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  1. I hope they're easy questions. E.G. Who's bum is nicer - Kylie Minogue's or Grunt's?
  2. I think "Mick" may have tried to enter the country dressed and appearing female. I don't think they can do that. Sunny had a haircut and needed to dress as a male to get into Dubai. I'm not sure about changing the gender shown on passports. I see it as a slippery slope to other changes. (Though tbh those changes are already happening).
  3. I take it mandatory masks in TH still apply? At home it hasn't been compulsory for several months. But you still see some who do, like a neighbour here who wears hers to go to the letterbox.
  4. World map, Chinese version..
  5. So...... how did it go? Grand opening party. Did Grunt and Teya elope? Did Quinn flip his bike? Did QG hand out face masks? Facts...facts... We just want the facts!
  6. .....and disappeared from the scene for a long time. Is it any wonder??! Poor thing!
  7. Yes that was a awkward moment .....for all parties concerned. Lol.
  8. Seriously, give her a hug from me and a chaste kiss on the cheek**. Say it's from Jimmy in Aus. I think she'll know who it is .. We've chatted this week on ThaiFiend. (**Do not launch a tongue down her throat and dry hump her leg and say it's from me!!)
  9. I'm not bothered with Tiger tbh. Ginger on the other hand..... And a former kitten who I think still drops by - the delectable August. Be still my heart! https://www.thaifriendly.com/Chayn24
  10. The guys who genuinely have no interest in lbs will most likely completely ignore them - no nasty comments, no judgement, a cursory look then keep on walking. IMO.
  11. A ladyboy would know. I was sat in the old Katty bar with Teya one trip. Some idiot briefly stopped and made some acerbic comment about boys. Teya said "He likes ladyboys". She was probably right.
  12. My ideal ladyboy must have the following attributes - looks good in the mornings shorter than me or at least not taller (rules out the amazons) strong hands .. I tend to have a struggle with twist tops doesn't nick my aftershave braver than me with spiders cracks up at my jokes agrees with my politics reads rather than watch tv and doesn't think much of social media thinks I have impeccable music tastes and will listen to sad country laments with me.
  13. Yesterday I was listening to this. The Band weren't pure country, but the song indelibly is. It's hard to find a sadder lyric -
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