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  1. A pic recently posted by some LBs on FB. Now that's a party gal for our lot!
  2. Excellent choice, Rom! I always enjoyed Ernesto's trip reports back in the day. I could have done without the pics featuring his rotund and hairy body with speedo tan lines, though. But, hey, he was a freewheeling monger!
  3. soiboy

    Lita's Shop

    In the back of the shop are there stairs leading up to a couple of small rooms and a marginally functional shower/bathroom? Just curious....
  4. A very good reality check article about how things stand today - https://www.traveldailymedia.com/thailands-international-tourism-could-take-years-to-recover/
  5. I'm really enjoying these regular updates from Papa Sam on the Bangkok scene, especially the Nana area on soi 4. The last pic here of Hooters really brings back memories. As many know, long before it was Hooters, this place was a basic open bar called (I think) the Golden something or other? Anyway, the pic above shows precisely the prime viewing spots that the dozen or so stools had along the bar facing soi 4. From that vantage you could see the whole human zoo of street life at Nana. You would look across the street to see the comings and goings of the Nana Plaza entrance. You would turn left and see the arrival and leavings of the freelancers hanging around the sign at the front of the parking lot. Many were the times that I would grab a seat there fairly early, around 10:00 pm or so, and settle into a slow sip of a beer, checking regularly over at the freelancer scene just meters away. When a sweetie caught my eye as the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, or at least the next 90 minutes, it was chug-a-lug and check bin time. As they say, the early soiboy catches the sperm. OK, something like that. Anyway, strike a deal and then right across the street to my go-to hotel at the time, the Dynasty Inn. Needless to say, after the "Here's looking at you kid." moment in the hotel room, it was back to that same vantage place! (Funny addendum, on at least two occasions just such a sequence of events described above turned into late night street food and a LT with a sweetie that I'd earlier had a ST with and who had later seen me afterward sitting at that bar! "What you doing back here?!" Good times!)
  6. OK, wait for it...."That's a nice spread, and the food looks pretty good too"....whoa, tough room....
  7. It's worth the walk down soi 4 from the Nana Plaza area to visit Chaos 9. I had a nice banana there once....
  8. Amen! They did misspell "patriotic", though. And I'm not really sure what jobs they expect 4 - 10 year-olds to get in order to buy candy. Oh, well. (I only give out candy on "Satan's Day" in the hope that the little bastards won't vandalize my house or car! I'm tempted this year to write on each little KitKat bar, "Google lemonparty, kid.")
  9. lol Yeah, he could be doing a video on the best and most convenient places to get an oil and filter change for your car in Pattaya and he would STILL somehow find a way to work in a dig at LBs.
  10. No, Centric Sea is a condo complex on 2nd Rd a block or so north of Central Pattaya rd. Very convenient to Soi 6, and not too far of a walk to the start of Soi Buakhao. Because it is a proper condo you need to book through something like AirBnB. That's what I did for Centric Sea as well as other condos such as The Base (which is very convenient to central Pattaya). There is no front desk to walk up to and ask for a room. In the year prior to the pandemic the hotels had put pressure on the local government to clamp down on condo owners renting out their units on a short-term basis. Theoretically there was a 1 month stay required. Most owners discreetly ignored this. This is yet one more of a million and one things that will see some sorting out over the next couple of years as LOS slowly (yes, sadly, slowly) opens up over the next couple of years. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Centric+Sea+Pattaya+(เซ็นทริค+ซี+พัทยา)/@12.9400523,100.8840798,15.75z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xd400ad75c7677b1e!8m2!3d12.9394614!4d100.8883041?hl=en
  11. Sad news. That area of MIT just off 2nd road was one of the very first areas I spent a lot of time in when I first ventured away from Bangkok and went to Pattaya some 20 years ago. So many times I would spend an entire night in that very delimited area. The problem, of course, with these beer bar complexes with dozens of bars is that they need a massive influx of tourists to remain viable. Also, it is in a prime location for a hotel or condo, or even some sort of extension of Central Festival. You could even envision a skybridge across 2nd road (similar to those off the sky train going to Siam Paragon, etc.). He mentions the price that the land where Centric Sea is (which is a nice place to stay while in Pattaya, BTW). That piece of land is bigger than the area of MIT that has been sold, but who knows what crazy price it went for. (Finally, this guy must be a closet LB lover the way he never misses an opportunity to get a dig into LBs. If anyone here knows this guy do him a favor and tell him to either grow up or keep his mouth shut on the matter of LBs.)
  12. I'd definitely bone Lisa, but I definitely would not bone Andrea Bocelli. Which proves yet once again that I'm not gay! (But, hey, slurp up that young pup Andrea you Lemonparty pervs!) I think Lisa has kind of a Taylor Swift look and style to to her vids. (For the record, I'd definitely bone Taylor Swift. Has anybody else noticed that Taylor Swift has a bit of a ladyboy look to her?)
  13. I won't! Thanks for the warning. I'll just imagine that it refers to two cute and giggly college coeds sharing a cup of pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks on an early fall afternoon. LBR has stolen enough of my innocence!
  14. Oh, sweet Jesus. As if BB's original post wasn't bad enough I had to go and google "lemonparty." WTF is going on here?!
  15. How many baht for the combo platter?
  16. Usually I like this guy's videos, but in this case not so much. I watched both parts and except for the eight seconds at 17:52-18:00 in Part 1 I didn't get much out of them except that Koh Si Chang is a waste of time and money. Did I miss something?
  17. I could never bone Greta. She reminds me too much of Chucky. Balls deep in Chucky? Yikes! Total boner killer...
  18. I think I saw her a few years ago on an episode of "The Walking Dead." It didn't end well for the guy who arranged for a ST with her...
  19. Mmmm....cum ice cubes in a SangSom Coke. Might have to LT Lily for a week so she could fill up an ice cube tray!
  20. Mmmm....a shot of cum with a Leo chaser....
  21. Why Not can't open soon enough. That last pic is heartbreaking. Months of unemployment have left the dears with literally nothing to wear. C'mon you BKK LB monger gents, when the dress carts roll by in front of the bar be generous!
  22. soiboy


    Another farang guy and LB on Chaturbate. Stated location Bangkok. Unlike the other couple these two actually put on a show. And she is very well endowed, indeed. The guy is giving her a nice blowjob right now. https://chaturbate.com/chanyanuch/
  23. soiboy


    A bump to this thread... Anybody know this LB and farang boyfriend on Chaturbate? They state Thailand as their location. https://chaturbate.com/mistresssexylover/
  24. To paraphrase the old adage, "If you love your penis, you must set it free."
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