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  1. Au contraire, Duke. It is you that needs a good tongue-lashing, methinks.
  2. I recall one girl from Guess a few years ago. One of my earliest experiences. Became an aggressive little thing in the loom and then spent long time in the bathroom. I was by then so pissed off I ordered her out and told her to "f" off. Had enough of the manipulations and was at that time quite nervous about what was going on. She went off in a huff and afterwards I looked in the bathroom bin. She left some antibiotic tablets. Methinks I may have dodged a bullet? Also managed to nick about ten of my multi-coloured condoms the little @!#$%
  3. Did you tell her she should feel honoured. Being invited to piss on the Lord of the Flies?
  4. One recently spurted on me whilst riding cowgirl style. But, I did give her some physical encouragement.
  5. Essential. Then nobody has to sleep on the "wet patch", eh?
  6. Wouldn't worry me at all. I'm off to bed about 9.00 p.m. and up and having my 3rd piss for the night about 4.00 a.m. One of the benefits of advancing years, I suppose. Stuffed bladder and a piss horn. The latter can come in handy if there's been a failure to perform earlier in the evening.
  7. During a short stay in hotel on soi 4 Sukhumvit, BKK, I used to eat at a restaurant down the road from Raja hotel, cant recall the name of it. I noticed the Hilary Bar sign referred to in a post above. Whilst at this restaurant one morning, I observed a fairly "out there" couple of LBs sauntering past. One of the staff mentioned that LBs weren't allowed in the place "because they cause trouble". Guess its a bit of a mindset for some operators. Maybe a bad experience or two? Of course, there would be many GGs that would fit that character description as well. Tatts, raunchy dress sense. ribald behaviour when soused. Come to think of it - there are quite a few blokes that would fit that description as well.
  8. What sort of filling do they use for these bangers? Ohh! Never mind. I'll be on my way. Taa Raa!
  9. Would that be the "brown eye" then. I think SS would like to know.
  10. Chuling! Chuling! Chuling! What is it with you guys? I mean, apart from that succulent cock, perfect balls, long "go on forever" legs, soulful looking face and "fall into me" eyes - what else has she got that so turns you on? Sheesh! Oh, I forgot the bum, sorry!
  11. Those of us that's been married and divorced - we all paid for sex. Just the form it took was different.
  12. And I thought was gonna be a thread about whether your fave berates you for leaving the seat up? Silly me! Ken, is there a term for a "copraphiliaee" or something like that? The crappee not the crappor?
  13. GarryD - a lot of non P4P Thai ladies I have socialised with, and more, aren't shy on expecting the man to ante up for most everything. I know of one acquaintance whose Thai wife told him straight, in the presence of others, that she considered it to be her mission to spend as much of his "hard-earned" as she could. There was, of course, the usual disparity in ages.
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