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  1. Start of this year I culled most of the active LBs on my social media because their daily feeds start to get tedious, they post a pic “I’m lonely” and every basement wanker from Atlanta to Timbuktu writes nonsense in the comments. The only ones I still follow are ones that have got out, and stayed out....Atom formerly of Sensations, now married and living in Canada. Wey/Helen formerly of Ezy and Fantasy Lounge, now married and living in Brighton.
  2. Was having this same chat with Dixon last night, Sonya has to be one of the biggest Pattaya success stories in re-skilling to set herself up for the next phase of her life. She’s quickly become the go to photographer for social events in the scene and has even been summoned to Bangkok for a few. I also think the girls are more open with their poses when she is behind the shutter.
  3. She’s much smaller than Som, so probably not her size I popped in there first time for one last night, pretty chilled bar and no pressure, I shall return. Probably just as well BB took Alis photo from the front because her forehead had some major swelling yesterday, recent botox injection? Hopefully she didn’t use Dr Nok.
  4. I've not wanted to get dragged into this because I actually prefer (or used to) pop over to LBR as a means to chill out, but enough is enough, fuck it, here I am. Firstly, I haven't visited “The Roof” for over a year now, and on the times I had been there, it most definitely wasn't free!. As for the other “big bars”...Yes, KrU have covered my drinks in there before, but only on the occasions when I’ve given up my evening to MC events for them. All other times such as last night, I’m a regular paying customer there. I had the same arrangement also one time at Sensations earlier this year when they hosted a wet tshirt finale. Secondly, when Lasurlaces got burned a few months back over posting some non-nude pics of Emmy. It only served to demonstrate exactly why we choose to limit LB access to only a few areas and leave the rest of the forum open for the punters. Emmy being able to see, read and misunderstand comments about the pics LaSurl had posted lead us to do some background checking as to why this had happened, and sure enough it was found somebody had made a dummy account for Emmy to view the forum, and not only that, had also let her use his own password to login.....What the actual fuck? I'm sure if one of the Lounge members here let an LB use his account, the other guys would not be too impressed either. So in seemingly being so impassioned about giving Emmy access people think she deserved, that guy had chose his Pratumnak Hill to die on, and ultimately at the cost of still being able to promote his own business. Emmy runs a nice little bar and have had some fun nights there, but for such a small bar it has consistently created the dramas right from day 1, due to the constant meddling of well-meaning, but overbearing friends. This white noise has become too much of a distraction for me, and created extra admin work for us. As a result I've steered clear of Soi 4 Jomtien for nearly a year, and I'm not the only one.
  5. They should also look at filing such acts against some other neighbouring ASEAN countries.
  6. I got straight in today, the missing icons are back too.
  7. KendoUK

    Why Not Bangkok

    Pay left a little while back, working out of Nana these days I believe.
  8. The BTS are adding more rolling stock for when the line extension opens next month, it will still be 4 cars per train but should help with the frequency. There is now a Mangmoon value card which can be used across MRT, Airport Rail Link and the buses. Annoyingly not the BTS because that is administered by a different company. The MRT line is also being extended plus a load of other lines are currently under construction. The proposed map for the future looks something closer to the London Underground map with lines covering most of Bangkok.
  9. I've always had a stored value card for the MRT because the queues at the machines and booths can be horrendous at peak times......especially at Sukhumvit which is one of the busiest stations.
  10. It's really awesome what you can do at 7 Eleven over here sometimes, although I tend to cuss when I'm waiting in line with one item and the Thai lady in front is paying all her monthly bills at the counter. I've paid for flights a few times like this, it's a really fast process. No sooner had I made the payment and I had an email from the airline pop-up on my phone with the confirmed booking. I thought the deadline was usually 12 hours. When I run into problems processing my card, some of the airlines also offer online bank transfer (from Thai account). I was having problems last week with both card payment and trying to get a Counter Payment reference so online banking won the day (and saved me a trip to the shops).
  11. Rolling stock is not exactly comparable to the Swampy - BKK rail link but an improvement on TukTuk riding. Running 24 hours is good as well.
  12. KendoUK

    Bangkok IT Stores

    Fortune Town is right next Rama 9 MRT. 2nd floor is mainly phones and cameras. 3rd/4th floor for computer and laptop bits.
  13. I like Queens Park because it's one of the last "Bladerunner" style areas of Bangkok that hasn't yet been sanitized. Not necessarily a p4p area but the night market around Ratchada is a nice place to drink or take date.
  14. You can't really miss it, there is a huge archway sign saying "Jomtien Walking Street."
  15. Still seemed to be business as usual at 10 Baht a ride, also buses were still running on Soi Buakhow over NYE weekend.
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