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  1. old Welsh proverb.. "boyo with long tie can trip over a stone wall and land in sheep dip" sorry Annat!
  2. dunno QG. i think someone, possibly Duke, posted that Mo is working in a 7-11 somewhere nowadays. Bell is still around Jomty, saw her whilst i was a-wandering monday last.
  3. no idea Sir Quinn, but reversing QGs post...got to be Mona or Bell!
  4. well said Mark... mind you i'd do the same with any vlogger. Scum of the earth. i don't even go to soi pothole anymore because some bar owner is also a vlogger i believe. As far as i'm concerned the only good one is Kev in Thailand.
  5. Hi PD.... i never lost anything at all although i know that others did. i could see everything and... the tickertape LB thing which scrolls across the top [i lost it about 3 months ago...] came back for a day....but it's gone again now.
  6. do you mean a new phone number or a new Sim card PD? certainly AIS used to allow you when you bought a new Sim card from them and as long as your old number was registered in your name to have the old phone number transferred to the new sim. They do this in the shop on some magic machine thing. My Missus has had the same number for about 12 years despite sim upgrades or changes. dunno if they still do but may be worth asking. has to be an official AIS shop.
  7. how did you know that the natives were friendly QG ? How could you tell what they were saying? it's not easy sometimes. I've listened to Kenny Dalglish for years and never had a clue what he was saying..."Hoots mon! can ye noo dack ma fanny, on ma' heed mon, on ma' heed!" no wonder that Ian Rush never passed him the ball, he must have thought that Kenny was asking him to give him a haircut or make him an egg sandwich at half time or something like.. but i digress QG, i love Scottish people. Kenny is my hero and Lulu was responsible for many a pair of sticky underpants...
  8. oh my-my QG. i had no idea who Gordon brown is... so i had to google. Are you suggesting that i'm .... i can't say it! ...are you suggesting that i'm... oh my god... ... .... Scottish! dear me QG, you know how to hurt a man...
  9. sorry guys, this topic is locked to new posts because it's currently being worked on. will re-open very soon. have no fears.
  10. and, welcome to the club BangkokDavid. Thanks for joining
  11. well now, this has all started becoming a little scary, what with young QG and even scarier blond boys, not to mention Jimmy's arse of course. So, to add a bit of class to the proceedings a 12/13 year old angry young man of the period. Here he is contemplating future ambitions: 1.. to become the worlds biggest Rock star. 2... to become a complete nonentity 3... 57 or so years down the line to become a founder member of the exclusive Annabelle club. So, hey! don't be sad, two out of three ain't bad.
  12. nice photo Emmy. don't worry about French Photographers.... just be careful with Irish ones.........
  13. nightwish as such aren't in trouble... the investors are. someone is making money and it's not them.
  14. shouldn't worry about it P.D..... better than Stevie Wonder could do! Only thing that perturbed me was that i never realised that Emmy was African...
  15. oh i know how to use it QG. But the problem is that it won't connect to my computer, software problem on the Camera. greater brains than mine [i don't mean a gekko] have tried too.
  16. this is great! it's becoming an ' Annat-This is your life' in pictures topic..... so to continue, here is a photo i have found on the Welsh Cricket museum official website. it shows young Annat when he first moved to Wales to play for the world famous 'Llanfairphillygillyoggyoggyoggydai bach' proffesional cricket team. he soon adapted well into local culture.....
  17. Let me know the provisional costings, locations etc, and if I think it is viable I will probably go for it. Deposit percentage??. well Woodie, i'm happy to see that you are interested in my once in a lifetime offer. I can't answer too many of your queries yet because the license agreement is still being prepared by my lawyer and i am also waiting for intellectual patent rights for the company name to be granted. i do intend that this offer will be a worldwide one by the way. And will therefore will also be offering management opportunities in various countries. As with all fra
  18. sorry seven... i can't go... i have to practice my social distancing that night.....
  19. and of course, this little interlude couldn't be complete without a Quietguy picture so here he is captured going out to play during the notorious China Flu epidemic of 1935. Nothings changed then!....
  20. I would consider owning a franchise but it would depend on a lot of things, such as cost, benefits, ease of obtaining the right working stock etc. Licensing conditions, such as duty of care, location choices. Many things to consider!. well Woodie, costs etc will be worked out as plans progress Benefits [profits] should be enormous. Think about it... you have your dungeon with special occupant, no cost other than dodgy thai food and a floor to sleep on. Maybe a Television if you want to keep them happier. benefits? you can organise 'Bukkake nights'.... 'gangbang ni
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