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  1. whoa seven! that's more excitement than a man can take this early in the morning...
  2. wow! this thread gets more and more exciting every day... here's another one for you P.D... Soihound showed me this place. do you know where dongtang beach starts in jomtien? near the police box and a 7-11 where beach road turns right up to the statue and hemingways? right behind that 7-11 about 40 yards along dongtan beach is a newish 2-storey 7-11. seats at street level and i'm not sure yet but i think also on a balcony at first floor level. great for us coffee boys.. well, me really.. who could ask for more ?....
  3. Duke has got it bang on there. years ago i was a camera buff, camera clubs and all that stuff but gave it up because it was so damn expensive before digitalisation. Nowadays with digital cameras and computer software it is so much easier and cheaper to get good shots. Anybody could probably take photo's of a house and LBs prancing around with their dicks out... and end up with a decent photo, cropped and enhanced. It used to be said that a camera never lies... but nowadays they can. BB transcends this posed stuff.. he's a natural photographer with [as Duke said] natural shots.
  4. and it's an aye aye from me too for Bumblebee. Shame he couldn't get here to take more snaps. give him a lifetime achievement award this year Rom. much more value in these covid days when no-one can get here to take foto's. i still think that anyone from other forums who don't post on this forum should not be considered for any romscar. If it happened that they win then it's a meaningless award to a lot of us here on this forum. But up to you Rom, it's your baby. Also re Jimbo and sweethearts, i may be wrong but am not sure that he runs the place, more the figurehead i think, or as
  5. 1. can be only one winner this year, miss popularity herself and a fun-loving nice person... Teya. 2. Bar owner of the year, and i'm going to surprise you all now... Em at TJs... for looking after her 50 or whatever staff and dogs through very difficult times. 3... BM of the year.... it's about time Emmy at Emmy's bar was applauded for struggling on with her bar, looking after her mum miles away and joining in when she can on the forum [remember a lot of the stuff is difficult for her to comprehend] an actual Ladyboy BM winner would be a fine thing.
  6. Of course you can Rom, no problem with that at all, but are people really taking potshots at you? i think not, only your constant reference to PY really. Other than that i don't think that anyone has a problem whatsoever with you. Do i remember correctly that PD has requested BMs before not to talk about LBP? [maybe i'm wrong] but if so you too need to remember that you also can be hoovered by the powers that be?
  7. my new fantasy Seven...thanks! i want to cover Annabelle in 7-11 stamps and peel them off one by one and stick them in my little book slowly slowly.
  8. i'd prefer Annabelle and Grunt! that would be straight on the wall in Emmy's!
  9. yes i can dig that Woodie, understood. However my point to Rom and maybe others is that this forum shouldn't be used as a sounding board to attack that forum. perhaps i'm different to some because getting barred was never a problem for me... more a relief actually. it's not fair on the moddy fellows here to talk about LBP too much, puts them in an embarrassing position i think.. edit... because Cobbers post just came in straight after mine... calm down cobber...you are one of the good guys
  10. post like a boss Rom! You seem to be pretty upset sometimes about the eviction... quite why i don't know...it is only a forum... no big deal [not to me anyway.] time for you to move on and forget about LBP. All you are doing now is falling into their grubby hands and maybe, because they are no doubt well aware of the stuff you are posting here, giving them excellent fodder in their mods room... and why did you mention Annabelle? i went for a dodgy massage yesterday... now i've got to go for another!
  11. now ya learning about some of the important things in life Rom!.. you should be sending your artwork to 7-11.... you never know, .. they are probably looking for a design for next years issue... personally i like this one from Quinn...except I've got Teya feet! [and not enough hair Mr Quinn...]
  12. hopefully someone like Petesie will pop along, he's pretty handy with a camera. as I have kinda a liking for black underwear i suspect that you look very nice in it too Duke....
  13. i suspect that post will win Rom's 'worst idea of the year' award!
  14. Our Teya was happily contemplating her outfit for her upcoming birthday party last night.. at the moment she is deciding between a Japanese thing, or perhaps French Maid. no doubt any sensible suggestions would be gratefully received... [probably non-sensible ones too...] er... not a Man Utd shirt Duke....
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