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  1. and.. if anyone frequents the Red Carpet bar on Jomtien soi 2.... it has now shut up shop, pending finding a new premises.
  2. yes, it's the old Katty bar. All still early days Duke, Evidently it is owned by a lady who runs a massage shop further down soi 4. I'm still a bit unsure but believe it's a mixed bar currently having one LB and 2 GGs. Last night there were just the 2 GGs there. However the week before there were 4 ladyboys sat there chatting before going to Emmy's birthday bash. I think that Tiger may be staying there. No doubt all will come clear soon.
  3. Well now... i hope they are better at predicting than the mob who predicted last August that the Baht would go to 50 to the pound by Christmas last year!
  4. be careful Jimmy C! The Cowpoke is known to be very jealous indeed. It was only last January when on the razzle here that he was thought to have shot 4 ladyboys who had bigger dicks than him. and they were all posties... but besides that QG, thanks for the Sunny stuff.
  5. so.....Sunny has been discarded by Jimmy the butterfly heh? QG.... the road is open for you!
  6. Hiya Jimmy, nice to see you here. you have any plans to visit?
  7. Gentlemen, i am well aware of the battles that go on in the other forum, please don't bring them into Emmy's club here. May i suggest that if anyone wants to know details of Soidog's and Emmy's bar interaction or non-interaction, being that Soidog himself can't answer in this forum, then ask him on the other forum, if you can. Or P.M Emmy perhaps. Let's keep this club nice and easy please. No open battles. If Emmy wants to post any details, fine, it's her club. regs and, for anyone who was wondering how successful Emmy's party was, over 100 ladydrinks were sold, ... i think Emmy drank most of them...
  8. Shame really that those photo's were taken pretty early on. Just before it started heaving. What happened to the photo of you and Teya dancing naked on the bar Emmy?
  9. very rarely QG, i leave it to you professionals... it would have been difficult to take photo's, very crowded. I do recall Quinn saying that Bumblebee should have been there, there could have been some great photo's. Teya and Hannah's outfits would have set the forum on fire. yes, the weather was worrying, the morning was a non-stop downpour, luckily it held off for the evening. i was pleased to represent you QG. You owe me 79 baht for the stuff by the way....
  10. The morning after…. Hell of a bash indeed. Emmy’s big one was big. When I arrived at around 8 p.m, it was pretty quiet and sedate. Quinn was holding court from his favourite seat, looking every inch the Emmy bar oligarch that he is. Quite surprisingly though, he hadn’t massacred most of the food that early but managed to make amends later. Noel and Rose from KruS were there. Mysteriously, young Callan from Australia appeared from somewhere in the environs of the S.T room behind the bar. He’s a long time Emmy pal who stayed at the Katty Bar long before lockdowns kept people away. He finally made it back to Pattaya yesterday morning. Remembering what Emmy mentioned in an earlier post, about Quietguy not being there, I decided to do something to cheer her up. So, went to an empty bar stool and reverently placed one of those dodgy 7-11 Covid test things and 3 masks on the stool. It was just like having you there QG! I’m sure I could see teardrops falling from Emmy’s eyes. ‘Jimbo the rant’ rolled up with companion on his Motorbike, it was like Barry Sheen going over the finish line at Brands Hatch. German Mike; he of the Annabelle beer-bottle fame, came in. Other guys I didn’t know popped in too. Within an hour or so, the place was reeling and rocking. At one point Quinn and I counted around 30 LBs. All of the Katty/Emmy Kittens that Emmy mentioned previously were there, and some she didn’t , Spy, Wave, maybe others. I could see a shimmering vision walking down Soi 3, dressed in a 1920s type Charleston dress, Lady Dao herself, looking magnificent, like a Queen without a crown. It’s easy to see why Brett was so proud of her. Sophia of Woodie fame arrived looking like a million dollars, with her friend Hannah from the Fantasy Bar alongside her. I think that Hannah had forgotten to dress, but no-one was complaining. The lovely Bee from Delerious was there, others I didn’t know too. Starman came, and was almost immediately buried under Mind and Boomy. He wasn’t unhappy. Pad thai boy and Ice came along. All in all a good night. As I left at around 1a.m, people were still coming, god knows what time it ended. You have a bit of a hangover today Emmy?......
  11. there's a joke there somewhere Emmy! actually i just left the bar, seems like the party has already started ! August is certainly heading into top form.. Is Lady Zaza still coming on thursday Emmy?
  12. Oh dear! told you that Quietguy would confuse things Nonglee! Did i say anything about capitals etc? No i didn't. Not needed in an informal forum in short posts. If posts are longer then yes, makes them easier to read. Nonglee, If you ever meet Quietguy, kick his horse will you...
  13. now it gets confusing Nonglee, Quietguy has joined in! Don't worry we are only joking. Any luck tracing the ladyboy? a bit about you Nonglee, where are you from?
  14. don't worry Nonglee! i know that Quinn said that you could be Fenton, and i'm sorry about that, obviously you aren't because you can spell. It's doubtful if Fenton can spell Fenton. Quinn is a bit of a conspiracy theory nut sometimes. Do you know that he worked with Alan Turing on the Enigma project during the Second World War? already we have with the help of a code -breaking machine, realised that NONGLEE is 7 Letters, and if you remove those 7 and replace with 7 others, you get THAIMAN !!. Ain't no denying...
  15. indeed Quinn. He could make Stephen Fry and similar sound like village idiots. Problem was no-one could understand him! i just used to read him like i did the West coast beat poets, just go with the flow. When he found it within himself to cool down a bit he wrote the best trip report [about Japan] that i have ever read. Mind you, it's possibly the only trip report i've ever read... Top man TM12.
  16. brilliant! could it be... Might it be... may it be... Christ on a bike! A true legend.. Thaiman 12 is back ?
  17. i had considered that P.D. but, as you know i am not very good with initials, when you say DNA do you mean Deoxyribonucleic acid which is found in all prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells? if so, there may be a problem. You see , i have allowed one other to handle the shorts, so therefor tests could be corrupted. Obviously i won't name names, as i never do. To me privacy and discretion are paramount. But, i remember a certain BM when visiting earlier this year, did come to my abode to view the shorts. Unfortunately and quite possibly stupidly i left the anonymous BM alone with them whilst i went downstairs to say hello to his hoss. When i went back up i noticed that he was [shall we say] a little red in the face and sweating a bit, well, a lot actually. At first sight i really thought that he may have caught covid! then i realised no, not him, impossible! So you see PD, i have had to forget my sell the shorts plan. No problem! i have decided to throw Lily out of my dungeon and let the lovely Sunny move in.
  18. Please come along. Starts at 7 p.m. Free buffet, hopefully Emmy's magnificent omelette stuff and more! and.... no feckin' karaoke! No doubt this will be LB central for the night with many ex-Katty kittens and the current gang too. Plus no doubt others. All paying respects to Momma cat.
  19. no, they are slightly stained i must admit, and it's not yoghurt.
  20. no they are not P.D, those shorts are in my trophy cabinet, wanna buy them?... extremely!
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