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  1. Does anyone know if ATOM is still in Pattaya? Last seen by me about May 2015...
  2. I've been told the lovely Ms. Aris is more bottom than top/versatile? Any one knwo for sure?, In Nov. spent an amazing night with Nikky - 1st time to play fisting fun. Nikky is fun and nicw and sexy, a bit rough without makeup in the am, but by then who cares. Went back next day but both Nikky and Aris had been taken for a couple of days. Spent the rest of my time mostly at Lita's with eithe Sandy ot Natasha. Will be back on the 16th of June for 1 week.
  3. Does anyone know where Mo ended up. Lost contact about mid no ember 2015
  4. it is not possible for Nancy to take a bad picture.
  5. Has anyone been with meimei from Kings Bar soi 8. Been chatting with her on TF
  6. has anyone stayed at mind serviced apartments? I've stayed at novaGold last two times in Pattaya but it is not available to trip any other suggestions in that area close to 6/1
  7. I always loved Moo and her anaconda....Wish she was still about Great girl and good bartender Aui was last seen by me in CIB in Jan 2015 Not seen in any recent CIB photos
  8. In January Boomerang Twin Bar on soi 13/1 had one of the two bars LB/Femboy no silicone zone on one side. Has this changed?
  9. I just returned , well on Dec. 1st. from 7 days in Pattaya. Just across 2nd road from soi 6/1 is a gem. the 4 star Nova Gold. As I only bring back LB's and FB's to my room,, sorry GG's <no not really> I had no issues. Twice it was a threesome and not an eyebrow raised nor any issue at all. They take the girl's ID and if you do not walk them out they will call to be sure you are still alive and in possession of your worldly goods. Rooms are big modern very quiet It is my new home, I have book for my return trip in May 2015. . Good value,< US 31 pm inc. tax> nice pool, 80 baht by scooter to soi 8 / 100 baht to soi 13/1. Soi 6 or 6/1 is walking distance. The hotel has free on demand shuttle service to either 2nd road or the Big "C" Hotel arranged a 1,100 baht for taxi to Swampy. Both my 3somes were with Briana from Sensations and Ashlee her roommate who is on TF. Both great girls with good English and would comply with any request. LT 2,000 each from 9pm to 3pm the next day.
  10. Has anyone had the pleasure of this lovely? Pinay works p/t freelance and teaches English Friend of Briana from sensations
  11. Speaking of Nancy Any ideas of when she returns?
  12. Anyone know about the Pattaya Sea View Hotel being Lady boy Friendly. Good price for staying there over holidays, It may seem a bit out of the way Beach Road Soi 2 but is about equi-distant from Nakula and Action street fun.
  13. or if I am lucky there may be an equally expanding choice among the ladies on hand
  14. I hope Noon is back by then, or Nancy across the soi at LaBamba
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