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  1. nope... i was just being nice......... more likely i have demoted BB really!
  2. nope! the red velvet couch is waiting for Kylemore... unfortunately the Kylemore Korner settee bit the dust in the frantic move between bars. i think that Teya may have a remnant of it on a shelf in her room.
  3. unfortunately the two official forum photographers [BB and QG] aren't in town. no doubt emmy will post some in the next few days.
  4. good god! Emmy Mr Quinn finished this about 5 seconds ago!... but here you go then!
  5. Yes indeedy. Good news. Here are a few details for you. The new Katty Bar is on Soi 3 but I guess that you’ve worked that out already. It’s on the right hand side as you walk down Soi 3 from Beach road. To save confusion QG and Annat, soi 3 is the one between soi 2 and soi 4. If you walk down soi 3 on the right side you will pass a Gymnasium, the Katty is approx 3-4 units after that. The neon sign is already in situ. The bar itself is bigger than the old Katty bar, wider and deeper. It has a pool table, looks quite a nice one, one of the bigger size tables. The bar is at the rear of the room, much like in the old Katty, but is much nicer. Unlike the old Katty there are no patio doors, just 2 roller shutters, so immediately the bar is more spacious. There is space for outside seating at the front, more than the old Katty. A plastic or steel awning hangs from over the shutter doors into the street, as with most places on the street. So, even more room for outside seating. All the bars do the same. There are no rooms for rent, it isn’t a Guest House although there are loads of them around.. Therefore S/T has to be takeaway only at the moment. No doubt as soon as Emmy can she’ll arrange something with somewhere local. Give her a little time. There is also I think a S/T hotel not a million miles away in Rhumpo. All very early days yet, all this only happened the morning after the farewell do a couple of days ago. The lady who owns the bar building heard that Katty was closing and popped around to see if Emmy was interested in another place. Simple and quick as that. The last 2 days have been hectic for Emmy and Teya and Sara. It was a bit like watching Sherpa’s carrying stuff up Mount Everest for a day, except the route between sois 4 and 3 is a bit less steep. Still work to be done, such as separation between the Katty and places on either side, bear with Emmy for a while. It will all happen. The Katty name will remain, but maybe dependent on license laws. All will be revealed in the future.. There are 2 or 3 open Action Street type GG bars further down the Soi and a currently closed Gentlemen’s club 2 doors away from Katty. So on good days we might get some nice things passing by….. All of the staff will be there.. Teya and Sunny live but 4 doors away. Mind is moving back to soi 3. Talking of Sunny QG informs me that she has had to delay return for a while due to a funeral in Chiang Mai. But she’s definitely coming back. [as far as definite means in Sunny world!] I think that Emmy is planning a soft opening tonight but will confirm later. There will be an official opening bash on 21st July which is also Emmy’s birthday, can’t call it a party due to current regulations. All will be officially confirmed by Emmy soon. Below an updated Quinn Map.
  6. well Gentlemen and Annat... i'm going to help you out a little bit. you can read between the lines.. there will be a post from Emmy very soon, likely later this afternoon. when Emmy has posted that, this thread will be locked and retitled, but still available to peruse in the Katty klub but not to post in. Another thread will be started, but it's only right that Emmy is the OP, so we await her. She's a very busy bunny at the moment. there's the lines... read between them! The road goes on and on....
  7. Not good news. Emmy has asked me to post on her behalf the reasons why as she is concerned that she may not really know the English words to use. None of this is anything to do with Covid or lack of custom, it is quite simply that Emmy’s sister who lives in Denmark has sold the lease and thrown Emmy out, with a day’s notice. Emmy has had problems with her parasite sister for a long time. she is a greedy bitch. She has long been trying to get increased rent monthly from Emmy, even during lockdown. Although the landlord agreed to lower the lease payment paid by sister by a substantial amount during the closures, she still wanted more from Emmy. The discount was not passed down the line, more was actually requested. Enough is finally enough for Emmy. The Katty will cease to be at 11.59 tonight. Hopefully, to arise in a different guise in the future. Please come along tonight if you can to say goodbye to Emmy.
  8. sure JSG... understand what you mean by police involvement, which is actually why Emmy has opened the speakeasy to help prevent possible overcrowding in her little bar area downstairs.... At least until all these stupid rules made by stupid little men are totally forgotten about in a week or two. Otherwise.... The bar and guesthouse business is totally owned by Emmy, her sister is leaseholder, not business owner. Sister has nothing to do with the business itself, just collects her rent from Emmy every month. Emmy has also now agreed with the young fellow 'Jay' who owns the moonshine hotel next door that when his hotel closes at 10 p.m the Katty can use his tables in the front area of the hotel as overspill seating
  9. you think the kittens would risk upsetting Sophia Woodie? she's about a foot taller than any of them.....
  10. always welcome at the Katty Big Tel! from Quinn of course.
  11. The staff living in has long been mooted JSG. I guess that it may arise again now that there will be no overseas guests for some time. Obviously it's a good idea to do like Herberth does in his bar, employ freelancers , give them a shared room or two with proviso's that working hours are maintained. Problem is in the Katty that all upstairs rooms have aircon and normally when they are occupied by staying guests the monthly electric bill can been upwards of 12k baht. Emmy considered having seperate meters fitted in each room, but not that cheap to do. i suppose she could always disconnect the aircons, but would possibly be loath to do so. Another idea... no rent for the staff, as after all there is likely to be no income anyway from the rooms for the forseeable future... but the electric bill is shared equally between all the girls staying there. But, that too could start arguments if certain staff don't use aircon. teya was offered a room back in her cashier days but turned it down because she worries about Emmy knowing what she is up to! Glad you like the idea of the speakeasy, to me it was logical, some of the things that happen in the downstairs bar could be somewhat problematical if seen be passers-by. Its success or not depends now heavily on the girls [no problem there i think ] but it's also important that guys don't think it replaces the short-time room for heavy stuff. Not fair on Emmy if that happens, she needs the S/T rental. If any one out there has any ideas or suggestions for Emmy, let me know and i'll pass them over to her. Also JSG...The police have never been to the Katty.. never. No need to worry too much about the Speakeasy... oh my god! if only the speakeasy had been open in Annabelles day!
  12. Not only is Teya back....but tomorrow the 3rd July....Our Sunny is back too. Think her plans regarding working in Big C, or becoming an Astronaut or whatever have been thrown out of the window. Surprise surprise! Sara was also working last night. MInd and Moon were both there early on in the evening but because of the downpour became convinced that no customers would come last night so went home. And not only but also... to be officially announced soon, Emmy and Sunny's joint birthday bash will be on July 21st. It's actually Sunny's birthday on the 6th but as with last year they have decided to have a joint 'do' on Emmy's birthday the 21st. No-one will be expecting crowds to come along but we hope some of you locals can.
  13. and also for inventing chopsticks...
  14. rumours! i have never actually used it but the once a long time ago when Katty first opened... so, let's see what happens with the Katty and other bars now... are the customers here to keep the bars going? frankly i doubt it. Re the Katty itself i rather imagine QG and BB and maybe others paddling canoes across the oceans to get here quickly.... Jimmy Cargo..if you read this...i was walking around Pattaya the other day and saw some camouflage face masks for sale! there will be one behind the bar waiting just for you. the overflow big room mentioned ..i'm not sure how Emmy will organise it, maybe she'll just leave it open for people to just walk up, or maybe she'll open it for people on request. all a bit hit and miss until things settle. A good idea though to help those of you worried about social distancing and all that crap... don't worry, no names mentioned QG! please guys, treat the room with respect as it is a guest room [or it was..] it's a nice big room. How service will work, not sure yet. Depends i guess on how many Kittens are around. hence forward for ease i'll refer to it as the 'speakeasy' [ thanks Pdogg]. the staff will no doubt float between the bar and the speakeasy, depending on custom. Remember though guys.. it's not the short time room, you may have people walking in! i did speak to mind some time back and she was all for the idea of the speakeasy.. i suspect when Teya and Sunny get the idea they will be all for it...a playroom! if the kittens join you in there please buy them a drink ... they might be loosing out on custom in the bar. Anyway, let's see how it works, might do, might not. One can only try. i do believe that Emmy has one of those bluetooth speakers in there, so if you want music can be played from your mobile phone. Not yours though QG...for some reason the speaker won't play C&W... yeeh-haw! thank god.
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