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  1. These Pride events are too gay for me, I attended one in Rio in 2012 for an hour or so before returning to quarters ...nope not for me, what a load of weirdos out to shock & express themselves. Lorry drivers dressed as drag queens which I know some of you lot wouldn’t think twice about mounting
  2. ThaiFriendly is littered with these skanks, I tend to only invite into my accommodation those I know or who have been recommended. The remainder I’ll arrange to meet in a bar somewhere in order to expedite a quick getaway, this is something I’ve done at least three times in recent years. Thank you for the warning on this one Donnnnnny.
  3. Give me non stop every time, especially when I’m feeling flush and have secured a business class seat for under £2000.00 return from London on EVA or Thai. Sure I could have done it for £2-300 less if travelling via the desert on Etihad or Emirates, but in biz on a flat bed underneath a duvet with my own pillow, I’m a good sleeper, especially after a few beers and bottle of champagne . I don’t appreciate being woken up after seven hours with a mild hangover to get out of bed for landing then transit security checks followed by 2-3 hours in a Lounge and once again that lengthy boarding process. Chances are I won’t get back to sleep again for the next leg so I’ll arrive in Bangkok tired and grumpy.........I may as well have saved my money and flown economy.
  4. Nonsense, at least five of the above are more feminine than that Sandy who gave your arse a pounding last year, you dirty ole cunt
  5. Apart from exceedingly regular sex (in all its forms) one of the things I truly miss when returning home is the magnificent laundry services available in Pattaya.....even at the shitty stealing rate of exchange v THB they represent astonishingly good value for money compared to the services I sometimes use in England or anywhere in Europe for that matter. In Pattaya I sometimes send clean clothes to the laundry just because I like to see them returned, beautifully ironed and shrink wrapped. Not such good value in Bangkok, at least not in my experience. And yes indeed Pdoggg.....whom the fuck wears a Safari Suit these days, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen one being worn in Thailand apart from a mannequin in a tailors shop window. Although it is perhaps the type of ensemble which would suit my ole mate TTChang.
  6. In Bangkok, I’d vote a resounding yes to Guess Bar in its original Soi 1 premises closely followed by the substitute location. The proprietors of that business raised the bar and created a thriving customer friendly atmosphere while being the first to embrace the forums as a promotional tool before Jay hit the self-destruct button and threw it all away. Pattaya; many of us cut our teeth at Jenny Star Bar in the late 90’s and noughties, although it wasn’t a place you could relax....drink prices were a rip-off, music volume (if you could call it music) was high intensity and many of the skanks were out to get you. Nonetheless......I had some magnificent moments in there. Quite strange the former JSB bar area under the Marine Disco escalator remains boarded up as a shrine to this once, infamous Pattaya ladyboy institution. Although Jenny was someone who’s company I enjoyed and frequently partied hard with, she was dangerously addictive and very unreliable. Of the current Pattaya Bars, none spring to mind as being a particular favourite where I’d happily take a seat for the entire evening but, Katoeys R Us, 69Bar, New Bar and TJ’s all receive plenty of my currency.......and I’m looking forward to patronising Surprise Yourself in the coming weeks.
  7. Unequivocally.....Not.
  8. At 36 & 38, Travis & Joseph absolutely should have know better........a clear case of self-inflicted social media biting them in the butt. The Thai authorities were clearly determined to make an example of these two. From information available on the internet their ID’s were obtained and flagged ready for arrest upon departure from the Kingdom.....
  9. Hitherto not flown Qatar. Definitely prefer Emirates over Etihad largely because of the crew and I prefer Dubai to Abu Dhabi.
  10. Slightly annoying, sometime I like to sit on the beach at sunset smoking a cigar. Although, it’s not happened for a couple of years so no doubt I’ll be able to adjust accordingly.
  11. All I know about Kentucky and especially Louisville is:- The Louisville Lip aka Mohammed Ali and The Run for the Roses aka Kentucky Derby. Oh and of course KFC. is there something else we should know about Kentucky folks.......
  12. Before watching the clip, I was tempted to jump in with the usual scepticism I associate with Farang/Thai relationships however, I reckon this one could be alright. The key is Annie re-locating to Kentucky with David’s family & friends embracing her.
  13. For the most part Bangkok based these days it would appear. Log into ThaiFriendly to View. https://www.thaifriendly.com/AngelicaTSxxx
  14. Agreed Duke, being based in the NW close to Manchester Airport you’d be foolish to change that existing routine. Although, I bet you’d prefer a Thai Air or BA flight non stop to Bangkok from Ringway. Would I be right in thinking that Thai used to operate a service to Bangkok from Manchester via Heathrow? I seem to recall boarding that service at LHR only to find Manchester originating passengers already seated.
  15. U-Tapao is only twenty minutes to half an hour closer to Pattaya than Suvarnabhumi although immigration (without fast track) is perhaps less painful. Personally I enjoy finishing my vacation in Bangkok and preferring a non stop service to London, therefore landing in Rag Head Land to make an aircraft change has precious little appeal.
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