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  1. Sorry Tony, I didn't mean your bar/hotel, the place I booked is called 'Inn House Hotel', its on Soi 13 not Soi 13/1. But thanks for the look at The House and Cocco, already knew you were LB Friendly. Cocco Resort is a little too far away for me as I'm not one to take motorbike taxis...anywhere, otherwise I would have booked there. I will be attending your establishment on 13/1 for sure this trip. PDogg, I will inform the forum of the Inn House Hotel's LB status once I have returned or during my stay in December. Cheers Dicko
  2. Hi Gents, Anyone know if the Inn House Hotel on Soi 13 is LB friendly? I have booked it for 4 nights at the end of my trip in Dec but might cancel it. Cheers. Dicko
  3. 64 Days to LOS IX

    1. pdogg


      Christmas cum early for u C Wombat!

    2. C Wombat

      C Wombat

      yes mate, but I'll have left before Xmas...only there til 22 Dec.

  4. 159 Days to BKK



      77 days for me !!

    2. C Wombat

      C Wombat

      still 95 for me Mac

  5. 29 days to wheels up

    1. garrydirty


      I fly back this week 5555

    2. C Wombat

      C Wombat

      I'm down to 14 days now

    3. C Wombat

      C Wombat

      Less than 10 days now

  6. This time tuesday I will be@ BNE Airport waiting for the big silver bird to begin my trip.

    1. Quietguy


      And I will be at LHR.

    2. Quietguy


      Oops just saw your date - I will be going next Tuesday.

  7. As I sit at my desk at work, its 0600hrs..or O'dark a clock, the countdown tells me its 33 days 23 hours 59mins to wheels up out of BNE to SYD to BKK. This will be my first time doing this route on QANTAS, previously I've gone direct via THAI and V Australia before that. I certainly wasn't planning this trip at least not now...more like Apr/May as per my usual aspergers routine. Family issues with ex and behavioural fuckups by one of my sons...she was going to dump him on me at short notice. I decided to follow my dick to LOS for what at the time could have been my last trip before I took up permanent father duties to a rampaging 16 yo. Well at least that has now subsided and normality has returned until the school hols. Anyway this trip I'd thought I'd try to mix up the arrival and departure timings....previously 2030hrs arrival BKK local and depart 2359hrs, now I arrive BKK 1530hrs and depart 1715hrs, quite a change plus not direct for once. I always plan, as AB will attest, especially accommodation, only problem there is when I can't get refunds on the agoda booking and am stuck with it. This trip is no exception, already cancelled R-Con Blue Ocean and then shortened the stay at my new accommodation at Baan Dok Mai. Hoping my booking at I-Rovers isn't a bust and double booked as they seem to do. This trip is probably the most 'spur of the moment' trips I've done...if you can call booking 2 months in advance that...most won't. The only other occasion was my first trip when a mate from Darwin poked his head up in a email out of the blue and said 'got a free pass from SWMBO, who wants to go to Thailand, I'd never been so within 30 secs up goes the hand..pick me. that was 2009 and 5 or 6 trips ago. He now jokes he created a monster when he introduced me to LOS. As a couple of you know my heaviest workload is beginning of the year, so i tend to go as above in April/May or June and if I' m real lucky an October trip. The next trip in April could be a 'wing it' trip only the dates are kinda planned atm to take in some of Songkran, my birthday and ANZAC day. No airfares or hotels will be booked til late march i feel. The aspergers will be in a flat spin. DON'T PANIC Mr Mainwaring. Anyhoo, hope to finally meet you BB, hope SS can come play and look forward to meeting up with BMs I've not before and those I have. Say hi to Ninewives if you see him BB.
  8. Never seen AB with that much hair on his head but what would I know. Having reviewed the videotape, I doubt very much it is AB, Tatt on arm is not right plus he is a lot bigger than this bloke.
  9. Same thoughts Duke, that's why I extended my trip so I'd have more of chance of ticking that box as well with you being in town et al. And with both May's at Fantasy...I'm in a quandry.Haven't seen Mayree on TF too much but did get a whatsapp msg from her yesterday out of the blue. So she must be trawling thru her contact list lol.
  10. I see that May has been turfed out of Famous again....too many customer not paying barfine, coming work too late, bad influence on other girls. She's got her mega star on.
  11. well if u are quick you can grab my room, I just booked with Warwick, cancelled my Agoda booking for 26Nov - 8 Dec. Thought I'd try the other side of Pattaya Tai and save some money for other activities. P.S. My ankle is as dodgy as ever
  12. Excellent SS, looks like I can get a couple of drinkies in as well with you. I'm in on 26 Nov at R-con Blue Ocean. Looking forward to finding where you relocating the Consulate to this time.
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