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  1. interesting couple of nights.. 2 nights ago, as can be seen in Quinn's photo, Teya became a catwalk model showing off her new outfits. Don't think that she's cut her hair Seven, previous to that photo it was her usual long style Last night a visit from two long-time Emmy friends and others. i left about 9.30 so don't know who turned up later. Before my departure, Lady Zaza herself arrived, yes the lovely Dao! also, Didi came along to see her friend Teya. For any of you that knows Didi's boyfriend Festus, she was telling me that he's doing okay, well and healthy. As is Didi herself. Tiger was being Tiger... Unfortunately Quinn missed it all, he told me he was staying home to do his hair. This i didn't understand until i recalled that a few weeks ago, we were at the bar when an Italian man joined us and the conversation turned to a discussion of Italian Opera. He did say to Quinn that if he [Quinn] lost a few stones in weight and dyed his white hair black, that he would look like Pavarotti. Lo and behold! Quinn sent me a selfie that he took this morning... great transformation Quinn.. Spittin' image! I do hope that it doesn't mean that you are going to be singing 'Nessun Dorma' every night though..... Quinnvarotti..........
  2. hey Quietguy, can you help me out a little please? What is the forum rash talking about? Queen Elizabeth is excessive? is he talking about the Regent or the boat? B of E? ?? Bicycles of Estonia? what has the Queen got to do with Estonia? actually what have bicycles got to do with Estonia? maybe i got that wrong. i need you Poke!
  3. on behalf of Emmy [who has been a bit off-colour this week] welcome to her club Mave 123. thanks for joining
  4. And, welcome BM Ashoka to Emmy's club. Thanks for joining.
  5. there you are QG, we have been worried about you. i did hear though that you have been out and about to the movies! i don't know much about modern films but pleased to hear that you found your front door at last... what was the movie then? was it the new one about the masked superheroes, Guberman and poke-man, how they battle to save the world from a pandemic? way to go QG! Anyway, as i said we are worried about you. Not that ol' Covid i should say, after 15 booster shots you should be safe. just ensure that you carry a bag with you at all times in case your left arm falls off. No we are concerned about you and Monkey Pox! tell me QG, to help settle our minds. are you suddenly getting any strange urges, perhaps to go swinging through tree branches or suddenly fancying very hairy Ladyboys will long arms? The Cowpoke support group [TCSG] are still in operation. We are here for you.
  6. unbelievable! i was sitting in a coffee place this morning, and a face masked woman pulled up on her motorbike. Took off her helmet, put on one of those plastic hairnet things that doctors etc wear. then put on a full face welders mask thing on top of the normal mask. somewhat fascinated i watched her drinking her coffee. every sip, the welders mask went up and the face mask went down. both immediately replaced into position. i was pondering whether i should shoot her or give her QGs email address. Possible relationship made in heaven there....
  7. bang on. fools making non-laws is all it was.
  8. just reading through the last posts and confused. what have the Stone Roses got to do with anything? wasn't Seven refering to the Rolling Stones?
  9. more likely Tammy Wynette or one of them cowgals recorded it.....
  10. you're too old to get it now Woodie.. something is happening here, but you don't know what it is.
  11. i don't know about smallpox and polio jabs to be honest, no memory of jabs, but sometimes now no memory of yesterday either. Guess i must have had them. But Measles, Chicken Pox and Mumps, do recall catching them all as a child. No big problem...2 weeks off school for each or whatever. Great! Now, strangely enough. Quinn and i were having one of our intellectual discussions recently, which usually last about one minute and take the form of 'she's got nice tits' or suchlike. But a subject that was mentioned was masks. And the fact that one of the Booster Bros recently over here in Thailand, spent the first weeks of his time here fully masked, and a few days before flying home caught a heavy cold. If masks are so good... How? and, is it not a long term mistake to deny kids, who have a far stronger immunity system than adults, the chance to build up immunity to flu bugs? kids here are covered in masks 24/7. Mind you, this is Thailand, anytime soon we'll we seeing the dogs and cats wearing old woolly jumpers to protect them from the vicious cold here. Be careful folks and Pards... Monkey Pox is coming to get ya's... Talking of which... QG, i know that you and your hoss are shall i say...close friends? beware of monkey pox mutating into hoss pox.....
  12. don't get your hopes up! The lockdown mob are no doubt working on it. You'll see them on T.V soon enough
  13. Well Quinn, my secret is out then. My brother L.L Grunt and myself originally planned the magazine as a rival to The Pattaya Mail. To cut a long story short, we tried to use the same formula as them. But, it seems that they had already employed all 'journalists' available under the age of 8 with an I.Q under thirty.. so, we had to admit failure really. Not to worry, L.L is already planning a manufactured girly band and going into the Mango with fried rice biz. Lazy Lob is nobodies fool!
  14. i see what you did there Seven!
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