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  1. nothing to do with with political correctness Rom, don't overvalue yourself. As i said previously using 'he' for a ladyboy sometimes makes your posts difficult to read, especially, your longer posts. Now , i accept that you get delight from attempting controversy, but sometimes what one considers to be controversial others consider to be stupid. The norm is to use 'she' and that is absolutely nothing to do with the LBP or bitter conformity. I do wonder if you have become so obsessed with mongering that you have developed a contempt for hookers/prostitutes whatever. This is by no means an uncommon thing to happen. It is also nothing to do with being a non-native English speaker. Your English is as good as anyone's, maybe better than some. Tell me Rom, as a long-time mongerer, do you have any actual LB friends? i mean proper friends, not internet short-time friends. Any that you have respect for? if so would you disrespect them by refering to them as 'he'? but, anyway, well done with getting the other obsession PY into it ... again.
  2. i think not but am never quite sure of these things, she was very drunk the night of the party, eventually we threw a bucket of water over her and Jimbo to prise them apart. she's a long time on and off Kitten from the old Katty days. Nice girl.
  3. That is Boomie, or Boomy or bhumy JSG. she is always around.
  4. Rom, will you please use the feminine pronoun for LBs? Using 'he' makes your posts a little confusing to read sometimes. Besides LBs prefer to be addressed as she. I have checked this. One LB told me that she would consider being called 'he' insulting.
  5. clever one QG! T bills yes? it hasn't been a good few days for PD. not only is he not your booster bro anymore, but coffee in 7-11 has increased by 5 baht!
  6. Bloody hell! Woodie, QG, BB... you are coming here soon. Now, i'm not 100% sure, because i can only speak English, but i think that PD is saying 'don't bring any CDs to sell here, especially broken ones' ... heed his warning.. i guess that includes country and western CDs QG, sorry. maybe after the fed stops hiking
  7. nope, my law work days .
  8. no you daft ol'cowpoke... Sophia and Woodie.
  9. no! she met her grandpop husband there......
  10. Well well well... i finally made it there today. I should confess that i'm not the most fussy foodie, although in a previous life in England i have eaten in some of the worlds great hotels, also in Japan, Las Vegas, you name it. i have also eaten absolute cheap crap for the last ten years in Pattaya.. so it was with mixed feelings that i tried the Grill House today, i'd read the reviews but sort of expected the worst. it was quite frankly the best meal that i have ever had here, and possibly in the whole of Thailand. Certainly in that price range. i echo all that Jimbo posted. Bang on Jimbo.
  11. is anyone surprised? one has to only look at the header banner at the top of the page and compare the staff then with the current crop to see what has gone wrong.
  12. these days in Jomtien, it's more likely to be Cannabis batter but seriously this place sounds excellent
  13. strangely enough Jim i was talking to PD yesterday about chips and how they used to be fried using lard in England way back when , and how they tasted much better than before cooking oil came on the scene. i wonder if they are maybe using lard. I'm going to find out!
  14. somebody shoot me please! stick to afghani trannys QG! i wonder if they like potatoes?
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