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  1. Yes rx, I realised later that I had written that in too much haste and sans caveats. Oral hygiene can be an issue, as can be other forms of ulcers in say throat or belly. But in general, for healthy folks, my point holds.
  2. I have NEVER spat out. You cannot catch STIs in your belly. (Or if you do it is a very rare & weird complication you have.) We are like mosquitoes, we do not catch or spread STIs from imbibing fluids. I mean, there are 2 magnificent aspects to cock sucking: 1) the sheer wonderfulness of having that monster in your mouth & down your throat; and 2) the delicious incomparable taste & texture of drinking hot cum.
  3. Good man 007 - as you always are. Well done & well said.
  4. I have some blurred memory that years ago some of us discussed this. But my dulled brain can't recall anything said back then. So I'll start another topic. I love spunk. My generalisation is I love the flavour & the texture. I also love the feel when instead of it being poured into my mouth or down my throat it is splashed over me, on face, neck, chest, etc. Most of it I am addicted to. But every now & again I strike spunk that is bitter or unpleasant. Why is this so? What causes spunk flavour?
  5. KenW

    Phnom Penh Haircuts

    Ha, Sam, sorry. I was thinking of you as CUSTOMER, gaining the benefits, not providing them.
  6. KenW

    Phnom Penh Haircuts

    There's an opening for a bright young barber with business acumen. What about a good head massage for bald men using SPF sunscreen? Or selling headwear on the side, fashion hats for balding men?
  7. KenW

    Phnom Penh Haircuts

    Not that anyone cares except me, but my haircuts here in Saigon at a hole in the wall about 200m from my house are 30k VND = USD1.50. Barber a good boy (straight), polite, consistent clean neat cuts.
  8. Satre said once women were all holes & slime. Gets my nod.
  9. That dog collar & chain make for something about her that I like. Leading her around & having her flash that big bugle every time I felt like telling her to, mmm...
  10. Thanks for the comment Skin2fan. It always helps to see a range of opinion.
  11. A good match, eh Sam? That intrigues me. I would like to hear you expand on that over a bottle of chilled white sometime. I hope to get back to Pattaya this year for short visit, & will try to catch up with Ms Bow if she is willing.
  12. Thanks duke, globetrotter & alaskanbear for the updates & news. And thanks duke also for those pix. She is lovely, isn't she.
  13. It's been 4 years since I last entered Thailand (GOTC January 2013). I have been, shall we say, rather preoccupied for a long time now. But lately I have happily returned to having fantasies about LBs once again. Cruising through my downloaded images (mostly from LBR) but having no idea who originally posted them, left me thinking about what my idea of a perfect LB would be like - at least in body, discounting personality for the moment. I found this image which some kind soul had posted and which I must have downloaded at least 4, 5 or more years ago. My caption in simply "Bow." Another pic I have of her shows her standing (clothed) under an EZY bar sign. Other than that I know no more. (But thanks to whoever originally put said pix up.) My continuing & ongoing fantasy attributes of choice are these: dark brown skin, small tight muscled torso, purple-black nipples & aureoles (& lips too for that matter), and tiny titlets unfettered by implants. (Note that I think the face is pretty, but that matters not much to me - the body being more important). OK, that's it. Just thought I would let it out there as a sign of my long continuity of delight in these attributes, & maybe to get lads talking. Hopefully image attached - if I've done it right.
  14. Your post is 2 years old Sam so I am way out of date, but Vietnam Airlines has just upgraded some of its fleet to 787s, & I flew on one for first time in Feb of 2017, flying back from MEL to SGN. Those arm rest controls drove me nuts, to the point where I managed (unwittingly) to pull the whole box & dice out of the arm rest trying to shut the system down in order to cease inadvertently switching things off and on. The cabin attendant shrugged his shoulders & said helplessly "have to get mechanic." So I went without. (My own fault, but ...) This was an hour or so into an 8 hour flight. I was not impressed.
  15. KenW

    Bailey Jay

    Lovely. I've been following Bailey Jay on twitter for years (it seems). Surprised (& nice) to see her appear here. Bad luck about the fake tits if that's the case strocube.
  16. KenW

    cheap restaurants

    That Yep/Tin Cup looks like a joint I ate at back when I stayed in Buakhao. Had very good English fry up breakfast.
  17. KenW

    Vietnam LBs

    Merci, mon ami. Ca va bien aller. Aller tres bien.
  18. KenW

    Vietnam LBs

    Yes Sam, it appears it was a bad time of month all round. C'est la vie.
  19. KenW

    Vietnam LBs

    Yes Mr Pdoggg, that's it exactly. Which, even for VN, is gobsmackingly brazen. I mean, most sex workers will at least give you something for your money. Most are reasonably honourable. But this chic & her boss apparently thought going with me in a taxi ride home & showering under my water was worth me paying the loot up front, no other services offered or required. Amazing. Funny thing is, now I can't work out my next step. Is it to simply forget about it & never darken the door of that bar again. OR is it to return & confront them, not aggressively, but just to see the looks on their faces when I make eye contact (with wallet tight shut) and once again tell them politely what scum they are (while watching over my shoulder for the guy with the baseball bat on the footpath). The other funny thing, is that she actually lost on the venture, for the taxi she made wait, she would have had to pay the return fare to the bar. So she was out of pocket in the end, or the boss was. Apart from the 2 or 3 drinks I bought for her while at the bar.
  20. KenW

    Vietnam LBs

    A light moment. And a knowing headshake for those who have visited the VN LB non-scene. After quite some time living a more or less monastic existence, I recently made a return foray out into the world of bars & late nights. In the backpacker precinct of Saigon it can get pretty lively, though it's mostly only hetero sex & drugs & rock n' roll. But in this one bar a straight mate of mine & I ended up in he got hit on by a straight & Moi? by a LB of course. (How do they know?) After a few drinks, we suggested going home. The straight put my mate off by saying she had her period - good grief had she no sense of adventure? Nope, she hadn't. The LB agreed to go with me, but only after she & her boss demanded 2 million VND from me (about 100 USD) for the overnight. After giving them a drunken 10 minute gobfull (in Vietnamese) about them being rorting scumbags, I of course agreed & off we went in a taxi. At my place she quickly showered, not allowing me to fondle & play even though I joined her under the water. To bed. Me naked on my back. She standing at foot of bed, had donned her knickers once again. ???? Now, all in Vietnamese: She: Give me the 2 million. K: in the morning Sweetie, after we've done the night's business. S: Now. etc. She dons gear again & begins to stamp off down the stair well. I jump up, don shorts & go after her. In the parlour I unlock the front doors. She goes into the street, beginning as she does so, to shout at the top of her voice, in English, "FUCK YOU." FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU... I stand there agog, thinking, where's she going, walking off into the night. Slow Ken. I poke my head around the door to see our cab, parked in front of next door's house, waiting the return fare. She must have told him to wait 10 or 15 minutes. Ha, Slow Ken indeed. Another classic example of VNese sex work & especially LBs. Saving grace is that by their own greed & duplicity, neither she nor her Viet Kieu (Overseas VNese) boss, got a cent out of me.
  21. For many of us I think we have to acknowledge that we've got older. For me for sure that is a factor. I no longer get the magnetic hum about sleaze that I used to. It's not just being used to any scene or anything like that. Nor technology, nor worries about mainstream taking over. I find that the whole sexotic adventure just doesn't wind me up like it used to, even as much as say, 5 years ago. Age does weary them, and the years condemn.
  22. KenW

    Merry Christmas

    Yes, from me too: best wishes for the season & the new year to all at LBR.
  23. Lovely, my friend, lovely stories. Chuffs me old heart. Well done by you.
  24. And likewise, my friend. PS: love your Porcupine Tree Kwakiutl bird head avatar. Reminds me of Willie Seaweed.
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