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  1. Most masseuses in LOS come to a sticky end, especially if they are in need of protein.
  2. What a doll in that picture, Pdogg. Partics, i.e., age, place of employment, size of the equipment, top and/or bottom. The usual, in other words.....
  3. If something is untrue, demonstrably so, why is it wrong to disallow publication of that lie on a channel owned and managed by a corporation or person interested in truthful publication only? It is up to the owner/manager of the site, surely. I cannot see your logic here, Mr Sith.
  4. Pity the poor ladyboy that keeps an appointment on the day for shortime with Father Christmas. "Why?" you ask. Simple- he comes/cums but once a year. But when he does...............! Backfills her entire trench in one splooging hit! I wonder who was the fortunate or unfortunate lassie? Ideas, anyone?
  5. I'd guess that Trumpty and his cohorts live a far better life than the average American citizen and probably a far better life than Castro, Maduro et al also. A lot of you Americans have this fixation that socialism is synonymous with communism. It's clearly not the case. Get that through your head and start reading real literature on what's happened to the States. Listen to real people and fellow citizens about what's happening even now. Your internet , as is ours and the rest of the planet, is riddled with fuckwit crackpots and biblebashers telling you the world is coming to an end and/or it
  6. Ruddy soapdodgers! Hold on chaps! Boris has got you out of Europe with panache. Now hold on, he'll extricate you from all these nasty bans but all in good time. Maybe.
  7. Smoking in bed? Some hot LB, no doubt!
  8. Jeepers! A day has passed and no response from Lastword Lance? Keep your head down, Seven! As sure as night follows day...........
  9. bubba


    Good luck with your oncoming tests, lads. My sad opinion on this pandemic is that it is going to keep on keeping on. How long is a piece of string? Who knows, but he's on first base and impossible to get hold of (oops! Ending a sentence with a preposition? My bad!).
  10. bubba


    That's great! I had a similar test result about a week ago. Tomorrow? Who knows? The thing is off and running in my area now. It reminds me of that Space Invaders game. You nail heaps of the little fuckers but they keep on coming. How do you switch this one off forever?
  11. Don't feel left out, Lance. Hypocrits are common to all nations, even USA. You are part of a strident minority. Thankfully still a minority, though.
  12. A price increase for you too, pardner. How come y'all don't git to visit now? "Self righteous hypocrisy"? Methinks you protesteth too mutt! Jest sayin, like.
  13. As a youngster, early 20s, I used to go home from the Big Smoke & do ploughing, disc harrow, through the night, propped up on what I suppose was meth pill (people were talking to me there but I never saw one of them ). The plough had an outrider wheel which you were supposed to put your front wheel in as a guide the next time around. One night, near dawn I followed the outrider wheel track till I came to a dead tree trunk with the track running up and across it. Promptly veered around it and continued on. Would have been hell to pay if I'd got too involved with the tree. It was the drugs,
  14. Pleased to read this info, sir. I'm thinking that the PI is possibly going to become the new Mecca of the P4P world in Asia due to the restrictions proposed for LOS once COVID is brought under control. I've visited the PI on a number of occasions, Manila (mainly short stays) & AC more often. Those were GG days. Now that I've become inclined to the "3rd sex", I actively considering the PI as a place to visit and maybe reside. I note that you are pretty experienced in the PI over the years and have read your comments with interest. Too bad that Stealth is no longer a commentator. We nee
  15. Fuckety fuck! I just typed a lengthy contribution on this thread and attempted to save it to the thread but it's gone into the fucking ether! Summary only this time - before the meter runs out - I don't think he's an Aussie. More likely a Seth Effrican or a resettled Dutchie. Aussies have a nasal twang although this can differ from State to State, I picked up on his pronunciation of the word "horny" - he pronounces it "honny" not "horrrnny" as most Aussies speakers would do. Maybe a resettled Dutchman though. I can't watch him for long either, though I certainly agree that the fuckee
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