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    The Fox and the Grapes...
  2. Mabulox


    Northern Thailand.
  3. Mabulox


    I dunno! I had pics from a friend, and I just sent him a message, but I think from northern Thailand.
  4. Mabulox


    Has anyone had the pleasure of meeting you in person?
  5. Due to the spread of the Omicron, the Champs bar closing for a week... as precaution
  6. 130.000฿ does the bill relate to medical expenses for gastric reflux or covid?
  7. In Hua Hin SHA certified restaurants can serve beer and alcohol until 22,00 while in Pattaya...
  8. I 've been in Thailand few years ago, so I would like asking you how much has the cost of living increased in the past three years? From 2019 the prices of foodstuffs such as milk, coffee / cappuccino at Starbucks, tomatoes, pasta, apples, gasoline, diesel, cigarettes, electricity, beer, ham, cutting hair, has it increased or decreased? Eating in an Italian restaurant or in a Japanese Fuji its more or less expensive than in 2019? Thanks you in advance
  9. Black Cabin Bar in Soi Farmwattana one of the Soi of Rama IV Rd. it's out of the sex business, frequented by couples and locals, its a "Cocktail bar" with live music, but at the moment you can entry by reservation and with the Green Pass. You can get there by Phra Khanong BTS station. They have a page on Facebook where you can see their program and menu.
  10. I heard my Italian friends, they report that street bar that was in Soi 11 almost near Havana and would have closed before the pandemia, it seems have moved to another area of Bangkok
  11. I don't know... at the moment I'm in Italy and I don't think I'll go back soon, but I try to ask my italian friends living there (Nana)
  12. In Soi 8, where there was Via Vai, the Italian restaurant, closed due to the crisis, moved Rumors from Soi 7. A couple of ladyboys working here. P.S. Not my Pics
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