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  1. yes QG...fully endorse what PD wrote about the Logitech mouse, Top class. In fact i bought the box set, which is both a mouse and a keyboard. Both of them work from the one dongle thing that PD mentioned.No wiring. bought around 2 years ago, still using same batteries. I have always found that a laptop keyboard can be a bit fragile with heavy usage. if travelling around you can always leave the keyboard at home, just use the integral one. i dunno how much the box set is in the UK but here in Lilyland it was around 1000 baht. If you ever get sorted with the copy and paste problem let me know and i'll clean all this thread ...get back to the music. Yee-haw!
  2. thank you Seven. I must admit though that i'm getting a bad feeling about Lily. I'm becoming suspicious that she is butterflying with other men...... Can anyone ease my mind?
  3. QG...get a mouse. get one now, you can always use it on your new laptop. much easier than all that keyboard stuff. then just watch that 2 minutes tutorial i sent you recently. a mouse by the way ...i don't mean a little rodent... it's a plastic thing. Not from the pet shop... get yourself sorted man... finally!
  4. yes, i once discussed that sort of thing with Emmy... who did say that many LBs who have silicone tits don't like to fight because it would be very easy to damage them which could cause all sorts of problems.
  5. anyone wants to smack her bum... form an orderly queue on Soi 3. No pushing in PD ! lovely photo's Emmy.
  6. i am very surprised...nay...disappointed, to note that the forums resident Irish Cowpoke and 6th generation Injun isn't being true to his bloodline in this thread i can only assume that C/W has rotted his mind. But anyway QG... this grand old irish Ditty is for you. A bit of a tenuous link with Ireland but Gerry Anderson who made the series worked and died there.
  7. so, keeping on hothouse flowers.. liam O' Maonlai..lead singer, with Isn't it amazing..... isn't it amazing that so many irish names are difficult to pronounce? Peter O' Toole i got! still working on Ciobha....
  8. Lakes of Ponchartrain by that excellent band... Hothouse flowers. many versions of this song on YT, including Dylan's live adaptation.
  9. honest Quinn, i can't get the picture of two dashing handsome beau's duelling at dawn to claim the hand of their love from out of my head.*** *** Okay, one dashing handsome young Aussie beau, and QG.
  10. Mein Gott! somebody help me, I'm beginning to think i'm reading a Barbara Cartland novel......
  11. the Boomtown Rats. Name taken from Woodie Guthrie's book 'Bound for Glory' Rat Trap
  12. Feargal Sharkey. I admit that i had to check if he's Irish, sounds Irish but could be a Croation name for all i know. But, Irish he most definitely is.
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