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  1. "Look BB has got his cock out! it's only this long! "no, it's this long!" "no, it's this long!" "no it's this long!"
  2. eh? sure... no people from Septuag were there last night....
  3. actually QG...you might just have explained why JImmy calls her 'Rabbit'!
  4. while i remember Duke...last nights meet and greet... your playlist ,was premiered...not the new romantics one, the one with Japan, fun boy three etc on it and went down a storm...perfect. good one Dukey! Emmy was so happy that people were grooving to the moving... if you dig what i mean...... sort of shaking their funky stuff..like.
  5. our Sunny..what a diamond she has become. I recall when she first came to Katty.. very very quiet, not a word of English spoken. For the first 3 weeks after joining the Kittens she never moved from the front table.. She had no idea about bar work whatsoever, had only ever worked in a store. But then... i suspect that Teya took her under her wing...and what a change now! Sunny is a cutie. She has a look all of her own. Also, Quinn mentioned it... An excellent Meet and Greet last night, one of the best. Teya never stopped working from start to finish, she was shattered by the end of the night but still the Teya we all know. The Fridge was practically empty by the end of the bash. Thanks all. and also... Annat...great news about your operation.... see you soon. Will warn Sunny to watch out for you coming... i just hope that you and Jimmy Cargopants aren't hatching more nefarious plots about her!....
  6. i was going to ask the Mighty Quinn to make the tall guy blond..maybe add a dodgy pink tie to him too.. i like accuracy... but i wouldn't ask Quinn...he wouldn't do it anyway....... ........
  7. nope...the way of he who gets in first! Actually went for you as the tallest!...honest.......
  8. nice Annat. except for the grumpy old guy at the end!...
  9. yes Bumblebee..about 3 years back...taken outside the Katty from left to right. Teya me, Annat and.....quietguy. he always had a great taste in lipstick..still has!
  10. you've never met Annat, Cobber? count your blessings..... why are you the lucky one! but in truth, one of the nicest guys you could ever wish to meet... actually Big T...what i know about Ladyboys other than the Katty Krew.. and Lily maybe, is somewhat minimal.
  11. dunno QG. never touch facebook or similar. i wouldn't copy any anyway unless she gave permission.
  12. talking about Procol Harum and Gary Brooker..i'll be a bit cheeky here QG and stick this in your thread if you don't mind [it won't be on your playlist] Since i first saw Procol Harum back in '67 maybe '68 at the Lyceum strand theatre i have long thought of gary Brooker as being a manificent, magnificent, vocalist. If you don't believe me..check this out. bear with the opening for a minute.. it is perfection.
  13. Some of you may be wondering that why at the moment this thread is all Sunny and no Teya or any of the others. Basically i haven't asked any of them yet , except for Sunny and Teya. Sunny is more than happy to provide photo's but Teya surprisingly is proving a bit shy... she thinks she was ugly back then. All is being worked on...slowly in the meantime..Teya when she first worked at Katty..aged nearly 20. She is 22 now. she loves this photo, i believe perhaps posted in another forum by emmy. Photo taken by one of the early Kittens..Champagne.. the start of the supermodel days....
  14. okay okay Big T....... culture .... lovely jubbly.......... now can we have some sex filth and nudity?
  15. no worries..i'll tidy up the whole thread before it goes to emmy when it gets longer. at the moment she is concentrating on Duke and Jimmy Cargo.
  16. As bbg hasn't posted one yet here is Blind Boy Grunt... all 7 seconds of it QG?.... not the best version anyway... from the Budokan concert...leave it with me, i'll redo. in the meantime...
  17. good thread Nosher.. useful. shame Linping ever had that arm tattoo thing done though. In my humble opinion that is. well done with the club format. Is zaza ever going to have a Kylemore Korner?........
  18. i made the same mistake everywhere this morning QG! thought i'd edited them all but missed that one!
  19. you mean this concert woodie.? enough whiter shade of pale..here's Homburg. don't worry QG. this won't appear on your playlist.only posts from you will. Gary Brooker is one of the all time great English vocalists.
  20. sorry Mr You Tube!... no idea how to take a screenshot. and please don't tell me.... i'm happy enough with black bits... keeps it simple!.
  21. another then not now... sorry no idea how to remove the black bit.
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