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  1. I was quite surprised by the distinct lack of civil works going on around town...perfect opportunity with minimal disruption. I don't see Walking Street disappearing soon. Some good news is that the Hideaway has now opened for you to enjoy a meal and a drinky pooh too. Tree Town seems to be the Buakhow congregation spot till they turn up to turn out the lights. Soi Diana to TT is festooned with our lot seeking a friend. Good editorial in last nights Pattaya News from Adam Judd calling for clarity & transparency...best of luck with that one.
  2. Apparently it was given a lukewarm reception; if you remember this particular notion was floated a couple of years ago.
  3. Lazy day...Doris watched the rest of her 'Pee' movie & I did the washing up. We took a drive to town & a wander to Watchai market & then a walk through to Walking Street... The look on this ones face when we told her the bar would open soon...
  4. Popped into Central looking for some kitchenware but was disappointed... into Powerbuy and Doris got some hair tongs. We also called into Delirious and saw Herby for the first time in 2 months. Som is still doing the charity stuff so we'll drop off some water tomorrow. While Buakhow was bustling' Chaiyapoon was desperately quiet. The Beach was not busy but the deckchair touts don't seem to get the social distancing part. There was a fair amount of BiB around but they didn't seem to be bothered.
  5. I’m probably getting up as you’re golng to yer Celestial Wanking Chariot!
  6. Wish I'd more news about the bar or girls to tell you but everything is still same same; no different, we get calls from them everyday so we know where & how most of them are, Pon was in touch yesterday as was Nisa, Nutty, Pa, Jar. We've another days work left on the bar plus of course I'll have to replenish all that I've bloody drunk. We've been remodelling the house so that's kept us busy, most days we've at least 2 work fellas around. With the house we inherited the external structure of a fish pond so the choices were knock it down or get it going. I've usually had aquariums over the years so I thought we'd give it a try. It was over 5 metres long so I split it with the end pond being for smaller critters & the main pond for Koi. It looks like lego as they'd put large pebbles around the top edge. I laid out the general layout, stones, slabs and after it was filled got 160 kgs of rocks in and made little runs & hides for them. I'm not into the fish hobby so they are just standard Koi Carp, not for showing. They are a tenth of the UK price; I've been buying mainly around 7-8 inches for 80 thb, yesterday they had one large one left in the tank, around 16 inches, I felt sorry for him as I'd pinched all his tank mates so I asked how much...300 baht, right, pop him in as well. It's quite pleasant to sit outside with a bevvy & watch them swarm; Doris calls it the 'Fish Mafia'. We nipped into Tukcom the other day, most stands are open but sadly few customers around.
  7. Nutty dropped round for a cuppa, I'd say around 34D. Soon joined by Cena who tells us she is going to Bangers soon...for good. Best mover on the dance floor I've seen in Pattaya, always liked Cena, she's a character.
  8. Yesterday was a slightly hesitant though purposeful step towards what normality may look like in the coming months. Everyone followed the rules though a wee bit of confusion in how to use the Line scan to monitor your movements, nothing sinister, just your time spent in stores. Powerbuy had a 35 patron limit but most others were not monitored, certain stores had temp checks, others didn't; given that this was done on entrance it seemed superfluous, inconsistent & odd. A visit to the mall for a shop, browse and a few purchases, on the way home a side trip to the garden centre for a few plant pots then Sunday lunch by the lakes (what lakes). Reckon I'll do a taste check on the Newbar beer stock...no Doris I'm not buying you any perfume, a new Frying pan was enough.
  9. Central got steadily busier as time rolled on, managed to nab a few things and find I’m developing a mask fetish...scanned at some stores but not all. i note that Black Canyon has closed its doors for good.
  10. A few more pics to give you a current flavour of early evening Buakhow.
  11. A forlorn Soi Honey. The table is important to remember as it's where our lot are to be found in Tree Town of an evening...so I'm informed.
  12. Took a trip to Buakhow to hopefully get some Fish 'n Scallops from LK Metro...nope she's not there yet again so I'll look elsewhere. Buckaroo is relatively busy compared to the rest of town particularly around Farang feeding time. Lots of small stalls seem to congregate in front of an empty Tree Town to meet the demand.
  13. Popped into the bar this afternoon for some more beer and discovered Jar had popped in too...
  14. The Park Area was cordoned off to restrict gatherings...this didn't seem to apply with the congestion of people in the market...
  15. A trip to Naklua Fish Market was decided, I found out when I looked up from my phone & discovered we were there. It was jammed; despite BiB presence out front they let everyone in regardless. Nutty & Doris decide what I'm eating tonight. I did my usual & wandered off..
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