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  1. He thinks he is being a clever t**t Woodie, Manchester has just been voted 3rd best City in the World after San Francisco and Amsterdam concerning nightlife, restaurants, cultural highlights amongst other categories. Probably best to visit a place first before slagging it off imho
  2. Haha, cheers Fenners, might look into that Should have mentioned that my trip does include 'Covid protected Travel Insurance' (as per the thread ) , 22kg (hold) & 10kg (guaranteed cabin), Seat selection, Transfers, and Full Board at a very highly rated Servigroup Hotel (that is very close to the Strip and the Beach) that has just reoponed after the pandemic and after a total reburbishment, all for under £500 Plus I will fly out with Jet2 out of the very newly £1billion reburbished T2 at Ringway, happy days Apologies for the thread fook, I shall say no more
  3. I heard the news about 15 minutes after I had booked a 'Jolly' to Benidorm this afternoon (7 nights from 7th November), great news and perfect timing for me being an 'Englander' as the 'hassle' of travelling in Europe will be made a helluva lot easier at the end of October. Hopefully Thailand will get its ass into to gear so maybe I can have one final Pattaya 'blast' for a month come next year in either May or November.
  4. Well said bbg, I do think Rom could have added another option for his voting system though, for example using one of these (below) for a 'I couldn't really give a fuck' Btw... I also gave you a 'like' mate
  5. I've just reached 'Rear Admiral' status, what are they trying to say?
  6. Perhaps you should refrain from wearing balaclava's when transitting through Airports mate.
  7. That story has just made a great start to my day Fenners, I can just picture you . Thanx for sharing
  8. My preference nowadays and has been for many years (or should I say it was 'once' nowadays ) would a connecting Flight with Qatar Airways (MAN-DOH-BKK and back), as I personally think they are the best. If there would be problems with a connecting Flight getting to Bangkok or getting back into the UK then I would quite happily fly Direct with BA from LHR.
  9. SKIP to 5 minutes in
  10. Same Same with me, I really don't want to waste another second of my life reacting to the likes of the Chairman of this Club or his disciple
  11. You are the one that needs to 'get over it' Rom and quick, you're endless crusade against PY has got very very 'boring' to say the least and to the majority here, but then I am just 'presuming' that
  12. You know that, I know that but some people cannot help presuming you were 'banned from PY because it somehow gives them reason to slag off the LBP forum on here, perhaps they should instead get their , 'FACTS' CORRECT FIRST before posting. And for the record I have given you a 'like for your post above.
  13. And it brings back happy memories I had with the Viet girl Linda in Room 2 of the Chow Soy
  14. Over the moon mate
  15. It's certainly much better than trying to drink it mate
  16. If it is the Singaporean protocol to wear masks in public then the Brit guy should have abided by it imho, if not then get the fuck out or don't go there in the first place, it's their laws... Simples
  17. And you would be correct PG, lengcj has not been banned from the ladyboyspattaya forum, in fact he made a contribution in June and is still lurking so obviously the LPF isn't too much for him. His TR's are still there to be enjoyed too.
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