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  1. utter rubbish. Emmy's customers are always bringing ladyboy friends to the bar without problems. Members from this forum and LBP too.. Emmy and the staff are always pleased to see them. i could give you a long list of names but unfortunately don't know the LBP ones nowadays too well. Quinns girlfriend [Tipp] is there a lot when in town, , along with MIke [Crater] i think and Tata. Jaguar and various companions through the ages. Also many more that you don't know, not forum members but locals with LB girlfriends.. Teya by the way did not cold-shoulder you, she didn't talk to anyone at all that night, she was feeling very ill. sorry to burst your bubble but the 'chore?' core? BMs you mentioned sat at the table nearest the road all knew who you were. Read into that what you want to. Anyway, we were possibly too busy planning ways to torture the DJ at the earliest opportunity.
  2. you thinking of having it done QG?....... and while i'm here, welcome back Jimmy Cargo!
  3. just try calling Emmy 'he' you'll soon find out.
  4. and now.... welcome to Emmy's club....Zeppie! thanks for joining.
  5. hang your head in shame Woodie! Joy doesn't come into the bar bossing it, when she comes in [late] she just sits and chats to the staff for awhile. and, may i say, in the old horny bar days, Joy in my opinion was the best looking LB in Pattaya, and now in her early forties, she still is. A beautiful lady. such a shame that her partner Vinnie used to promote the bar on LBP then seemed to have become fed-up with that forum and stopped doing so. if Woodie, if you have ever canoodled on the sofa in the back of Fantasy, , i sold Joy that sofa. You don't have to thank me Woodie, just send commission please. and get it cleaned...
  6. and on behalf of Emmy etc, welcome to the Emmy club BM Maddyawesome. Thanks for joining.
  7. as of an hour or so ago Poppy was sitting outside my front door, evidently she will be at Emmy's tonight. your turn PD... we can play spot the poppy! don't for god's sake call her a tranny though or you'll have Mr PC after you
  8. thank you Woodie. You are a good man.
  9. BBGs crush calls herself... Sunny
  10. ah, sorry Lady Marsha, I'm a long way from you.. QG isn't... can i nominate him as my representative? use 2 cattle prods on him, one for him and one for me.
  11. hang on dear Lady! so we can't say Tranny anymore but we can faggot? just asking... don't punish me... QG made me ask... punish him please!
  12. do him with a cattle prod and i'll pay you Lady Marsha...
  13. and... welcome to the Emmy club Lady Marsha ! did quietguy ever knock on your door?
  14. is it really? tranny? well i'll tell you what... you and others stop using ridiculous acronyms and initials and speak English, and i'll use the full word. why is paki an insult? to me it signifies someone from pakistan. or is it a racial thing....
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