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  1. terry

    Petite n sexy

    Plumber cleaned its drain back in 2015 when a low key freelancer,looks like i finally got in before billy69 .lmao stay safe mate
  2. terry

    Lita Bar

    Thanks pdoggg. I just happy I will beat 69 billy to a few of these lovelies. The plumber
  3. terry

    Lita Bar

    Lol,Pdogg your tastes are well superior .This girl you mention has loads of style. See all soon. The Plumber
  4. Lol,Yes I was sitting in the bar at the end of soi 8 ,we were having a huge arvo drinking session and noticed a pissed up middle aged guy. All afternoon he getting fed more booze by the ladies,when he would go to the toilet they would help him walk and then pull his cock out to piss at the trough .talk about keeping a customer. Anyways when he decided to leave a motorbike pulled up right in front of the bar and after 10 minutes getting him on the bike as a passenger The girls proceeded to hockey strap him to the seat and rope tied him to the rider took a good half hour and then they rode off he holing a beer.it was funny as feck,I lub thailand
  5. Billy69,why you steal my girls from me? I remember to mutt,lol A big hello mate,The Plumber
  6. Checkout Mooboal also few hours out of Cebu. Good seaside place,has diving and few night bars And billyboys also.
  7. Oh yeh,been waiting twelvw months for this one,huge night ,see you all there.The Plumber
  8. Awesome info there again Lefty
  9. Hey mate cheers for the heads up on Vientiene,funnily enough I am researching the place now,and the bars you mention look great,this will help me out dude.
  10. Cheers downlolarry,Have a blast those attending.I will attend in march.party
  11. Well just entering pattaya is free and would have to be the largest adult theme park.You could people watch for years.555 I like to get a hot girls phone number for free.Then i call her and have phone sex.love it Lung the sugar sachets,that cracked me up,so i put another one in my cuppa,hell yeh its free here at macca's. Cheers Lads
  12. Ok you have a set budget for moving to pattaya.What are some of the things you can get for free to save baht in pattaya.Even on a holiday what do you look for to save baht. Disclaimer-no ballon chasing or avoiding bar fines as we heard before,555 So lads how can we save baht.
  13. 1000 baht a day,no way for me,but i can change my ways if need to,i agree accomadation is the key to saving.
  14. Yes it is looking good,must be tough around the world as you would never see this talent all together at once,top draw these new ladies.well done famous bar.
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