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  1. excellent Soju. good to hear stuff we wouldn't normally come across.
  2. don't go to any trouble, it's not as though i'll be coming back to get any! interesting though to see how much it is now.. if you remember hand-rolling stuff was very much left alone at budget time, increase wise. i guess that has changed though? Golden Virginia is available here, last one i bought was around 400 baht, that's the big pack.
  3. i understood what you meant, no worries... it's just the 'doubled price' i wondered if you were getting confused with. The packs at 50 baht last year are now 60. L&M do 60baht packs in red, blue and green. Basically strong,mild and menthol. They also do premier packs, i guess imported, in king size, they are indeed 100+ baht. i had a quick look in 7-11 this morning and prices for ciggy's range from 60 to 190 baht. Great... a subject that interests me! mind you i would happily smoke hoss shit... as a matter of interest [ to me] how much is a bog-standard brand in the UK now? or golden virginia hand-rolling stuff?
  4. be careful that you are comparing the same things L&Ms standard finecut are 60 baht.
  5. Cow Girls........ Will it be Guernsey cows? Jersey Cows? Long horns?....... Round 'em up Cowpoke!
  6. sometimes i can see it Emmy, sometimes not... last two weeks i could. i think that facebook and i have a mutual dislike of each other.. Quinn, you shouldn't joke about QGs new Iphone [i never would] He has long mastered technology including turning on the lights in his house. He's no shop egg! He'll suss it eventually no doubt.... mmmm...maybe 2025... 2026...
  7. This could be exciting! Will Sara be wearing a bunch of little boat things around her neck? will Teya be wearing a see-through kite thing?.and if so where will she keep the lighted candle?... Will QG be watching on his new Iphone? will the phone survive hitting the wall?... all will be revealed...
  8. thanks Soju... keep the songs coming! some good stuff that you posted indeed.
  9. On behalf of Emmy, welcome to the club BM Jstrhz.
  10. yup..know what you are talking about but unless they change rules re licencing it ain't so easy. she tried in the old Emmy bar after moving from Katty. i guess she could make the planned S/T- BJ room into a kitchen, which would help..
  11. oh, you can be a grumpy ol' Errol sometimes... what's wrong wiv ya? going through bad times in divorce number 14? i can understand how the past affected you, but remember that where you came from [ just after the war years] was very isolated back then. It was, i am told, very common that boys were married 3 times at least before they were 15, especially if they had younger sisters. You shouldn't concern yourself now Quinn, it was just how it was. And, remember that you had three lovely kids although, i admit it must have been a little disconcerting because they didn't know whether to call you dad or uncle. don't be a grumpy-pumpy then... You'll be buying an Iphone next!
  12. sometimes things happen that you never even planned.. last post i wrote that i thought 'Galway Girl' was written by American Steve Earle... and today Lo and Behold up popped Steve Earle singing it. He should be granted the title of Honorary Irishman.
  13. yaaaay..yaaaaay.... Is Lisa from Pinkcrack doing the official opening of the new Emmy bar?
  14. Galway Girl... Mundy and Sharon Shannon i think this was actually written by American Steve Earle
  15. well well well... bad move Flowers. January 15th heh? better start thinking of an about turn then!
  16. yup, if you want to join in sit at home in your chemise or deshabille [that's for Alain Breithz ] and get into the spirit of things..... QG remember to change before you go out!
  17. totally agree Woodie. Papa Sam..don't worry about giving us a regular weight loss update.. just let us know when the publicity seeking egotistical self-promoting conman croaks.
  18. nothing new there Duke. He does it every day anyway.
  19. good god... blind boy won't go within a mile of it! Grunt could never even write 'Thailand' and "music' in the same. Sentence.
  20. this is a goodie! not particularly Irish of course, but well worth listening and watching. Bruce Springsteen. the East street band and Glen Hansard
  21. and now for all of you that want to know how to write and sing an Irish folk song. Here's instructions...
  22. excellent idea. lets hope the bars are closed until next July then.
  23. yes talking about the blue/yellow ones QG. loads of them.. could be the same ones going around and around though! i don't know much about marked and unmarked taxi's. i guess that the yellow/blue ones are similar to london black cabs and the Mr T things more like mini-cabs? PD is the bolt expert , he'll know. i guess that they are unmarked, maybe something on the windscreen perhaps. He once booked one for the both of us and a pick-up turned up. dunno if you can specify a type of vehicle wanted. All will be revealed when PD wakes up... he's in vampire mode at the moment... probably dreaming of Lisa from pinkcrack or whatever they are called.... don't think that you can hail bolt taxis on the street therefore because they are not recognisable. that bolt one with PD was the only taxi i have ever used in thailand since probably 2007.
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