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  1. that was Patty or Patsy, a friend of Moon who wanted to give the livestream a try. Poppy had to work at DD Inn until late last night due to an event happening there.
  2. well, if you're a cool cat looking for a kitty..... Summer in the City.
  3. yes Si Saket. [Tiger] Pokki, Like Mona, hasn't been seen for a long time. We know from Duke that Mona is working in a 7-11 somewhere. Pokki, no-one knows. Sunny of course is working in a Big C in Bangkok.. If anyone remembers Makki from the very early Katty days, she is still around, she's a bit bigger Makki than she used to be though. she freelances on Soi 2 Jomtien, or she was until a few weeks ago.
  4. Hi Seven... Tiger went home for a while, don't think she's back yet. oops sorry Quinn, we both replied at exactly the same time....spooky!
  5. she is there quite a lot QG... always popping in for a chat with the kittens. she also knocked on my door yesterday, checking to see if i needed anything from the shops... i think that Emmy asked her to. The mother hen worries about me not being very mobile at the moment !
  6. Darn tootin'... bit late today..almost fergitted! Where's that Cowpoke when ya need him?
  7. perhaps you should explain that the lingerie wasn't cum-soaked by you PD.... or was it?
  8. continuing in it's now regular Wednesday and Sunday nights slot. No more air travel for us all. But, at least we can holiday in Hawaii for a night. It's not going to be easy for Emmy to get a truck-load of sand into the Bar.....
  9. yes indeed QG.. Quinn is an inspiration to us all really. also a father figure to me. i should point out though that my hair isn't black. Silvery pewter would be more accurate...
  10. nice one QG.... but Quinn has nothing to worry about yet........
  11. and welcome to the Emmy Bar club.... BM Bubba. thanks for joining
  12. indeed, it's sexy girl in masks night.... so roll up, roll up... if you're around, pop down to Soi 3 and grab a comfy chair and watch the action live. If you are watching on the net...it'll be even better than the LBR quiz...you can play 'guess the sexy lady" if you need a clue ...... Teya will be the one with black hair.
  13. oh my-my... PD we certainly can't say [although we might like to] that the the Emmy club isn't educational....
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