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  1. thanks QG..... hope you had a happy April 1st by the way........
  2. very sexist Big T. most un -called for. Thank god Petesie didn't go into the famous Annat chat-up line....'hello boyo, here's a big kiss from your friend in Australia!'..... but besides that i really hadn't looked at the foreground of the photo... i was more impressed with how Petesie captured the depth of field in the background without skillful amalgamation of film speed, focal length and an an anti-glare lens hood. but other than that...yes, great arse.
  3. it's okay for you lot trying to get here.... Annat might be coming....and i can't get out!
  4. Gents. After much heart-searching, prayer, contemplation, talking to god, pondering, and lots of other things. I have decided that a man has to stand tall, sit straight in the saddle, shoot from the hip, not bend the knee, say what he gotta say, do what he gotta do, and lots of other things. Therefore, i'm announcing that as there are lord knows how many topics about Corona Virus, and i'm totally pissed off with it all... so from this post onwards and because i have godly modly powers..... THE KATTY BAR KLUB IS FROM HENCEFORWARD A C. F. Z........ CORONA FREE ZONE. Any posts here mentioning, referring to, alluding to - the virus - will be nuked, hidden, sent into the twilight zone, wiped out, terminated with extreme prejudice. Time to get on with the good things in life. should god forbid anything happen to Emmy or the Kittens, i'll of course let you know. the world still turns and we soldier on keep smilin'
  5. indeed, but let's all for a minute or 2 forget all the pattaya and corona woes. what a lovely photo this is Petesie... i love it. Isn't it so nice to see a natural un-posed lovely girl, a nice change . well done that man! .
  6. absolutely nothing to do with Buddhism Nosher... Noise pollution and brain-washing. just saying like....
  7. bang on Seven. even the so-called actual experts [should they really exist] are just guessing.... i only believe QG!
  8. i had a haircut last august if you don't mind! and anyway, they are all shut....
  9. well on a similar subject, Quinn gave me some sound advice this morning... Face mask! i'm going to ask Sunny for a pair of her kecks........ thanks Quinn! ...... i guess her famous shorts would be a bit useless though....
  10. a lot of the food carts have vanished in jomtien. For years, all day and evening there were four in situ every day in my local 7-11 car park. chicken, fried banana , fruit some sort of thai food ...... all but one now gone. some still doing the motorbike food cart thing in Jomty...but not many... even the thai customers have gone. There was a time until recently that riding down beach rd in the evenings was like a food cart obstacle course. not any more. the only traffic is the police checking the beach.
  11. where did my new hairstyle come from? !!! and...don't talk to me about that gel alcohol hand stuff. i saw some going free in 7-11 a few days ago, i.e a free dab on the counter. So heeding QGs dire warnings about the end of the human race if you don't use the stuff... i gave it a go. Not realising that it was 70% alcohol. i'm allergic to alcohol, can't even use an alcohol based deodorant. ... So at the moment my hands look as though they have been dipped in boiling water. thanks QG!
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