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  1. Just stumbled on this thread. Very interesting, indeed. I wonder how things are in this country since P & G's initial reporting? Certainly looks a worthy alternative to the Land of Smiles in the future. P&G - are you a long term resident or citizen? Where is this community of attractions unknown to me before in 'Nam? HCMC or elsewhere?
  2. I don't think much has changed in the police force that regard, sorry to say. I've had reason to deal with police during my working life and socialised with them to some extent. Some were just bent because the career lends itself to it and occasionally some were psychopaths with an urge to find and exercise power . Grim but true.
  3. Having read my earlier contribution again, I think I need to "loosen up". Fluency is lacking in my declining years. Going through a dull, deprived patch here in Oz. Hell! Having studied Azura's latest pitch about having a working 6 incher I might just rekindle our relationship. Now, if only my current income stream would experience an uptick. Crowd funding? Is that a goer? Christ I am hornier the older I get! Stay chuned!
  4. Seems only ten years ago - and it was. After a few years finding out I was attracted to Asian females and spending several months travelling in Asia, mainly LOS, experiencing the cuisine and exploring the P4P scene in Bangkok, Vietnam (a wasteland mostly, then), Cambodia (did a little better overall), I turned up in Pattaya. Humped various GGs, caught the obligatory STDs by not bagging up with ensuing trips to the jaundiced STD docs at various hospitals and ended up back home. Bored shitless, not unlike right now, I decided to employ the internet to see if I could scratch my itch at
  5. I wonder what effect the political upheavals will have on the festivities this year, not to forget COVID19?
  6. Many years ago, before I found "the true path", I was in Angeles City with a friend and hooked up with an experienced bargirl from a bar called "Barhoppin", at least that's as far as recollection goes. Gullible as I was, her sad story of working in the involved a long term relationship with a onelegged American who had recently booted her out. (Never stopped to consider how a onelegged man can effectively "boot someone" - shades of the busy onelegged man in a bumkicking contest, I suppose. Anyhoo, she was good company for a greenhorn, not that one, sir, so on we went. I'd recently discove
  7. On the other more populated board I found there are writers and there are writers or penmen who can could make taking a dump, for instance, an interesting read. I enjoy a well written report that places you in the writer's stead, as it were, rather than a boring recitation of "arrived by taxi, checked in and phones X and Y. Met up @ Z bar, "pulled" a hot bird and done her in the room." I suppose this feature demonstrates the broad spectrum of deviates making use of the board from simple former toilet lurkers to the more educated ones. If this shows me guilty of a form of snobbery then I b
  8. You're welcome, Blind Boy. Any relation to the Blind Boys of Alabammy? Saw them live a few years ago at the annual blues n roots festival up Lismore (NSW) way.
  9. I agree BB. First time back in many a year. I confess I thought the site was dying due to lack of new content and persevered with LBPatts instead. My mistake and my lossbut reading this thread takes me back. I stayed in touch with Uncle Ken through FB until recently but he seems to have vanished there too. I did venture back here recently to see if he was still around but apparently not. The reason I joined here along with him was because he had a run in with some people on LBPatts and in solidarity I joined up here. There was and are some real stirrers on that site and I think I've
  10. Au contraire, Duke. It is you that needs a good tongue-lashing, methinks.
  11. I recall one girl from Guess a few years ago. One of my earliest experiences. Became an aggressive little thing in the loom and then spent long time in the bathroom. I was by then so pissed off I ordered her out and told her to "f" off. Had enough of the manipulations and was at that time quite nervous about what was going on. She went off in a huff and afterwards I looked in the bathroom bin. She left some antibiotic tablets. Methinks I may have dodged a bullet? Also managed to nick about ten of my multi-coloured condoms the little @!#$%
  12. Did you tell her she should feel honoured. Being invited to piss on the Lord of the Flies?
  13. One recently spurted on me whilst riding cowgirl style. But, I did give her some physical encouragement.
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