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  1. Yes rx, I realised later that I had written that in too much haste and sans caveats. Oral hygiene can be an issue, as can be other forms of ulcers in say throat or belly. But in general, for healthy folks, my point holds.
  2. I have NEVER spat out. You cannot catch STIs in your belly. (Or if you do it is a very rare & weird complication you have.) We are like mosquitoes, we do not catch or spread STIs from imbibing fluids. I mean, there are 2 magnificent aspects to cock sucking: 1) the sheer wonderfulness of having that monster in your mouth & down your throat; and 2) the delicious incomparable taste & texture of drinking hot cum.
  3. Good man 007 - as you always are. Well done & well said.
  4. On a ladyboy site you disparage "homo" ?
  5. I have some blurred memory that years ago some of us discussed this. But my dulled brain can't recall anything said back then. So I'll start another topic. I love spunk. My generalisation is I love the flavour & the texture. I also love the feel when instead of it being poured into my mouth or down my throat it is splashed over me, on face, neck, chest, etc. Most of it I am addicted to. But every now & again I strike spunk that is bitter or unpleasant. Why is this so? What causes spunk flavour?
  6. KenW


    Shit, and a VERY talented one Sustra2. Well done by you. Now that I'd buy. For the famous one that opens the thread I wouldn't pay $1.49 for it, much less $149m.
  7. KenW

    Phnom Penh Haircuts

    Ha, Sam, sorry. I was thinking of you as CUSTOMER, gaining the benefits, not providing them.
  8. KenW

    Phnom Penh Haircuts

    There's an opening for a bright young barber with business acumen. What about a good head massage for bald men using SPF sunscreen? Or selling headwear on the side, fashion hats for balding men?
  9. KenW

    Phnom Penh Haircuts

    Not that anyone cares except me, but my haircuts here in Saigon at a hole in the wall about 200m from my house are 30k VND = USD1.50. Barber a good boy (straight), polite, consistent clean neat cuts.
  10. My local in Saigon, 150m from my front door, charges 18k VND for an ice cold Heineken bottle (300+ml). That's just a tad over $1 AUD, or let's say about 80 US cents. When I go into town to watch sport at a sports bar I pay more, but at my favourite it is 35k for a Tiger draft pot (about 300ml). Delicious beer. Two bucks or less. I can watch the game, drink 10 of those, eat a superb hamburger with chips, and come away with a bill of just over 20 USD. May explain why I live here.
  11. Satre said once women were all holes & slime. Gets my nod.
  12. That dog collar & chain make for something about her that I like. Leading her around & having her flash that big bugle every time I felt like telling her to, mmm...
  13. Thanks for the comment Skin2fan. It always helps to see a range of opinion.
  14. A good match, eh Sam? That intrigues me. I would like to hear you expand on that over a bottle of chilled white sometime. I hope to get back to Pattaya this year for short visit, & will try to catch up with Ms Bow if she is willing.
  15. Thanks duke, globetrotter & alaskanbear for the updates & news. And thanks duke also for those pix. She is lovely, isn't she.
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