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  1. soiboy

    Your Ladyboy Kryptonite?

    Glasses. No, not the silly looking empty eyeglass frames they sometimes play around with acting goofy, but genuine prescription eyeglasses. Maybe it's because I wear glasses, or maybe it's some subconscious librarian fantasy from my youth, or maybe it's because I've always had a thing for the sort of nerdy bookish looking girls. There are times when I've walked into a bar and seen a cutie wearing glasses while intently viewing her TF or Line messages on her phone. A jaunty "sawadee kap, baby" gets her attention and she will almost inevitably quickly take of the glasses. I tell her to keep them on because I like them. Soon one thing leads to another - lady drink, round of pool, oral and anal sodomy. You know, the usual. During our intimate moments, however, I tell her to keep the glasses off so that she'll think I really am a handsome man!
  2. soiboy


    RIP Nicky Hayden American motorcycle racer and 2006 MotoGP champion Nicky Hayden has died from injuries sustained from a collision with a car last week while out training on his bicycle in Rimini. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/22/sports/nicky-hayden-ex-motorcycle-champion-dies-after-collision.html?mcubz=1&_r=0 I had the pleasure of meeting and fan-talking with Nicky at several MotoGPs over the years (spring for a paddock pass; you won't regret it). Just brief chats, wishing him well, good luck, etc. He was always open and friendly, always an optimist. Forgive me for being chauvinistic, but I always thought that he presented the best of the American spirit to the rest of the world. And clearly people responded to that. Indeed, he was one of the best-liked riders in the MotoGP paddock and over the last two years in WSBK.
  3. soiboy

    How Much Does Beer Cost At Your Local

    The price of beer in Britain, continental Europe, Australia, and even our neighbors to the north, Canada, is ridiculous. Heavily taxed alcohol in an attempt at social engineering at the same time filling the coffers to fund the nanny states. And I'm a Dem saying this! lol Beer in Thailand is more expensive than in the US. A 24-can case of Thai beer at Makro, Big C, etc. is around 700-800 THB, at least 50% higher than comparable beer in the US. Chang tastes like crap, and so does Milwaukee's Best, but I just picked up a 30-can cube of Milwaukee Best Ice (now 6.9% alcohol!) for $15 plus a modest US $1 or so tax. That's the taste of freedom, my friends! At bars pint drafts of basic American brews typically go for $2-$3, but are often less during happy hours. My local sports bar was recently running a $2.22 for 22oz. of Budweiser special (or Bud Light if you're a homo...). Good craft beers, on the other hand, will run around $4-$6 a pint. But when you're eating wings and watching the game, Bud will work just fine.
  4. Here is her pic posted on her instagram page today. And the link to her instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/xychelsea87/ I blame the military for not fully vetting a young 20-something to be around sensitive information, in this case a young 20-something struggling with her identity. How brain dead can you be not to pick up on that and other behavioral cues during the vetting process...assuming there actually was a vetting process. But more importantly, just look at those cute little hormone titties...
  5. soiboy

    What's the story with...a wing man?

    Always solo. Going LB mongering with a wingman is just so gay...
  6. soiboy


    Chuck Berry dead. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/18/arts/chuck-berry-dead.html?_r=0 My sisters are much older than me, so I grew up with their 45s. Only later did I understand the significant role that Chuck Berry played in the inception of rock and roll. RIP
  7. soiboy

    Transgender Models

    How many times have we all seen a LB, or several, and thought that they would make a terrific model? We may be a motley crew of LB mongers, but apparently we're on the cutting edge of a sociocultural trend: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/03/fashion/transgender-models-casting-agencies-fashion-week.html?_r=0
  8. soiboy

    The Bum Gun

    Actually, the "bum guns" are basically the same as the spray unit that comes with a kitchen sink faucet set, at least in the US. They are easily plumbed to the water supply to a toilet. There is a much better selection at Home Pro, however. Since we are graphically sharing in this man-chat, if using the bum gun for enemal purposes you want one with a smaller diameter head so you can easily get it up the entry to your rectum at least a cm or so. Also, get used to the trigger on your unit so you can modulate a gentle flow of water into your bowels. Whew! Too much information... Yes, you definitely get used to them and miss them when staying at a hotel that doesn't have them. Needless to say, your sweetie of the hour will miss them as well. Oh, but the sweeties are clever. For incomprehensible reasons the soiboy's favored hotel for seedy mongering accommodation for a day or two on soi 4 in BKK, the oh so conveniently located DieNasty Inn, does not have bum guns. But I discovered a useful trick several years ago from a freelancer oh so conveniently located just outside the front door of the DieNasty Inn. While she was in the bathroom preparing for sodomy I heard some clanging and clacking from the shower, I peered in to see that she had unscrewed the shower head from the flex hose and had used the end of the hose for a deep cleansing. Good to know. Beware, however, not to shoot the small rubber sealing washer at the end of the hose up your butt...
  9. soiboy

    Why Not Bangkok

    lol Thais love their condensed milk on white bread sandwiches. In coffee, yes; on bread, no.
  10. soiboy

    Why Not Bangkok

    My, my, my, how the girls do get around. I've had the company of two of the sweeties in the group photo at the beginning of the thread, and I'm sure there are many here who can better that number. This looks like a place to give a try. (Can the owners guarantee no full-on assault by the entire staff for drinks the millisecond a punter walks in? lol)
  11. soiboy

    Alcocart bars to get shutdown next month?

    Update: I spent last week in BKK in the soi 4 area. The first night I checked into my hotel around 11:00 pm so had time for a couple of beers in Balcony Bar overlooking the entrance to NEP (beers now 90 baht up from their former 69 baht!). Lights went up at midnight, and people ushered out quickly by 12:25 am. BIB in obvious attendance. Since I was tired and figured that was that, I headed for bed. The next night I was curious about the sidewalk scene after closing time. Everything buttoned up promptly at 12:30 am, but by 1:00 am ice chests with beers started to discretely appear in front of Stumble Inn, Big Dogs, etc. 100 baht a beer. And more freelancers started to appear as well, some nice ones too... Not a huge scene by any means, but at least something to enjoy. I walked down to Sukhumvit and there were small table set back from the street offering food and drinks, again very discretely. So, no glittering alcocarts, but at least some late night street scene. It will be interesting if things get a bit more back to usual after November 14.
  12. soiboy

    Alcocart bars to get shutdown next month?

    I've always enjoyed the late-night alco-cart scene on Sukhumvit. Over the past 2 or 3 years they have made a bit of a comeback since their glory days prior to the big clamp-down. The ones bordering the ISIS-controlled territories on the odd-numbered side of the street are no longer that desirable - now populated heavily by Middle Easterners, African prostitutes, etc. The few on the even-numbered side are more like the good old alco-carts of yore. The drink prices are good, they often have decent street food available, and freelancers are either helping out with the bar or hanging around in close proximity. Each time passing through BKK over the past couple of years I've enjoyed drinks and a snack and a take-away LB freelancer. Often I arrive at the airport late at night, so by the time I've checked into a soi 4 hotel the timing is perfect.
  13. soiboy

    Ringing the bell

    Yes, usually at least a couple of times each trip. BUT, let me hasten to make a couple of key points. I only ring the bell in small bars that I've taken a liking to (meaning, of course, that there's a particular sweetie there that I've taken a liking to), and when business is low and there are no other customers. This typically means I'm only buying half a dozen or so drinks. That's not much money to liven things up and have 15 minutes of fame. I don't often go to the big-name LB bars. And I hardly ever go to farang-owned LB bars, so I wouldn't know about ringing the bell in those places. I'm not interested in buying drinks for their over-rated staff or in giving the owner a hand-job to be his BFF.
  14. soiboy

    Must Do Things in The Ladyboy Scene.

    Find a nice small bar that you've taken a liking to (not one of the handful of well-known places that everyone goes ga-ga over for whatever pathetic brown-noser reasons; no need to help the big get bigger at the expense of the small operations) and throw a party. You can arrange for a pig BBQ to be delivered and set up on the premises - a big pig now runs about 3,500 baht. A nice little karaoke set-up with singer can be arranged for around 3,000 baht. Another 3,000 baht for side dishes, balloons, paper plates, etc. Actually, just give the owner 10,000 baht and tell them what you want. Let the sweeties know too and they will love the chance to help, especially if you do this during low season. (They will also know how much you gave the boss so you have a bit of assurance that corners won't be cut to put a couple of grand in the bosses pocket.) If it is a particular sweetie of yours birthday, or your birthday, or close enough then so much the better. Show up that evening with some bottles of Sang Som or whatever to keep behind the bar for the girls and boss to enjoy - helps cut down on the cost of buying drinks all the time for everyone. It will be a fun night for all, and with luck you will find yourself and your sweetie back in your room at 3:00 am naked in bed and eating left-over BBQ pig. An especially gleeful time can be had when you give your sweetie an greasy hand job/blowjob, telling her how much you love her little piggy wee-wee.... Gee, I have no idea where that last thought came from! lol
  15. Definitely a red flag. I operate on the assumption that any LB who has done a bareback film is pos. Needless to say, I have no way to know if that is true or not, but as I said that is my operational assumption. It's not that that one act for a film is necessarily the transmission event, but it speaks to a likely pattern of behavior that could have very bad consequences. And yes, yes, yes, I always assume that any girl I'm with could be pos and take protective measures as a matter of course. Indeed, I think it would be a good thing if there was a stigma to performing in a bareback film. If girls were to come to understand that guys assume they are pos if they are seen in a bareback film then that could work for the greater good. Finally, I know it is world-weary monger dogma to state that all LBs have done bareback at one time or another in their lives. I'm not entirely convinced of that, and I would also note that the overwhelming majority of LBs I've been with have insisted on using condoms.