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  1. He hasn't got that long...released from incarceration 2 days ago I reckon he has 2 weeks till he's back in his Sandpit.
  2. GG bud... We always had hassle from the bar in the middle's owner; she tried to sell it but no-one was interested, when she vacated she stripped it bare, even took the light bulbs & sold everything bearing in mind she was only renting & never actually paid for anything. The landlord gave us first refusal but again it didn't suit; he then divided it & we saw some potential & did a deal. We completed the division & decorated, bought a new pool table & moved in with New's sister manning the helm.
  3. Some group shots... Last but least...wee Nod again.
  4. Mona, Shallot & a pop in Wee Lassie Nod...
  5. Nidcha from Thaiger Bar, Jar & Tha Bom..
  6. A few party pics from Sonya of our do on the 29th coming up, Sugas, Linly & Pokkie.
  7. It’s a self defeating policy that sends a negative message. I understand the ethos behind it by boosting the guys fairly low salary but for every guy that would have normally bought the fella a drink there’s now going to be many that simply won’t.
  8. Fantasy Lounge closes tonight.
  9. The Kangster dropped in with Donut...
  10. petesie

    RIP Ice

    I'm saddened that information regarding the passing of a lovely person many of us knew well has invoked some negative response, this actually reflects back on the BM's who obviously never knew her though chose to make such ignorant comments. Krit was a fantastic enthusiastic lively person, turned her back on the bright life & started up a dress making business. In the last 4 years she took care of her sick mother until she died last month. Krit went downhill fast after that. The cause of death was listed as lung disease, a medical fact & not a personal opinion. Again, sleep well bright girl.
  11. petesie

    RIP Ice

    Her mum died last month & Ice had been looking after her for the last 4 years; it's listed as lung disease as Ice was a smoker it fits. we're heading up tomorrow for the final ceremony. Farewell bright girl.
  12. petesie

    RIP Ice

    A lovely person has just passed, Big Ice formerly a 69 star more recently Why Not in BKK and her own dress making business. She was a personal friend & always made us happy with her bubbly presence & quick wit. Bless you Ice. Pic from Ying's FB.
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