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  1. Don't know who it was but I can say I have seen these interview videos posted on Youtube for the past few months at least. From memory 5 or six of them, a welcome diversion on the usual videos posted there by various characters. In mild defence of this "Loip" I saw this particular one and a follow up weeks ago. The interviewer seems to be French as far as I can tell. He is certaily not a natural english speaker (like this Aussie, cobber. ). I can also say that I particularly like your contributions too if I may be so bold. Not meaning to "brown nose" BTW.
  2. A most interesting person for sure. From some of the apparati (?) she employed in the earlier videos I think she might have been a sheet metal worker in a past life. Certainly I would not give her access to my Sidchrome ring spanner set. Who knows what use she would make of those? All in all, a very interesting individual. I like.
  3. Hesus caristos! What is in the water in South America? Or is it the cawfee?
  4. $#@!%^&*??!!!! spellcheck!!! Eff orf you bastard of a thing! A man can't express himself properly with that cursed application. Vernacular is fucked unless you keep a third eye on the little barsteward!
  5. Is that a Beretta in Emmy's pocket or is she just pleased to see you fortunate few in these troubled times? Asking for a friend, like.
  6. Just holding a seance, is all.
  7. From what I can make out from that report - there was an electrical fire but uncertain how many of those running to their deaths actually achieved mortality.
  8. How's about - "Brownfinger"?
  9. Like the bagpipes, Irish musiccan make me sad, wistful and happy. I'm an amalgam of Scots and Irish with a little Pom thrown in. Funny how isolation affects the mind, a certain song keeps going around in your head for weeks. Lately it's been Whiskey in the Jar. Thanks for bringing it all back, mates. Dunno if we'll ever get back to LOS, the way things are.
  10. Heart warming to hear this music after so many years. Brings tears to me oyes, it does. Remember having a debate with an opinionated English girl who maintained Dylan was not a true folk ballardist. Silly bint didn' realise "the Times they are a'changing". Where has all my vinyl collection gone? Probably in some old record shop or a garage that needs cleaning out the old man's "stuff".
  11. She can bury that in my backyard whenever she wants..
  12. I have to say it, I love this girl's tits. I'd love to perform the numbing test on them.
  13. Does she do outcalls? I'm feeling stressed back home in Oz.
  14. Just noticed the handclap symbol, which rates me as a newbie as are all responders so far, except Duke007. He is elevated to "rookie" status. The thot plickens.
  15. My message congratulated me and said I was "one year in".??? I've never lasted anywhere near that long before. Should I feel proud?
  16. Be warned that BIB has raided a place in Thappraya (I think it was) for a live stream involving more than 6 people.Of course if your numbers are less then that I suppose you'd be ok.
  17. Is that a multiplechoice question, Pdoggg, i.e., can I choose more than one?
  18. bubba


    Yes. Best to skirt that one.
  19. Yeah. It's pretty painful to listen to some of the dialogue starting with the interviewer usually offcamera and the "girl" struggling with the different language. I often mute the film at that point until the action starts. Old porn movies in the 80s at least had some scripts for the particpants to bring the storyline along. The Japanese do that even now and the activity sites can change and that's why I prefer those movies. I recall when the only access was to Merkin movies with GG porn stars and a few male actors who had a real part to play. There was one, quite a funny one, with an old balding guy with the usual endowment, staying in what appeared to be a short time hotel. He might have been a salesman on the road and was there for the night only. The story revolved around his room number being either 6 or 9 which kep slipping down from one to the other every time the lady left and the door was shutting. There was another customer who had ordered a girl on the same floor with the reverse of the lucky guy's number. He kept ringing the desk clerk and screaming for his order who never got to his room. The little Joe Average was literally "up" all night, lucky man! Where are those scriptwriters today?
  20. Form an orderly queue, please.
  21. I worry for her safety in that country.
  22. Hey! I've got the shirt! Elvis' Blue Hawaii shirt! I'll bring it over next trip, whenever.
  23. bubba

    Anal Swabs

    You get a nuzzle on the neck at or before the "swabbing"? Asking for my flen, Wun Hung Lo.
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