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  1. i'm wondering about you comparing your recent conquest size-wise to a can of coke Rom... does this picture mean that you once bar-fined longmint?
  2. first time on this thread as i'm not particularly into chicks with dicks photo's...but opening it up i landed on Mai Ayese...the spread above with the whip...long my favourite newhalf.... also prefer plastic boobs...but Mai could change my mind...certainly could ! unfortunately she hasn't made too many vids recently other than a great one with ririca and another newhalf. miss you long time Mai!
  3. sorry but i'll be talking to Quinn later... already on my mantlepiece is the famous empty beer bottle... the shoe will fit very nicely at the other end.....
  4. that camera is so old the pics will come out in sepia. As for Teya... sorry to mention the name again...Annabelle.... YERRAAGHHH.!... URGGYAHHGH!... YARUMMMPPHHHH! [damn sticky keyboard again..] i'm sure that AnnaB has unbeknown left a lasting legacy in the Katty.
  5. well yes.... some like to lie, some like to think of themselves as clever ,and some like to post in other forums to get likes from their mates. Some like to post 'facts' without proof or details, to be seen as 'i know more than you do' . And some don't have the decency to apologise.
  6. as we all do...good to see you here again Nosher.
  7. yes BB...tiger was out on assignment it seemed. Mind you...he appeared happy enough with mind...
  8. reet Nosh. what has to be remembered though is that the Thai foreign office [responsible for overseas embassy's etc.].. and the internal thailand immigration dept. are 2 completely different animals. they probably hardly talk to each other... even within thailand the different immigration dept offices... bangkok, patts, wherever work from different rules made up in their own offices. sometimes there is very little standardisation. same with embassies/consulates The embassy websites are updated by individual embassies in whatever country, sometimes wrongly...and sometimes old rules are not removed. I'd lay bets if you looked at some of them they would still be saying that medical certificates are needed to prove that you don't have elephantitis or the clap. As it used to be. in the final end immigration in thailand hold all the cards... a visa really guarantees nothing... it helps of course...but in the end it's all down to the immigration at the airports and borders ... they are the bosses. you'll be okay, no worries...you don't look too suspicious........
  9. i wouldn't stop for you either!
  10. see you soon Nosher. still think that the thai consulate have told you wrong though, about having to obtain insurance specifically from a thai company. didn't they also insist that you also purchase a multi-entry at the same time?...no way...that can be done here in thailand much cheaper and easier. absolutely not necessary. still done now. Thai consulates really have little idea of internal rules. a lot of it is misinformation and guesswork. Half of the info on websites is wrong or at least out of date.
  11. nice one soi K9 i guess this may be a good time after the award to say thanks [not specifically from me] to all of the Katty supporters. too many to mention really but can start with Bumblebee, Pdogg. [i know how to crawl!] Quinn, lurSaluces, Annat, QG, many on this forum, Jackman etc etc etc on the other forum. From Emmy really, thanks to you all named and unnamed. As Soi Pup said...you know who you are Also. the mangy dog mentioned an up coming meet and greet... details will be announced around the end of Jan...... but it is going to be a biggy. At the moment around 5 names on the list. believe there's a possibility of prince harry and his missus too... but we don't need them..there will be some real royalty there!
  12. well thank you...but did you really have to put 'old' in the sentence? wise wizard would have done nicely! but yes...Sunny, can read her like a book.... watching her pacing up and down while teya started the show... i could see what was going through her head.... 'shall i take my clothes off too?" hey Duke.... black panties huh? and QG... teya has always smoked but not many... strictly now and again really. by the way QG... i'm off to bkk on the 15th... back friday or saturday...see you then.
  13. indeed BB... actually very rare that you see teya in high-heel's...boy did they suit her. Has pdogg calmed down yet?......
  14. i think that TJs would have been close. also can see why Baby Boom is popular...but to me it's not really a bar as such... can one actually go in there to have just a drink and a chat? to me in its way it's more of a monger's tourist attraction. But it does have it's place in the scheme of things .i'm not being critical in any way. All bars are what they are.
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