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  1. Note the time change back to a 9 pm start. Due to the bars being open later again. Pop along to Emmy's Bar and restaurant... you can have a Chinese takeaway.....
  2. What an insane world! or this part of it anyway. Time for me to live in my own little bubble. You lockdown mob can have the world you want. This morning i went to an ATM, the money came out but the card didn't.. got stuck. went to my bank to get another card and report it. Couldn't get in the door until i wrote my phone number on a list outside. Didn't do it. A little jobswoth dressed like Hermann Goering came running out.. "phone" phone".. me 'no' no'. He wouldn't let me in until i explained 'i don't have a phone' Oh boy! whoa whoa! major consultations between Hermann and someone in the bank. Got let in eventually. Got my ticket. waited 40 minutes, 3 people came in after me and got seen before me. finally got to see the person behind the counter, a counter with a 4 ft. screen of 10mm plastic between us. So, we have this screen, she is wearing a mask and sitting as far back behind the screen as she could. After about 30 seconds i realised i couldn't hear a word she was mumbling. I stood up and moseyed out the door. i'll use my other account.
  3. they are probably smoking 5 fags an hour to try to save them....
  4. QG?... Unmasked? more chance of LIly becoming a Nun. i'm still marveling at his masks, they are works of art. We had the Concorde one, and the Submarine Conning tower one complete with escape hatch. The last i saw, i'm sure must have been soaked in bleach and/or hydrochloric acid for 3 days. I have never seen anything so bright white. Honestly when the sun hit it it was like those searchlights you seen in the WW2 movies. brilliant Seven!
  5. the difference between you and me QG is that i don't care what people do... i let them live their lives and have no wish to live it for them. If some LBs smoke why don't you just keep away from them? instead of insisting they live your way? typical health fascist..
  6. Rich, gorgeous, Atheist, Orphan. Doesn't keep Buffalo's.
  7. and welcome to Emmy's club BM Ford 51, thanks for joining.
  8. Rom! a definite Romscar there for the daftest post ever written....
  9. oh? sorry QG, you know i look at very little news. i didn't even know that there is such as a vaccine pass. i wish the people here would get out on the streets too. Doubtful though , they've been scared to death.
  10. that one could be a bit over the head Seven... it's after '64. honestly i kid you not, hearing the Poke belting out tambourine man last night if i had closed my eyes i could have been in Greenwich Village circa '63. it was similar last week too, listening to PD Elvis. Soi 3 felt like the Vegas strip.
  11. Excellent! Now you are learnin' ! The Cowpoke Support Group is working effectively!
  12. only reason Emmy had heard of BD was because i put a track on the bar playlist which she downloaded.. thank god! well now, 3 or 4 maybe.... i doubt he sold recently the rights to only 2 songs for 300 million dollars. [That's an actual figure QG, not a Patteryar Mail fantasy figure...
  13. wait patiently every day to check out your designer masks QG! my fave is still the first one, the one that seemed to be built from scaffolding.. The Concorde one, plus of course you belting out Mr Tambourine Man last night could [with a great stretch of goodwill] be called entertainment.....
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