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  1. Yes Im still at my hometown here in the Philippines. Hows Pattaya there ?
  2. AngelicTS4u

    Ladyboy Life

    Im Ruffa your pre op ladyboy here in the Philippines...
  3. AngelicTS4u

    Welcome 2015

    Hello Guys... Happy New Year to everyone and Im glad to be back here in the forum. Hope to hear from you guys about feedback and request from all of you. I attached some recent photos of mine here and hope you'll like it. See ya.
  4. Guys here it is... Given a chance to date a ladyboy anywhere in this world... What would you choose? Pretty and Sexy but not sweet and no converse at all with you... but shes totally appealing in public and head turner... or Not so Pretty nor Sexy but totally smart , funny and make u smile laugh anytime you go out... but people look at her differently... What do u think guys? Mmmmm....
  5. Thanks for all response here... Now I got some answers in my questions here... Im a Filipina ladyboy and proud to be eventhough I heard some not nice comment about PI LB its ok, but I hope u not think that all PI LB are the same. As many people in this world, we have different personality, attitudes, looks, lifestyles and how we can live the way we like. In my opinion , Thai LB are more far than PI LB its because they are exposed here to many beauty products , hormones , cheap surgeries but perfectly done compared to my country Philippines. Second is Thai culture accepts tolerated Ladyboys everywhere and embrace them with all their hands and treat as equal as other genders. Third and final I think is that Government or Society gives more opportunity to Thai LB to work in many kind of works, like in Cabaret Show which high promoted and made huge billboards and spreading flyers and showing online websites about it, and that makes them more famous and tourist attracted to visit their kingdom. Many jobs everywhere for Thai LB where they can accept as who they are , and not discriminated bout their genders unlike in the Philippines. So this is big advantage of Thai LB to PI LB... Thats why some PI LB love to travel and explore because of lack of opportunities in our country. I hope you open your eyes and mind now guys... Thank you...
  6. Who do you like most in some categories? Beauty? Thai or Fil ? Why? Body ? Thai or FIl ? Why? Communication Skills? Thai or Fil? Why? Loyalty / Honesty ? Thai or Fil? Why? Personal Hygiene? Thai or Fil Why? share some of your experience and we will appreciate it... I made this post not to compare or have competition but just to know or share experience of farang men here ... Thank you...
  7. Hello Guys, I am Ruffa and I just back here in Pattaya from out of the country for a while. Im glad that Im here again alive , strong , confident as ever and healthy physically and emotionally I think thats important. I write here because I want to find or wait for someone who can spend time with me away from the city life for a while. I am thinking that my dreams is to have a man to treat me as a woman and a man that willing to share his life to me and be able to talk about past , present and future of our lives. For I believe that short time relationship is just a single experience here for us, so I think why not try to get involve to a more long and serious companionship this time. I just want to try maybe its the answer of all the questions bugging my ing mind. We never know what future leads us but Im hoping for the best for all of us and wishing everyone find its true happiness of life.
  8. I will leave this coming week and maybe back after a month for long vacation and visit my family and friends. I also wanna fix some documents of me in my country and enjoy the view and beaches around my Islands... So maybe I will do some extra work there too like I do here in Pattaya... Lol... Hope good men embrace me again there like the last time I left ... :-P So see you soon Pattaya farang men.... Have fun....
  9. I still have one week left here in Pattaya and time to take a break and going back to my home land... Hope to meet some nice man before I leave the town here... What you is what you get here... Come and meet me here for real and lets have fun... ;)
  10. Its really hot and humid here in Pattaya .... Is anyone out there who wants to jump in a pool or beach with me? Im ready here and my body is totally hot and wild....Mmmmmm..... ;)
  11. Thank you for the nice comments guys...
  12. Im the brightest star in the Universe... Agree or not?
  13. Hello Guys my name is Ruffa and Im here living in Pattaya City for a while and looking for some nice companionship and friendship to all foreign men who visited the city. I hope we could have fun here and enjoy each moment and do everything that please us together. Just contact me here and we could arrange our meeting together soon. Hope to hear from you guys. Thank you.
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