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  1. Steve Jones (Sex Pistols) tells a funny story - late seventies and Pete Townshend staggers blind drunk into a London night club and abuses every person he sees - demanding 'who are you? who are you?!!' .. hey we've all been there 55 And some Oz flavour -
  2. I have heard different things about Thai rural life - some say they hated it (boring, dreary), others enjoyed it (the peace, nature).. what was your experience Annat?
  3. The jumpsuits were ridiculous but you can't keep a good song down (and good audio - f*ck it, music's supposed to be listened to - not looked at) ...
  4. This is seriously good ... I love the early Rod stuff. No original video to this, but one of the best lyric songs (IMO) written last century. The writer described it as "saying to a teenage girl that the way to happiness is not through being trendy. There are deeper values." It was recorded it in '69 on Rod's first solo album. It was much later heard in a new version as the song played over the end credits of the UK The Office ... And... No video but good audio and a great vocal belter by Steve Marriott (much missed) -
  5. Agree with PD above that it would be good to choose music that might appeal to the girls as well... I just can't think of any at the moment. Especially if the mission is to get them to peel off their kit, drop their knickers and spread 'em . One more for the playlist, and ok this is just a private joke between bbg and me - although I can hear myself serenading Sunny with it ...as she sobs uncontrollably ...then puts me in a headlock (serves me right for being a twat 555) - .
  6. Still on a US Indie theme... Down under we were following the US and UK trends closely. This was our classic garage rock (our Louie Louie) - Thirty years ago I was schlepping around the north of England. Saturday nights at the only disco in town which played pretty awful music (same any nightclub in the world so that's not a dis) ... except when they played a total gem like this one -
  7. and some other personal faves - Trying to pick those with good audio as well the visual... (If you think these are too obscure, frankly you need to get out more 55) - Alright this is a bit obscure (and weird!) .. great US indie band the Pixies. (Bowie loved them). Always want a lb and me to listen to this and scream in each other's faces "Wanna grow up...grow up to be...a debaser!!!!!" 555
  8. I should apologise or at least explain the obscure stuff - many of us (incl. duke and bbg I'm sure) have been listening to music all our lives and have heard certain songs a million times (I know I have). It follows that we don't want to hear Stairway to Heaven or Candle in the Wind again ...ever!!! 555. Once you've heard new music a couple of times if it's good you don't think of it as "obscure" anymore ... you just think to yourself that's bloody brilliant. I like mainstream, I like indie, and music from the fifties right up until about 10 years ago (I struggle to find anything really contemporary that excites me) ... and I like the history of music too, which is why I'm likely to bang on about the background to songs, and where they fit into the culture. (My thread --- suck it up !) Received wisdom is that America was in the music doldrums before the Beatles arrived. Not true of course (wit early Dylan) .. and like John Lennon often said, the best music is often the most primitive... this was a #1 in the States just before the Beatles arrived, and IMO knocks the pants off I Want to Hold Your Man (sic). And it doesn't get more primitive --- add it to the playlist!!
  9. It means you've launched the missiles from every nuclear submarine at sea*, obliterating major cities and tens of millions around the globe... Oops! (* hence the up arrow)
  10. I hope others can contribute (song suggestions by PM if not within the thread?) .. duke got his going on a New Romantic theme. I'm similarly aged (old fart ) and remember the period well.. One of my favourites was fairly obscure and I think a one hit wonder. Always liked it because the singer sounds like an obsessed jilted ex lover who can't get over his dumb ass getting dumped - all because he was probably a grade A jerk! 55.
  11. She's a genuinely good kid isn't she. It's sad to hear she was picked on at school, though her own photo gallery suggests that she's had lots of friends too. (And fit.!!! She had me beat in an arm wrestle! )
  12. Sunny's FB has some cool pics of the gang going out to Koh Larn with Emmy a week or so back .. I can't post them because there's a BM there. I don't know how to do this block out of faces stuff.
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