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  1. My funny/sad story (depending on your point of view) is telling the first lb I'd had on my first trip that I loved her . Yes I was mao, we shared a taxi back from her digs to mine on Sukhumvit Rd. And as she was climbing into another cab I was (drunkenly) clinging on to her and slurring "I lurve yous (maaate). I's really does (*hic* *slur*) .. I's luuuv yous, yaaah!" I saw her again in Pattaya several trips later and she'd unfortunately hit the ladyboy menopause by then... heavy beard shadow, thinning hair and shoulders like a rugby full forward. I didn't recognise her, she recognised me,
  2. One of the issues with posting on the board in my opinion is that you can see the likes but not who liked a post. There is a good and bad aspect to that - the good aspect is that board members don't start rewarding each other likes, which discourages cliques forming (agree that they are a bad thing); the unfortunate part is that you don't really know if a post has really hit home. You know a post has got likes, but it's a bit vague and meaningless (IMO) when you don't know who it is. It takes away the confidence to post what you really want (maybe that's just me). I reiterate - there's a
  3. I like to hear about people's personal histories... careers, families, travels, home countries. It's interesting, and I'm not even too bothered if it's made up and a thin tissue of lies (!) Never let the facts get in the way of a funny story. 55
  4. I was chastised by you! It was late for me. Started at midnight.. In no time at all I realised I'd been watching for an hour and a half. I could see the live feeds develop further into an all round entertainment, featuring stand up comedy (I've got some zingers), singing spots, a talent quest, poetry slam, stupid pet tricks, an antiques road show... (alright I'll stop now)
  5. Pete and Dud sat at their own table on the right? ( My new name for BBG and Quinn )
  6. I regret that I've never seen Lydia on trips. She would be a great holiday companion. Heard somewhere she had a long term boyfriend at some stage..
  7. I have no wish to wade into the Covid debate, but I'm curious - When do guys expect to travel to Thailand again? Earliest possible dates.. I'm picking Sept-October next year (I'd love to say July but I think that's too optimistic). What's yours? We could start a betting pool -
  8. I've tested myself by watching gay porn, just to see if I responded to it. Answer is not really; sometimes I'm a bit intrigued by it but never turned on. It's the feminine form and behaviour which turns me on. I guess that's nonsense when with a lb and there's two cocks and bum holes at play, but I actually do prefer the very girly lbs. Amazons and the more dominant lbs rather scare me off. And I much prefer the feel of pussy to arse. Why lbs at all then? It's their more overt and aggressive sexual nature; the fact that their libidos match ours. Too many GGs seem to either dislike sex (pe
  9. I think Sweethearts has its own feed. It's not every night...
  10. Can someone put up a link to the live feed? (for a friend..)
  11. Lydia pops up everywhere now on social media, she's one of the most enterprising lbs around. I think she's good at this YT stuff - her English is good enough to pull it off, and of course she's very easy on the eye!
  12. Oh if pussy could talk..! I hope you're fit and up again T. A year ago... the three ladyboy mongerteers in better times - Katty Bar 2019.webp
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