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  1. Back then the NSW police force was notoriously corrupt. If you hung about the Cross a lot (and I did ) there were several groups you needed to give a wide berth to - junkies looking for a score, drunks who came in from the suburbs looking for trouble, Cross gangsters.......and the NSW police.
  2. By the nineties they were cleaning up the Cross. Yuppies were moving in, and the more overt displays of debauchery were disappearing ... A whole apartment block which had been short time rooms and a place working girls lived turned into a backpacker hostel. As I can't travel to Thailand I want to go back up there one day and see how it's changed (been ten years now). I'm feeling nostalgic!
  3. I lived in Paddington, which is just next door to Darlinghurst, in the nineteen eighties. Great times as I was right into P4P even then... GGs and LBs. All the tranny whores (that's not a very PC term now) worked late at night on William St. They were a pretty rough lot. A better deal was a late night club on South Dowling Rd called the Taxi Club (that wasn't its name but everyone called it that) .. I was much younger then and it wasn't that difficult to get freebies from the TS who wandered in. Show girls mostly. Sydney was wonderful back then... the Cross still at a bit of a 'wild west'
  4. True story *cough* I was a baby model. Particularly sought after for my lovely little bottom. Talc powder ads, baby food, nappy modeling. Mums were gaga over me... then I hit 3 and all came to a crashing stop. Usual story with us baby models after... bad relationships, tabloid scandals, and multiple stints in rehabs. It's hard to adjust to a normal life after you were all over TV..... (I still have a lovely bottom - ladyboys all want to root me, which is ironic because I'm only a top ).
  5. I can't watch the first minute. Makes me want to scratch my eyes out. Itim at about the four minute mark I could watch all day.
  6. One of my trips coincided with a trip by my ex-partner on her one and only trip to Thailand. We hung about a bit in Bangkok and Pattaya but mostly did our own thing (she was with her new partner). Alison is a very proper lady, and a bit of an innocent abroad. One evening I took her to soi 6 to have a look at where I was staying, the Queen or Old Vic hotel. Now Ali has an Asian look because of a Chinese background, and the hotel staff saw this young woman who was going upstairs with me and immediately demanded her ID. When I explained what that meant to her, she almost died of shame! (At l
  7. Looks stunning Randi .. St John USVI is where?
  8. My funny/sad story (depending on your point of view) is telling the first lb I'd had on my first trip that I loved her . Yes I was mao, we shared a taxi back from her digs to mine on Sukhumvit Rd. And as she was climbing into another cab I was (drunkenly) clinging on to her and slurring "I lurve yous (maaate). I's really does (*hic* *slur*) .. I's luuuv yous, yaaah!" I saw her again in Pattaya several trips later and she'd unfortunately hit the ladyboy menopause by then... heavy beard shadow, thinning hair and shoulders like a rugby full forward. I didn't recognise her, she recognised me,
  9. One of the issues with posting on the board in my opinion is that you can see the likes but not who liked a post. There is a good and bad aspect to that - the good aspect is that board members don't start rewarding each other likes, which discourages cliques forming (agree that they are a bad thing); the unfortunate part is that you don't really know if a post has really hit home. You know a post has got likes, but it's a bit vague and meaningless (IMO) when you don't know who it is. It takes away the confidence to post what you really want (maybe that's just me). I reiterate - there's a
  10. I like to hear about people's personal histories... careers, families, travels, home countries. It's interesting, and I'm not even too bothered if it's made up and a thin tissue of lies (!) Never let the facts get in the way of a funny story. 55
  11. I was chastised by you! It was late for me. Started at midnight.. In no time at all I realised I'd been watching for an hour and a half. I could see the live feeds develop further into an all round entertainment, featuring stand up comedy (I've got some zingers), singing spots, a talent quest, poetry slam, stupid pet tricks, an antiques road show... (alright I'll stop now)
  12. Pete and Dud sat at their own table on the right? ( My new name for BBG and Quinn )
  13. I regret that I've never seen Lydia on trips. She would be a great holiday companion. Heard somewhere she had a long term boyfriend at some stage..
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