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  1. Very old, but this may help (August on the left) .......
  2. I think name tags might be in order when Woodie (and Annat) hits town. BBG, you can get busy with that! And for god's sake put Annat right on August not being Sunny And put him on a leash..!
  3. You could tell August I'm a "Rear Admiral" now (2 days ago) ... she might be marginally impressed if you explain what that is. Though I bet QG out ranks me *sigh*
  4. Tell her that we've been married for six months ! I wish I was living there and could keep my favourite in a dungeon.
  5. Gawd it sucks being old. I just can't relate to any music lbs like. It just underscores the fact that I am twice their age . A dad-in-disco disaster story!
  6. Wickedly funny Grunt ! I imagine explaining the rules of cricket to them might have the same effect.
  7. Tell them you have monkey pox. More seriously you can say you're not staying for long.
  8. Details on what happened were pretty sketchy. A friend demanding money. Both high. Jen impulsively over reacting. It was out of character but she'd been heading for a big fall. F*cking drugs. Was her sentence only nine years? As this happened several years ago, she might be out in 1-2. I liked Jen a lot even though it was only a brief acquaintance - I hope she can sort her life out.
  9. QG had better not be the jealous type - Sunny says she wants "10,000 husbands by the time [she's] thirty". I think she's well on the way... I figured August might have a more traditional view to the sanctity of our marriage vows (which she doesn't know about yet).
  10. I spent a fortune on the wedding to August (which she was absent from...can someone tell her!) So I have to start saving again from scratch... but like that yank, I shall return .
  11. I'm glad to hear it was a top night. I wonder how August got on (frequent visitor, not staff) - She doesn't know it but we're embroiled in a passionate tempsterious (sp?) affair at the moment. In fact I've married her - She doesn't know that either!
  12. This one was Jen, Cocktail and Dreams bar Phuket. Nearly 10 years ago. A great little femboy who I wish I'd known longer. Unfortunately had a bad drug habit and ended up going to jail for murder of all things. Totally out of character - she was very sweet and honest when I knew her...
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