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Technical Questions About The Website/Forum

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Lots of goodies on our website and forum.

I've been working on it for a few months and am still sometimes confused so I supppose you may be too. :blink:

So this subforum deals with technical questions about our website/forum.

If you have technology questions not dealing with our forum such as which laptop is the best deal then please post those types of threads in the Boiler Room.

The Boiler Room is one subforum below here and is just a general place to chill, the place for non-ladyboy related converstaion such as sports and politics.

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Yes and no Sam. It appears that when I send a PM to more than one person, I can only sent to a member with a Capitalized nickname if they are selected as the primary recipient (top box in the PM form

You have two Inboxes. A Ladyboy Review Inbox. And a Ladyboy Review Forum Inbox. My guess is that you may be confusing the two. The Forum PM system should work just like other Invision Power Board

Hi Rukki, Images posted after the major upgrade of few months ago should be large. However most images of pics posted before the upgrade are thumbnails that need to be clicked to enlarge.

Posted Images

I am having difficulty loading in my avatar. It is exactly 90 X 90 pixels. When I go to my profile and click "change avatar" it loads in fine and is accepted. However when I click save changes I get a message saying it does not know what change to the avatar I wish to make.

Guidance please.

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My guess is that it was already loaded so there were no changes to make. Looks like you're good to go Alfred! :good:

To load or change an avatar first look for the drop down box next to your name on the upper right of this page.

Choose My Settings which will bring you here:


Then click on Profile which will bring you here:


Then ckick on Change Avatar which will bring you here:


Here you will find a few pre installed avatars most of which are not too appealing although there are two of Batman and one of Bruce Wayne. Most people will prefer to upload one from their computer. If it's too big I think it automatically gets resized.

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This is a set of very dumb questions, but please help a non-technohead who don't know nuttun.

What is the difference between your avatar and picture?

Why are they to be different sizes for upload?

Why doesn't the auto re-adjust size feature seem to work for me in avatar (it did for picture)?

Here's a wild guess: the picture I uploaded is on my profile,

so is the avatar the pic that will appear under my nick in the forum threads when I post?

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I'm not a techie either Ken but let me tackle some of your questions.

Yes, The avatar is what you see under your nick on the left side of your forum posts while the picture is on your profile.

Auto-resizing for avatars (wouldn't that be a great feature for ladyboy cock :D ) is enabled and am not sure why it's not working for you.

Allowable extensions for avatars are gif,jpg,jpeg,png.

As far as sizes, we went with default settings and I see they're slightly different for profile pics and avatars. My guess is because profile pics are bigger. But it shouldn't matter because the rezize feature is enabled but obviously not working properly for you.

EDIT In: Noticed your pic has a bmp extension. As an experiment, I just enabled it for avatars, so please try again. There might be a good reason why it's not a default setting; let's see what happens.

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Thanx DLL, much appreciated.

I found another clue today: that pic was 360 KB, way over your limit of, what was it, 50KB.

I don't know how to edit for that. But I'll give it another try given what you've said.

Thanx again.

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Thanx for your efforts lads, but as you can see I now have the night sky during blackout as avatar. Don't know what's wrong. Maybe I have to give up on that image.

I tried to upload both the bmp (failed) and the jpg (black quadrangle).

Then I tried a totally different image from different source. Also gives me the black of deep space.

Sam, the pink one is indeed one of those fertility rituals in Japan.

I cannot enlighten more, as I have forgotten name of village etc.

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To our Ever-Helpful admins:

Why are so many profiles so devoid of information and of means of adding or displaying info?

You go to their profiles and you see a bit of info down the left hand side bar, but that apart, zilcho.

No way of showing friends, no show of who has recently visited profile, no comments, and so on.

When so many other profiles (mine for example) we seem to be able to put up all sorts of info.

Try it out with an example: tonight I went to a new member PerthCouple, thinking he/they'd be fellow Aussies, just check him/them out. Info: SFA.

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To our Ever-Helpful admins:

Why are so many profiles so devoid of information and of means of adding or displaying info?

Hi Ken, First off I want to point out that there are two Profiles which are the Forum Profile and the Ladyboy Profiles in the main part of Ladyboy Review.

Re the Forum Profiles............ I think that guys who have posted on LP are used to Profiles, Friend's Lists, Group Coversations, etc. But guys from other forums tend not to use these features.

Thanks for pointing this out Ken and perhaps it will stimulate interest in these features. My guess is that even our most active posters only use less than 20% of the website. :D

Re Perth Couple, they're my good friends and two of the coolest and nicest people on the planet. Like many of us here, me included, not used to profiles.

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Thank you for all that Larry. Ever-Helpful as usual.

Now I have another problem.

On my Profile, I click the Gallery button wanting to add an image.

Gives me a message option.

I ignore and click gallery again on the bar above.

It refuses to allow me in, saying I am not allowed to add images, or some such message I forget.

Dogged, I persist.

(I try Help and follow its instructions)

I get back to a Category page Help says I will arrive at.

But that page then tells me I am not allowed to add any albumns.

(Help says you add images in albumns)

What does it all mean Larry?

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Ken, I don't think Gallery was enabled.

Please give it a try now.

1) From the drop down menu go to My Settings.

2) Underneath Your Options go to the right and chooose Gallery

3) You should now have the option of Creating Your First Album

Thank you Larry, but I still have problems.

Got all the buttons and steps you mention.

Created my albumn.

Then get to browse to upload an image.

Tells me there is an error, I am not allowed to upload this type of image.

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What type of image are u trying to upload Ken? Do you know the suffix?

It's a bitmap Larry, but it's an image I got from this site, your site. In a thread.

I copied it to my hard drive. Now I try to upload it back to the site, it won't play ball.

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Larry or PD

Question: on my profile page to right of status updates there is a plain column with the words

There are no actions to display

What's it all about Alfa (Romeo)?

How does one get actions to display? What to click on?

Edit: Like the good sober numbskull I appear to be I've put this in a Gallery thread without even looking at what the thread was called!

Edit 2: So I just moved it here, put in a thumb, pulled out a plum, said what a clever ...

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I'm still trying to get a good handle on how the forum software works. Some of the guys who are/were frequent posters on LP may be more more familiar with the various features of the forum than I am though.

i'm slowly learning though. I guess you can teach an ole PDogg new tricks. :D

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