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  1. I can see this post. I can also log in and out now. But I still have the following message at the top of the page: Fatal error: Call to a member function includeClasses() on a non-object in /home/_includes/lib_php1.0.1/core/Variables.cl on line 1553 (And I can also see that pic above from Litas in bygone days. I believe that's Sammy, 4th from the left? Good times..... I want those times back!)
  2. soiboy


    A really good story about the travails of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) over the last 10 months. Long and detailed, it's just the sort of read we'll be seeing more of in the coming months and years as we try to put this disaster into some kind of perspective politically, scientifically, socially, and economically. https://www.propublica.org/article/inside-the-fall-of-the-cdc
  3. soiboy


    Here's your "medically trained escort" for you. Hmmm, I think I see a money-making venture here...
  4. Well, let's see, if the farang manager is a really cute and petite and slim femboy who full-body shaves regularly and has a girly giggle and is a good kisser, then sure, he'll get a manager drink out of me. But seeing as how I've never ever in my life seen a farang bar manager in Thailand who fits that description I think I'm safe from ever buying a "manager drink."
  5. soiboy

    The Edge

    Update: I just got back from Thailand where I stayed in Pattaya at The Base for 10 days from late February through early March. Construction has begun in earnest, starting at 8:00am Monday-Friday and running until dusk. They are now driving the foundation support pillars. I stayed in Tower B, which is the one just north of Tower A, in a lower room facing the construction. Actually, the noise was not so great, although I would hear it waking up in the early morning hours. In contrast, my LT companions slept soundly through the distant din...how do they do that? I think a higher room
  6. My, my, my... https://www.thaifriendly.com/Saranphatkaty88
  7. Beam! I rarely comment on any specific sweetie, but since Beam has been mentioned... This last November I was transiting through Thailand and only had two nights to spare so I just stayed in Bangkok. I'm only in Bangkok once or twice a year as I prefer to somehow free up more days and go to either Pattaya or Phuket (NOT Patong!). So, my first night I'm still pretty zonked out from the flights but I'm hoping that some vitamin C(ialis) will perk me up. I walk up Sukhumvit to CIB, walk in the door, have seat at the bar, and just as my beer was served Beam swooped down beside me. Bea
  8. soiboy

    The Edge

    Yes, many of the units in the Base are effectively short term condos, with many of them managed by local agents. I've stayed there many times, booking on airb&b and checking in and out at an office next to Mike Shopping Mall where the very nice Thai girl working there speaks fluent English and Chinese. Small units, but perfectly fine and a perfect central location, and only around $34 USD a night. Much better than staying in a damn hotel; I hate hotels for mongering. Having your own place is far superior. And yes, they do cater to the Chinese market. Let me hasten to add that these a
  9. Glasses. No, not the silly looking empty eyeglass frames they sometimes play around with acting goofy, but genuine prescription eyeglasses. Maybe it's because I wear glasses, or maybe it's some subconscious librarian fantasy from my youth, or maybe it's because I've always had a thing for the sort of nerdy bookish looking girls. There are times when I've walked into a bar and seen a cutie wearing glasses while intently viewing her TF or Line messages on her phone. A jaunty "sawadee kap, baby" gets her attention and she will almost inevitably quickly take of the glasses. I tell
  10. Always solo. Going LB mongering with a wingman is just so gay...
  11. How many times have we all seen a LB, or several, and thought that they would make a terrific model? We may be a motley crew of LB mongers, but apparently we're on the cutting edge of a sociocultural trend: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/03/fashion/transgender-models-casting-agencies-fashion-week.html?_r=0
  12. Actually, the "bum guns" are basically the same as the spray unit that comes with a kitchen sink faucet set, at least in the US. They are easily plumbed to the water supply to a toilet. There is a much better selection at Home Pro, however. Since we are graphically sharing in this man-chat, if using the bum gun for enemal purposes you want one with a smaller diameter head so you can easily get it up the entry to your rectum at least a cm or so. Also, get used to the trigger on your unit so you can modulate a gentle flow of water into your bowels. Whew! Too much information...
  13. lol Thais love their condensed milk on white bread sandwiches. In coffee, yes; on bread, no.
  14. My, my, my, how the girls do get around. I've had the company of two of the sweeties in the group photo at the beginning of the thread, and I'm sure there are many here who can better that number. This looks like a place to give a try. (Can the owners guarantee no full-on assault by the entire staff for drinks the millisecond a punter walks in? lol)
  15. Update: I spent last week in BKK in the soi 4 area. The first night I checked into my hotel around 11:00 pm so had time for a couple of beers in Balcony Bar overlooking the entrance to NEP (beers now 90 baht up from their former 69 baht!). Lights went up at midnight, and people ushered out quickly by 12:25 am. BIB in obvious attendance. Since I was tired and figured that was that, I headed for bed. The next night I was curious about the sidewalk scene after closing time. Everything buttoned up promptly at 12:30 am, but by 1:00 am ice chests with beers started to discretely appear in
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