asked if “aren't you going to give me some money?”. She was a little embarrassed when I told her what I’d done, though she shouldn’t have been, but perhaps it should have been a warning sign. Anyway we got on quite well and her English was good so stayed in touch, talking on facebook/skype most weeks. Yui December 2012 in Udon Thani When I brought up the subject of travel she expressed an interest in going to Chiang Mai so I decided for my upcoming trip in April or 2013 to take her with me on a loop round from Chiang Mai, Mae Sa, the Golden Triangle and Chiang Rai. I flew up to Udon Thani to meet her and her family; where I was promptly treated like an ATM by her family – filling up the car (it ended up costing me 500bt from the airport to the centre of Udon which was about a 150bt taxi fare because I hadn’t got anything smaller), trips for groceries where a random relative would walk in to the shop and put things like sweets and batteries into the basket then piss off without saying a work etc. And of course a little shopping trip for holiday “essentials” which we could take back to her bar to show off to her friends, where I of course was asked by her to ring the bell. Yui and I, April 2013, in Udon Thai - our hotel (above) and Yui's home (below) After Udon we flew up to Chiang Mai – her first time on a place I recall, and it was quite endearing to behold her nervousness and excitement. We had a few days there walking around the old town; visiting Doi Suthep, Bhubing Palace, Hmong Village; and of course going to see Lin Ping at Chiang Mai Zoo. One evening her sister and husband, who were living in Chiang Mai, paid us a visit; of course I paid for dinner which I fully expected but then I was also tapped for transport money to cover the cost of them visiting us. Yui at Udon Thani Airport Yui at Wat Phan Tao Yui, her sister and brother-in-law at a restaurant at Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. Yui and I as Doi Suthep Yui at Bhubing Palace grounds (actually a garden) Yui wearing traditional clothing at Hmong Village in Chiang Mai Yui at Chiang Mai Night Market After a few days in Chiang Mai I hired a car for to travel from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai in 3 days, then back to Chiang Mai. The sightseeing was a success but the passion quickly fizzled with the seven year itch compressed down to a 7-day itch. In all fairness I did enjoy her company and once away from her family the leeching pretty much stopped but the desire had gone; romance was dead. Yui at Wat Tham Chiang Dao cave (above and below 4) Yui at Doi Angkhang (above) Yui at Wat Thaton (above) Chinese Martyrs Memorial Museum (above) Yui feeding monkeys at Tham Pla Cave (above) Golden Triangle (above) Yui at The Golden Triangle (above) Yui at Wat Rong Khun aka The White Temple (above and below 2) near Chiang Rai Yui at Doi Luang National Park (above) Yui and I at Nampuron Tavieesin Hotspring on the way back from Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai Chiang Mai Zoo (above 2 and below) Yui at Mae Sa Elephant Camp Yui and some friends we made at Kat's Bar in Chiang Mai. On our return to Udon Thani I was totally fed up with her presence and being taken somewhat for granted so suggested perhaps we should part ways a day early and I would enjoy my final night in Udon alone but that got scuppered when she told me her mum was coming with a gift (and to tap me up for another 500bt) though it left her in no doubt the relationship was over. In despite of that we did have a good night out with her friends but by the time we got back to my hotel she was visibly upset. Yui on at final night out in Udon (above). We stayed in contact by Facebook and when I went to Laos via Udon Thani in 2016 I bumped into her working at the same bar Bar in Day and Night complex where she’s still working today. Yui April 2016 (above) and Yui March 2020 (below) now with new nose, teeth and inplants. A few years ago I noticed she’d got a new boyfriend, an Aussie who bore a resemblance to Daniel Ricciardo, but like our brief affair it only lasted until his second holiday visit to see her. It seems she learnt nothing from our encounter or the years inbetween and is still seeking that pot of gold at the end of the farang rainbow. To be continued...
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    Expecting to Fly ...continued: [@RomI hope bought her a razor before sending her home? @P&G, @Woodie @seven thank you for you posts, let me finish off my reply to Rom before responding.] Although Yui’s behaviour, or that of her family, does not seem out of the ordinary for a bargirl it isn’t always the case. Take Nok Yung for instance; I met Nok Yung at Anaconda bar on my second trip to Pattaya during Song Kran of 2012 when she was still farm-fresh – from the moment I walked in the other girls didn’t stand a chance, I’d only eyes for that beautiful smile of hers. Nok Yung at Anaconda - Songkran 2012 (I apologise for the poor quality of the photos it wasn't until my next trip that I invested in a camera instead of phone) I bar-fined her twice that trip but it wasn’t until my following trip 6 months later that I’d start to enjoy the first of many LT GFE’s with her. I bar-fined her for several days – breaking that 3 days rule – and going on dates and visiting the various sites around Pattaya that I’d learnt about from Paultain. Nok Yung and Ploy (formerly of Horny Bar) with hansum Snoop Dawg at Dave Man Club (December 2012) Nok Yung and I at Million Years Stone Park & Crocodile Farm When Anaconda closed Nok Yung returned to her hometown of Buriram, gradually spending the hard-earned “bolt-on” fund. I’d asked her to join me a couple of time on my visits to Pattaya but it had never happened so for Songkran 2014 I decided to pay her a visit. Despite me telling her several times I was coming to Buriram she didn’t seem to realise of believe this until I was actually on the bus from Bangkok! Despite my doubts she did actually come to my motel when I messaged that I’d arrived, but there was a knock on my door and by some small miracle it was Nok Yung! Celebrations of Buriram Stadium (above) - Songkran 2014 Songkran celebration at Nok Yung's village (above). Nok Yungswater-buffalo (below) not sick. We spent the first day in at Thunder Castle (Buriram FC’s ground) enjoying the songkran festivities. The following day we went to Nok Yung’s village – about 45 minutes north of Buriram centre – for the celebrations / party / parade. I didn’t meet her family, but I did meet plenty of her friends, and apart from a group of lads asking for 50 or 100bt for a bottle of Chang between them no-one was looking to mooch off me – a complete contrast to when I went to Yui’s home in Udon. I was asked to contribute to fuel a few times that someone took us somewhere – such as the journey from her village back to the centre of town – which was perfectly reasonable – but half the time they would not accept petrol money. Phanom Rung Historical Park (above). Prasat Muang Tam (below). ACL match at iMobile Stadium, Buriram vs Shandong Leung. After Songkran we caught a bus down to the island of Koh Samed then from there to Pattaya. Naturally I paid for everything including the occasional visit to the salon or a 1000bt so I could go for a sneaky ST whilst sending her shopping for a new outfit or two. But there were no demands for money to pay for the sick water-buffalo or trips to the jewellers. Nok Yung at Koh Samed Nok Yung at the Salon prior to catching a show at Tiffany (above). Nok Yung and Opp at Dave Man Club (below). The following year I did pretty much the same thing, except that after Songkran we went to Ubon Ratchathani, not an entirely successful trip because all the waterfalls we went to see were all dried up as it was dry season. However Nok Yung was not at all demanding in any way including financially. Nok Yung and I at Speed Disco in Buriram Buriam (above). Ubon Ratchathani. Nok Yung at Thung Si Muang Park Nok Yung at Pattaya Noi (above). Soi Sawan Waterfall (above/below) Wat-Thung-Si-Muang (above). Ko Hat Wat Tai Beach (below). But when it came time to part ways she was very emotional, ranging from being quiet and withdrawn to sobbing uncontrollably. In the interest of transparency I should say that the night before Yui and I parted she cried herself to sleep but I always thought it was more because of what I represented rather than (or at least as much as) than because I was leaving her. Whereas with Nok Yung I believe that she genuinely became emotionally attached to me (not my money) which is partly why I didn’t see her again after that second Songkran. I never fell in love with Nok Yung but I was very fond of her and it was heart-wrenching seeing how upset she was when we parted ways. I tell myself that she deserves better – someone who feels the same way about her – but I was also quite selfish in protecting my own feelings by deciding not to see her again. Eventually the money ran out – the money I left her, meant she was able to stay in Buriram a while longer but eventually she had to return to Pattaya. She now works at Baby Boom but the good news is she managed to buy those bolt-ons (self financed) and has got a boyfriend of sorts. Perhaps one day he’ll take her out of the bar and make an honest woman of her. She deserves it. Nok Yung (March 2020) So to eventually get back to your question Rom… The stereotype of the gold-digging bargirl, like all stereo-types, exists for a reason because it is based on a truth. It doesn’t mean that it is true that all Thai ladyboys see farangs as walking ATM’s and some are less demanding that others. However we should all remember when we meet bargirls they are there for a reason, us mongers are their meal-ticket to a better life either by 1000bt a time or buying that house for them in Isaan. Likewise many (but not all) mongers are looking to get laid not for love and it is the bargirls responsibility to remember that – it’s both good manners and good Karma to treat people nicely but it'ss not the same as love. Personally I always keep that old adage in mind; treat them like a lady but don’t forget that they are an whore – if unfortunately by being “nice” I am actually being selfish in extricating better GFE by offering the false hope of something more then it’s a by product not my intention, I don’t lie to them or make them false promises. Besides being nice does not always equate to better service as I'm sure we can all atest to.
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    I think Snoop answered my question like the zen master he is. Personally, I think the illusion goes both ways: We give them "the false hope of something more" and they give us the false joy of being desirable. The "by-product" IMHO is the GFE sex. Regarding hairy genitalia, please keep in mind Snoop that I am a good 10 years older than you and came of age back when hairy bush was the currency of the realm. Call me "old school" but the only thing better than a ladyboy is a hairy down-under ladyboy. No interviewer questions today for Snoop. He is on a roll with his ladyboy time travel machine. I will just add some more recent pics (2018!) of Nok Yung having a beer with me at Baby Boom. I believe these pics were taken a few days before she got the bolt-ons...
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    It is my privilege to welcome to LBR 2 times Romscar winner The-Sith who at PY pioneered sportmindfucking of ladyboys into an art form. Other than that, I would just describe him as an EXCELLENT, highroller, party animal, Star Wars buff. Party ON! & Dazzle us The-Sith ! Rom
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    Recent pics of Emmy, Sunny and Teya from their fb pages:
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    The Rebel Alliance Back in 2013 the first Charity Volley Ball event was hosted... Winners of Charity Volley Ball 2013 - Sensations (above) I attended in 2013 and again in 2014. The stand-out player of 2014 was Miley who was working at Baby Boom at the time. She also caught my eye for other reasons, her androgynous look was really up my street. Miley and Benz, my wingmans date for the night a ladyboy from a Bangkok Bar (below) However for my enjoyment the event had run it's course after 2 years and I haven't attended since. However in 2015 there was a "Rebel Alliance" event in the form of an all day pool party at Coco Resort. The format of the day allowed for much more interaction and for my money was much more enjoyable. Tokky the previous Miss Wet T-Shirt Winner and below the 2015 Entrants:
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    Nancy Boy And it all breaks down at the role reversal Got the muse in my head she's universal I don’t recall seeing or meeting Nancy until the Coco Resort Pool Party in November 2015, several years after my stay at La Bamba however she made quite the impression on me but even more so on my new friend from London (I forget his BM name). This was the first time I met Nancy, and I was surprised at how pretty she was. The sun had set, and I was sat by the pool shooting the breeze with the Norwegian Viking known as Kinkoy when Nancy decided to give us a bit of a show by groping, molesting and dry humping her friend Ammy who had been innocently lounging by the pool. When things wrapped up at Coco resort everyone went their own way but my wingman and I reconvened at 69 Bar around 10pm. My friend was undecided between bar-fining Ammy or blonde haired Fon/Fogus. To help matters along a little I suggested to Ammy that she might like to take him to see her friend Nancy, as I knew he had a thing for Nancy too, which is exactly what happened. I didn’t ever get the full story of from my friend, in fact he was rather sheepish about the whole matter, but a couple of days later I saw Ammy who amid bursts of uncontrollable laughter gave me some insight into the events of that night — I think the words “screamed/cried like a little girl” were used but that may just be my memory paraphrasing her version of events. It seems my friend was under the mistaken impression that he “could take Nancy”. It brings to mind that old adage: “be careful what you wish for”.
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    Today we handed out 500 free meals to the People in need affected by the Corona crisis (in partnership with Swing Thailand) Thanks for the support "Swing Thailand" :-)
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    Is it irresponsible to tell the people of the planet that they must stay home until, ummm we have NO idea, and drive the economies of the world back into the Stone age just to save 5% or so of the planets human population (a group some liken to a disease infecting the ecology of the planet, and one which has doubled at a rapid pace, ironically corresponding to the increased knowledge of said species- tho that does not seem to have ANYTHING to do with wisdom, rationality or logic) ??? We KNOW what fiscal meltdown from oh, say the recent "bubble burst" causes. Jobs lost, home lost, imagine it all. Over 35 million filed for unemployment benefits in the US recently (with tens of millions slipping out the back door to Nigerian scammers I might add). 6 billion plus on the planet...even 7% of that is a drop in the bucket. Sex with a pro? jesus dude, this is chickenshit compared to the real effects of this thing. Read up on the Plague. On the plus side of that there were said to be so many fewers serfs to do the dirty work that the rich had to double their wages to get done what they viewed as beneath them (that is the things we all do DAILY, without thinking). ***IF*** I could find a willing airline and Thailand was not even MORE of a pain in the ass to enter, I would happily kiss, lick, suck, and be fucked BY any ladyboy that said yes to my offer. I do not want to die hunkered down in my home with a shotgun to protect my food supply from Trump supporters :P this post was influenced by cheap booze :D
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    A bit of a feel good story to emerge from this worldwide disaster. https://www.seattletimes.com/nation-world/irish-return-a-173-year-old-favor-to-native-american-tribes/ The sculpture in Cork to remember the gesture. Some historical background info. https://time.com/5833592/native-american-irish-famine/
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    Addendum At the time I was pretty peeved with Ammy for switching her allegiances and swore never to put any business her way. However a mere 2 ½ years later my resolve weakened after a rather flirtatious few hours at New Sensations... Sascha famously turned out to be a bit of a bunny boiler – she even got her own thread “LadyboySascha 's hall of shame” at the forum we shall not mention. Until I finally blocked her I would see her posting on LINE several times a week a photo of a different guy with a tirade about how he was the worst man in the world. Of course I confronted her about this one time... ...for some reason (I think not visitting her masage shop even though I'd not made any promise to do so) I made her hall of fame but a few days/weeks later she’d forgotten all about me and was claiming someone else was the “worst guy”. Ladyboys are so fickle.
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    Modus Operandi There’s been a bit of discussion about my “modus operandi” so I thought I’d use this as an excuse to post a few rando photo’s of ladyboys from my vaults whilst giving my two peneth about it... The Introduction I’m always on the look out for fresh blood; age isn’t really a factor but sadly ladyboys like athletes have a limitted shelf life and after 25 the drinking, smoking and time itself starts to take a toll on their looks. I haven’t really got a type imo though I have got a reputation for preferring femboys (as rediculous as that term is) but sometimes my dick gives a twitch and I just have to have that girl. The Interview The great thing about p4p is you get the sex out of the way on the first night; you don’t have to spend time and effort courting some bombshell to find out that she’s frigid or just plain boring in the sack. Once I find someone that looks good and is a hit in the bedroom then I’m bound to repeat; maybe just a regular booty call or taking them out on pseudo-dates, a lot depends on their response to any hints I might drop. They don't know it but they are actually being interviewed, or test-driven, as a potential holiday companion. Many don’t pass and remain fuck buddys (for at least a limitted time) or worse still a good portion get sponsored (sorry to break it to you gents but if you think you’re they’re boyfriend, unless you’re living with them then you’re not and it is little impediment to getting them in the sack, they’re just more discreet about it) or otherwise disappear off the scene . tbc...
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    Just to clear it up: I tried many times to get back on here, using Jimbo34 as my usual monica. Each time the forum said it didn't recognise my password, but would send me an email to reset. The emails never arrived and i just thought "ok, fukkit". But in these desperate times i decided to rejoin as Jimbo33 with a new password, and voila, here i am. I can't promise to post much, as in case you hadn't noticed, there's something of a global emergency going on, and the bar is closed for business at the moment. However, once the crisis has passed i'll do my best to post regular updates. In the meantime: my thanks to the likes of Dave Duke for doing my job for me. Oh, and Rom: no need to worry about my finances old mate, I'm just fine thanks. Although i'm getting older and not sure for how much longer i can do this way of life, lol.
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    not funny David...apt. what is the point of contacting girls when you are not in Pattaya or even Thailand ? Not specifically refering to you as i have no idea where you are. Just speaking generally. what would be the point in contacting Teya [and others] by line or whatever? Pdogg already mentioned that Teya is not at the bar until things get back to normal, so absolutely no point in wasting her time or indeed others. The basement mob wherever in the world may have fun annoying the girls, but that is all they are doing... do people really think that 'hi...i'm coming over later this year and want to meet you" really works? tell you now it don't. it just annoys. The girls nowadays can spot a timewaster at 10000 miles.
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    Yes - 'Airline' - Catch a plane to Thailand !
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    Here is an example of a wild Chinese lb who must be banned as a risk for spreading COVID-19. There seems to be a large number of them present on pornhub, so there must be a clampdown on that site, make the world safe again! It's all China's fault! https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e161dc583380
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    Hello Venus is really pushing the envelop with their hot KPop videos. They have a made for TV version and then here is the more daring version. Foxy! https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph582a89646fa17
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    You should take her for a coffee again bbg! Sunny is okay QG... she hang's around in BIg Al's hotel around the corner, practicing her swimming in the indoor pool. So she's keeping occupied out of the Katty. Mind is the one suffering really, just sitting around most days, sometimes like this morning just wandering around markets for food. If she could read English i'd get her a subscription to the Pattaya Mail........... also just to let all know, i spoke to the lovely Emmy yesterday... she's fine in a bemused sort of way, wondering what's happening in the world. but while the bar is closed looking after her mum.
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    I met my girl on TF a bit over 4 years ago and still going strong
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    soi crocodile, love at 1st sight. said i would do anything for her. and have been for 7 years lol . in the right place at the right time. i think she was getting jaded and not to long in the industry so i lucked out. ps being a hansom man helped as well
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    A trip to Naklua Fish Market was decided, I found out when I looked up from my phone & discovered we were there. It was jammed; despite BiB presence out front they let everyone in regardless. Nutty & Doris decide what I'm eating tonight. I did my usual & wandered off..
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    I think the one thing we all know about this, is that we know nothing about this. There are opinions ranging from the extremely optimistic, i.e everything will be fine in 3 to 4 months, to the doom merchants, i.e we ain't going back to normal for 3 to 4 years. Even the scientists and medical experts have conflicting opinions, because right now they are just opinions as it is new even to them. This thing could come back in a second wave even harder than the current situation, or it could disappear out of the blue, never to return. I like to live my life with my glass half full, so am going with the brighter predictions, for now.
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    We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat Chief That reminds me of a road/boat trip I attended at the end of October 2013. During my early studies of the new world I read about the Famous bar boat trips back in the day, so when Sensations bar organised a trip my Psydekick and I jumped at the chance to relive these in-Famous adventures. Scott & Paeng organised a full itinerary that involved a floating market, Erawan waterfalls, a slow boat trip down the River kwai overnight accommodation and a visit to the Bridge over the River kwai. From my perspective it was a great excursion, one of the highlights of all my trips to Thailand, but a number of people dropped out of the last minute without even having paid a deposit. Non payers and having to close the bar for one or two nights meant that future trips were no longer financially viable so these are a very rare occurrence indeed these days. Erawan Falls (above). Poppy & Emmy/Ammy (below). It was through Poppy I met another BM, TheLuckyBacker, who became a good friend of mine. We would later go on a little history trip to Korat together but that's a different story. Ammy entire nautical knowledge was based on the film Titanic so she was taking no chances! Little Owe for some reason insisted on wearing that silly hat and fluffy slippers. I remember her making her beau carry hey entire 20kg suitcase up Erawan falls as she "didn't know what she'd need until she got there" Sascha (above). Ked (below). Anyone recognise this little cutie (above)? It's Princess Janny - runner up at Ladyboy Bikinin contest at The Roof (above left) and 2nd Place at Ladyboy Beauty Contest at The Roof (below). Natalie/Sascha (above). Poppy and Sexy Pancake. Neither my wing man no I took a partner, but there were maybe half a dozen girls from Sensations that were unaccompanied as well. Together we formed a small gang at the back of the bus and I spent much of a journey there fondling Ammy. Unfortunately things went south at a bit when we docked at our hotel for the night. In the allocating of rooms I somehow lost sight of Ammy and when I return for dinner after a short disco now she's gone on off with another BM. Owe (above) still wearing silly hat and fluffy slippers. The Boat Pary (below) at the end of the days sailing. Bridge over the River Kwai (above). The Party Bus (below). She spent the return journey flitting between this guy who was clearly uninterested in her presence having shot his load and tried to convince me that she’d gone to bed alone last night because she was tired. Fortunately in Thailand when one door closes another one opens, and Natalie aka Sasha who I think was with bm HelloKatoey kept popping to a back of a bus for a fondle and a grope under the guise of talking to her friends. When we arrived back in Pattaya her squeeze paid her off, and she seamlessly joined me in my room above La Bamba. She was intent in staying with me but I wasn't interested in LT so it became a little awkward as I ushered her out of the door.
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    you asked for it! Romehian Rhapsody... Or Rom's worst nightmare.... i hope this isn't prophetic by the way....... Am I in TJs? Am I in Fantasy? Up on The Roof, no Tranny can I see, I’m not in La Bamba, it’s not the place for me, can’t get no honey, I got no money, because it’s easy come, easy go, now I’m a little low. Silicone or hormone, doesn’t really matter, to me. BM’s, I’ve just had a dream, put my phone against my head. It was lily and she said, “Rom, my cock has gone. Now I’ve just thrown it away. Rom ooh--oooh You might wonder what, made me go post-op Cocks gone! Cocks gone! Are all your dreams in tatters? Too late Rom, my dick has gone chills you to the soul, now I’ve got another hole. Goodbye nasty man thing, it had to go, I had to get the chop and face the truth. Rom.. Oooh…Oooh I didn’t want a dong Sometimes wish I’d never had one at all.” I see a little Taxidermist Lily, Lily, send your cock to me Pre-op to Post-op, to her it is enlightening Taxidermy! Taxidermy! Taxidermy! Silicone! Now she can’t top-o “I’m just a poor girl, I can still be bottom”, [she’s just a poor girl, she can still be bottom] and can do a blow job, satisfactorily. “Blow job blow job! You can have a blow job! Blow job! But you can’t give a Blow job to me” It’s a farce, but she can have it in her arse It’s a farce but she can have it in her arse [ Back or front] get it stuffed! [Back or front] get it stuffed! Never, never, never, cannot gobble lily’s dick no more… Ah! No no no no no no no no Oh Lily dear, Lily dear, get it stuffed and send your cock to me, I will keep it on my shelf, for me, for me, for me! So now you’re a woman I think I might die Oh Lily, why’d you do this to me Lily? I don’t like post-op, but think I’ll have to try. Ooh yeah Ooh yeah.
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    Beer Me Up That is Beer, she used to work at Foxy's Bar on Soi 6 opposite Queen Victoria Hotel. She'd got a wonderfully slutty look and her performance lived up to that unwritten promise. Things would often get very pornographic in the bar, exchanging blow-jobs over a drink before "getting a room". Beer at Foxy's Bar as viewed from my hotel room at Queen Vic (above). And in my hotel room about 25 minutes later (below). Octpber 2013. I never took her Long Time but had several afternoon Short-Times with her each trip over a few year period. She told me once that her record for number of short-times was 7 in one day, but then she slept for 24 hours after. I thought that was a lot, but in retrospect years later I now realise that sleeping for 24 hours per day is about average for a Thai Ladyboy. She'd got quite a penchant for expensive shoes, and had some "wealthy" customers who would take her to to Bangkok for a few days and buy her a pair of shoes in payment - if this was a hint it was enough to put me off suggesting LT. Beer at Foxy's Bar telling me to include her shoes in the photo (above) and in the short-time room (below). April 2014. She had also got a minor obsession with plastic surgery inparticular making her ass bigger and bigger ending up with rediculous proportions. Her money wasn't all spent on surgery and shoes though, as part of my visits she enjoyed showing me the photos of the house she built in Buriram and the donations she gives to the local school. When Foxy's Bar changed ownership (I think at the end of 2015) they sacked most of the staff, but as the big earner they asked Beer to stay, in a show of solidarity she told them to stuff the job and moved to a bar on Walking Street. Beer at Foxy's Bar modelling another pair of designer shoes. April 2015 I didn't see Beer after she left Foxy's Bar, in fact I rarely visitted Soi Six since and she may have been my last barfine from Soi Six. I did run in to her recently, either on my last trip in November 2019 or the trip before in April, she was on the back of a moto-taxi and I was in my scooter heading towards Walking Street along Soi Buakhao so only managed to exchange a brief shouted greeting.
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    bbg: I AM honoured (that the Katty Club homies wrote a line about me in the lyrics of a song they spoofed) . And I thought the way I drafted to acknowledge it left no doubt that I was amused. Thanks. Looking forward to a whole song spoof about me. Preferably something by Madness. Or The Cure. Cheers. dc: thanks. I take your words in the spirit of detente and likewise publicly appraise your gifts: You are along with Jimbo the closest things PY has to "pundits" and when you post ... BMs listen. Your drafting skills ain't too shabby either. My only 2 editorial suggestions going forward are (i) to draft nicer for the sake of drafting nicer, and (ii) no need to swing your dick every time you post. This thread is not about old grudges from PY. It's about welcoming The-Sith, so let me bring it back on topic with a re-post here of something I posted yesterday on Snoop's Time Travel TR Interview with a Wampire where he cheekily wondered (like DC had done) whether The-Sith and I are the same person? We are NOT. And there is a picture below to prove it. I also take this opportunity to clarify, for the benefit of BMs not familiar with Star Wars trivia, what a "Sith" is and thereby shed some light on the psyche of our esteemed new BM: In the Star Wars movie series, the Sith (plural, no hyphen!) are members of the Sith Order, an ancient religious order of Force-wielders devoted to the dark side of the Force. Driven by their emotions, including hate, anger, and greed, the Sith were deceptive and obsessed with gaining power no matter the cost. BM The-Sith (?no idea why he capitalizes and hyphenates?) chose to avatar himself at PY and here by one of the Sith characters: the horny, devilish-looking one Sith known as Darth Maul. The reason Snoop suggests that many BMs think of me/BM Rom and BM The-Sith as being the same person/BM is because the PY propaganda-machine portrays me BM Rom as Darth Vader, a Sith Lord himself and primary antagonist in the series and, from PY's point of view, primary antagonist north of the 38th parallel. To make it even more complicated, I am actually Luke Skywalker the wisecracking good guy member of The Rebel Alliance and savior of the realm who turned out to be Darth Vader’s son. Confused? Never mind. The bottom line is that The-Sith and I are NOT the same individual. To prove it, here is a pic of the 2 of us TOGETHER in Pattaya on a double date with ladyboy twin sisters...
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    ...continued: You’re Hired! Occasionally one will meet the grade – someone who looks good, is good match sexually, and isn’t too high maintenance or otherwise too much of a pain in the ass for an extended period of time – and I’ll take her away with me. Typically somewhere a little more romantic than Pattaya (if you can imagine such a thing) such as Krabi or somewhere else of great natural beauty. And we’ll do typical holiday things you’d do as a couple but probably wouldn’t do as a monger / or perhaps wouldn’t enjoy as much on your own. "give me something to eat, I'm hungry" "so I put this on and we go snorkling to find the fish I want for dinner right?" Remember to regularly feed your ladyboy or she'll find some subtle way to let you know she's not happy. "hurry up I think they're serving dinner this way" "are you going number one, or number two?" "is it time for sleeping yet?" "I wonder if this is edible?" Sometimes you just need to kick back and enjoy the view. "did you say it's dinner time?" ...but then it's back to reality and the search continues for the next part-time Mrs Snoop Dawg.
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    The girls that have stayed here in Parts have stayed by choice; so far they seem to be doing ok, the ones that went to the sticks are bored off their silicons, want to come back but can't as regional lockdowns remain. A gloomy day as they announced yet another month of the same with no alcohol adding to the official kick in the bollocks. No need to predict that things will get pretty tense fairly soon. The heavens poured at 12:30 on the dot, just like yesterday, stopped after an hour, just like...what day is it? I need to get out so Tops in Central it is with a wander round Powerbuy, the Apple outlet and a gaze in the window of Big Camera as the Fujifilm X-T4 is being released. Soi 7 was as expected. Looks like there's a hotel going up where the UK bar was...the bottom end was pretty derelict with many bars completely cleared out. Lots of cars parked in front of Central but inside was not busy at all...where they go? Despite recent round ups of Farangs/locals using the beach and the walkway when they shouldn't be there were still plenty of both doing exactly the same. There was also a fair scattering of girls hanging around Beach road. As we were heading down 2nd Road I got a call from my Guitar Doctor, a nice old chap who does repairs and stuff for surprisingly enough, guitars. My '52 Tele was ready for collection which was timely as he lives near the Big C Pattaya Klang. When we got home the fellas who are extending the roof for us were pleased to see us as it's a public holiday tomorrow and they wanted paying. We also had our usual visitor...
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    Day 2 …The interview continued. “Jimmy, good afternoon, how are you feeling?” Hi Blind boy… I’m fine but very tired ,it was a long night, too many beers. “Did you and Sunny have a good time?” “Not really, I never saw her after the bar shut. You know that I’m a bit of a music fan. I had the urge to write a song for Sunny. It’s in my blood really, I sometimes can’t help it. As you know I love music especially Aussie rock and roll.” “Oh, you mean bands like AC-DC Jimmy?” “No- bloody hippies! I mean the real rockers in Aussie music, people like Frank Ifield, Judith Durham, Rolf Harris… You know - the people that started it all.” “Mmmmm, dangerous ground there Jimmy, so what was the song called that you wrote last night? Are you going to sing it for us?” “Well, I have named it ‘Sunny Hunny Bunny Blues’ I’d sing it for you but that wouldn’t be advisable I think. Anyway really to sing it I would need musical accompaniment.” “ Okay! You are never going to believe this Jimmy but your luck is in. I happen to keep behind the bar my Double Bass for just such an occasion as this, I’ll just get it.” “Oh Christ!” “ Here we are Jimmy, this damn thing gets heavier as I get older. Thinking about it I’d like to get Quinn here too with his acoustic guitar but I really shouldn’t.” “Why not? Is he a crap player?” “No, he’s great, excellent, but every time he bends down to get the guitar from under the bed he does his back in. Don’t worry though I can plink-plonk the bass with the best. You’ll be okay…Are you ready? Let’s Rock! Jimmy cargo and the Sunny Honey Bunny Blues! Bring it on Jimmy!” Plink plonk thud plonk plonk…. You know me Sunny, you know my name is Jimmy ‘C’. You are my Honey, my Duracell-bunny, It’s so very funny… That my nose is runny, You must be my allergy… So please don’t embargo, me Jimmy Cargo. I’ll remember you Sunny… Please don’t forget me. So things can happen to us in the Katty, happen to me and happen to you. Remember the time of Quinn’s gymnastics? When from the back of a mo-bike he flew. Remember the time in Kylemore’s Korner ? When he tried to conquer Teya and bonk her.. Remember the whim of that girl so slim, when she realised that she could also bonk him... Chorus Blind Boy… Hit it! But waltzing Matilda, I should have killed her, why i never did is a mystery. Waltzing Matilda she was a mister I should have killed her… But she was bigger than me. I'll dream of you Sunny, when I’m not sleeping, I'll dry your tears when you are weeping, I'll protect you from Blind boy and also Quinn, I’ll protect you from Archie, be careful of him. I’ll protect you from lies and un-vital statistics, I’ll protect you from charlatans and mystics. I’ll protect you from Duke though he fancies Mona, I’ll protect you from QG and his talk of Corona. I’ll protect you from PD though he's after Teya, I’ll protect you with bullets and also with prayer. I’ll protect you from love and also from hate, I’ll protect you forever while for you i wait. I’ll protect you from heartache, and also from pain, I’ll give you sunshine you’ll never know rain. I’ll protect you from the dangers of mongers and strangers, I’ll be your rock when everything changes. I’ll protect you from Woodie and Nosher now, though they’d soon be sorted by Sophia and Dao. I’ll protect you from Rom and his marker pens, I’ll protect you from BB and his magic lens. I’ll protect you from high-blown creeps and Professors, From glory hunters and sordid serial lechers. I’ll protect you from believing in a life after birth, I’ll protect you from nothing and what nothing’s worth. I’ll protect you today and again tomorrow, I’ll protect you forever from darkness and sorrow. Chorus Blind Boy… Hit it! I'll dress you in silk silver and gold, you’ll be in my will, when I get old. I’ll buy you a Ruby of burgundy red, with gems and sapphires a crown for your head. We’ll chose them from Paris or New York City, you’ll look like a Queen, oh so pretty. Or we can buy them from Soi Buckhao market, we'll take the baht bus, no need to park it. So my dear Sunny it’s easy to see, I’ll protect you from them, who’ll protect you from me? "That was great Jimmy, i've seen and heard loads in the Katty but never anything like that if you don't mind me saying. Great song! But i'm getting a bit embarrassed watching you singing with your hand down Sunny's shorts. I'm off to the bar, see you later." " Bugger Me Blind Boy, Come back!!! She's another Geezer!!"
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    Right you lot, i've finally found my way here! Watch out!
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    Great post Snoop. Please everyone take note of how he posted carefully SELECTED PICS of the tourist sites WITH A LADYBOY (and with himself! which is even more noteworthy!) in contrast to what he had done originally at PY where he posted many more sightseeing pics but most did not show his ladyboy travel companions. As Snoop’s host here at the Romscars Club, I view it as my duty to facilitate his narrative and to generate interest with thought-provoking questions and comments while also seeking to influence the thread to meet club visitors’ expectations of the kind of multimedia JUICY content that is the club’s hallmark. One such expectation concerns visuals of featured ladyboys’ cocks that are an editorial priority here at this club. Snoop used not to post such pics and only recently has he began posting them subject to his own set of editorial rules. So while he finds his stride, allow me to sprinkle the thread with some cock pics from my own stash… I can relate to how Snoop got frustrated with Yui and sent her packing earlier than planned. The same happened to me last year in Udon Thani where I arranged to meet a repeat-worthy semi-pro ladyboy from Roy Et (rather than go there and become an ATM for the extended family). After weeks of painstakingly preparing our reunion, I got rid of her after little more than 24 hours together. The reason? Her thinking she could call the shots. She joined me at the hotel in Udon Thani in the evening and said she was too tired to go out, tired for sex (still got shafted!), same-same in the morning, finally got her out of bed to go for lunch at a nearby mall, back to the room, back to sleep all afternoon, at 10 PM tried to get her out of bed to go clubbing, said she was tired, at which point I told her to get up and get back to Roy Et because I felt I was wasting my chance to discover and enjoy Udon Thani as I had intended. I dumped the poor thing at the bus station where she had to wait all night for the next bus home and then went clubbing and got me some more enthusiastic companionship. Disconcertingly, the Roy Et sleepyhead forgave me and says she loves me still and wants to meet again. But that’s another story. Where do the cock pics come in? Because while she was in her comatose-like sleep, I took and photographed all sorts of liberties with her naked skinny body and sleep-rock hard cock. If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
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    Wish I'd more news about the bar or girls to tell you but everything is still same same; no different, we get calls from them everyday so we know where & how most of them are, Pon was in touch yesterday as was Nisa, Nutty, Pa, Jar. We've another days work left on the bar plus of course I'll have to replenish all that I've bloody drunk. We've been remodelling the house so that's kept us busy, most days we've at least 2 work fellas around. With the house we inherited the external structure of a fish pond so the choices were knock it down or get it going. I've usually had aquariums over the years so I thought we'd give it a try. It was over 5 metres long so I split it with the end pond being for smaller critters & the main pond for Koi. It looks like lego as they'd put large pebbles around the top edge. I laid out the general layout, stones, slabs and after it was filled got 160 kgs of rocks in and made little runs & hides for them. I'm not into the fish hobby so they are just standard Koi Carp, not for showing. They are a tenth of the UK price; I've been buying mainly around 7-8 inches for 80 thb, yesterday they had one large one left in the tank, around 16 inches, I felt sorry for him as I'd pinched all his tank mates so I asked how much...300 baht, right, pop him in as well. It's quite pleasant to sit outside with a bevvy & watch them swarm; Doris calls it the 'Fish Mafia'. We nipped into Tukcom the other day, most stands are open but sadly few customers around.
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    The Rime of the Ancient Jomtiener (With apologies to Samuel Taylor Coleridge) It is an ancient Jomtiener, And he stoppeth one in three, 'By thy long grey hair and drooping fag, Now wherefore stop'st thou me?' Katty Bar's doors are opened wide, I want to enter in, The girls are fine, and so's the wine, May'st hear the merry din. He holds him with his skinny hand, 'There was a bike' , quote he, 'Hold off! Unhand me, grey-hair loon!' Eft soons his hand dropt he. I fear thee ancient Jomtiener, I fear the fag you hold, I fear its' poison laden smoke, He took a drag, his eyes did roll. He holds him with his glittering eye - The visitor stood still. And listens like a three years' child, The Jomtiener hath his will. The visitor stood on the soi. He cannot choose but hear; And thus spake on that ancient man, The bright-eyed Jomtieneer. 'The bike from far away was brought, I rode it down Beach Road, But my eyes were on a girl in slitted shorts, I forgot my safety mode.' 'The front wheel did lock and slip, O'er the handlebars I flew, I lost my balance and my grip, I even lost my shoe'. 'Where's my shoe, where's my shoe?! Was all that I could utter, But fortunately a passing Canada Man, Found it lying in the gutter.' I fear thee, ancient Jomtiener! I fear thy skinny hand! And thou art long, and lank, and brown, as is the Jomtien sand. I fear thee and thy smouldering fag. And thy skinny hand, so brown - 'Fear not, fear not, thou quiet man! This body broke not down.' 'My mishap and my missing shoe, Did aught but the words foretell, Of a fair maiden's visit to Katty Bar, Whose name was Annabel.'
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    "Problem is that the heads of these governments being coerced are probably being led by the nose with money. Really dont give a rats about the normal citizen." Although many will argue with me, but this is why I have the highest respect for the now deceased Fidel Castro and Cuba. For 50 + years the most powerful country in the world (USA)tried to get rid of Castro, and tear down what he claimed he was trying to do for his people. He went with the Soviets to get protection, and when the soviets fell, he liberalized his economy enough to make up for the soviet losses. Although, we in the united states belittle Cuba for its lack of economic progress, the truth is Cuba is its own country not beholden to any power other than itself. That is self determination and that is freedom for a people. I'm paraphrasing Plutarch's Julius Ceasar, but there is a scene in which Ceasar and his troops have just laid waste a village in Gaul, and his troops were mocking the unsophistication of the village, and Julius Ceasar rebuked them by saying "I would rather be number one in this village, than number 2 in all of Rome". Cuba is autonomous and beholden to no-one. I can respect that in this world, and it is why so many of my American countrymen hate Castro and Cuba. Anyway, with respect to Boten, China is just following the playbook of all wanna be hegemonic world powers. They are "financing" the worldwide Belt and Road Initiative all over the world, to lever their power and prosperity into economic dominance and control in regions ceded by the Russian's and for which the Western former colonial powers have been unwilling to make real investments beyond "extraction" investments. We are witnessing a fundamental restructuring of the world order. The caveat of Machiavelli that any prince makes another prince strong to his own ruin is coming true. The Western Capital class has built up the Chinese economy in an attempt to get cheap labor and extract extra profits, and in the process made China the worlds trade/manufacturing leader, and soon the defacto world global power. My country, by electing a clown to the highest office, has just lost the global war for soft influence, and sadly I don't think we have to resources to win a conventional war to retain our central role. So, as the English empire collapsed after WW1 and WW2, so the US empire is collapsing as we speak.
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    time for another update... Emmy, Sunny and Mind all fine. Moon and Sara down in the Soi Buck area both fine, Tiger back home in wherever, fine too. Teya fine. Bell and Farah fine. both chatting daily to mind and sunny in the Katty. Quinn fine... BBG fine... QG fine, eagerly awaiting the latest edition of the Pattaya Mail.......... BB fine but out of Guinness... PD fine.. but still sweating over AnnaB...... life goes on. and anyone who knows my old mate Nok down in soi Buck...she's fine too, says hello to all who know her..
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    Look at the schlong on this one...... who said Chinese have rice dicks. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e64de4a18d71
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    It wouldn't just be Bumrungrad taking the hit - the Bangkok Hospital Group (Bangkok Hospital, BNH Hospital (formely Bangkok Nursing Home Hospital), Samtivej, Phyathai, and Paolo Memorial hospitals) are also having financial hits as they also cater to medical tourism. For UAE and Kuwaiti citizens (as well as all the Arabian Gulf Country citizens), medical care is free. The issue then is not the cost, but quality of care and other benefits. Most of the doctors in the major private hospitals (Burumgrad and Bangkok Hospital Group) are board certified, meaning they have taken their specialization certification in western countries. That is not the case for most Arabian Gulf doctors. In addition these hospitals also cater to the family - special Arabic food, interpreters, shopping trips, prayer rooms, etc. However, there will likely be a decrease of medical tourism from the Arabian Gulf as long as the price of oil is this low. The governments will either stop paying for their citizens going on medical tourism or severely reduce the amount of reimbursement.
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    They have drones flying over the beaches. A drone found a few farang hiding under the trees on the beach and then the SWAT team on the right moved in for the arrest. I hear quite soon they will be rolling out an app to trace people's movements. They are also talking about regular testing for six high risk groups, one of which are pubs, bars, and other entertainment venues. The numbers in Thailand look good. For example it's been 27 days since the last new case in Pattaya. That could just be a function of lack of testing. Maybe it's better to look at the death rate per million of population. Thailand has one of the lowest death rates in the world, less, than 1 per million. But some COVID-19 deaths might be attributed to other causes. For example I read somewhere, sorry can't find the source, that pneumonia deaths in Thailand are up significantly this year. If those additional pneumonia deaths were really COVID-19 then the death rate would be about 5 per million. Let's say there were 5000 extra deaths that aren't in the official numbers then it would be around 50 per million. To put that in perspective Spain and Italy are over 500 deaths per million population and the UK is almost 500. So why so low in Thailand? Perhaps poor reporting. Maybe the hot climate. Perhaps government action. My guess is a combination thereof.
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    Todays Jaunt took us to Bangsaray to look at a house for Nutty's sister. I have to admit I was impressed as it was quite tranquil and quiet, I was quite taken by it and given that it's 20 minutes from town perhaps not a bad option for a more sedate holiday or even just a few days away.
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    My tale of entrapment wedded bliss started with an innocent visit to Boots pharmacy in Central Festival as most here who know me are tired of hearing by now no doubt :) But it is proof that there are ladyboys to be found away from the usual hook up spots in Pattaya, and for anyone on the look out for some form of long term relationship there are alternative possibilities out there.
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    I wrote this about Poppy 7 years ago. The sensation at Sensations Bar, back in the day. I'll let her stroke my puppy if she says that I'm her pappy I must be very fast because she's cute and barfines snappy and if she lets me buy her drink I'll be a happy chappie and if she says she'll go with me she'll make her pappy happy I sit and drink Sensations Bar but there's no sign of Poppy I came for her and no-one else I can't accept a copy I've sat too long my boner's gone it's flacid and it's floppy I'm old and fat I'm going home the girls say that I'm sloppy it's raining now I'm walking back I'm damp and feeling drippy the road is wet I nearly fell it's dangerous and slippy then on a bike I see her pass so confident and nippy she smiled at me it made my day rain glinted off her lippy I turned around I'm going back to get my taste of honey the girls see me all soaking wet and laugh and think it's funny but Poppy comes and sits with me and helps me spend my money so never mind it's raining because Poppy makes it sunny
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    Ahh, The-Sith. I've previously had the pleasure of meeting The-Sith, perhaps he doesn't remember. It was a show night at KrUs sometime last year. I can even remember his first name, too, so he must've made an impression. Nice chap, as I recall. There was a time when I thought Rom and The-Sith were perhaps one and the same, but that was a long while ago. Despite what Rom may think, especially if he remembers my one-time post on a thread of his over on the other forum some years ago, I have no problem with either the man or his club here. In fact, Rom's sketches are incredibly good. I just wish there were more of them. The-Sith is much younger than me, quite handsome, and friendly and sociable to boot. Rather like myself 15 to 20 years ago. Now I'm just a no nonsense grumpy old phart with a pot. So I'll step back and clear the way for you young'uns to carry on. As you were
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    As another prolific forum poster acquires further abilities in the copy/paste/regurgitate department I can only hope these 'skills' are put to good use. As per the well thought out title of this thread, there's yet another 'state of emergency' again tonight at midnight, as there has been on the strike of midnight every night since 25th March. According to, at least at the time, the novice copy/paster/regurgitator's thread topic title. Bear in mind the high level of competition that already exists, albeit negligible in ability, where you can find a ".. carefully curated selection of Videos" provided by the resident automaton who blindly copy/pastes and relentlessly regurgitates the contents of his youtube subscriptions for our daily delectation and endless enjoyment. I'm so excited to learn what the future holds and what may become the new forum normal
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    The Cargopants interview This interview took place over 2 afternoons in the Katty Bar with Jimmy Cargopants and myself. Jimmy was in Jomtien for a few days last autumn, it was the second time that we had met. He had graciously agreed to be interviewed for this Katty Bar Klub project as long as I gave my word that unlike many interviewers whom he has known, I wouldn’t stoop to stereotyping Australians, as he is a proud member of that nationality, and also that I would show him the interview before publication so that he confirm accuracy. This demand rather upset me as I do consider myself to be honest and fair, but of course I agreed to his terms along with his demand that he could refuse publication if he deemed it prudent. But sorry Jimmy… I lied. THE INTERVIEW DAY 1. “Jimmy, thanks for coming today. It’s lovely to meet you again, Thanks also for doing this interview as I do think that it’s just as important in the historical annals of the Katty Bar that the BM supporters share the limelight equally with Emmy and the kittens.” “Fair dinkum BBG... Am I getting paid for this by the way?” “No! But let’s start by talking back through your life. My researchers in Australia inform me that you are in fact now OZ’s premier male model, is that true? And how did it happen?” “Some say that I am BBG, but you know how people love to label others. Me, I never talk about it …. “Have a beer Jimmy?” …. Okay! It all started when I taught English in China for a few years. Not doing anything much really one day, I was just hanging around passing the time and happened to be sitting outside a café drinking coffee, when 2 or 3 sheila’s walked by looking at me and then came back to sit at the next table, they seemed to be giggling a lot and I couldn’t help wondering why. Strewth Cobber! They wouldn’t stop laughing. I wasn’t until I stood up to go that I saw that the zip had broken on my shorts and my didgeridoo was hanging out. Was I embarrassed? Was I? No not really, I used to do it a lot around that time if truth be told… Anyway we got talking and they invited me back to their place, I wasn’t too sure about going because quite honestly two of them looked like the back end of a Wallaby, but I thought about the offer for a nanosecond and said …Yes! That was the event which really started my modeling career Blind Boy, but I really don’t want to talk about it anymore today … “Want another beer Jimmy?” …..Okay! They took me back to their place, big house, and they gave me a drink which must have been spiked because the room started to spin and I couldn’t feel my arms and legs. It was great! But when I finally recovered consciousness it was a bit scary. I couldn’t move and the room I was in was different, it looked like a dungeon, lots of very nasty looking things like whips hanging from the walls. I realized eventually that I was also stark-bollock naked and chained to a table. Oh yes… I remember now, I also had a massive black dildo shoved up my arse. Now that was confusing because my personal dildo is pink and I thought I’d removed it before I left my room. I don’t often wear it while outside because it makes sitting down a bit difficult at times and it sometimes drops out which can be hard to explain when walking in a crowd. Moving on from all that, those 3 kept me prisoner for weeks, using me for their sexual gratification. That’s all I was BBG, a living sex-toy, just someone to be used and abused. Some men I know would love that, but it was very difficult for me, at times I had to resort to fantasising about some good looking Wallabies I had known when I lived in Tasmania. Thank god I did, they really helped me out. It was only after I escaped that I discovered that they had been selling nude pictures and videos of me on the internet. It also seemed that my photos had appeared in quite a few Asian magazines: ‘Saigon Shemales’ .. ‘Gaijin Gayboys’ …’Szechuan sexy-men’ and others. Obviously there had to be a bit of photoshoping going on with my hair and eyes, and they had to make my dong look smaller. But I looked okay. When you are starting out in a modeling career BBG, the photographers and magazine editors hold all the cards. Wasn’t much I could do about it anyway really after they’d all been published. They’d given me the name… ‘The Aussie Stallion’… It was because of those shoots that when I returned to Australia I was chosen for the well-known Cosmopolitan- Cargopants special issue. You haven’t got a copy of that have you BBG? If you have please don’t show it because I want to put all that behind me now” of course I won’t Jimmy…, I’m well happy to respect your wishes…oops!. It’s all very interesting and informative so far I must say. I never even knew that there are Wallabies in Tasmania. But let’s move away from your modeling days for a while, do you like staying here in Jomtien?” “I do BBG, love it. As you know I stayed at the Katty last year also, i had a great time then too. I don’t know who told Emmy that I’m an Aussie but she really went to town on my behalf to help me feel as though I was home from home. It was only after I fell into a deep puddle in the median outside the Bar that I realized that Emmy had dug a Billabong for me so that if I got bored I could camp by it. I don’t know who it was that suggested that she should buy a ‘Billy’ for me to boil in my room. I heard that she went shopping for days trying to get one but to no avail….. Er… were the billabong and Billy suggestions anything to do with you BBG?” “Nope! Must have been Quinn!” “Well, never mind, the most wonderful thing was that August changed her name to Matilda for the week I was there. Emmy thought of everything. Must admit I got a bit fed-up with all the waltzing though. Personally I would say to our American BMs that if you stay at Katty then don’t tell Emmy where you are from, or you’ll possibly get all the staff acting out the battle of the Alamo in your room all day and night..” Thanks Jimmy, now a bit of a personal question for you… Have you ever been married?” “Once, a long time ago, I forget her name now… Oh yes, Matilda it was. Mind you, every woman in Australia over forty is probably called Matilda thinking about it. Except that is for some posh ones from somewhere like Gundiwindi or Hobart. They might have gone a bit uppity and renamed themselves Sheila nowadays, delusions of grandeur if you ask me. A lot of the younger ones nowadays though seem to prefer Kylie for some reason. All the old traditions are dying out. Anyway, the missus Matilda, I have to confess Cobber that the marriage didn’t last long, only one night actually. We were courting for weeks but she never let me touch her, I found it very strange to be truthful, but I respected her wishes and of course I knew that we had the rest of our lives together to have children and start a family. I must have been a bit naïve back then, when I think back the hairy legs should have given me a clue, plus she never put the toilet seat down. Have you sussed it BBG? It was only on our wedding night that I found out that she was a bloke. Sometimes I still break down and cry, I really do. When she left next morning she pinched all my Cargo pants. “Okay Jimmy, thanks for all that, I really am grateful, after one afternoon I feel that I’ve learned so much from you about Aussie culture. Shall we have a drink now and try to prise Sunny’s hand from inside your shorts?” “Okay BBG, we’ll continue tomorrow if you want and yes, let’s have a beer. Don’t worry about Sunny’s hand though.” End of day 1…. to be continued…
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    Apologies to DC for posting another copied article - it's screenshots not cut & paste as I don't know how to do that. I put in the screenshots because when I just post link it often doesn't work. But I think we need to be aware of what is happening, most of us are not in los, and are interested to read reports. It's about a gg bargirl but reflects the sadness of the lb and gg bargirls and others trapped in Pattaya now. https://www.pattayamail.com/coronavirus/pattaya-bargirls-fairytale-cut-short-by-coronavirus-297716
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    O my god, I'm weeping .....and so is Sunny!! It should be noted that BBG is recalling an interview we'd had many months ago, and much of it is now made up with words put into my mouth which I'd never used .....all the big words as it were. The song bit is true though - BBG with his upright bass, Quinn with an old acoustic more battered than Willie Nelson's, me in Frank Ifield mode - a bit like Gene Vincent and his Blue Notes but way less cooler. Shame there are no pictures of that (none of us own cameras).. Now the true story about the song ---- We named our one original composition together (wait for it..) "Sunny". I was supposed to stump up with lyrics but caught stuck after "Sunny...", repeated about fifty times. It was hardly Dylanesque. When I finally came up with a rhyme ("dunny") the fellas sacked me as chief songwriter, I was told to go away while Grunt and Quinn huddled together for twenty minutes to thrash out a proper lyric (with too many big words in my humble opinion). Man we rocked the house then. Rocked the wicker furniture anyway .. rocked something! We were off our rockers and had soi dogs running in all directions. Even the girls looked up from their phones for about five seconds... Good memories all, especially as we reflect back in these less than normal times. Who'd have guessed six months ago that the whole world would be ordered to stay in their room?? Strewth that's a turn up. If only I was quarantined in a room with Sunny..... with her shorts and bonzer bits. *Sigh*
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    i can really only talk now about the Katty girls because they are the only ones that i know well. As far as i'm aware such as Teya and Sunny enjoy talking wth people like QG, Jimmy Cargo, BB, Lyku69 etc because they know them and are more or less friends now, part of the gang.. That isn't timewasting really that's just socialising stuff. There is also the premise that they trust them too. but to get like that, people have to actually meet them and not just make dodgy text conversation with girls who can hardly read English that you've never met..
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    Most Thai lbs advertising as escorts say don`t contact them unless you are in country. What Quinn and blind boy grunt wrote is 100% accurate. Thai pay for play lbs don`t want to be contacted by people outside the country, as 99.9% of these guys will never show up to meet them. Pdoggg`s comment about Filipina lbs is accurate - most Filipina lbs are looking for someone to take them away from their lives of poverty, lack of opportunity and discrimination. It is very interesting that very few Thai lbs want to leave their countries, but many Filipina lbs do want to leave.
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