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  1. I noticed her too. My immediate thought wasn't LB, but I did admire her moxie giving a V sign and a little wriggle under arrest !!
  2. A bit of windy upskirt 1:01. Woohoo.
  3. Either my eyesight needs checking or it could be my brain .....I swear I read wanking on the beaches.
  4. Probably Gen Z, actually. K-Pop fans are typically teenagers.
  5. K-Pop is worthless but don't under estimate its legions of fans. On another website I had a go at it and something called the "BTS Army" fell on me like several tonnes of bricks. I've never had so much vitriol in my life. I barely got out of there alive 555
  6. Awful part of the world .....I'll say no more. I'm glad the Thai woman got home.
  7. I shouldn't share this really, but Sunny beat me fair and square at arm wrestling! Quelle embarrassment!
  8. I wish Sunny well too..... it's a weird thing - not knowing whether to bed someone or get the adoption papers (definitely feel paternalistic toward her). I'd much rather she was traveling with someone. Shame about the hair cut too, and I do not wish to see a recent pic with her returned to a mannish haircut!!!
  9. What comes after the explorer badge? I'm ten points off, and I won't sleep until I know
  10. I don't have anything like the familiarity with Irish music as Grunt - but the Pogues (already mentioned here) were my absolutely favourite band in the eighties. And this one (I picture myself with Quinn and a jug of whiskey doing a wild jig in bar to this with a very bewildered ladyboy!) ---
  11. Thanks @Pdoggg The last 2 trips I stayed in Jomtien and often went for long walks on Beach Rd going the other direction. I don't think I ever ventured far up the north end. The one time I went a little way I was put off by a local guy coming up and asking intrusive questions and didn't want to go further. I have no idea what I'd say to Ms Camel Toe except "Do you know Grunt?!"
  12. Nope. Doesn't ring any bells ! Lol
  13. I recognise the beach, but the first three minutes - where was that filmed?
  14. Thanks BBG. I thought the video was interesting because of the range of people in it. I had really thought that the farang remaining in TH must be older retired expats. Not so. Quite a number of younger guys seen, and I wonder how they're there - the "sandbox" entry program? or other? Anyway they're all clearly bastards because they're there and we're not!!! I'd eat my cargo shorts (ew) to swap places. I wish I knew Miss "Camel Toe"!
  15. Sadly, it's got to be Dr No.
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