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  1. evidently... Thai friendly contact name is Nmona21. may i suggest that if you do the painting Rom...use a roller rather than a small brush, or you'll be there all day.
  2. without any doubt..Tiger is the girl for you 8inches.! Just be careful she doesn't whack you with the expanding arse things she wears.......
  3. i love it... very pleasant during the day.. and how wonderful to be able to sleep under a quilt at night! a very rare thing to do.
  4. indeed Duke, good results for you and us, well done Man Utd. i really could do without the totally useless world club thing coming soon though... Actually while i'm here Duke, i was thinking about you recently, "why?" you no doubt ask..... well i'll tell you. You're from Stockport aren't you? Funnily enough i used to work in Hannover back in the Early 80s with a guy from Stockport. His name was Steve. The worst snorer i have ever heard but that's a bit besides the point. As is most of this post i guess but sometimes it's good to ramble on. So.. do you know Steve? i reckon that you probably do as there are possibly very few people that live in Stockport, or are at least willing to admit to it! I'm sure that you must know him.... I've seen Coronation Street... every body knows everyone in that part of the world. Some of you American chaps reading this are possibly baffled... "corrie st?. what the hell is that?" well.... i'll help you here... it's an english TV soap opera... been playing since before Kennedy was shot, or just after. To help you visualise it...just think "Deliverance" in half-hour episodes but without the Banjo's. It used to be based around a pub called the Queen VIc or something, owned by 'Dirty Den' and his Missus Ena Sharples. You guys are probably wondering what i'm talking about... don't worry, so am I. Just a bit of English culture for you on a pretty nippy Thailand morning. I confess though sometimes my memory goes a bit haywire. Corrie was never the same after Albert Tatlock shot J.R. Anyway to get back on topic before the Moddy fellows shout at me, Lady drinks! i'm pretty sure that Dirty Den once bought Elsie Tanner one in the 'Rover's Vic' or whatever the pub was called... I'm still convinced that he was trying to get in her pants. And Ladyboys... must admit that i was never very sure about Victoria Principal... looks too much like 'lily'.
  5. don't worry Rom, you can always say Hi to me and Quinn. just to help you recognise us...here's a photo...taken by Quinn. unfortunately i am wearing my old hat.
  6. Sensations BB? i have heard so many people say the same as you... but if you read the reports it's buzzing every night! The Roof? sooner that disaster goes the better... has been bleeding cash since it opened. Now reduced to a [non-ladyboy related] advert in Pattaya's dodgiest local rag . i confess though i've never been there and will never go, to me it looks as though one is sitting in the Habitat store back in the 70's. Many will fail during the next close season especially if the high season is bad too. The survivors will be places like Fantasy and TJs. The foreigner promoted bars have no other place to advertise really but LBP. and who are they going to advertise to? fact is the mongers are budgeting nowadays... some not even coming. The amount that do will not keep the bars going. You're right... dodgy party's are helping to save the day... i mean for god's sake... Sweethearts?... a party for a cashier who has been there 2 months! come on! there will be one for the cleaner next. Mind you i suppose that one could say the same about the Meet and Greets at Katty. Although the idea behind them was at least original. Time for a natural cull. i probably saw more than anyone other than Quinn how awful it was for jomtien and the Katty this year... although thankfully things are improving. honestly i don't know how Emmy survived but bless her she did. Pattaya demographics are changing... the bars have to adapt or die. Time to extract the heads from the sand, but how and what to do i dont know, and probably neither do they.... but other than Katty. and Joy at Fantasy ..don't really care to be honest. Times are changing.
  7. the other forum BMs you mention Rom are rarely around the Katty nowadays. Bell too... long away from the scene Mona? who knows..still around in Pattaya somewhere... maybe Duke knows. if you get to the Katty just ask teya to phone her? or pokki if she's around.
  8. have faith Pdoggg... i once won the English lottery! but nothing too exciting i'm afraid. I don't know how it's done now but in those days [mid 90s] it was a case of popping to the local shop, picking up a lottery ticket and striking through the 6 numbers you chose. i went round and did that, as ever just picking any numbers willy-nilly. at about 8 pm the draw was televised. the missus was checking the ticket as the draw went through. "you got one number! two. three, four!" she was starting to look at me with new found adoration in her eyes! The kids were suddenly well-behaved........ "we've got five!" [you suddenly changed to we..........] "we want number 29!" lo and behold 28 popped out. not big money i'm afraid, it was the midweek draw.. 5 numbers about 1500 pounds i recall... but if i'd have moved the pen a fraction onto 28 instead of 29 it would have been a couple of million. Ha! wouldn't have changed my life.....
  9. of course, there is a major difference between holidaying guys such as QG and Archie, compared to residents like some of us. And that's natural. You visitors should get over here out of the cold and rain, having a good time recharging the batteries ... and good luck to you all from me, everybody deserves a good holiday. All different for the long-time boys like myself and others though.... in a way we have seen it all and done it all, but maybe the thrill has gone a bit, it's all actually commonplace nowadays. In effect, speaking for myself, a little mundane now perhaps? but, here's the crux.. better to be bored [not the right word but you know what i mean] somewhere like here with the sun etc and loads of things to do.. if you want to do them! To me the great thing about retirement is that you can within reason, do what the hell you want to... and nobody can stop you. the choices are yours alone. Finances can hold you back sometimes maybe but if you're sensible and not getting pissed from 10 a.m all day every day... a great life can be lived. i'm dead happy with mine. talking of which... now time for my morning 7-11 coffees! i will happily muse about pdogg flying us all to Rio....... QG, looking forwards to seeing you and Canadian Kev soon, [don't forget the jelly babies]! catching up with you too Archie next year sounds good. regards all. bbg
  10. just be thankful that you have some to let down!
  11. my god! will Mr Quinn even talk to me tonight? am i good enough for such a luminary? but to praise him even more, many people don't know this but Quinn is known locally as Jomtien's answer to Eddie Kidd and Olga Korbut... no-one else can do an impersonation of both of them at the same time like The Mighty Quinn can.
  12. You and i live pretty much the same Pdogg. I don't deliberately budget 500 baht a day but over a month probably spend about the same. Easy when you don't drink, although i confess that smoking and 7-11 coffee are my vices. i used to consider that not eating thai food was a problem [i hate it] but it isn't really, the secret is to cook at home. Even foreign food can be cheap in Thailand if you do so. e.g, last night...chicken breast, salad, a few home made chips, peas. doubt the whole lot cost much more than 60 baht. Knock the restaurants on the head and savings are good, and the food is possibly better! Of course it's different for guys on holiday, The big mistake expats make is to live as though they are permanently on holiday too. Nowadays cafe food for me is a once a fortnight or so thing, usually if i manage to drag myself into Pattaya from my home in Jomtien. In the final end though concerning those of us who live here, it's all down to how big the pension is or savings are. And how you want to live. I'm very happy that my mongering days are to an extent over... not for any reasons of age, health etc, i just became jaded with it all. I've been here too long! If any little Thai ever asks me again "what your name-where you from?" i'd smack them around the head! good god...i was hearing all that back in 1984. My one big rule in Thailand is never buy anything that won't fit into a backpack. Posessions mean nothing. The only time i broke that rule was when i bought the bicycle. One day i intend to [maybe] move to the Phillipines, but that may depend on the ridiculous Thai visa rules changing for the worse. i want an invite to one of Rom's parties! Even now in these exchange rate debacle days i still save 30% of my pension in England and have done for some time, yes, i could get that over here every month and live the high life... but like you i don't want to live that way. I'll carry on saving for possible medical expenses, or when i move if i do... it will help to move easily...no more sleeping on park benches for me! As for bars?It's Emmy for me! I've been to TJs 2-3 times and would like to go more often perhaps.. but the problem with there is the distance... not a problem going, just one bus ride, but iffy for coming back, especially with the sometimes need for a toilet! The rest of the Soi Buck bars... don't touch them, not interested. Too many cliques.
  13. excellent Rom, nice to see some of them again, some i haven't seen before. Must say i'm a big fan of your video stuff, not particularly of the photo's you used to post, but not criticising those, just saying. Nowadays i'm much more a fan of the Bumblebee type stuff, nice but not blatant. now i see why you got banned! you dared to slag The Roof! The Holy sacrosanct [and free drinks for the mods ? ] Nirvana in the Pattaya firmament. I got slagged once or twice too for the same comment as yours [not a ladyboy bar etc] i also recall you and i were of the first to mention the ridiculous situation of Emmy being a ladyboy bar owner and not allowed to see the thread that Quietguy started for her. You've got to appreciate this forum! i do, and Emmy certainly does. long may it continue.
  14. no Rom, Doncaster. long before KK signed for Scunthorpe. We both trialed for Doncaster, both failed.. i don't feel too bad about it now! i'l leave it up to you to decide the big mistake they made...... my nickname when playing [usually shouted from the other players] was either "dickhead or Wanker'...
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