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  1. This is a bit self-indulgent again... I'm not there. But then I suppose no one is unless you live there. Tough times these, which why I've been enjoying a lot of classic US country music.
  2. You would have all the Sunny sponsors like me go into a melt down if you did that !! (*joke*)
  3. I don't think this is inappropriate as the bar has closed... Sunny's TF - https://www.thaifriendly.com/Sunnt Told me she "some day" picks up the occasional customer from it. My impression is she's just managing to keep her head above water. Tough times for the girls indeed...
  4. O gawd yes... get her started on him and she won't shut up!!!
  5. I'm the existentialist. Sunny says that's old hat and favours a more robust combination of dialectic materialism and post structuralism. We argue about that .
  6. I hope Annat doesn't mind me dropping this into his playlist... it goes on for a bit but it tells a story, and the story's cricket (!) Australia's premier songwriter Paul Kelly on the depression era batting legend Don Bradman - d
  7. That picture should be made into a get well card for anyone going into hospital or feeling poorly ... it would certainly make me feel a lot better!!!
  8. The other guys with music threads probably have trips coming up. I don't, and so don't have much justification for adding to mine. But a fella's allowed to dream.. FYC were huge in the eighties, then just faded away for some reason. Had this song in my head for a few days.. (possibly because I'm here and not there! Actually it's about Thatcherite Britain). and a couple Oz classics -
  9. Yes, hope all is well with him.. Good to know the kittens are pulling in barfines. A certain kitten with whom I still chat (no prizes for guessing which) told me the opposite - bar very quiet she said, no hab customers. Like a fool I intimated I would like to send her something for her birthday which is still someway off and what would she like? How about now she said and how about money! I actually did think about it for a few seconds, then sanity returned to me after I slapped myself very hard about the head and face several times. 55
  10. I wonder if Quinn could dig up an older pictures he'd done - these were originally posted at that 'other place' (other forum). They were on the theme of a BM called lengcj (I think that's right), a Chinese monger whom no one had met but was following his own extraordinary odyssey through the ladyboy wonderland of Thailand. He'd gone missing at one point, and we were all a bit concerned for him. Our artist came up with a very funny pic of our Chinese compadre's parents holding a portrait of their much missed son (who was probably just shacked up with a lb plucked from a Nana lb gogo on a very long time engagement) ... It was very funny!
  11. Quinn is very self-effacing. I asked him if he'd worked for the top end papers in the UK. He said nope, just a bit of computer skills and his own imagination. I still think that his best work easily matches the work of some of the most famous illustrators in the world. We're lucky to have him.
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