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  1. Fresh in from Doris lens tonight...Miss Frillyknickers.
  2. petesie

    RIP June

    New told me last night of the sad death of June. She worked from 69 at the same time as New & Bom. Bless you sweetheart.
  3. Doris is fairly strict about that, closed unfortunately.
  4. Buddha day on the 8th so stock up the Loom fridge the day before...the girls need it.
  5. Jimbo may indeed have trouble logging on and may have given up, we all know he's a technophobe of sorts. Kudos to this forum for welcoming barkeeps to post; I do as I have done over the years, everyone please post away. It's of interest to the guys either living here, being here or planning a visit. It's relevant information. I for one like to look at BB's pics on the TJ's or any other thread for a really simple reason. I really enjoy photography and in particular...pics of Thai ladyboys currently on the ground in Pattaya. Patty in Sweethearts floats my wee boat, Lily in TJ's is a star, Benz in Newbar makes me swoon, Cyndi in La Bumbar has always caught my heart, there's one in Sensations I'd marry...we could go on. Remember fellas, these girls are snapshots in time...you might never see them ever again.
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