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  1. They should also look at filing such acts against some other neighbouring ASEAN countries.
  2. One of the girls in Blackpink is Thai so that's really helped them get over in Thailand.
  3. I take my power bank in carry on, When taking a power bank, the limitation for battery capacity with most airlines in Thailand is maximum of 20,000mah
  4. I got straight in today, the missing icons are back too.
  5. Ajax were pretty hard done by in the first leg, great result for them at the Bernabeu. Ramos thought he was being clever getting suspended for their "easy" second leg at home.
  6. KendoUK

    Why Not Bangkok

    Pay left a little while back, working out of Nana these days I believe.
  7. The BTS are adding more rolling stock for when the line extension opens next month, it will still be 4 cars per train but should help with the frequency. There is now a Mangmoon value card which can be used across MRT, Airport Rail Link and the buses. Annoyingly not the BTS because that is administered by a different company. The MRT line is also being extended plus a load of other lines are currently under construction. The proposed map for the future looks something closer to the London Underground map with lines covering most of Bangkok.
  8. I've always had a stored value card for the MRT because the queues at the machines and booths can be horrendous at peak times......especially at Sukhumvit which is one of the busiest stations.
  9. It's really awesome what you can do at 7 Eleven over here sometimes, although I tend to cuss when I'm waiting in line with one item and the Thai lady in front is paying all her monthly bills at the counter. I've paid for flights a few times like this, it's a really fast process. No sooner had I made the payment and I had an email from the airline pop-up on my phone with the confirmed booking. I thought the deadline was usually 12 hours. When I run into problems processing my card, some of the airlines also offer online bank transfer (from Thai account). I was having problems last week with both card payment and trying to get a Counter Payment reference so online banking won the day (and saved me a trip to the shops).
  10. Rolling stock is not exactly comparable to the Swampy - BKK rail link but an improvement on TukTuk riding. Running 24 hours is good as well.
  11. KendoUK

    Bangkok IT Stores

    Fortune Town is right next Rama 9 MRT. 2nd floor is mainly phones and cameras. 3rd/4th floor for computer and laptop bits.
  12. The team I follow in Bangkok, the 3rd choice keeper was one of the players arrested. He was transferred to Korat mid-season which is where he is alleged to have been involved in some suspicious matches. Jees, they should watch the footage of the one game he was selected for us this season (despite the other 2 keepers being fit), we lost 5-1, including one goal from a corner where he managed to dive *over* the ball.
  13. I like Queens Park because it's one of the last "Bladerunner" style areas of Bangkok that hasn't yet been sanitized. Not necessarily a p4p area but the night market around Ratchada is a nice place to drink or take date.
  14. The build quality of the official Apple cables seems to be total dogshite, I think I paid 700B for one before that snapped so easily. I've had 150 baht ones from Tukcom and the like that last me very well, until Apple release firmware upgrades that detect I am using an unofficial cable. I've had problems before (Apple and Android) where it's not so much a problem with the cable but the voltage being sent from the dodgy Thai socket or charger plug. I've had cables that don't charge very well connected to the mains but charge super fast when I connect them to my power bank.
  15. You can't really miss it, there is a huge archway sign saying "Jomtien Walking Street."
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